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Found 18 results

  1. First of all, thank you for even clicking on this topic. I have a Toyota Hilux Kun15-rmdy 2012 model. It's basically a 2012 Toyota Hilux but with lower suspension, smaller wheels, and it is basically meant as a company car. It drives like a normal hilux; having the same engine. But I don't know/ can't seem to find the traction control settings. If anyone has any info regarding traction control on these cars, it'd highly appreciate it. Thank you, cheers CrewCab2012
  2. Gday forum! just got a Hilux 2012 sr5 extra cab and need to desperately change the wheels that are on there! I’ve never owned a Ute before always been a small hatch kinda guy but this is the work car and didn’t really have much of a say. I’ve attached a pic below. Can anyone help me out with some specs or info of what I can replace these with? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I have a 2012 atara sl. The middle brake light that sits on the rear deck has come unstuck on one side and is now hanging lop sided. Anyone know how to access it? I'm pretty sure I just need to put some good double sided tape on it and stick it back but it looks like I'll have to take off part of the inside of the boot to get to it. Not sure though. Ta
  4. Hey guys. Looking for some information about the maximum boot size of a Toyota corolla ascent, 2013 specifically. I'm a weekend golfer and i'm hoping the car can suffice the ample space for my golf clubs without having to fold the rear seats down. My longest club (length is the issue, not width) is 51 inches, so i'm hoping i could either fit the clubs in horizontally or diagonally. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, Tried to do some research but couldn't find much, does anyone on here know if its a simple task to change the side mirrors to automatically fold when my 2012 Aurion ZR6 is locked? Cheers! Edit: GSV50R
  6. Can anyone shed some light on what might have happened here? This morning my wife tried to get in the car (2012 Camry Altise). The car would not respond to the unlock button on the key remote - nothing would happen. Eventually after several tries it unlocked. Later when she was in the school parking lot, she took her foot off the accelerator but says it felt like the car continued to accelerate and it jumped the curb and went into the garden bed. She also says she tried to brake and the brakes did nothing. The car is currently at the smash repairs but we are both unsure about driving it after it is repaired. Does anyone know what might have happened?
  7. Hi guys, Recently acquired a 2012 Corolla conquest and installed DRL's today. The Philip's DRL's actually came out a lot better than I thought they were going to ! Everything is stock right now except badges + DRL's. Might leave it that way unless I can get myself a rear sway bar for cheap, then I'll probably get some lowering springs same time.
  9. I recently traded in my Aurion 2008 ZR6 for a 2012 Prodigy. The 40 series had a feeling of safety and robust about it that is missing in the 50 series. Most disappointing is the steering - feels very sensitive at high speeds and lacks feedback at low speeds. Also, the interior, the floor mats and the leather seats have a cheap feeling to it. The 2008 ZR6 came with high quality floor mats that did not move an inch - they had rubber spikes at the bottom to hold it in place. The new Genuine Toyota mats keep slipping off. All this combined with a few other minor concerns has now put me off Toyota.
  10. Hey there folks, New member here, just got my very first Toyota (not my family's first one, mum had a '96 corolla a few years ago and dad has a Dyna truck) which happens to be the new Camry Atara R. it also happens to be my first "zero KM" brand new car my first impressions of this car so far (I've put about 190km on the clock since Thursday when i picked it up) are that it is supremely comfortable - that being said my previous cars have all had track-oriented suspensions, heavy sway bars, urethane bushes, solid mounts etc so i'm certain a stock Hyundai Excel would be a comfortable ride to me - as well as really easy to soak up the kilometers i got mine in the graphite color, which personally i think is easily the classiest color this car comes in, closely followed by the pearl white anyway, here are some photos i took, i'll get some more soon i hope to get involved in any cruises or meet-ups that take place down here in Melbourne and get involved in the club
  11. Hey there guys, Just trying to source some stock parts, or the least find out, if anyone knows the factory HID lamp brand and type, in the 2011/2012 Levin ZR? Can't really find specs anywhere, if it has been posted here, just link me below, much appreciated :D Stay Safe, po po Cheers
  12. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 2013 Aurion. I am finding it really hard to find any aftermarket parts to suit.. (because its new, I know) Trying to find exhausts, lights, grills, body/aero kits, springs/coilovers, Hoping if I put this together there will be a few enthusiasts out there... Please share... So far I have found smoked tail lights http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321066119262?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Lights kit (dome, map, door, number plate lights) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171043997528?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Bumper lip kit http://www.bodykitskingdom.co.uk/magento/toyota/aurion/style-a-lip-kit-aurion-12-up.html
  13. I am just wondering if anyone ever thought of installing turbo or super charger in their latest Klugers. If so please share.
