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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, Has anyone successfully used the odbii port on this car to connect to a program like torque to get vehicle stats? If so, how? I have tried using one of the generic elm 327 bluetooth dongles, but as soon as it is inserted the abs light flashes. I had read online that this may be due to pin 14 and the dongle interffering with the can bus on that port (some people had reccomended disconnecting pin 14) no idea if that information is correct although. I have also tried asking toyota what coms protocol the vehicle uses for odb2 but it apppears they have no idea what their own vehicle uses. I believe it uses some variant of the can bus. vot
  2. Last week I bought a Sportivo that needs a clutch replacement. I'm looking at the Exedy HD Clutch (TYK-7334HD) kit. Where can I buy these in-store? Shipping takes a while and I'm looking at replacing the clutch ASAP. Also looking for good garages to do the installation for me. Anyone able to help me out? I'm located in South-West Sydney, NSW. Also, if there are any other alternative clutches to use instead of the Exedy heavy duty, please let me know!
  3. Hey guys, I just bought my second sportivo today, my previous one I owned only lasted 2 weeks before I crashed her, so still pretty new to the 2zzge community. Both tivos I've owned are 2005 models. The previous tivo I owned already had a CAI and exhaust installed, plus a reconditioned engine and gearbox. New lift bolts, etc. I bought my last one at 180,000 kms, and now the one I bought today is sitting at around 185,000 kms. The one I bought today is bone stock N/A, even stock headunit. Now I'm just concerned with the engine reliability and longevity. Do these engines/cars have a lot of life in them? And how do I get them to last ages? Thanks for your input guys.
  4. Hi guys, just wondering i've read forms on & off on the Avalon section but i noticed it's not quite as active compared to other threads. But i've got a few questions. Does anybody know if the Avalon has a secret/hidden cabin filter under the dash near the footrest ? Does the "Cool Air Bypass Switch" provide more air flow over the central vents when it's operational ?, or is the foam at the back restricting the fan air flow ? Does anybody run an external transmission cooler ?, applicable to A541E's 4sp auto ? Is there an extra bass "loud" mode hidden within the Mark 3 Avalon Grande (with factory navigation) ? Is the Lexus ES300 & Avalon blower motor the same exact part ?
  5. Hi, I have Camry 2005 2.4l. Since I bought it, I never tried the cruise control but today when I tried to use it I realised that it's not working. Cruise light doesn't come on either. Any idea what to check? I saw another post regarding brake lights and cruise issue. My brake lights are working normally. They don't stay on as stated in that post. But I do have that missing rubber part as shown in that posts' pictures.
  6. Hey guys, Im currently looking for any recommendations on where is the best place to get lowered springs or coilovers for a 2005 Toyota Corolla Levin. I see on Ebay and they go for 1000k+ in which is out of my budget range as which I am only 17. Ive been thinking on getting Kings Lowered Springs for a while but deep in my mind I still want some coilovers. If anybody has an idea or is selling what I need above. Please contact me. Your help would mean a lot! Cheers.
  7. Hey everyone, new to the corolla scene here, i've owned a 2005 Corolla Ascent Hatch ZZE122R for around a year now and was just wondering if it is possible to modify it and make it look nice and unique in a way? you know like the usual, body kit, exhaust, wheels, suspension setup and if worth it, some performance parts. I'm not sure whether the car is compatible with the usual 2005 levin/sportivo parts, so it would be much appreciated if someone can help me out! Mind me if this sounds all stupid lol. Much appreciated! cheers ;)
  8. Hi all, New member here :) I am currently driving a 2005 Echo Sportivo and it is my first car. I love carssss Modifications that I have done: 1. Pod filter intake 2. Removed back seats for weight reduction 3. HID conversion 4. Installed a 2003 WRX bucket seat Currently planning on: 1. Lowering the car 2. Changing to 15" rims from 14" 3. Installing a High flow muffler Nice to meet you all :)
  9. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has cleaned out there turbo directly with ( liqui moly diesel intake decarb ) like disconnect the intercooler pipe from turbo also exhaust on other side then completely spray out! Also, is it a stupid idea to do so if my truck ain't lacking any power? I have previously done the ecu intake etc but not inside the manifold, the improvement that that made in power was unbelievable. Just keen to do while I've got R/H wheel and upper control arm off replacing and I have complete access now?? Cheers guys
  10. Hi everyone. My dad has a '05 hilux 3L TD D4-D White the first of the new shape, after spending a fair bit of money on redoing the injectors because they weren't coded right or something dad didn't explain it well. Seeing as I am going to help pay we have decided on a new exhaust then a bull bar reversing lights (small square flood lights), then a light bar on the bull bar. We are going for the colour coded ARB Alloy with the Warn Winch (not a full 4wder but do go on hunting trips). Not sure what LED Cree light bar. (any opinions would be great) We are unsure on what way to do the exhaust, I have done a little reading and some say to do a 3" dump then 2.75" for the rest of the exhaust because the 3" all the way is too big. Or would you suggest to do 2.75" all the way? Also whats the opinion the on chip my diesel or the dp chip if we did one? I have read bad results on them that's all. Would be grateful for any help and advice! Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I am a new member to this forum. I am interested in purchasing a white 2005 Corolla Sportivo. If there are any members that are selling one or would be willing to sell one then i would be very interested to speak to you. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Nino
  12. Hi my daughter has lost her 2005 corolla (Australian model) master key. I had a look at her "spare" key and it doesn't have a dot or G on it, how do I determine what chip set to order, there appears to be 4C & 4D available on ebay.
  13. Shuu, So i finally picked up a 2005 facelift Corolla Sportivo in White. After wasting time and money looking at a piece of sh*t in Melbourne, i found a really clean on in QLD. Flew up and drove it back. So far really happy with it, previous owner took real good care of it. Heres a pic.. Mods so far: TRD CAI BC Coilovers Exedy HD clutch Tints
  14. Hey guys. I bought my car without a rear parcel shelf. Anyway. I would like to put in a set of 6X9's. Any idea if a rear parcel shelf from another 2nd Gen Vitz/Yaris will work? Cheers
  15. Hi everyone I am looking to purchase a front bar for my 2005 Corolla Sedan, it’s mica blue but don’t necessarily need that colour. Not looking for OEM either. I was able to find this on eBay; http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-Corolla-ZZE122R-Front-Bumper-Bar-Cover-10-01-4-04-4DR-5DR-SW-/261198874824?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cd0aa88c8 not sure if it's possible to find anything cheaper. If anyone has one lying around in good condition, I would be happy to take it off your hands.
  16. Hi all Looking for a 2nd hand Anti-skid ECU. The part numbers from Toyota are TO8954047120 or TO 8954047090. It is located under the driver's side of the dash near the steering column. I have located a part from an 08 model (Gen II also) but the part number is TO8954047070. I asked the local Toyota dealership parts guy if this was compatible with my model but all I got back was the company line of "we only have TO8954047120 in stock". No real reply to the actual question. If anyone knows if TO8954047070 is compatible with a 2005 Gen II (or not) please let me know. Regards Robert
  17. Hey I'm a new member in Adelaide, recently bought a 2005 Camry sportivo (gloss black) with 17" chrome wheels... Will post pics soon, interested in Camry cruises/get togethers here in Adelaide and performance tips as I have not yet done anything to it under the bonnet but am looking forward to doing so. Thanks!!

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