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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, Had a question about an issue I am suffering with my Corolla (2007) Ascent. Essentially the gauges (speed, odometer, rev), lights for cental column (air con, fan) are not turning on when I switch headlights. They come eventually. Unfortunately, this may mean minutes without lights on my dashboard. Basically, i can't clear see my speed at night. Headlights and rears work fine. Internal lights above head switch on fine. No issues there. Just my internals on dashboard that are suffering here. I analysed the no.18 fuse (in engine compartment) for "internal lights" but it is not blown. Not an electrician. Could it be the relay though? Any thoughts guys? Thank you.
  2. Hi guys, I drive a 2007 Rav4. Sadly, I have never taken her to the limit; she's been a princess since the moment I bought her. So as soon as I sort out this stupid radio, it's time to start the muck running! The more the merrier.
  3. Hello Everyone! my Dad gave me his 2007 Corolla as a first car. it has done a fair few Kms (260,000). after that time, the chrome ring on the stock gear shift has peeled up and is quite annoying to shift with. i have been thinking about replacing it with a new one im making in my engineering class. i have been looking online for tutorials on how to remove the stock one but to no avail. is it just threaded on? any help is appreciated. Thanks!.
  4. Hi guys, Replaced coolant today. A relatively easy job, but I'm not sure if I managed to drain all the old coolant. First opened the radiator tap and drained about 4.5L, then opened the engine block drain (v. hard to get to) but only got 50mL or so out of this one. According to service manual there should be about 5.5L total. Any ideas?
  5. Hi, I have a 2007 Aurion AT-X GSV40R and as per the manual, the car should use 215/60R16 95V or 215/55R17 93V tyres. The recommended pressure chart is as follows. I've been using 30 psi (215/60R16 95V, less than 140km/h, up to 4 passengers) on my tyres, but the tyres I have in there are not the exact match as this is a second hand car and the last owner put the Yokohama A-Drive 215/60R16 99H tyres in it. So, it's 95V vs 99H. So is it OK to use 30psi, or should I use a different pressure? Also, I had been using the compressors at the fuel stations, which as I heard are pretty inaccurate and cannot do it at cool state. Can someone recommend me a reasonably priced unit for doing it (check pressure and inflate) at home? (either 12V car battery or even 240V is OK) Cheers
  6. Hi guys, I bought a 2007 Aurion ATX for AUD10K in March this year after moving to Australia. Bought it from Camberwell Toyota with 95K on the clock. The previous owner had not done the 90K service so I made a deal with Toyota saying I would only buy it if they included that major service in the price. They agreed. Now it's been 9 months and my next log book service is due. I have driven only about 5K after buying it. (I don't drive to work) I live in Oakleigh VIC. Does anyone have a recommended place for me to go to the service near me, at a reasonable price? Cheers
  7. Want to buy.... Towbar to suit 2007 Camry (aurion that era may also fit) Would also like wiring loom for bar but optional. Must have mounting brackets. Newcastle NSW 2300 region.
  8. Hi All, My KUN 2007 Hilux diesel D4D turbo auto trans dual cab has had a GEM recond engine fitted then gearbox failed after 20,000km (185on dial) - engine is much lower in performance than original and gearbox fitters will not warranty new auto box unless engine fixed (Dyno shows it 10-15% down on similar vehicle). Anyone heard of any of this? Thanks, Len :-)
  9. can anyone tell me where I can get a good bodykit from in Australia. I would prefer after market if possible
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking at changing the air filter on my 2007 SX6 myself and just wondering if it is the same (or similar) to the procedure shown here for the 2007 Camry? The air filters are different specs so I am not 100% sure this guide will work and don't want to get half way through to realise that I don't know how to finish the job! Anyone have any thoughts or can point me to a guide? I figure it's a fairly easy task but I thought that about changing the battery and then realised I needed to take apart half of the car to remove it! thanks Aaron
  11. Hi guys, I bought a 06/2007 Aurion AT-X with 'fake' floor mats. It wasn't genuine Toyota and therefore didnt fit correctly. Contacted the Toyota dealer here in Canberra and they said it would cost me $116 to pick up. No dramas there, I just have question about the colours. I believe the exterior colour of mine is 'Titan Silver' (which is apparently champagne/beige?) with the grey-ish (stone) interior. My initial guess of what the original floor mat colour would have been was grey/stone; so when I requested that colour the dealer said it would only fit the Prodigy and Presara. He said that the only floor mats that will fit the AT-X are black.. which I find hard to believe because it's so contrasting and I doubt that Toyota would make such a decision. lol Is this true? What colour floor mats do other ATX owners have?
  12. Hi all, Just install omegas svi on 2007 Camry. Still observing how the performance & economy. Performance feel no change Economy dont know yet waiting 1st lpg fill Any one convert to lpg and trip computer still works ,please let me know. Cheers. Ockie
  13. Hi All looking to update my head unit with bluetooth etc The third plug on the head unit has these 3 wires - does anyone know the functions? I assume for the steering wheel remote control. but what is each one for
  14. Hi All looking to update my head unit with bluetooth etc The third plug on the head unit has these 3 wires - does anyone know the functions? I assume for the steering wheel remote control. but what is each one for
  15. Hello all, I would like to upgrade the speakers in my Jan 07 Sportivo. I can see there's 6x9s in the rear but not sure whats in the front... Does anyone know what size speakers are in the doors/dash? Cheers
  16. Traction control and engine light, came on after having them reset Toyota put it on the scope and said it was fine after being reset. has any one else had this problem What was the out come please How was it fixed??