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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone I have just bought a Corona recently and I want to do a lot of modifications for example full engine and box swap , new suspension and lots more I need some help sourcing coilovers to suit and I'm struggling at the moment any help is really appreciated 👍 irishcorona 🔰
  2. Hello everyone im from NZ and really need help about looking part for my Ae92 Trueno The problem i have in my car 1. the engine light is on 2.missing a second Vacuum sensor 3.my car wont rev over 4500rpm 4.running really rich like 20 dollars gas only run 44km 5. I need left tail light for wof other problem i can find after market part to fix it does anyone know where can i get it or anyway i can get those part? also can the 4age 16v red top with stock ecu bolt on a trubo from starlet 1300cc motor set at low boost will that be ok ? please help >< really love this car but not much part in NZ If you guys have any idea of my car any suggestion or where i can get the part please comment or send to my e-mail blackwnag1122@gamil.com PLEASE HELP ><
  3. Picked up a whole stack of Toyota ECUs at a recent auction. Need to move these on as they are taking up alot of space. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Engine Management ECUs To suit: AE92 Corolla (87-92) With engine: 4AFE Toyota part number : 89661-12650 Transmission type suited (if applicable): N/A Quantity available: 3 Price: $30ea To suit: 1990 Holden Nova With engine: 7AFE Toyota part number: 89661-1A060 Transmission type suited (if applicable): Manual Quantity available: 1 Price: $30 To suit: AE102 Corolla (91-98) With engine: 4AFE Toyota part number: 89661-02480, Transmission type suited (if applicable): Manual Quantity available: 1 Price: $30 To suit: SV21 Camry (86-90) With engine: 3SFE Toyota part number: 89661-32222 Transmission type suited (if applicable): N/A Quantity available: 3 Price: $30 ea To suit: ST162 Celica (85-89) With engine: 3SGE Toyota part number: 89661-20160 + Auto transmission computer Toyota part number: 89530-20080 Quantity available: 1 $40 for both (also have 2 more ECUs on their own, $30 each) To suit: ST162 Celica (85-89) With engine: 3SFE Toyota part number: 89661-32320 Transmission type suited (if applicable): N/A Quantity available: 1 Price: $30 To suit: ST184 Celica (89-93) With engine: 5SFE Toyota part number: 8966120651 Transmission type suited (if applicable): N/A Quantity available: 2 Price: $30 ea To suit: Starlet EP91 With engine: 4EFE Toyota part number: 89661-10260 Transmission type suited (if applicable): N/A Quantity available: 1 Price: $30 To suit: MX73 Cressida (84-88) With engine: 5MGE Toyota part number: 89661-30160 +Transmission computer Toyota part number: 89530-22300 Quantity available: 2 (also have a third ECU on its own, $30) Price: $40 for both --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Random Computers To suit: SV20 Camry (86-90) Computer Intergration Relay Box With engine: N/A Toyota part number: 82641-YC031 Quantity available: 1 Price: $10 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ALL items will be shipped via Aus Post Satchel, flat rate of $13.40 Australia wide ($8.25 for smaller items) Post here or PM for interest. All prices ARE ONO so make an offer! Thanks ED: 2/4/14 - removed sold computers
  4. Just got this lil beast two months ago for $3000 :) It has a silver top 4age with 20 valve 4 throttle standard. The lil beast just revs hard up through the rev range. Not one moment where it dosent want to :P typically I do about 450-550 klm on a single 40 litre tank. It runs 0-100 8 seconds flat and on some days even 7.7. I Always wanted to stand out from the crowd with something rare. I have a few parts that I no longer need which came with it. Its based off a sprinter/corolla so parts are quite universal. Let me know what you guys think.. :)
  5. Just picked up a reasonable good 1986 corolla twincam with a 4A-GE redtop. Any one with thoughts, information and interests in these cars get in contact with me as I have alot of work to do on it and will be looking for advice. So ad me to ur friends please. Cheers les
  6. Hey Folks, I’m Jerome from Western Sydney, currently finishing my studies to be a Mechanic.. New to this, but been a proud Toyota Owner since Day One! With that said, I’d like to share to you all my Pride and Joy! And the journey we’ve had.... 1992 Toyota Corolla AE93 Gti SeriesII I know is old school and all but its my A to B to C car and I love it! I’ve had this car since March 2011 and previous to that I had an AE92 Ultima Seca. When I first purchased it suffered from a blown head gasket <_< . Fortunate enough I was able to fix it myself.. Unfortunate because 11 Months down the track it decided to blow the head gasket again, only this time between cylinders :(! It was unexpected and I wasn’t ready for a new car, so i decided to challenge myself and carry out a full Re-Build.. Cut the long story short.. Over late July and early August I’d been living in the workshop, LOL! Until on 25th August 2012 she started.. I was Finished!! Engine;; 4AGE 16V Redtop Extractors Heat Wrapped 2.25 Mandrel Bent from cat-back into SuperCat 2.5 Muffler Oversized Bore & Pistons After-market Bearings and Rings – made in Japan Light Weight Pulley Kit Atfter-market Adjustable Cam Gears Whole A/C system and piping Delete Recondition Distributor Denso Ik20 Iridium Plugs Excedy Stnd. Clutch Castrol Lubricants Suspension;; Pedders Lowered Springs Pedders shocks Nolathane Front D-bushes Stock Front Strut Bar Wheels/Brakes;; OEM Front Brake Pads OEM Rear Brake Pads DIY Red Calipers DIY painted Gloss Black Kspeed Rims Rolling on 195/50R15 Exterior;; DIY Matt Black Cressy Front Lip DIY Matt Black Front Grill DIY Matt Black Headlight Housing OEM Headlight Protectors cracked :( 15% Tints all round HID hi/lo 6000K Headlight globes Led t10 Parkers and Plate Lights Interior;; Original Gti Door Trims Original Gti Front seats (has tears) Kmart Spec Front seat covers Re-trimmed Rear Seats - Black and Red Leather DIY Shorten Gear stick with H**da TypeR 5speed Gear Knob Momo Steering wheel and boss kit OEM ZRE Corolla front floor mats. Little Tree Black Ice smelly Benen Front Tow Hook Future Plans;; Rear Sway bar After-market Front Strut bar which fits with the stock one New Wheels Slotted Rotors Fix minor dents Tune New plates. various photographs... "one of the first photos" "First major repair - Head Gaket" "While waiting for the head service.." "chill'n - diy clark rubber lip" "boooty" "Building." "Matt Black; Pistons in' "its gotta be diy" "sx sticker on my tool box!" "the best part" "MISSION COMPLETE!" Hope you all enjoyed.. ThankYou!!! :D
  7. Hi all, I'm new to this site so excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong. I own an AE93 Corolla, the SX SECA model with a Redtop 4AGE. I've owned it for a year or so, and it's just clicked over to 250,000 k's. The car is running fine, however I can't help but think "how much longer is that 4AGE going to hang in there?" I don't think it's worth getting a full rebuild for it, but what are some good high-mileage refreshers for this engine?

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