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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, just purchased a 1986 hiace commuter and for the life of me I cannot find the battery. Looked under passenger seat, behind passenger seat, behind drivers seat, in sliding door well... Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi all Im after some info from anyone with a ~2017 hybrid corolla. I'm looking at this model as the boot space is much larger than the new model. When do you need to replace the battery and at what cost? Any other pros and cons over the petrol only version would be great too. Thanks!
  3. Hiiii,Is there anybody knows how can I solve this issue , after I changed the battery I get this error, Unable to read program!!!!!Check the SD card!!!! The sd card is in it's place but the radio can't read the program. Thanks
  4. Hi gents, I've currently got a problem with my Toyota Camry 2005 Altise (ACV36R), When driving home the other day, I noticed that the power to my head unit would switch off, then back on. Once the headlights were turned on, the radio cut out as well. When I arrived home, and turned the car off, I was unable to start it again. I checked and found that I had less than 10V across the battery terminals (which were extremely corroded). The battery is now 6 years old. Given the age of the battery, I decided to replace it with a new battery, and clean the corrosion on the leads. Now the car starts fine, but I'm not seeing an increase in voltage across the battery terminals when the car is running (even at 2000RPM). It's just slowly dropping, which is leading me to believe the alternator is damaged. However, there is no battery fault lamp indicator (the bulb is fine - lights up on startup). I've done a diode test of the alternator. No issue found. I've done a continuity check from the alternator to the positive post of the battery terminal. No issue found. I've sourced an alternator for $250. Just wanted to get any other ideas here before I commit to purchasing it. The only reason I'm holding back from getting one, is that there is no battery warning lamp; which I would expect to see if there was a charging problem... Appreciate any help. Thanks Sean
  5. hi everyone, i purchased a 2006 late model camry about a month ago now. It had 160000km on the clock and a full service history from the previous owner. The car has been faultless until now where i had noticed that the battery light and the abs light had turned on randomly after a short drive. i have installed an aftermarket bluetooth system, put in reverse sensors and led lights in the footwells, im not sure if they have had an impact on the battery light turning on. has anyone had any similar issues or know why this has happened? thanks
  6. Hi All, I'm a new member to your community and drive a Prado 2004. I have upgraded the shockers to ARB (2") and also installed couple of offroading components (compressor etc). Now getting to the problem that I've faced with the car and well at the moment the car has been at the workshop for the same with no success. My problem started a couple on months back with the Refrigerator, so when i used to put the fridge on the AC started blowing out hot air. For this problem the workshop mentioned the ac liquid needs to be changed. After it was done then the problem started when the ac light kept blinking with hot air being pushed out. Well got this problem also fixed in the same manner. Then I took the car offroading where first the ac stopped blowing air (while it was on), did not pay too much attention to it and continued offroading. After couple of hours due to the ac still on it drained out the battery making the car come to a complete halt and it did not start even after jump starting it. Had to leave the car overnight at the dunes and the next day I came with a mechanic who got it started and we drove it out to his workshop. Now getting to the issue the mechanic still has not been able to figure out the problem as he says he worked on fixing all the ac parts and they working fine. But still after driving for a while the ac poses the same issues of blowing no air out! ... He mentioned there is some problem with the electronics of the car as some wire is lose somewhere. Has anyone come across this kind of problem or can suggest the best way forward ... Thank you
  7. 80Series

    Prado problems?

