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Found 10 results

  1. Ok so, i recently got a 2011 Aurion Touring, and i'm bloody in love with it. The power is great, the smoothness of the gearbox, and the comfort that it offers. Buttttt there's a tad of an issue. I was driving with a few of my mates up a windy mountain road, and the speed limit was 80km/h, all of them in their almost weightless FWD Integra's, Civics and even Celica's were taking the corners which were fairly tight and bendy mind you, at around 80k's an hour. Me in the aurion was barely able to go around them at 70km/h which was the recommended speed around the corners so the signs say. Anyway thats the backstory to why im asking this question. The Ultra Racing 19mm Rear Sway Bar upgrade seems to be the recommended first upgrade for handling to any of the GSV40R chassis. and i was just wondering if anyones had experience with it and how it affected the other aspects of normal everyday driving VS when you want to have a little fun in the corners. Because while i would love the decrease in body roll that the bar offers, if it affects the rest of the car in everyday commutes and stuff i think id rather steer clear, but if theres no drawbacks then im all for it. Cheers https://ultraracingaustralia.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=144&product_id=675
  2. Howdy, well after having company cars for the past 15 years Ive finally started a new job where I had to buy my own car. After looking at a few VE Commodores and a few other cars I found a black 2011 Aurion Touring with only 47k on the clock for $14500, So I brought it. So far I've been very happy with it and have been reading these forums here for some ideas on doing some mods or improvements to it. One thing though when I try to transfer my iPhone contacts to the phone book it disconnects the iPhone from the blue tooth. Is there anyway around this? If not I might have to update the stereo. Any suggestions on what to go with here? Cheers.
  3. Have bought and owned an Aurion Touring 2010 for a little over a month now and thought i should share my thoughts. 64k on the clock. Next to new condition in and out. People say it's just an ATX with a couple of extra features, but they are wrong. The car is a Prodigy only missing leather seats and the electric sunshade! All the extra's you'd want for the money you're spending. On top of the AT-X feature list, things like reverse camera, parking sensors, Rain sensing wipers, rear spoiler, Sportivo tail lights, full trip computer, electro-chromatic rear-view mirror (auto dimming), and fog lamps, really hit the spot and knock competitor cars right off the charts (and i can keep going). Engine is perfect, really goes when you want it to, and is the most cruisiest car at low speeds. Transmission at times may take an extra millisecond to respond when floored, but the 2GR-FE will make up for it when you're passing the other car/s. The 200kw do not stay hidden. Clocked at 6.8 seconds 0 – 100 (stock, for now) I have found that tip-tronic can be slightly hesitant. There are aftermarket options to give it an extra kick (not that it really needs it) such as a High flow air filter or exhaust system. i've read that just by using 98 fuel you can add 6kw of power. Traction will kick in if you floor it from a stop, but i've found that if you control your foot and take the pedal down more slowly and gradually, you won't spin out. It's something to get used to coming from an AWD Kluger, but very worth it. Fuel economy is decent, i can average 10 to 11 L/100km in stop start traffic and suburban areas, and can get as low as 7 L/100km on long distance highway trips (Sydney to Bathurst is my frequent). For a stock standard audio system, it really is impressive. Great bass, and the massive front tweakers don't go missed. The bad (luckily most of these are fixable): – Touring wheels were not appealing to me at all, i have changed to a set of pre-owned almost new condition SX6/ ZR6 rims running on Michelin Energy's – When i upgraded the gear selector lights to LED, a nasty creaking noise started to come from the cup-holder plastics rubbing against each other when turning and accelerating/ decelerating – a spray of Inox lubricant on all joints stopped this immediately (just leave you're windows open for a while) – The notorious 'pull to the left' issue – funny enough my mechanic did all he could to get rid of this and could only improve it (with old wheels). When i changed to the Sportivo wheels, it completely went away, tested at all speeds alignment is 100% in line (and i installed the new wheels myself, pumped to 40psi front and back). – Stock interior lighting is shocking, especially the ***** poor boot light. I have upgraded any and all lighting to LED (dome, door lights, headlights, reverse lights, centre console lights, parkers, glovebox, you name it) I've even added the LED DRL fog light housing replacement, and they really look great. – Rear-view mirror rattles/ loose – a single bolt needs to be tightened which is against the glass on the arm of the mirror itself. – The bluetooth audio can be a bit shoddy with iPhones, but most of the time works fine. No Siri funtionality at all. If you try and use Siri while driving, the system will disconnect your phone after Siri does what you say. All in all, it is a dream to drive with miniscule issues that can be fixed. Comfortable, spacious, and smooth and decent looking ride. Not a supercar, but close enough.
