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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I have a 2013 Toyota Kluger which has developed an issue with the central locking. It started with one door randomly not locking / unlocking when either the key fob is used (both of them) or the door lock/unlock switches. After a while of this the door just doesn't respond. This process has now reached the fourth door and I think it will stop working over the next few weeks. The whole process has probably taken a few months all up. On its last service I asked the mechanic (dealer) to have a look. They have just said it's your door actuators which aren't under warranty. I have contacted Toyota to find out if they should only last a short time before failing. Toyota gave a standard response that it depends on the conditions etc and that I would need to take it to a Toyota Service Center (planning to when I can get a day off work). I don't believe it is the actuators but rather a fuse or relay as they have all gone in succession and from what I have read online about them. I can't believe that they would last for only a short period. I have had a 93 Subaru Impreza which had remote central locking fitted and it never stopped. I am wondering if anyone else has had this or a similar thing happen to them? If so what was the fix and did Toyota cover anything? Or know of any aftermarket central locking kits for the car? Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.
  2. Hi All, I recently purchased a used 2013 corolla from a dealership. When i purchased i did not realise the ac lights did not work as it was day. When i've driven the car at night and used headlights the right and left lights are out but the middle is illuminated. Today the middle green light on the A/C dial stopped working but the ac is still functioning. Is this covered by warranty or will i need to fork out for a new knob and lights?
  3. 2013 Camry Atara-S (ASV50) (7th Generation) I'm still new to all this but so far have enjoyed making the minor changes to my car, thought i'd document whats happened so far before i make any further changes. Previous changes can be found in this thread: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/41978-2013-camry-atara-s-black-white-theme/ http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/43951-short-ram-intake-for-2013-camry/ Current Modifications: Low Beam / Fog Lights: Phillips 4000K Crystal Vision High Beam: Phillips 4000K Crystal Vision Reverse Lights: T10 LEDs Parkers: 4000K Generic Halogen Interior Lights: Generic 4000K LEDs Brake Lights: T20 CREE Red LEDs Tail Lights: Mars Performance Smoked Rear Taillights Air Filter: K&N Short Ram Air Intake (69-8620TTK) Strut Tower Brace: Ultra Racing (2013 Camry Specific) Rear Sway Bar: Ultra Racing 19mm Coilovers: Slide Industries Coilovers Suspension: Stock Rear Spoiler: OEM Toyota Duck-tail (3M Black Gloss Vinyl) Horn: JDM Toyota Premium Dual Tone Horn Wheels: Enkei PF01-SS PMW (Pearl Machined White) 17x9 +35 Wheels: Enkei Kojin Black Satin Finish 18 X 8 +40 Wheels: Work Emotion D9R - 19x8.5 Black Gloss Tyres: Kuhmo KU39s Tyres: Bridgestone RE002 235 / 45/ 17 Tyres: Stock Windows: 3M Colour-Stable Tint (35% Black) Body Kit: US Toyota XSP front lip (Colour Coded by Sheens Panels Tullamarine) Updated 13/11/2015
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem with my car and I cant find a solution for it. Before, when I lock the car, the indicators usually flash once to let me know the car is locked; and flash twice with a sound when I unlock the car. Now, after I took it to the Toyota dealer a month or 2, the indicators do not flash when I lock the car anymore. However, they still flash twice when the car is unlocked. I have done a bit of research and some said it may be the bonnet, or boot, or doors arent closed properly. I have checked everything and I cant seem to find what is the problem. My friend said it may be disabled by the Toyota dealer for some reasons but I am not sure if that was the case. Is there anyone have the same issue - thanks :)
  5. Hi. I recently upgraded to a 2013 ZR6. The very first thing I noticed was how noisy it is inside the cabin - road noise - mostly at speeds over 90k. I have since changed the tyres and got underbody sound deadening as well. I got Yokohama decibel tyres which I have always used. None of these have made any difference to the noise level. This is my 3rd Aurion - 1st was a 2008 ZR6 and then a 2012 Prodigy. Both previous Aurions were fairly quiet. Any feedback / suggestions will be appreciated.
