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Found 161 results

  1. Hey all, Just got a 2019 Corolla SX Hybrid today and am super excited! Loving everything about it so far, but I’ve just been trying to set up Waze and am a little confused. (I know there’s an inbuilt navigation system but I’ve always been a big fan of Waze and would love it on my system). Whenever I try to choose the Waze app, it says “Embedded navigation route is already active. If you prefer to use Waze, stop the embedded navigation guidance”, which is then followed by a black screen. I’ve looked everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be any option to stop the embedded navigation guidance as it asks. Unless I’m blind, but I feel like I’ve clicked every button possible! This still comes up when I’m not actively being navigated to any location by the inbuilt system as well so it doesn’t seem like that is the problem. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much :)
  2. Bought a Toyota Corolla ZRE152 in Feb 2010 MY09. Engine is 1.8 2ZR-FE Photos 91.7KW, stock is around 70kw Peak torque is around 227nm at 4400rpm (37% increase in torque) With camshaft change, aiming to get 107kw at the wheel with more aggressive camshaft, it will shift the peak power band to 7000rpm, with some sacrifice on mid range I am aware the dyno is just a rough estimation of engine output, and is not accruate Stock with cat back only (Graph referenced from another member dutchie101) Before and after Unichip, plus headers, full exhaust (include high flow cat), NST pulley, intake, pay attention to midrange After LSD and flywheel and new pod filter (replacement, same brand and model), nst pulley removed. The 2 dyno lines represent two runs. First run is 89.7kw CurrentMods Power related - Injen CAI (3-5kw increase) - WeaponsR Header (2-4kw increase) - Custom 2 inch Catback installed. (3-5kw increase) - NST Pulley, around 2kw increase, broke into three pieces after 50000km - CatCo Hi Flow Catalytic Converter, with headers sitting so close to it, it becomes a bottleneck. (1-3kw increase) - Unichip (7kw in mid range, 3kw at peak) - MWR flywheel (6kw increase across the range) Handling Related - Bridgetone MY02, Toyo R888 for Track use - Remsa Brake Pad or A1RM - DBA standard rotors - Peddars xtreme Coilover. 30 ways of Adjustment - Cusco Front Struct brace to reduce body flex in tracking - Cusco underbody brace - KMAC 20mm Rear Sway bar adjustable - Wiechers rear strut brace - Peddars lower arm polyurethane bush - Quaife LSD Exterior: - HID 6000K - Front fog light - Toytoa Europe side skirt - Levin style spoiler - Rear tow hook - Auris badge Engine oil: Nulon 0w-40 High Performance Synthetic oil Reducing Weight Remove all seats except driver seat (around 30kg) Remove spare tyre and tools (around 15kg) Light weight driver seat (5 kg reduction) Lithum Battery, 2.9kg each, Light weight flywheel (5kg reduction) - Rota R Spec 16x7 (6.5kg each) Work in Progress Unichip i-driver to increase rpm to 7200rpm, our car is cut by fuel when overrev MWR Camshaft stage 1, This will increase the peak power by 8% estimated Below was done in 2012, where no flywheel, no LSD and no camshaft mod
  3. So I have started to face this issue of sluggish/slow acceleration with my 2ZZ-GE AE80, I changed the fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned lift solenoid but same issue persisted. I went from 97RON to 92RON fuel for some reason and all of a sudden the car does not hesitate during acceleration, what can be the problem. Car used to have popping sound from exhaust before there was this issue. Note: Water temp goes to 101ish and 2zz knocks due to 92RON while it never knocks or temperature never goes above 100C on 97 RON.
  4. Hi guys (Lift issues on 2ZZ VVTLi) Need some help in Melbourne sourcing a mechanic who actually knows there way around a 2ZZ VVTLi engine (Corolla Sportivo)? I went to my Toyota Dealer (been going there for over a decade) and my engine was leaking oil. The following list is the work they carried out in order to fix the oil leaks. The oil leak was fixed (and it cost me an arm so far), but now my car will NOT hit lift. They have had two goes at it, but they do not know why it won’t hit lift blaming anyone but themselves. What could be the issue of why lift is not engaging and could you please recommend a reputable mechanic who has previously fixed these issues and has experience with the 2ZZ VVTLi engine in Melbourne. The work which was carried out: · Removed timing case and cylinder head assembly · Replaced all seals and gaskets · Replaced head gasket and retorqued cylinder head · Replaced VRS gasket set and rocker cover gasket · Replaced all fluids
  5. Hey there guys, I have a corollas ascent sport 2016 model, ZRE182. I’m wondering if anyone tried to replace their OEM seats for aftermarket bucket seats before? If so what are the rails patterns. Really keen on putting a pair into my slow boi. Thank you guys!
