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Found 21 results

  1. I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatchback (ZZE122), base model, it comes with the standard manual windows. I wanted to ask if its possible to swap in the electric window components from a higher trim model. Are the wires and looms already there? Has anybody ever done this before and are there any issues/barriers I should be aware of? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Hi, I have a 2002 Corolla ascent seca (Manual) and i would like to upgrade the car so that it has the same features as a levin or ultima. What features are in my ascent that are meant for the levin or ultima? For example, I went to the local wreckers and found a 2003 corolla with tweeters, I went home and was able to fit these to my 2002 corolla because Toyota had the wiring already there. Are there any other upgrades like this? Cheers.
  3. Hey everybody Im currently in need of a stock or sports Toyota Corolla Sportivo Exhaust. Not the whole system but mainly just for the muffler. If anybody based in Sydney has one in stock and is no longer in need of the exhaust. Please PM me. Admin delete if not allowed. Thanks guys!
  4. Hey guys, Just wondering what is the best kind of aftermarket Headunit that is compatible for a Toyota Corolla ZZE122R, Price can range from a low cheap of $30 all the way to $500 if its worth it. Also in need of a facia kit too! Cheers fellas.
  5. Hey everyone, new to the corolla scene here, i've owned a 2005 Corolla Ascent Hatch ZZE122R for around a year now and was just wondering if it is possible to modify it and make it look nice and unique in a way? you know like the usual, body kit, exhaust, wheels, suspension setup and if worth it, some performance parts. I'm not sure whether the car is compatible with the usual 2005 levin/sportivo parts, so it would be much appreciated if someone can help me out! Mind me if this sounds all stupid lol. Much appreciated! cheers ;)
  6. Hello Everyone! my Dad gave me his 2007 Corolla as a first car. it has done a fair few Kms (260,000). after that time, the chrome ring on the stock gear shift has peeled up and is quite annoying to shift with. i have been thinking about replacing it with a new one im making in my engineering class. i have been looking online for tutorials on how to remove the stock one but to no avail. is it just threaded on? any help is appreciated. Thanks!.
  7. Hey guys I just bought a 11/2007 Corolla and I want to chuck on some nice wheels, an exhaust and a body kit of some kind. Eventually adding all the bells and whistles as I go along. I'm not really in the know with cars and am looking to start working on this myself as much as I can but don't know where to start shopping or what is compatibile with my car. Any suggestions, information, brands, pricing etc for a lower budget newbie to make my car look and sound tough would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hello fellow Toyota owners. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Blake I'm from Sydney. And I have a 2008 Toyota corolla ascent. 6 speed. Sedan. I have had it for 9 months now and still loving it. But in that 8 months I haven't had anyone to cruise with or go to meets with. This might sound a bit pathetic. But no .. just getting my car out there. I would live to hear your thoughts on her. 😊. Thankyou. Instagram. Rolladomination__
  9. I recently purchased my first care, a Dec 2012 Toyota Corolla Ascent ZRE182. I'm wondering what sort of head-units people are installing in these models. Is it worth getting the genuine Toyota one (quite pricey), or will a Eonon like this one: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS/Specific-Car-GPS/Toyota/GM5169.html, or some other Android unit be just as good? I'd love to have a reverse camera installed with it eventually too, but at this stage I'd like to have some opinions on what works well in these models. Since I just bought the car out-right, something affordable would be great!
  10. Hi all, this is my first car club and loving my new Corolla Ascent Sport. I'm big on gadgets and just wanted to get any suggestions on what could be handy or cool to have inside the Rolla? Thanks all!
  11. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on deciding on what tint to get for my 2012 Corolla Ascent? Has anyone in SA had any good experiences with a particular company? I've had a few quotes from ProTint, D&S Tint and D&S Auto, Tint-A-Car etc. At this stage I'm leaning towards D&S Tint's quote of $250 for a 35% Carbon Tint. I know there are a few different tints available too (Carbon, Ceramic etc) and am wondering what you guys recommend? D&S Auto also offer a tint called CXP tint which apparently blocks out 20% more heat and their quote for that was $300.