  6. Hey all, i got a zre182r. Looking to upgrade - Brake pads, rotors and fluids. Any suggestions on brands? Thanks.
  8. Hey all, I got me a Zre182r. Looked and found coilovers, bc racing z1 series part number c-116-vm. Looking for a place to get them installed, that way if it ******s out its there fault and not mine. Anyone know of any places that does a good cheap at a fair price? Option1 garage are doing a special where you buy coils from them $1199 and get install and allignment for $350 Anyone know anyone who can beat that? Let me know, thanks heaps peeps peace
  9. Hi everyone, I just bought a 2013 Aurion (Toyota Certified Premium Used Vehicle). 12,000 km on the odometer Melbourne It was formerly a Toyota company car from the Altona plant, so technically I am the first private owner. I have tried to read the FAQs and searched the threads in this forum, but there are still some queries: - What am I entitled to as a purchaser of a Toyota Certified Premium Used Vehicle. - I was offered the 5-year extended warranty at $1,295 with capped price servicing (factory 3-year warranty runs out in Oct 2016). Is it advisable to purchase this? - I was offered the reverse parking sensors with a one-line alphanumeric display (about 3 cm diagonal length) that can be installed above my rear view mirror, for a price of $500 by the Toyota dealer. Is this a good deal, or I can get a better deal elsewhere? - Tinted windows to regulatory standards ( can't remember what is the SPF factor) but I was told the film blocks out 60% of the visible light and UV rays. Price is $375. Is it worth value for money? - Where can I find a reliable installer for retrofitting aftermarket products like fog lights and front facing cameras and dashcams? Thanks heaps for your advice and my apologies if these questions have been asked before. Please point me to the right direction.
  10. Dear All, I'm in East Africa, Tanzania I bought 2013 in Dubai, but the car originates from Australia. I want to replace right hand side Headlight to OEM. The Left hand side has Daylight Running Light (DRL) but the right hand one is local one which does not have DRL. I've tried to check with Dubai Dealers, they told me they don't have in stock. PLEASE ADVICE. Thank you in Advance. BARRY
  11. Hey people, I'll have new set in about 8-12 weeks hehe (sea freight). Looking into potentially buying tyres from tirerack.com also. Main query is what size tyres should i getting? 2013 Camry Atara Stock is 17x7 +45 on 215/55s Currently running 18x8 +40 but switching to 17x9 +35 I'll also be lowering the car slightly. I've been looking at tyres ranging between 235-245 / 35-45. After doing some online homework, my current thoughts are that i shouldn't have any issues with scrubbing etc but i'm always ready to take advice. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  12. Hey errybody, I'm currently wanting an intake system for my 2013 zre182 manual. I took a look around and it looks like there is minimal out there. The only one I found is a K&N one for 700+usd not including shipping. I was wondering if anyone know of any other or other options for a SRI or CAI for this car. Helpful input is muchly appreciated. Thanks peeps.