  14. I recently became the proud owner of a new 2012 Kluger Grande, and while I love the car I'm disappointed that features like Bluetooth streaming are not available in this model, considering this is the top of the range model I expected this would be available. I had a look over the forums and it seems this is something that has been mentioned earlier, There was also mention that this functionality would be made available by a software update to the navigation system, however I've not seen any follow up around if this software update if/when this software update would be made available? Can anyone comment if this is something that is coming or when it may be made available?
  15. Hi Everyone! Just a new member, recently bought the new Camry Atara SL. Curious to know if anyone else has the new Camry. Only added a rear lip spoiler to it, looking to further modify it in the near future, just keeping it stock for know. Mainly cause of limited aftermarket accessories available. If anyone is curious to know bout the new Camry don't hesitate to ask :)
  16. `Hi guys, wondering if someone could lend a hand. I have a new Hilux 2012 model. Im having trouble with my bluetooth and new iphone 4s. Everything seems to be working fine with contact downloads, and music but i cant seem to download messages or emails through my bluetooth to the messaging function. It works fine with other phones, i was wondering if people have had the same trouble? Its also very frustrating when listening to music through bluetooth, the volume changes. it works ok at first but when the car is switched off and next time i get back in the volume is down and i cant turn it up. I have to turn bluetooth off and back on. Has anyone had these troubles and if so how could i fix them. It may be an Iphone problem more than a Hilux problem. Thanks for your help
  17. We picked up our new 2012 build KX-S yesterday. It came with a new type of audio unit which wasn't in the Kluger when we ordered last year. The KX-S has unit model PZQ60-00511. I found this document which gives an overview of the 3 levels of audio unit they are putting in the new Klugers. It has a nice touch screen interface. Very easy to pair up with the iPhone, and stream music and make phone calls. The KX-S unit is now a single disc CD instead of the previous 6 stack CD. One thing I have noticed is the unit is capable of displaying the reverse camera, but this doesn't appear to have been wired up, it still just displays on the small screen above. Will question this at first service. It has an SD card slot, which on the Grande apparently contains the SatNav maps, but for the KX-S unit is pretty much pointless. You cannot play music from it, it's only apparent use is to display photos on the screen. Would be nice if you could play music from it rather than having to use a USB stick.
  18. Hi, I have just purchased a new RAV 4 Crusier 2012. (Stereo P/N is either PZQ60-00521 or PZQ60-00522 or PZQ60-00523 - I belive its the 522 as the 523 is the NAV) It has a 6.1" LCD Touch screen Audio system with a USB input on the front, when we went for a test drove it was a 2011 model and it had USB & 3.5mm jack next to the hand break. What appears to of happened is they have moved the USB to the face panel and removed the 3.5mm Jack. What I would like to know without pulling apart my Dash is there still a 3.5mm jack on the back of the head deck? Called the dealer and they claim that I can use a 3.5mm to USB converter which I keep explaining to them something like that cannot exist. They also claim that a USB drive plugged in will light up the AUX section on the screen but it doesnt, the IPOD botton just changes to USB and the AUX button stays greyed out. This is very annoying to try and get out Digital radio connected into the system. Any help on this would be awesome. Cheers. EDIT Just found out the 521, 522, 523 are just differnt colours so the model is a PZQ60

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