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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone have experience installing an aftermarket head unit in a 2015+ Toyota Corolla Ascent Auto (ZRE182R)? I've recently had a sub and amp wired up to the factory head unit using the line out converter built into my amplifier but it sounds terrible. Attached is a photo of what the head unit looks like in my car. Do the factory units in these cars cut bass at higher volumes? Is the factory unit poor quality? I'm looking at installing a Kenwood DMX7017BTS (https://www.kenwood.eu/car/navigation_multimedia/multimedia/DMX7017BTS/) and also want to retain my factor
  2. Hey peeps, currently have a 2006 ys Yaris that is a basic steering wheel installed but is it possible to change the steering wheel with a YRS or a YRX steering wheel? I want to be able to have the functions of being able to control my audio with the steering wheel but unsure if it's possible and what is needed to be done to change it? how to connect the audio wires? I have no idea since I'm just a 21 year old female with no knowledge of cars haha! Any advice would be helpful
  3. Hi all, Just got a new 2017 Camy SX (has the 10 speaker JBL system) and very happy with it except the sound quality doesn't quite suit my taste, I fine the mid drivers facing the front windshield rather harsh and tinny. Anyone else find this or just me? I am an ex sound engineer and love JBL pro gear so was quite surprised. Low end is quite acceptable. Any thoughts on something to switch out the four mid drivers with and if so would you get the dealer to or elsewhere? I'm in Victoria. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys My front speakers are sounding pretty crap and I want to replace them. I checked crutchfield and it says the size is 6 1/2", but I read somewhere that the size in the Aussie version of the car is smaller. I don't really want to have to fit an adapter so I just want to buy the correct size first go. Thanks!!
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to the Prado world and struggling using the audio system in the Kakadu 2012 I can use the touch screen for tuning the radio etc, however the buttons on the Audio system itself do not do anything. Such as the Power on button, volume, tuning etc. I have been reading the manual and cant find anything that says these wont work. is there a setting somewhere, or do I just have a malfunctioning system? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  6. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve (F-103) 12mm. $40. Toyota Headunit CD, Radio, Tape deck (double din 6 stacker cd) $50. ITG Maxogen JC60/70 Pod Filter (2.75") - 290 BHP. Comes with No Toil filter oil (2 litre) and cleaner (1.7kg). $100.
  7. Just a post for numbers really. What type of audio setup is in your car? Ie, Sub, speakers, amp, sound deadening etc, how much did it set you back and give it a rating out of 10. I'll start I guess... I'm in the process of installing a soundstream 152hf sub running at 1300rms with type R 6" at the front and type R 6X9" at the back with full boot and door sound deadening. It's going to be running off a kenwood DDX4015BT double din deck. The sub I would rate at 8.5/10 as its from my old car, the speakers I have heard and I would give overall quality a 7 but for their price range, it's more like
  8. Hi Mates, i have toyota aurion ZR6 2009 with sat nav , i would like to fit a usb/aux to the HU, so i could enjoy listening to music from Flash stick or ipod ,if anyone has an idea in how to do this , i will be so appreciated.
  9. I am currently installing a Toyota Display Audio unit from the ZRE182R Ascent Sport hatchback in my 2008 Corolla Ascent sedan. I have the luxury pack on it, so I bought the PZQ60-00121 wire harness to get the steering wheel controls working, and I bought one of the antenna adapters off eBay. I have taken out the old head unit, connected the adapters to the new Display Audio head unit, and plugged in all the connectors from the car. When I start up the car, the unit comes on, the steering wheel controls work and I can see the RDS data being displayed when the unit is in FM mode. For some reason
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a Corolla Ascent and the head unit I purchased requires me to mount an external mic. Is this location an okay place to mount the microphone (see image)? Just out of interest, what are the gaps actually for? Thanks :)
  11. Hello all, So I've recently traded in my 2010 Corolla for a 2009 Aurion Sportivo SX6 and absolutely love it so far. The only issue I have so far is the stock audio system. In my Corolla I had a straight forward setup, with a 4 channel amplifier powering my 4 door speakers, and a mono amp powering a 12' sub, with an after market head unit, which have been removed from the Corolla and are now waiting to be installed. However, because the Aurion has a few more fancy features such as reverse camera and steering wheel controls, it would seem a very expensive option to replace the head unit to one t
  12. Hi Guys I have just purchased a 2007 Black Aurion Prodigy and just wanted to introduce myself and show the start of my audio install. I sadly had to purchase a new car as the engine on my old one kicked it. Hopefully I can find an engine and bring it back to it's former glory. But for now I looked at the cars available and was really impressed with the Aurion it's a car I can't say I payed much notice too before but after looking at it more closely and driving it I was sold on it. So I wanted to do a few mods to make the Aurion more to my liking which is mostly just some interior mods. Th
  13. Hi all, I am replacing my girlfriends headunit in her Toyota Corolla Ascent 2008 and I need some help finding a replacement. I have attached images of what she currently has and here are some links to eBay auctions for new headunits. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I measured the unit that is in there currently and it's around 20cms width and 10cms height. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/290855756390?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/221210230479?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2648 Thanks in advance. Michael
  14. Hey guys, I recently installed a JVC KW-AV60BT in my 2011 Camry Hybrid. The installation was easy however, gathering all the correct information was difficult. So in the interest of future upgraders, I figured i'd dump all the information I found useful here. Factory Head Unit: Fujitsu Ten 86120-YY130-D Model: FT0015A JVC KW-AV60BT: There's a good write up of the unit here: http://www.crutchfie...-KW-AV60BT.html Steering Wheel Control Integration: To maintain the factory steering wheel control, I chose Axxess Interface's ASWC: http://www.axxessint...ontrol_new.aspx instructions on i
  15. Hi All, I'm new to this forum so bear with me. I have just recently bought a Celica Gen 7 and wish to change the Audio system. Here is my requirement, 1. New head unit 2-din if possible 2. New speakers, how many should I after? 3. I'm not after bass heavy, Do I need an amp? 4. My budget is $1,000 I'm newbie in sound system, what is you guys recommendation?
  16. My name is Bala.I am a new member, owning a White 2007 Aurion in Brisbane. I need to upgrade my car stereo to a system supporting auxilliary and bluetooth(currently this is missing) and we listen to ipod frequently. Any suggestions/cost inputs on car stereos -supporting my model or Aux upgrade info will be useful! Regards, Bala
  17. 1. Alpine cda-9857 headunit $100 In very good condition, does everything you need, a lot better than some of the newer stuff today. 3 rca inputs! one specifically for sub control Ipod control capability Missing harness but can easily be sourced for cheap 2. Alpine mrp-m450 monoblock $150 Vgc, great little underrated amp pushes 400rms @ 2 ohms 3. MTX 12" thunder 5500 series sub in a box $50 300rms sub has some cosmetic marks Used this combo in my stivo, sounds great and pumps hard Located westside brisbane
  18. We picked up our new 2012 build KX-S yesterday. It came with a new type of audio unit which wasn't in the Kluger when we ordered last year. The KX-S has unit model PZQ60-00511. I found this document which gives an overview of the 3 levels of audio unit they are putting in the new Klugers. It has a nice touch screen interface. Very easy to pair up with the iPhone, and stream music and make phone calls. The KX-S unit is now a single disc CD instead of the previous 6 stack CD. One thing I have noticed is the unit is capable of displaying the reverse camera, but this doesn't appear to have
  19. I am looking at getting this Head unit to put into Corolla 2002. Has anyone put one of these into there car. If they are ok or can someone tell me what is a good chinese all in one head unit. http://au.xtrons.com...yer-TD602G.html

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