  6. Item: Various Camry Parts 1. Leather Steering Wheel - $280 ono -used 8/10 condition, comes with air bag and cruise control 2. TRD Kappas - $1200 ono PCD: 5x114.3 Size: 18x7.5 Offset: +45 Comes OEM nuts Has some rash, but no buckles, cracks or bends. Tyres Need Replacing (2 of 5) are flat 3. (new/unpainted) Vizage Side Skirts $240 /Rear Spats $160 - Take both for $320 made from polyurethane bends instead of cracking comparing to aftermarket fibreglass kits - comes with mounting hardware 4. Leon Hardirrit Waffe $old 5. Camry Sportivo OEM Wheels - $old 6. [facelift] 09-12 Corolla Hatch LHS Headlight Protector - S40 used 8/10 condition pending pics... Location: Melbourne Western Suburbs Website: This and various other sites Reason for Selling: Upgrades/Went down different path Shipping: Shipping under buyers expense via e-go Contact Details: Pm me 7. Rota Grid R - $old 8. Enkei Nissan 350z Oem wheels - $old !
  7. Hello members I am restoring a 1978 KE55 Corolla. Where can I purchase a new bonnet? If you have one please call me on 0408238779. Regards Sashi
  8. Hello there, I'm new to the club and I am a proud owner of a RedTop 4AGE AE93 named The Red Baron. Just bought it with heaps of rego but a few issues. My windshied wipers dont work and neither does my lights, i got literally 5 fuses blown. If it isnt the fuses and I dont wanna pay for someone to fix it. what would be the starting point? Mind you, my car is not exactly the best looking thing, It still needs a wet sand and itss a piece of ****, but its my ProjectBaron
  9. Hi, I’m having difficulties with my car audio in a ZR Levin 2008 model Corolla. I am hearing audio only faintly through my tweeter speakers.. all other sound has stopped. I had someone check the console and wires behind to make sure it is working/swap in another one to see if it made a difference which unfortunately it didn’t. I don’t think the speakers have blown. When the audio cut out the first time, it came on the next time I started the car and then cut out again and hasn’t worked since. I also can’t find anyone on the net in Sydney that offers repairs of the sought? Has anyone experienced this problem before? Any ideas as to how to fix it?
  10. Wondering if anyone can assist... I have owned a 2007 corolla hatch since new. Recently however, the original head unit has stopped responding. This happens more so on warmer days; the radio will still play however the buttons become unresponsive and the screen either becomes blank (only backlight with no text) or the text turns into matrix like characters and flickers. Switching the engine off and on again does not fix the issue. There are no other issues with the car, servicing is maintained and although now 12 years old, have never had any other problems. Buying a new car at this stage is not an option therefore am wanting to remove the original head unit and replace it with a new one. Ive been to the car wreckers and was looking at purchasing a 2014 model head unit (touch screen). Before purchasing, I’m wanting to know if a 2014 unit can be installed and work in a 2007 model corolla? From my understanding, SD card program loading may be required for the 2014 unit to work (the units at the wreckers don’t come with SD cards). At the the end of the day, I am simply wanting the radio to work and to be able to play music from my phone (hence why I am looking at potentially upgrading to the 2014 unit). I don’t need sat nav and don’t care if this feature doesn’t work. Will the 2014 unit work in a 2007 model corolla? Or will there be issues with the car and new unit not being able to “talk” to each other due to differences in wiring? Any assistance is appreciated, thank you!
  11. I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatchback (ZZE122), base model, it comes with the standard manual windows. I wanted to ask if its possible to swap in the electric window components from a higher trim model. Are the wires and looms already there? Has anybody ever done this before and are there any issues/barriers I should be aware of? Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. Item: ZRE152 Facelift C-One Wingtips Location: Melbourne, Victoria Item Condition: Used, may need to be polished if keeping the colour, but will need to be resprayed to your required paint colour accordingly if your car is a different colour Reason for Selling: Sold my car, no longer need them Price and Payment conditions: $100 (negotiable) Additional information: Was purchased from Jay (JSKILLS) when he wrote off his Corolla -he parted them out and I bought them originally for $200 but never installed them. Letting them go as I do not need them as I sold my car last year. Also, screws are included but it is highly recommended to either install them with screws AND double sided automotive 3M tape OR have them moulded by a professional panel beater into your existing rear spoiler. Shipping: Willing to ship at buyers expense Pictures: This is how they looked installed on Jay's car when he had them. Contact Details: 0450654345
  13. Hi, guys, Could any one provide me some information about by car key? Or is there any where I can check information for it? I am trying cut a fancy folding key (Pic. 1) for my corolla wagon to replace both the only remoter I got and the key. But I can't figure out what is the transmit frequency for the remote and what's the security chip inside the key. Also, is the key blade universal for all corollas, or I had to find the specific blade for my car. Attached in the picture, there was a metal plate with No. 69620 came with the key. Not sure if it helps. Thank you. Regards, Ray.
