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Found 16 results

  1. G'day, I have a 2012 KUN26r 4x4 workmate. Got it for a very good price, full service history etc Just wondering what the difference is in off road performance with the SR and SR5 models? Is it worth doing the usual mods for offroading/touring. I'm not fussed about the comfort. I.E Would a standard workmate perform the same or similar to a sr/sr5 offroad? E.g difference between gearbox, diffs, hubs etc Cheers
  2. Hi everyone new to this site and I’m looking for ideas on 4wd set up. I am new to the 4wding scene and I have a 2019 Toyota Hilux Rogue, it comes standard with marine grade carpet lining the tub and a hard tonneau cover plus a sports bar bolted into the frame of the vehicle. Ideally I would like to keep the tonneau cover (not crash hot on a canopy) while still installing a set of trays for misc items and remove the cover if needed for certain reasons and air compressor/duel battery set ups. So I was wondering if anybody can share with me any set ups they have under their tonneau covers. many thanks in advance if I don’t get a chance to reply to any comments. Cheers
  3. Hi I was just wondering looking at doing an engine conversion from the 93 surf with the 1kz engine to the ln107r with the 2.8 was wondering if the surf rear diff and front diff will bolt straight in. I know I gotta bring the motor forward 2inches radiator has to be swapped to the aftermarket alloy radiator and wiring loom needs to be swapped out as well as the tail shaft Do you guys know if the rear and front diff will fit straight in from the surf? Do they run the same chassis mines duel cab btw and this 93 surf is dual cab
  4. Wondering if someone may have the same problem, I have a 2008 VDJ79 Landcruiser ute and it is a bit down on power. Boost lines are all good, especially on the back of the intercooler. If I drive the car calmly it behaves normally maybe with a little bit of rev and boost hesitation between gear changes or take off. But If i boot my foot down quickly regardless of being in gear driving or in neutral parked up the car hesitates for a second and then starts to rev up but won't go over 2800rpm or 6-7 psi boost. Driving normally or soft acceleration will allow it to go full rpm and 12-14 psi of boost. If anyone has any ideas please let me know as the mechanics cannot fault the car
  5. Hi everyone. I have a 98 4x4 3.0 diesel (5l) hilux. Engine was a low on compression and had a heap of oil leaks so I have recently gave it a basic freshen up. I replaced rings, bearings, gave it a light hone, full gasket kit, full timing belt kit, diesel pump front seal, glow plugs, valve regrind and head planed. Engine was reassembled correctly and to proper specs everything is correctly timed all marks line up dead on. Engine turns over fine now has plenty of compression turns over freely without any odd noises or anything out of the ordinary. Have also bled the system, is glowing up properly, is getting fuel into injectors. My knowledge with diesels is somewhat limited as this is my only one I've had although I have plenty of experience with petrol engines and have reassembled those before with no problems. Everything's plugged in, all lines are on properly, its all timed properly all marks line up, its glowing up getting fuel but will not go. I sprayed a little bit of aerostart into it today and it sounded like it wanted to go but other than that just winds over. Just wanting to know anything else I can check or other potential issues something I may have done wrong or something I don't know before I have to send it to the mechanics as patience and time are running low. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  6. Heres an engine upgrade I want to do to my 105 Series Landcruiser, if anyone has any changes or add ons they think i should do or if I could get an opinion on it I would love to here it, Cheers. ENGINE UPGRADE::: DTS Turbo Kit: http://www.dtsturbo.com.au/100-DTS/Turbo-Kit-Suits-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-100-Series-4.2L-1HZ/pd.php DTS Intercooler Kit: http://www.dtsturbo.com.au/IK_dash_1001HZ_dash_T/Intercooler-Kit-Suits-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-100-Series-4.2L-1HZ-(Top-Mount)/pd.php Full Stainless Exhaust Upgraded Injectors Upgraded Fuel Pump Heavy Duty Clutch Full tune
  7. HI guys, I'm just wondering where people have mounted there second battery in there 2002 Hilux. Struggling for space and need ideas.