  4. I've recently purchased a used 2009 Aurion GSV40R Touring and it has TRD badging on the engine cover and brembo brakes fitted all round. I've always assumed that this was a factory option although I couldn't find anything on it. Do you guys think the badge is perhaps a fake and the brembo's were fitted aftermarket. Does anyone else have the same?
  5. From Canberra to NSW Central Coast, up and over the great dividing range. Yeah have to be happy with this.
  6. Hi, Has anyone ever had a creaking Parcel Shelf that sounds like a "gieger counter". I told my Toyota Service dealer and they have been great trying to fix the problem twice, gave me a courtesy car for the day, and tried to fix the problem out of warranty and at Toyota's expense, which shows they take issues seriously. However it is a HIT AND MISS problem that seems to come and go, last time i stopped it was by putting a small dowel stick in the boot under the parcel sheft 45' degree angled towards the drivers side parcelf shelf corner. The video files would have been to big to upload so i created a mp3, of the noise, any input would be greatly appreciated. Dean Toyota Aurion Touring 2010 - Creaking parcel shelf.mp3
  7. FS: 1999 Touring GTP Camry ica, sans-serif]G'day all, well i have moved overseas and didn't get around to selling my baby before moving, so it's now with my Dad who isn't driving it and it really needs to go. Details are: 1999 MCVR20 Touring, GTP Camry V6 17inch rims (very good Goodyear tyres) Full GTP options, including full body kit consisting of front and side skirts, rear spoiler height raisers (must be a better name for them!), GPT decals, carbon fibre around head unit/aircon control - if you value that kind of thing! never crashed, few scratches. 254,000km family car (two kids) RWC Rego til end June '13 clutch replaced 20k ago timing belt/plugs done at 100,000, 200,000 have replaced a lot of bushes with nolathane and shocks. recently replaced timing cover gaskets regularly replaced air & fuel filters oil/filter changes every 5000km mostly serviced by myself, but a couple of major services were performed at a garage. reciepts for all work done. big stereo....not that I used it much (alpine head unit, pinoeer amp, woofer, splits, 6x9's) this car isn't brand new by any means and it won't last for ever, but it will serve someone for some time to come. uses no oil or water. Plenty of compression and engine pulls well and is quiet. $3990 ono car is located in Wellington Point (near Brisbane), Qld. for anyone interested, please PM or call me (Tim) on 0408 159 612 (I am in Japan but you will still get me. No international rates billed to you for the call - all my way. Japan is one or two hours behind Australian time). can arrange test drive/inspection. thanks for looking at this ad.
  8. Hi, Ive just recently bought my camry and it has done 50,000kms. It runs beautifully except it has a wobble/vibration at any speed above 30kph. It comes and goes and I can't exactly pick when it happens. I can feel it in the steering wheel and my feet. As well as that I can generally feel it in my seat. I had it wheel balanced and the tyres are Michelin's that are still reasonably new. It isn't a brake shutter because it doesn't vibrate when I'm braking. Can anyone suggest anything?
  9. BodyKitsKingdom have eyelids in stock again :) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/aurion-abs-plastic-eye-lid-with-double-side-tape-06-12-carbon-lip-led-spoiler-/130783035748?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3AToyota%7CModel%3AAurion&hash=item1e7346c164&_uhb=1

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