    Hi, after over 10 years of owning a 1991 GXL Turbo Diesel 80 series Cruiser as our main family car, it started having a few problems so we bought a SV6 VE commodore about 3 years ago and use the cruiser as a second car. After a recent holiday in the commodore from central Queensland down to Narrabri, Tamworth, Glen Innes areas we really missed the 4WD because we couldn't see a lot of attractions in those areas because they were on dirt roads and we didn't want to shake the sv6 apart. So, I've been thinking of getting rid of the sv6 and probably the 80 Series as well and buying another newer 4WD and I'd really like to stick to Toyota. Probably looking at something 2008 or a bit later so that probably rules out a cruiser as they would be too dear for us atm. So, that brings us to a Prado. I've been reading as much as I can in forums and reviews and am a bit concerned about some of the stuff I am reading. Problems with the body cracking when fitting a bullbar or 2nd battery, oil sludge and slow pick up on the highway in the turbo diesel. Are they really a problem with the Prado or just a specific model? Can someone please shed some light on this for me so i can make an informed decision on what to get.
  8. Hi guys, I am driving Toyota Aurion 2006 and I changed my car battery with Bosch battery from Costco. When my girlfriend parked the car before she started working yesterday, she might turn on an interior light, I guess, thus the battery ran out and RACV roadside assistant guy said Bosch battery's capacity is only 550cc compared to others have 600cc. He printed out the battery test result and asked me to get warranty. Should I buy a new Bosch battery? or get another battery? which brand would you guys recommend? in a price range of $100~$150? thank you.
  9. Hi guys, Long story short, someone put the battery in wrong and i can't work out how to get it back in it seems as if the J bolt isn't long enough to reach the brace bar but the brace bar that goes over the top fits just fine. I also cannot get the plastic base plate to fit in properly, if someone could take a picture of theirs and where the j bolt mounts at the bottom that would be brilliant. Thanks in advance,
  10. Toyoya Link send an SMS about a message on my phone for Mayday ECU backup battery low. Changing this battery with dealer was going to cost me more than $300. hence decided to do it myself. With ideas from other posts in the forum I successfully opened the "Black box" hanging in the boot , located the battery and took it out. Reading only 5.3V against rquired 7.2V. Its a 7.2V NiCD battery. Checked online for Ni MH battery which is better. Found many options - Can buy 6 of C Size chargeable battery with tabs and solder them together or can buy assembled 6cell 7.2 V battery . Cost varying from $25 to $60 including shipping. The connection need to be taken from the old battery and soldered on to the new one. The suggestion in one of the topics that the rear seats need not be removed came out very handy. Pulled out the side panels with SRS Airbag written on them.( Not hard; Gently pulling at each plastic pin briings it out. Once both sides are removed the tray also lifts out easily. Had to do some mucking around to take the tray out as 3 sealts were coming on the way. Loosening the belt make it easy to remove the tray. Then you have another layer with padding which pulls out very easily. Now the speakers and the nuts mounting the May day ECU are exposed. 12mm ratchet spanner easily removes the 4 nuts. Now the box will hang from 2 plastic clips. Pull out the antenna plugs and other connectors by pressing their locks. One cable tie need to be cut to release the big cable bunch. Slowly slide it out of the 2 plastic clips while having some one to hold the "black box" or it will fall in the boot. Now the plastic cover holding the battery is visible held by 6 torr screws. Once the cover is removed the battery is exposed. It is made of 6 C Size chargeable cells of 1.2 V each. Dimensions roughly 140mm x 47mm x 25mm . Any chargeablel battery pack close to this dimension and rating 2.5Ah, 7.2V should do the job. original replacemnt from Toyota available for about $80 Have ordered a battery from ebay USA. Till that time I have kept the black box out. Will put it back once the battery arrive. ( Search on ebay "Onyx NiMH 6C 7.2V 2500mAh Stick Battery " See some photos below Took me about an hour to get to the battery following above steps without disturbing the back seats. The car is running with no issues with the black box out
  11. Hi All. First time im posting here. I have a TOYOTA AURION PRESARA 2009 with a ToyotaLink system. I am signed up with ToyotaLink and every month or so ToyotaLink keeps ringing me saying the backup battery is low and that I need to replace it. I went to toyota and they wanted $260 to do the job. I said they can shove it ! I unable to find proper instructions on how to get to the battery but from what I gather its in a black box in the boot. I'm unsure how to get to it. I saw some photos on this forum but there is not much details. The last thing I want to do is break something or not be able to put it back together. Does anyone know a link (yes i have already googled) or can give me detailed instructions on how to get to this battery please. Any help and sugguestions will be appreciated. Thanks ;)
  12. Hey I have a ZR6 with the push start and all that. I only have the one key and dont have an actual key only the fob. The battery has gone flat and and I cant seem to find one anywhere in town. I would rather find one somewhere than pay over a hundred bucks at toyota. Anyone please help!!!

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