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Found 18 results

  1. I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatchback (ZZE122), base model, it comes with the standard manual windows. I wanted to ask if its possible to swap in the electric window components from a higher trim model. Are the wires and looms already there? Has anybody ever done this before and are there any issues/barriers I should be aware of? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Hey everybody Im currently in need of a stock or sports Toyota Corolla Sportivo Exhaust. Not the whole system but mainly just for the muffler. If anybody based in Sydney has one in stock and is no longer in need of the exhaust. Please PM me. Admin delete if not allowed. Thanks guys!
  3. Hey guys, Im currently looking for any recommendations on where is the best place to get lowered springs or coilovers for a 2005 Toyota Corolla Levin. I see on Ebay and they go for 1000k+ in which is out of my budget range as which I am only 17. Ive been thinking on getting Kings Lowered Springs for a while but deep in my mind I still want some coilovers. If anybody has an idea or is selling what I need above. Please contact me. Your help would mean a lot! Cheers.
  4. Hey guys, Just wondering what is the best kind of aftermarket Headunit that is compatible for a Toyota Corolla ZZE122R, Price can range from a low cheap of $30 all the way to $500 if its worth it. Also in need of a facia kit too! Cheers fellas.
  5. Hey everyone, new to the corolla scene here, i've owned a 2005 Corolla Ascent Hatch ZZE122R for around a year now and was just wondering if it is possible to modify it and make it look nice and unique in a way? you know like the usual, body kit, exhaust, wheels, suspension setup and if worth it, some performance parts. I'm not sure whether the car is compatible with the usual 2005 levin/sportivo parts, so it would be much appreciated if someone can help me out! Mind me if this sounds all stupid lol. Much appreciated! cheers ;)
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, but wanted to get some opinions on lowering my facelift levin, I was thinking superlows, but wanted to see if any of you guys have lowered your rollas/levins and could give me your opinion on what height, brands & stuff to go with, also if you have any pictures of your car if you have done so? The cheaper the option the better, keen to see some modified/lowered levins, thanks for any help guys
  7. Hi everyone. The topic title says it all, really. If I top up when the fuel light comes on, I can put in only 40 litres. But the spec I've seen on-line is 55 litres. So firstly, does my car really have a 55 litre tank? And if so, why would the fuel light come on with 200 km of range left? Cheers... PS: my first post, and my first corolla!
  8. Hey everyone, I've been looking at purchasing a few things for my Ae112 corolla, but its proving to be quite difficult. Thought i would try my luck on here. Is anyone at all selling or even thinking about selling these - Ae112 levin front lip, Spoiler risers, Fog Lights/ plastic inserts. Im also after some decent, cheapish coilovers or low springs. If you are selling or have some information on where i can find these parts that would be awesome. Cheers guys.
  9. Hi guys just thought I'd share some pics of my car.. I've seen heaps of these on the roads and not many people have played around with them yet so just wanted to see what other members have done :) Mine is a 2014 levin Zr in the crystal pearl colour.. I've only done very basic mods to it such as tinted tail lights, Bmc panel filter, painted calipers, exhaust tips, carbon fibre mirror covers, painted badges black and changed the oem levin wheels to these pitlane II wheels. I've got king springs on the way so looking forward to that because the car is sitting like a land cruiser at the moment. It's just a shame that Toyota didn't release a performance engine in the range especially in the levin model to compete with all the other hot hatches out there.. A nice turbo or supercharger would've made things more exciting.
