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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, Searching for a talented panel beater to carry out rust repair on my 1974 Ta22 Celica, including sandblasting, rust repair (moderate amount, some replacement panels supplied), and full spray in Celica 023 White. After a finish somewhere between a daily driver and showroom. Have been searching in Brisbane for at least 6 months, but most shops can't carry out all 3 aspects of repair (blast, repair and paint), are too busy, or are too costly. Can supply extensive photos to interested shops, or can arrange to meet to inspect vehicle. Located in Holland Park West, Brisbane.
  2. Hi All, I don’t know about other people, but over the years of owning my Aurion, I've found the clear coat flaking off over time. The worst spots are the side mirrors and on the handles. The handles I will look after once they get worse- its only barely noticeable. The left side mirror is shocking to say the least, basically, the top part, most of the clear coat is gone, after much searching on ebay, I've found a black replacement which is to be in good condition - Will fit it and post detailed pics. Just looking for your thoughts and ideas on the paint quality finish or am I just experiencing this as i have a black car?..
  3. Cambreezy

    Minor mods

    From the album: The Camz whip

    Removed the grill and Toyota badge sanded them down and painted a matte black. The grill for the Sportivo has a outside trim the same colour as your car which I sanded and painted black. Looks awesome
  4. G'day. I have a Landcruiser 80 series, it is red and it has white crust in places where the gloss has faded or whatever it does, it has been in the sun for a long time, I have tried polish but it won't get rid of it. Any suggestions how to remove it.
  5. Hi all, I live in Karratha, WA and recently purchased a black 2006 Yaris hatch which has serious paint damage to the roof. I took the car in to one of the two places up here which paint cars and asked them to do a quote up for me to repair the roof, and said i would leave the car with them as long as possible and would pay cash. Today i received the quote from them for $2000 (See below). Now i'm happy to do the drive down to Perth to have it repaired if it's going to be cheaper down there, I just don't have much scope of what a realistic price for the paint job is? Can anyone help me out? Is the quote i received reasonable or should I be heading to a city where it could be done a lot cheaper? Thanks! Pictures of the car: Quote I received: BLACK Vehicle: TOYOTA YARIS Hrs-Qty/Value Remove & Refit/1.00 TAILGATE - $65.00/0.50 ROOF AERIAL - $32.50/ 0.50 ROOF MOULDS - $32.50/ 1.50 HOODLINING FOR AERIAL REMOVAL - $97.50 R & R Section Total - 3.50/$227.50 Repair/3.00 STRIP ROOF AND PRIME - $195.00/2.00 STRIP ROOF RAILS - $130.00 Repair Section Total - 5.00/$325.00 Paint - Metallic 3/5.00 ROOF - $450.00/3.00 R/H ROOF RAIL AND QUARTER - $270.00/3.00 L/H ROOF RAIL AND QUARTER - $270.00/2.00 TAILGATE UPPER - $180.00/1.00 MIX AND MATCH - $65.00/1.00 MASK CAR FOR TWO PACK - $65.00 Metallic 3 Section Total - 15.00/$1,300.00 Miscellaneous/1.00 OVEN TIME FOR TWO PACK - $65.00/1.00 SUNDRIES,NUTS,BOLTS,CLIPS - $6.00/1.00 TOXIC WASTE DISPOSAL - $6.00/1.00 PANEL WASTE DISPOSAL - $6.00 Miscellaneous Section Total - 4.00/$83.00 Total - $1,935.50 GST - $193.55 Job Total incl GST - $2,129.05
  6. rentaspace

    Blue Calipers

    From the album: My Celica

    The day after I painted the calipers blue
  7. Hi Guys, I've got my new 2012 Aurion 2 weeks ago. I love the car apart from one thing. The paint... it looks perfect but really rough to touch in most areas of the car. Feels like fine sand paper, Just wondering is this a minor issue that I can fix myself or is it a factory defect that Toyota should fix? Has anyone else had this? How did you fix it? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers!!
  8. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good touch up shop to fix some of the scratches on my car? I'm based on Melbourne, VIC. Yes I can search in google or yellowpages but I'd like to hear from you all if you have some personal recommendations. Basically it's a scratch about 10cm and 1-2 cm wide. I don't know what caused it, could be debris from the road... No dents, but the paint is scratched white. If someone have an idea of the price ranges it'll be great too. Thanks all
  9. Ever wanted to have a completely black diffuser on your Aurion, but not sure about the best way to go about it? Here is one option for you to try out if you've got a spare couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and want something fairly cruisy to do. Total time to allow for - 2hours max (depending on humidity, conditions) Difficulty - Easy Firstly, gather all the supplies; - Painters Masking tape - Newspaper (or something similar to mask up the back of the car with - 150-300 Grit sandpaper - Prepsol/Wax & Grease remover and a rag - 3M/K&H ACRYLIC Primer Grey - 3M ACRYLIC Bumper Black Then proceed to start masking up the back of the car around the diffuser. Depending on the environment your doing it in will depend where you want to be more or less liberal on this (wind etc can cause an upspray, possibly ending up on the boot/lights) Start by sanding the coloured part back with 150grit sandpaper. In my case because of the finish I was after I didnt bother sanding with any higher grades. Obviously if you were after a glossy finish you would continue up. Then proceed to wipe the excess dust off with a rag and give it a quick rub with prepsol to remove any remaining road grime etc Proceed to applying the first coat of Primer Grey. I ended up doing 3 initial light coats followed by a final heavier coat. leave 5 minute intervals between coats, or until it is completely dry (which wont take long) Once the final coat has been left for 45mins-1hr, proceed with applying the first coat of Bumper Black. Again, because of the finish I was chasing I didnt bother to sand back the primer at all at this point. After about 3-4 coats this is the result you will start to see. Because of the nature of the bumper black, it sprays on very thick, and leaves a texture if you don't rub it back, which is what I was after. After the final coat has been applied, proceed to carefully pull your masking off, and you will be left with something similar to this. Much cleaner!