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  1. Hey all! Looking for some advice with a HiAce cruise control. My HiAce doesn't currently have cruise control installed, but I read that it is potentially prewired, and all it takes is installing the stalk? How can I know if it's prewired? How would I connect the stalk? Any advice would be appreciated. Here's a picture of the steering wheel and how the connector look like.
  2. A few people have told me that, back in the day, a common conversion for my 1984 Hiace (3y engine), would be to swap in the electronic distributor from a certain Tarago and do away with the old points system. Now that I'm keen to go ahead on this, I can't for the life of me figure out which Tarago dizzy to get!?! Any help on this would be super appreciated! Danny
  3. Fully and professionally rebuilt 2.8 Diesel motor. New head, Valve seats, Pistons, rings Rod end bearings, Crank bearings, Thrust bearings, water pump, Timing belt, core plugs, Excedy HD clutch, Thermostat and all gaskets. Block chemically cleaned and bores honed, all crank journals polished. All professionally re-assembled. Includes Injector pump and injectors, sump and some mounting brackets. This motor was in a 1990 model 4Runner and would fit similar age Hilux or Hiace van, possibly with just changing the sump and oil pick up but this information must be verified by any potential purchaser as I am not 100% sure of this info. The motor is located in Ferntree Gully Vic. Purchaser to arrange there own pickup and I would be happy to assist with loading the motot onto a trailer. Price: $3400.00 out right Block treatment and final assembly.pdf Main parts New.pdf Re assemble new head and set up.pdf Rod End Bearing Set.pdf
  4. Hi all.. can someone please help me locate a manual or instructions to install my cargo barrier. It's for a 2016 hiace lwb. Thanks
  5. Due to heat, my flywheel seems to warp, or the ring gear. My 1986 Hiace commuter won't start if the motor is driven too long, and periodically when I am driving around town. Just wondering if it is a common problem in 3Y motors in 1986 Hiace.
  6. Hi folks. I'm trying to source original wide or "old style" weathershields, especially drivers window but would like both, for my Hiace camper 1990 (pre 2005 will fit). Can't find through wreckers. All the after market parts I've found so far are modern streamlined ones but I'm looking for old school open window rain protection. A must in the tropics! If you have an old van lying around or know of one with shields, please let me know!
  7. I've been restoring a 1983 Hiace LH60RV Pop-top Campervan with a Trakka fit out. Have reconditioned Diesel Fuel Pump, Injectors and fitted a new muffler. The engine is 2.2 ltr and still blows a fair bit of black smoke under load and goes through about 1ltr of oil every 2 tanks of diesel. Eventually I want to replace the engine with something a bit less agricultural and wondering if anyone can advise me what options I have? any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi all. I need some DIY advice. I have a 1999 Toyota Hiace LWB (my first car). According to the mechanic I need the horn replaced. I was told: 'Don't waste your money with us as this car is old. Find a horn at a wrecker and install it yourself - its under the front grill'. (-_-) Has anyone replaced a Hiace horn? Is it difficult? Where do I start? Do I go to a wrecker or Supercheap Auto or ebay? Is it a specific horn? Is it tricky to get the grill off? Do I have to disconnect the battery? I need this done before an interstate drive in 2 weeks. My 'mechanic' experience is DIY servicing my sewing machineI, however I feel confident and up to learning how to fix my own car. The husband is super handy (has taken apart and fixed motorbikes etc), but busy leading up to the trip and hasn't dealt with this specific issue before. He is encouraging me to get it done by a pro as he can't afford to spend all day fixing the horn and other things that need to be done. The other things I need to sort out are: replacing the plastic surrounding the headlight and indicator. The indicator is currently gaffer taped in place otherwise it falls out. I am hoping I can save money by learning how to fix my car myself.
  9. Hi all I'm having to wire a new alternator into my hiace. The one that was in it was after market and no lon get available. The one that is ment to be in it has an external regulater. I've tried to wire it and still isn't charging. Any help would be great.
  10. Wondering if anyone knows if the seats from a current model Hiace would fit my 2004 model? We do a lot of touring and the current seats have seen better days, after a few hours on the road it becomes really uncomfortable.
  11. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, vans and also dual fuel which my new (second hand van) currently has! It is a Toyota hiace 1996 with dual fuel. As for engine model and other specifications I am not sure (I pick up the van this Sunday as it is currently getting a roadworthy). However my last few cars I have always serviced myself unless there was a problem that I couldn't fix myself then I would have it checked out. But I have NEVER serviced a dual fuel vehicle or a van. My questions are, Basically what would give me a really good idea with servicing this is what would YOU do/change/check if you were servicing a dual fuel vehicle? (And if you say "change oil", if you could please tell me what kind (may be different because of lpg :/ )) And also is there anything on vans that I would need to lookout for? Anything that wears out more than cars? I have heard something about the radiator needing to be maintained VERY well more so in vans but not sure how true this is... Thanks guys! Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Hello all - after advice, i want to turbo and old 12R motor, is there a bolt on kit available, or has anyone got any advice on how to go about it. Alternatively is there a late model (non computer) motors with a bit of grunt that will bolt in as a direct upgrade into a 74 Hiace van - your help is appreciated - cheers
  13. I'm wanting to buy a SAAS steering wheel but there is no listing for a 2003 Hiace on their compatibility chart. Anyone of you fine people here had any experience in fitting these?
