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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys (Lift issues on 2ZZ VVTLi) Need some help in Melbourne sourcing a mechanic who actually knows there way around a 2ZZ VVTLi engine (Corolla Sportivo)? I went to my Toyota Dealer (been going there for over a decade) and my engine was leaking oil. The following list is the work they carried out in order to fix the oil leaks. The oil leak was fixed (and it cost me an arm so far), but now my car will NOT hit lift. They have had two goes at it, but they do not know why it won’t hit lift blaming anyone but themselves. What could be the issue of why lift is not engaging and could you please recommend a reputable mechanic who has previously fixed these issues and has experience with the 2ZZ VVTLi engine in Melbourne. The work which was carried out: · Removed timing case and cylinder head assembly · Replaced all seals and gaskets · Replaced head gasket and retorqued cylinder head · Replaced VRS gasket set and rocker cover gasket · Replaced all fluids
  2. hi all, i recently purchased a 2005 corolla sportivo and i am very happy with my purchase and now i am looking to do a few mods here and there to help it reach its full potential. can anyone give me some info on what mods i should do? what sort of power gains they achieved? brands/makes and costs? i.e cold air intake? exhaust headers etc i am very keen to start modding my sportivo and if anyone is selling a few parts i'd be keen to hear from them ^_^ cheers Michael
  3. I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatchback (ZZE122), base model, it comes with the standard manual windows. I wanted to ask if its possible to swap in the electric window components from a higher trim model. Are the wires and looms already there? Has anybody ever done this before and are there any issues/barriers I should be aware of? Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. Hi everyone, I recently bought a 2001 Toyota ZZE123, and had put in some suspension mods into car. Last week after I increase my tyres PSI to 34 (from 28) I started to notice some clunking noise from the rear when I do slow turns (<10kmh) and the clunking sound is like metal banging sound. I thought maybe it's the coilovers but it doesn't look like they are causing it (I tried driving over small and big bumps slow and fast on a straight line and there are no clunking noise). Only when I turn the car in and when I feel there is twisting to the body then there is the clunking noise. The mods I have so far are: - Tanabe Sustec Comfort CR coilovers - Cusco rear sway bar (replaces the factory sway bar inside the torsion beam) - Laile rear bar (similar to the c-one rear bar) - Ultra Racing middle member brace - Tanabe front member brace The car had an alignment today and all the suspension parts were tightened up but the clunking noise is still there! I realize there is a towbar at rear (came with the car) and I thought maybe towbar but not sure. Anyone experienced any weird clunking noise in their Corolla rear end? I had a Fielder before and it also made some clunking sound but it went away once I tightened the rear sway bar ends. (I have done that to the ZZE123 today but the noise is still there...)
  5. Hey guys, Was wondering if I could drop a question about the C-One Motorsport rear wing tips / garnishes that are discontinued, and whether they still pop up on ebay or such. I'm from the UK and am looking to do a Runx (zze123) rear end conversion, and finding a pair of wing tips to go with the spoiler would be great. Cheers, Sam (resonanceuk)
  6. Hi guys It's been a while but thought I would post a thread to get some expert help from current and previous owners of the mighty 2ZZGE. I noticed a couple of drops of oil on the garage floor and had my mechanic look under the car where he said he could see oil around the water pump. He said it's not an urgent fix and will more than likely stop but could come back. Well, that's exactly what happened...it went away and now it's come back. So my questions are: Is it likely that the water pump can leak oil? Has anyone else had experienced this same issue? What kind of costs would I be looking at for the OEM part and labour? Thanks in advance
  7. I'm after a set of Corolla 15 alloys or 16 inch sportivo rims with or without tyres and in Melbourne Victoria
  8. Hi there My demister button bulb has blown (02 corolla seca) What type of bulb is used..its is a really small one I think the socket must come with the bulb too Cheers
  9. I've been lurking around this site for some time now and finally decided to make an account so please go easy on me if this topic has already been specifically covered. I wanted to know if there are rear strut braces for the ZZE123 that join directly to the strut section itself (being that when the strut bar is bolted into place the brace gets bolted with it) or if I have to settle for this (which seems to connect to the chassis directly above; this gives me converns about the rigidity and effectiveness of the setup): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-Corolla-Sportivo-Rear-Tower-Strut-Bar-Summit-Racing-Equipment-/111078954610?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3ACorolla&hash=item19dcd25672 Any information on this would be fantastic, so thanks are due in advance.
  10. Ok folks these parts are for the corolla sportivo. Pictures to come soon. Victorian Members get priority. Some items require a deposit made. Once this is made, for any reason, there is NO REFUND. NEAR NEW MWR gearbox with Quailfe helical LSD - $3000 Used less than 5000kms, Basically brand spanking new. Built by MWR for the corollas. Strong to withstand those 8.4K shifts. (Brand new is 4k landed to your door) Alpine IVA920BT Headunit and 2 amps with infinity and clarion speakers - $1200 Package includes alpine headunit, alpine 4 channel amp, alpine 2 channel amp, clarion and infinity speakers and tweeters, and a pioneer compact sub. Does not come with electrical wiring. baldwin oil filters i have 12 of them - $15 each i can do a discount if more than 5 is bought at one time. made in the USA phone contact is 0433 991 799 as i don't go on often anymore...
  11. Hi guys, fairly new to this site as I recently brought a completely stock 2005 corolla sportivo. Been looking for parts like eyelids, front/rear lip, strut bar, aftermarket fog lights (yellow) , aftermarket headlights ( black housing ) and any other exciting parts, modifications. If anyone knows where I could get these from, please let me know. Also interested in getting lowered springs preferably low king springs, does anyone have photos of how it would look like on a sportivo? Thanks, Henry
  12. hi all, i have 3 nitro cars for sale 1 kyosho 1:10 scale with O.S Max engine and Stainless Steel exhaust, complete with Futuba receivers and remote, foam tyres with excellent grip, fully adjustable suspension, 4 wheel drive, carbon fibre upper chassis with aluminium bottom plate, vented disc brakes. Comes with a tonne of spares including springs, wheels, dampers, belts, gears, and alot lot more 1 vintage kyosho 1:10 scale with engine and exhaust, also fitted with Futuba receivers and remote 1 Hodr Offroad 1:8 scale buggy with brand new O.S VG 30 engine that has only just been run in, complete with Futuba Receivers. only thing is i had a crash with this buggy and you will need to replace the engine mounts and some other little part. The two on-road cars are in working order and are a whole lot of fun, the offroad buggy needs a bit of Tender Love and Care. only reason selling is that i have no more time for them all you need to run these great toys are some nitro fuel, batteries for the electrics and glow plugs for ignition.
  13. as the title states i am looking for an exhaust for my 2005 sportivo, i would prefer 2.5" cat back, brands such as CES,Xforce,Magnaflow etc. let me know what you got :) cheers michael

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