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Found 13 results

  1. I have been hearing a weird buzzing noise coming from behind the dashboard. It's sounds like an old computer starting up or like a hard drive booting, very similar to when a CD player loads a CD. It comes and goes and when it comes, it's annoying. Could it be related to the doubled in? I have searched online and mainly it points to brake boosters and aircon servos. Has anyone had a similar situation? MOV_0002.mp4
  2. Dear All, Re 2006 Aurion Presara It has been a while since my last post, basically because I have had very few significant issues! The car has been awesome! I currently have a very strange issue with the settings on the AC Controller being lost. It happens after the car has been sitting unused for a while (usually overnight). When I start the car all of the AC control screens are blank (the front screen demister light is flashing) and after one or two minutes the unit starts up. I then have to push Auto and the unit gets going with 25 degrees C on both sides (presumably this is a default setting?). Otherwise the air con works great. Short periods between drives the car is fine. Long periods is when I have the issue. So far I have checked the ECU-B No 1 fuse (no fault found). I have even actually replaced the control unit itself (as I had a spare when I replaced the sat nav assembly. Still no change. Any ideas what it could be please? Many thanks in advance, Rob
  3. I have an AC problem where the AC, which blows very chill when it runs, like to turn itself off randomly. The AC light is still lit up as though it's on but it stops blowing chilled air. If I press the AC button off then on again, it starts blowing chill air again. I took it to get the gas checked and they said only very little was missing and they only put in 25 grams worth. I had them run a diagnostic but it only came up with B1424/21 which I later realised was of no use as the diagnostic was performed inside a garage where the sensor can't see sunlight. I'm running out of ideas.
  4. Hi all, I get the occasional aircon problem, where I can't adjust my temperatures. I can feel mixed cold and warmish air come out of the vents. Most of the time, switching off the engine and restarting it will fix it, and I get cold air again. The mechanic reckons, it's a sticky valve in the a/c compressor. Has anyone had any experience with this problem ? Would it indeed need a new compressor to fix this ? Happy for any help, thanks (Aurion 2010 Touring)
  5. Hi, more from my newly delivered Hilux........ The blowers are hardly blowing when on full, and the aircon is simply poor. Before I take to a garage I was thinking of checking a few basics, like: Air FIlter and determine if there is any blockage/resistance in the air supply? The Fan Impellor for damage and not being able to deliver the duty required? Q. How can I check if the Aircon Gas needs recharging? Appreciate any guidance, thanks, SImon.
  6. Hello, First time post and visit to site. After some advice with my Camry issue. I have a sportivo 2009 model that is under extended warranty. The AC has an absolute disgusting smell that comes out of it on starting the car. The smell is then present through the 'trip' just not as strong. The car was serviced recently and the dealer said it appears to be mold in the evaporator and dryer. The service report recommends replacing and sanitizing the system. They attempted to have it put through the extra care warranty department which have refused saying that the system still blows cold air so it is not a warranty issue. So far (over a 5 month period) i have changed filters, emptied a can of Glen 20 and tried the cans you get from car shops. The car smells of the used item for a day or two then its back to the mold smell. AC system drains without issues and serving has only ever occurred through a Toyota dealership. Surely if the car is serviced and had filters changed then there shouldn't be a reason for the mold growing in the internal guts? Can anyone offer advice on how this can be fixed? (without selling the car or costing an arm and a leg) On a side topic. How would i find out what version of AC system is in the car?
  7. One mechanic has quoted around $800 to replace coil. Is this reasonable? Would it be better to replace the entire air con unit?
  8. Hi all. First post. Great site. I have a 2008 aurion zr6 and the passenger vents won't get icy cold regardless whether dual or individual climate setting. Heat ok. The drivers side vent is icy cold so I know its not a regas issue. There is a thread that mentions a "mixer" but I don't know where it is or what it looks like. Does anyone know if it can be fixed without taking the dash apart? Also does anyone have a part number and a rough cost of repair please? Thanks.
  9. Hi there Toyota owners, Would like some help replacing the aircon/heater controls in my car. The hot/cold ratchet in the centre has had its gear teeth stripped over the years. I pulled the entire module out and there seem to be all electrical connectors except 3 which are mechanical wires. One controls the the fresh/recirculate while the other 2 go to the hot/cold rachet. In order to replace the module, I need to know how to disconnect the 2 mechanical wires that go to the hot/cold rachet. Or i need to know where these wires go to in the engine bay, so i can disconnect them there. Thankyou very much for your assistance. Let me know if you need any more information and I will be more than willing to provide. Here is an image of what the control module looks like, for reference. Regards, Aussieboy
  10. Final nailed the sequence of events that turn my Sync off last night. If I turn it on, changing from P to R or R to D will turn it off. Service Dept could not find anything wrong with the "computer" on last service but at least I can repeat the problem now. Anyone else had this and had luck fixing it so I can "assist" the service dept fix it? Thanks Mike
  11. Hey all, Has anyone added the steering wheel controls for the air con? I really want them, but have had no luck finding the part online. Do Toyota sell them? These are the ones I was talking about...
  12. Hi everyone.. I have a 2003 Toyota Camry Sportivo and my lights in the centre console have stopped working. Im pretty sure its called the centre console, its basically the lights for turning on/off the air, the temperature dial and all that! I've never really experimented with cars, so I'm not sure how to do this.. anyone know any tutorials? so i could check out if i would be able to do this or not? :D Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in Advance
  13. Hi everyone! I'm really sorry if this has been covered before. I did spend a little time looking through threads but there's quite a few. I have a 08 Ascent hatch that i am interested in changing the standard aircon panel for the LEVIN climate control panel. Does anyone know if this will work or are there other things i need to change along with the panel? Thanks!

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