  12. Hey guys, I've got a 2010 Toyota corolla ascent. It hasn't got fog lights on it, and i'd like to put some on. I removed the foglight cover (only the drivers side) on the weekend and found that there is a plug that is just sitting there without anything to be connected to, would that be for the fog lights? IF anyone has put foglights on the 2010 ascent corolla and is able to assist me in anyway possible it would be great. Thank you in advance!
  13. I have a 2005 Corolla Ascent Hatchback and my front right headlight assembly is cracked. It's full of water residue and the main headlight itself has stopped working. I want to replace the full front right headlight assembly. My primary option would be to buy one for a reasonable price online but after an hour of searching I am no closer to my goal. Are there any websites that will sell me what I want at a reasonable price, local or overseas (if they ship to Aus for reasonable $$$)? Failing that I live in Canberra, so if anyone knows any good places to get one that would also be helpful.
  14. So this car has been in the family ever since, one owner and one owner only. Originaly was my brothers first new ride, now it has been passed down to me. Parts list (Updated as of may) Installed = Klutch SL1 16x8 4x100 (3inch lip) +15 Installed = Rays Engineering - Lock Lug Nuts (Authentic) BC V1 Series Coilovers ae101/ae111 Macpherson strut AE112R Levin Instrument Cluster AE112R Levin Entire rear Consisting on Hubs, Calipers, Rotors, Brake Line, Controller arms (SOO HEAVY). AE112 Replacement grille ( Future project vip style grille ) AE112 TR-Bodykit Set (Gold colour needs to be repai
  15. Hi Guy's/Girl's, hi im new here, and i have bought a 2013 corolla ascent sports. i have done a few mods so far, have a good look at the pics im pretty happy with it so far, its turning out really good, i've had it about 3 months, nearly 7000 kay on it. just changed a few things, led parking lights all interior lights changed to led's including, make-up mirrors and boot light led number plate lights tinted rear tail lights de-badged painted engine cover/fuse box painted calipers exhaust 18" mags 225/40/18 waiting on lowered springs, hopefully they will be in by this weekend. fin
  16. Hey everyone, so i have been looking into getting some fog lights for my facelift ascent, i found these that i want to get http://aponline.com....&cat=253&page=1 and was wondering if anyone has these and would they fit. also i think i need a shround to go into the foglight well first then attach these to it? anyone know a place to get those? any help would be greatly aprreciated. Thanks
  17. I want to turbo my zre hatch 6spd manual 2009. any information would be much appreciated.
  18. hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows: 1. how much it will cost for a new rear bumper to be painted and installed on a corolla ascent hatch by a toyota dealer? 2. how much it will cost at a smash repairs? 3. any site that sells new or used (good condition) bumpers? have a tight, downhill driveway and reversed into the garden a couple months ago. the right side of my rear bumper got pulled off and some clips and parts attaching it to the body of the car broke. probably just going to order in the parts i need but i would like to know how much to replace the bumper completely as it also has so
  19. First of all, sorry if I am posting in the wrong section or asking about an already discussed topic - I am new here and just looking for straight forward help. Okay so, I am looking to replace my stock Toyota head unit (double din) with a Kenwood DPX-U6120. I have looked around on the internet on how to get my head unit out, but I can never find my specific one. So I have two questions: 1. How do I remove my current head unit from my 2008 Corolla ZRE152R Ascent Hatch? (if there is already a topic or post on this please just link me to it) 2. And will my new double din head unit fit straig
  20. First of all, sorry if I am posting in the wrong section or asking about an already discussed topic - I am new here and just looking for straight forward help. Okay so, I am looking to replace my stock Toyota head unit (double din) with a Kenwood DPX-U6120. I have looked around on the internet on how to get my head unit out, but I can never find my specific one. So I have two questions: 1. How do I remove my current head unit from my 2008 Corolla Ascent Hatch? (if there is already a topic or post on this please just link me to it) 2. And will my new double din head unit fit straight into
  21. Hi everyone! I'm really sorry if this has been covered before. I did spend a little time looking through threads but there's quite a few. I have a 08 Ascent hatch that i am interested in changing the standard aircon panel for the LEVIN climate control panel. Does anyone know if this will work or are there other things i need to change along with the panel? Thanks!

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