  14. Hi guys, Can someone please tell me if the Corolla sedan tow bar also fits the wagon? will make my search for one just that little easier if it does. Cheers guys
  15. Hi Guys, This will be my second ever Toyota! The first one was when I was a sprightly 19 year old. I somehow came in to ownership of a 1978 Toyota corolla wagon. Someone had installed a 1.5 litre engine in it and coupled to a 4spd manual box it was magic up hills. Correct me if I am wrong but they came from factory with a 1.2 litre engine in. That car was definitely no show car but a fairly tidy old corolla. I have had a lot of nice cars over the years but that one sticks in my head as one of my favourites I loved that old corolla and to this day miss it. My mother and father are at the age now where two cars are just too many. So I will be taking ownership of my mothers 2006 Corolla wagon should be very interesting the car is in Hobart Tasmania and I live in Toowoomba Queensland. My daughter and I are flying down to pick it up and driving it back to Queensland, will be a little adventure road trip for us.
  16. Well I have been working on this for a few years and I think it is only fair that I show everyone what I think is worth all that effort. it is a 1991 AE92 FXGT corolla. i have owned it for the past 5 years over which I have been working on slowly cleaning it up and making it into a clean and very stealthy car. This year I have been working with a panel beater friend and we cleaned it right back to not quite bare metal and spent almost 6 months getting the panels straight and clean enough for a fresh coat of factory black.
  17. This is for the 2003/2004 pre-facelift Toyota Corolla Sportivo (6 speed manual). When the clutch is replaced, does the exhaust get moved and/or loosen in order to have the work done. I am aware that gearbox has to be removed and reassembled, refit the drive shaft and wheels, but what about elements of the exhaust? Reason why I am asking, is that I just had a new clutch installed on my stivo (by a highly regarded clutch and brakes shop in Melbourne), and for some reason when i drove off, which started as a small, and then ended up being a large squeaking noise coming from underneath the car. I suspect its the exhaust. Cheers
  18. Hi Everyone, I'm a happy owner of a bulletproof Toyota Corolla. It's a 2000 model with 260,000km on the clock and has never missed a beat. My mother has a 1985 Cressida GLX sedan which she has loved but it's time for her to move on. I have no idea whether there is much of a market for these, but if anyone knows how I would go about finding a new owner I'd love to hear from people! Looking forward to getting to know the forum and everyone :) Pete
  19. Hi, I have a 2002 Corolla ascent seca (Manual) and i would like to upgrade the car so that it has the same features as a levin or ultima. What features are in my ascent that are meant for the levin or ultima? For example, I went to the local wreckers and found a 2003 corolla with tweeters, I went home and was able to fit these to my 2002 corolla because Toyota had the wiring already there. Are there any other upgrades like this? Cheers.
  20. Living in Australia, I have recently found out that some of the ZZE range Corollas were made in South Africa. Being nieve, I had assumed that all of that generation corolla was built in Japan. Does anyone know the differences between those manufactured in South Africa vs those in Japan. Specifically, i have an '06 model and want to know if parts between the two builds are the same. I have heard rumours that door handles maybe be slightly different but not sure of anything else. I haven't been able to find much on the internet either so any experience would be most appreciated.
  21. Hey guys, Was wondering if I could drop a question about the C-One Motorsport rear wing tips / garnishes that are discontinued, and whether they still pop up on ebay or such. I'm from the UK and am looking to do a Runx (zze123) rear end conversion, and finding a pair of wing tips to go with the spoiler would be great. Cheers, Sam (resonanceuk)
  22. So i have a 04 sportivo corolla, pretty low kms 119,000 kms, it drives nice but i want some more power, have put injen cold air intake in and an exedy heavy duty clutch ( was having some issues with clutch before hand) does anyone have some ideas for a bit more response and power without having to turbo or supercharge it? Also a mechanic said i should avoid changing 1st and 2nd in 8000kms+ does this sound about right? I don't really thrash this car but when i want to put my foot down i definatly want more response in the lower rev range, and more overall power. Thanks guys
  23. Hi, I own a ae112 2000 Toyota Corolla and recently it started making a rattling noise (see video). I haven't changed the oil in about 6 months and have done over 5000kms since then so it must be a oil issue. Since I last changed the oil (Sep 2017) the oil light kept coming on, it flickers when it comes on. It makes the noise more prominently when I change gears while driving. Any help as to what is causing the noise will be appreciated, thanks.
  24. Hey guys, Long story short I was sharing a car with my family (Mum) but was gifted a car for free! I guess for Christmas. Im not a car guy at all but I suppose I might have been bitten buy some kind of bug. I believe its an AE92R - Thats what it says in the owners manual. On the side of the car there's a faded SRI Limited(?) I dont know if this is a thing or not. Down to business though its a 23 year old car (1994- As old as me!) and makes a bit of a rattle when accelerating from 20kmph to 50. I believe from the small amount research and poking around its the exhaust manifold- It has a 1" crack in it and the cover on top of it is loose. I'm looking at replacing these so if anyone has done it before please let me know how it went ! -Stew