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Found 13 results

  1. last week right after i fueled up my car i decided to floor it from 1st and 2nd and when it lift it hit really strong and jerked me back to my seat and at that the time my engine was warmed up. week later i try to to do the same thing and the lift didnt feel strong like it did the last time. the engine was both warmed up each time i hit lift. is there similar problems that had happend to anyone else before? i have an 205 corolla sportivo with 179000k's and fully stock
  2. So I have started to face this issue of sluggish/slow acceleration with my 2ZZ-GE AE80, I changed the fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned lift solenoid but same issue persisted. I went from 97RON to 92RON fuel for some reason and all of a sudden the car does not hesitate during acceleration, what can be the problem. Car used to have popping sound from exhaust before there was this issue. Note: Water temp goes to 101ish and 2zz knocks due to 92RON while it never knocks or temperature never goes above 100C on 97 RON.
  3. Hi guys (Lift issues on 2ZZ VVTLi) Need some help in Melbourne sourcing a mechanic who actually knows there way around a 2ZZ VVTLi engine (Corolla Sportivo)? I went to my Toyota Dealer (been going there for over a decade) and my engine was leaking oil. The following list is the work they carried out in order to fix the oil leaks. The oil leak was fixed (and it cost me an arm so far), but now my car will NOT hit lift. They have had two goes at it, but they do not know why it won’t hit lift blaming anyone but themselves. What could be the issue of why lift is not engaging and could you
  4. Hi all Can someone please tell me what the recommended oil is to use for our Corolla Sportivo’s? Some advice on what type of oil and best suited brands would be great 🙂 Tryng to compare what the OEM specs are vs aftermarket eg. full synthetic etc Thanks
  5. hi all, i recently purchased a 2005 corolla sportivo and i am very happy with my purchase and now i am looking to do a few mods here and there to help it reach its full potential. can anyone give me some info on what mods i should do? what sort of power gains they achieved? brands/makes and costs? i.e cold air intake? exhaust headers etc i am very keen to start modding my sportivo and if anyone is selling a few parts i'd be keen to hear from them ^_^ cheers Michael
  6. Hey! So this Saturday I had a run with a 4age Toyota Ceres, was ahead by two cars' length in third gear (145kph) and mistakenly shifted to second gear instead of fourth gear , RPM went beyond 9k. Instantly I shifted to neutral and took it to the side. Now gear wouldn't shift while clutch pedal felt normal and engine was vibrating as if one ignition coil was not working. All the bad imagination comes rushing in since 2zzge isn't known to handle overrevs so well due to it's weak oil pump and also that it's an interference engine. So I put the car in neutral and ask some friends to push start the
  7. Hi all Can anyone recommend a reputable mechanic in Sydney with some sort of Corolla Sportivo experience? Looking to have clutch and gearbox issue fixed and would prefer expertise in this area. Happy to travel but within or the surrounding Hurstville areas would be ideal :)
  8. Hey guys, I'm about to modify my AE80 Corolla. It's been neglected for quite some time due to lack of capital. Kindly point out the issues with my to-do list, list is as follows: 1. Full body work. 2. Paint Java Black pearl (Subaru's 18L). 3. Engine 2ZZGE or 3SGTE, they are costing same. (Kindly point out issues). 4. Tires 195/55R15 or 205/50R15, which one is going to be better. 5. Bucker seats and other interior work. 6. Lowering springs. *Both engines are available at $1000, will swapping 3sgte ruin it's handling/braking or driving dynamics because it's hea
  9. Hi guys It's been a while but thought I would post a thread to get some expert help from current and previous owners of the mighty 2ZZGE. I noticed a couple of drops of oil on the garage floor and had my mechanic look under the car where he said he could see oil around the water pump. He said it's not an urgent fix and will more than likely stop but could come back. Well, that's exactly what happened...it went away and now it's come back. So my questions are: Is it likely that the water pump can leak oil? Has anyone else had experienced this same issue? Wh
  10. Hi I am after a set (4pcs) 2zz injectors. Let me know if you are selling thanks :) The part no. could be 23250-22030 There may be other part nos compatible.
  11. Hey guys, I am a new member to this forum. I am interested in purchasing a white 2005 Corolla Sportivo. If there are any members that are selling one or would be willing to sell one then i would be very interested to speak to you. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Nino
  12. hi all, i have 3 nitro cars for sale 1 kyosho 1:10 scale with O.S Max engine and Stainless Steel exhaust, complete with Futuba receivers and remote, foam tyres with excellent grip, fully adjustable suspension, 4 wheel drive, carbon fibre upper chassis with aluminium bottom plate, vented disc brakes. Comes with a tonne of spares including springs, wheels, dampers, belts, gears, and alot lot more 1 vintage kyosho 1:10 scale with engine and exhaust, also fitted with Futuba receivers and remote 1 Hodr Offroad 1:8 scale buggy with brand new O.S VG 30 engine that has only just been run
  13. hey all, this may have been covered before but i couldn't find a thread on it. my clutch has only just started slipping in my corolla sportivo, im not sure whether it has been changed before by the previous owner so im thinking about maybe changing it sometime within the next 15,000kms. its only slips sometimes when i lift in 1st but apart from that its fine. could anyone recommend a replacement clutch?? and do i need a new flywheel aswell? cheers

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