  8. Hi there, Ive owned my hill for 3 years now and apart from a reversing camera which I had fitted prior to delivery I haven't changed or added anything yet. Its time to start fitting her out and make her the beast should should be. Im looking specifically for advice and suggestions of the best additions to a standard model and order of priority to get my Hilux ready for Off Road trips. Cheers Match
  9. Hi guys, I just recently bought a Toyota land cruiser 1990 80 series petrol 4.5ltr for $4,000 as a spare time hobby thing.The engines running a little ruff, Its spitting oil out of the exhaust also. Its got a 4 inch lift already, 33x16x8 50/50 Micky's, $1200 stereo system, and LPG. My question is should i rebuild my engine and if so what is the best resource to use such as Manuals, DVD Guides, Tips and tools. Also i have a budget for this part of the build like most, so i would like some kind of idea on cost as well? thanks.
  10. Hi all. I just bought myself a 1993 4 door Hilux 4WD. I absolutely love it but it's a dog awful ride. It's got a 2" suspension lift. I feel every bump on every road and bounce along like a yo yo. It also has no body roll and funny enough corners better than our Prado. Is this normal? Can anything be done to soften the ride? New shokies perhaps? Also my font seat is too low. I know this is normal but I feel like a little kid peering over my steering wheel. Anyone know of another seat that's higher AND more comfortable that will bolt in? I'd love to hear from you. Phil ^_^
  11. Hi all, new to the group, first post right here! used to have a 2WD 2001 Hilux, my faithful girl, I said goodbye to her on Sunday :( but said hello to my new and hopefully as faithful 4WD 2000 3lt Diesel hilux. she's a little rough, but I'm determined to fix bits and pieces by myself, well at least as much as I can.... Which is what brings me here, I've go no bloody idea! but I am a quick learner, and love to have a go! look forward to learning more, and learning to love my new 4x4 ;) Cheers!
  12. Hey everyone, up for sale here is my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ105R GXL Details are as follows: - Automatic transmission - Log book. Car was serviced at a workshop and home - 1st owner - Always garaged - 166,000kms - Unleaded dual tank - 4x brand new KUMHO tyres - Leather seats ( no rip or tears, just your usual wear from age) - 7 seater - Sunroof - Long 7 months rego til 22nd July 2014 - Used as a family road trip car but no longer needed because my kids have grown up and own their own cars Price asking for is $16,000 negotiable My add is also on car sales with photos. Any further questions feel free to contact.
  13. Hi everyone.. any help would be appreciated. We bought a 2010 Toyota Kluger about 3 months ago from a reputable car dealership. We initially went there looking for a 4x4. The salesman convinced us that the Kluger was very family friendly and safe and that it was an AWD would be efficient for what we wanted to do with our driving. It's a great car, don't get me wrong BUT!!!!! We have just found out that it isn't an AWD at all. It's a Kluger Altitude 2WD. Do we have any legal rights here?? Our contract states that it is an AWD Thanks in advance
  14. Another day... another car, lol. Here is my latest acquisition... 1991 AUDM Toyota 4Runner Details: 3VZ-E 3.0L V6 Hurricane Headers 2.5in Exhaust 2in Body Lift 2in Suspension Lift Old Man Emu Shocks Old Man Emu Steering Dampener Hilux Surf Front and Rear Bumpers (chrome) Clear side repeater indicators (from 05 hilux) Clear front indicators China Brand Double Din GPS Unit Cooper Discover STT Mud Terrain Tyres 33x12.5x15 tyres Genuine Toyota Snorkle Random old steel bullbar that I restored 2x 9in Hella Spotlights, converted to HID GME TX3200 Slimline UHF + Laser Antenna Future Mods: Winch rear drawer setup Pictures:
  15. I think its a bit racist. Why are all the 4x4 gets one forum? and where's one for the FJ?
  16. Simon82


    Guys, firstly let me introduce myself, My Name is Simon And i love to do the usual hilux thing and that is off road challenge. I love four wheel driving. Now for my question. My luxy has a gremlin in the lighting electrical where the L/H indicator when lights are on just stays on when the lights are off and i use it the brake lights blink as well. now ive checked all of the connections and they appear to be fine but its got me thinking could it be the combo switch?

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