  13. Hi guys. I have a 2013 corolla ascent sport and looking to mod it. Atm I have White led Parker and license plate lights. Removed the ascent sport badge. Near finished plasti dipping the external chrome trimming black. Sunraysia 16x7 with falken 225/50/16 Also have a kicker sub and amp wired to stock touch screen media player player. HID Kit coming soon. Looking for simple performance mods. Id love some advice on what breathing parts to get. Obviously headers, high flow cat and cai. But need suggestions on brand and pricing. ALSO id love some coilovers but once again, need help on brand and pricing. Hoping to get muffler to keep noise down or varex muffler so I have options. Not looking to track this thing, it's my daily. Just wanna give it a few defining characteristics and a lil extra kick. Much appreciated guys
  14. Hi Guys, I am regretfully selling my Tornado Grey GT 86 as I have not had enough time to drive and enjoy it due to work and other commitments. The car has only 5800kms on it at the moment (as of 14/10/14) and has been always been treated well. As I'm sure most people on here know, these cars are fantastic to drive! My car has 18" Enkei RPF1 wheels which alone cost around $2500 for rims, tyres, fitting and balancing. Also had fitted Eibach Sportsline springs which has lowered the car around 25-30mm. Only other mod which has been fitted is the shark fin aerial. Car can be found on carsales here - http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Toyota-86-2013/SSE-AD-3023254 Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks, Patrick
  15. Well, after a bad dose of the "Man-Flu" and being dosed up on drugs (the legal kind, of course) My flares didnt stand the 'brick letterbox' test. I'm just hoping someone on here knows what years i can interchange as Im not even close to interested in buying a new drivers side rear flare at the princely sum of $508 + gst (unpainted, fk me!!!) So anyone wrecking a sterling silver tray/tub Id like to hear from you or those with the knowledge of the compatible years of my 2013 sr5 lux.
  16. Hey guys, I am looking into converting my 2013 Camry Atara Sx to RWD. I am looking for help and info on how and what I need to proceed with this. Any info and help would be greatly appreciated
  17. Hey guys, I'm a new member here. I thought I'd join after I purchased a new 2013 SR5 Hilux from my local Toyota dealership. I'm looking to get opinions and thoughts after it was broken into after owning it for less than a month. I live in a quiet suburb in Sydney and bought from my local Toyota Dealership. For two weeks I was up and down from Brisbane so it lined up perfectly with my first service (serviced at the dealership). I got it serviced during the week and had it parked in the driveway each night since then. I woke up on Monday morning to go to work and found the back window smashed in with the center console (no scratches) placed on the seat with the Stereo removed. No wires were cut as this was an extremely professional job. I rang the Police and the Dealership immediately and while the Police were no help I found out there were 5 2013 Hilux's returned to the dealership (after servicing) with the same issue. I was told there was a 4-5 week wait and the Stereos were shipped in. Apparently this is happening Sydney-wide and I want to confirm that with other Hilux lovers first. While my garage sports my wifes' Toyota Corolla, I may have to start parking in there. Do you guys have any suggestions and/or experienced similar? Cheers, Mark.
  18. Hi Guy's/Girl's, hi im new here, and i have bought a 2013 corolla ascent sports. i have done a few mods so far, have a good look at the pics im pretty happy with it so far, its turning out really good, i've had it about 3 months, nearly 7000 kay on it. just changed a few things, led parking lights all interior lights changed to led's including, make-up mirrors and boot light led number plate lights tinted rear tail lights de-badged painted engine cover/fuse box painted calipers exhaust 18" mags 225/40/18 waiting on lowered springs, hopefully they will be in by this weekend. finding it really hard to find aftermarket parts for this rolla cheers guy's / girl's
  19. Does anyone else have or know about a discrepancy in the specifiactions of the fuel capacity of the 2013 RAV4 Diesel On a recent trip to Sydney i refuelled the car after the fuel Guage warning light was on and the Trip computer said i had 5kms until empty. On refuelling the car it only took 49.5litres and that was filled to the absolute brim. The specifications state that the fuel tank capacity is 60litres 10litres is a big discrepancy especially as i could have got at least another 150+ kms from the tank. Im confused!!!! Any insights?
  20. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 2013 Aurion. I am finding it really hard to find any aftermarket parts to suit.. (because its new, I know) Trying to find exhausts, lights, grills, body/aero kits, springs/coilovers, Hoping if I put this together there will be a few enthusiasts out there... Please share... So far I have found smoked tail lights http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321066119262?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Lights kit (dome, map, door, number plate lights) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171043997528?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Bumper lip kit http://www.bodykitskingdom.co.uk/magento/toyota/aurion/style-a-lip-kit-aurion-12-up.html

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