  14. Hey, im seeking a 'water pump back housing' for my 81' hiace? Can anyone help with sourcing one please? Im finding it near impossible to find one... or perhaps if anyone could send an image of the part would be of help?? Thanks so much, jess
  15. Hello, i'm hoping someone can tell me if i can "piggy back" off the standard reversing camera to hook into a dash cam? 2015 Hiace if more info is needed i will do my best but i dont have the vehicle yet. i pick up on thursday Thanks in advance. Peter
  16. We are two Danish backpackers, we own a 95 LWB Hiace. We have just recieved the horrible news, that the car is only running on 3 cylinders. A repair by a proper mechanic would cost us 3000 AUD. As I see it we have 3 options 1. Sell the car, but what is it worth? It has done 390,000 km. 2. Gamble and keep the car, and hope that it's gonna start. Problems is the the fuel efficiency, is pretty bad and it is taking forever to get it on 80 km/hour. 3. Fix the car drive it for the rest of our trip (3.5 months) and then sell it. Any suggestions? Any Hiace owners who have tried the same thing? Thank you for helping!
  17. Hello all - new to club so sorry if this is not being done 100% correct as it is my first post. I have a 1974 hiace that has been converted to a motor home - which frankly is irrelevant but does clarify why i am asking the following. The 12R motor just doesn't cut it with the weight she is pulling, hills are second gear and chugging. Will a bigger motor just slot in or has anyone ever turbo'ed one of these. Any suggestions on just getting a bit more grunt - cheers in advance
  18. Hello all - new to club so sorry if this is not being done 100% correct as it is my first post. I have a 1974 hiace that has been converted to a motor home - which frankly is irrelevant but does clarify why i am asking the following. The 12R motor just doesn't cut it with the weight she is pulling, hills are second gear and chugging. Will a bigger motor just slot in or has anyone ever turbo'ed one of these. Any suggestions on just getting a bit more grunt - cheers in advance
  19. Title says it all, really. I'm on the hunt for a second-hand van for both city driving and weekend road trips, with a $8000 budget. I have two options: (1) 2001 Toyota Hiace Duel Fuel 230,000kms – $7,500; or (2) Mitsubishi Express Duel Fuel 210,000kms – $6,990. As you can probably guess, fuel economy is of the utmost importance to me and hence I'm after a duel fuel van that is as reliable as they come. I'd be grateful for expert advice. I'm keen to understand what people prefer and why? In terms of reliability, mechanics, suitability, costs, fuel, reputation, repair costs, etc. I understand that I'm posting in a Toyota forum but I'd love an impartial opinion on the above if possible! Cheers
  20. Hey there, I'm new to this forum but I have owned my van for nearly 2 years and I drive it to work every day. Last week it started losing power at high revs and under acceleration which continued to get worse to the point where it would no longer idle. I had the same problem when I first got the van so I got a mechanic to flush the tank and change the fuel pump and she was all sweet until now. From what I've read the cheap after market pumps only last about 12 months before they die so I assume that is what's happened. This time I'm going to fix it myself so I know it's done right. So far I've replaced the fuel filter up near the engine but that didn't fix the problem. I have dropped the tank out and I'm now going to replace the fuel pump. My question is this, what is a good quality fuel pump that will not give up again further down the track (possibly Bosch or walbro?). And also just so I know if I'm on the right track, the photo that I have attached is the fuel pump right? Thanks, any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  21. Hi everybody! We are Derek and Holly. Proud owners of a stock 2009 Hiace and we are about to embark on our most excellent adventure to date.... We are most excited to show you our progress over the coming weeks, but foremost we are excited to hear from liked minded Toyota owners about their own experience's, opinion and advice.... Photo's and plan to come. Going to explore the site a bit before getting carried away... Thanks a lot if you have read this. Derek and holly
  22. I am having trouble finding a drivers seat for my '99 Hiace that's in good condition. I have back issues and am wondering if there are any other seat options? (e.g bolt in drivers seats from newer models or other makes). Would it be cheaper to have it reupholstered? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Luke.
  23. Hi just introducing myself to this forum. Pics of my Hiace to come. I am intending a slow refurbishment of my 1992 hiace campervan conversion. I bought it off an irish backpacker 6 yrs ago. Its been a great daily drive and supported my surfing habit with my family. now it needs some attention...I want to keep the car. I intend posting the refurbishment and welcome any advice. today it is in the mechanics with a slipping fan belt. Welcome any good links Thanks
  24. Hey There, This is my first club post and I would like to say that this is an awesome community here, I have previously owned an 05 Corolla Sportivo and used one of your online guides to change my in tank fuel filter...it worked a treat. Anyway, I'm Alex, 26, and live in Brisbane and I'm driving a 98 Hiace 3 Litre Diesel. I'm having an issue where the van is blowing a bit of smoke and going through oil pretty regularly (from full to warning light in about a month). I am not leaking any oil. My dad reckons this is because of piston wear allowing oil into the combustion chamber and then burning up. Is he right? And is it fixable without costing a mint? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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