  10. ok so this is my 2000 Corolla Levin which is as stock as it was when it rolled out of Takaoka except someone has: a. replaced the factory CD player with a radio-only Pioneer SuperTuner; b. put a no-name sub in the (admittedly massive) boot and put tweeters on the inside of where the wing mirrors are that do nothing but vibrate loudly; c. sprayed all of the badging gold. plans for the rest of the year are: -respray the roof and spoiler seeing as they really copped it during that hailstorm a few years ago and the clearcoat is not having a great time of it (#perth) -a head unit that can handle compact discs and then probably 2x pioneer 6" in the front doors and 2x 6x9" in the parcel shelf; -new/different springs (not going coilovers though); -rolling the rear guards; -obtaining some dish; -swapping the aerial over for a small one; -LEDs behind the dash. -sporitvo spoiler risers would be good if i ever see any pop up anywhere. ... (since that first photo was taken there is now a dashmat)
  11. Hi all, New guy from Sydney here who has recently purchased this ae112 Corolla. Always been a fan of the bug eyed corolla range, however I feel as though I don't see as much bug eyed corolla's on forum's and the net as I'd like. So I thought I'd join myself in hope that it might encourage other owners too also... This is my second ae112 bug eyed corolla. It's a 6/1999 Levin limited edition (apparently) which I was fortunate enough to find with a factory sunroof. It was well maintained and looked after from the previous owner which I am very grateful for. There's a few rough patches on the car, which you'd expect from any 15 year old car, however nothing to major. Already done a few minor things to it and am also interested to see if anyone knows or could recommend who or where I could find a genuine levin bottom front spoiler from? TOYOTA have discontinued the part and aren't showing any in stock across all dealerships in Australia so I can't buy one new. I've also tried a few wreckers but none specialise in them nor have they even seen any come in before. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated as mine is pretty cracked and currently secured by cable ties at the moment.
  12. Hey there guys, Just trying to source some stock parts, or the least find out, if anyone knows the factory HID lamp brand and type, in the 2011/2012 Levin ZR? Can't really find specs anywhere, if it has been posted here, just link me below, much appreciated :D Stay Safe, po po Cheers
  13. Hey guys , Just got my Red P Plates late last year , and a few months ago i just picked up my very first car which is a 1995 Toyota Levin BZ-G (AE111) . Equipped with a 4AGE 20V , this is something of a "big deal" for me , hehe . I`m looking forward to enter the Toyota community and learn more stuff about my ride . Thank you TOC !
  14. Ok so its pretty much just bog stock right now. But it has come a long way after just one week of owning it. Future mods: - New CD player - Lowering (not sure if to get new springs and shocks or go with coilovers - please suggest what would be better for a daily driver) - Sportivo wheels and maybe get them sprayed white - Yellow lense foggies - Centre dash lights to white LED's - Either mesh grill or spraying centre grill black and outer chrome to match body (open to suggestions) - New gear knob (when I actually find something good and doesn't look cheap) - K&N filter (acquiring next week) These are just plans for now any more ideas would be tops! Cheers!
  15. Ok I've been searching for ages throughout this forum and all I can find is stuff from years ago and no proper answer. All I wanna know is what the best LED globes are to use when changing my centre dash lights so they are maxiumum brightness. I only see different answers that arent solid and basically saying they still arent bright enough. DOES ANYONE know the right ones to use and please show me a pic of yours too to prove it. I'm going nuts trying to figure this out. I want to know the answer from an Ascent - Levin owner not a Sportivo version as they are different! Please halp someone :(
  16. Hey everyone I am from Newcastle and recently became the proud owner of a 2003 ZZE122 Levin after owning a 2002 Liberty RX for 4 years. I Just bought it 3 days ago from an older lady and am very happy with it so far. It originally had all the crappy headlight covers, bonnet protector, roof racks (yawn) and bad stickers but since removing them I've come to liking it much better! Its bog stock right now but going to get some tint and a new head unit in there asap. Not planning on making alot of mods but looking to make it a bit more like a guy owns it so if anyone can suggest some minor changes I can make to make it more mine then by all means throw them at me! Hope to learn alot from this forum. Cheers!
  17. Hi everyone! I'm really sorry if this has been covered before. I did spend a little time looking through threads but there's quite a few. I have a 08 Ascent hatch that i am interested in changing the standard aircon panel for the LEVIN climate control panel. Does anyone know if this will work or are there other things i need to change along with the panel? Thanks!

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