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Found 20 results

  1. Hi All I am a newbie Got a work horse Hiace 420K recently had a service buy the same mechanic who has looked after it from the day i bought it brand new. Brakes changed just before christmas took longer to stop , so had the rear shoes and cyclinders replaced, front pads replaced. Mechcanic calls saying it hasn't improve the feel of the pedal and travel, should proberbly change out the master cylinder could be the culprit considering the KMs and its never needed to be touched. So that was done all bled properly ...Not any better. Having checked the booster by disconecting the vac line pedal stays hard ruled that out. Mechanic suggested it could be the ABS Module not working correctly, So he sent me to a specalist Brake and Clutch place after speaking to them we decided to get a ABS module from a wrecker as i needed to get it back on the road to earn a living asap. They were very busy i had to wait some time to get in but they have improved the pedal with the replacement ABS Module . I say improved by about 40 percent it seems to be working alot better ( the pedal dosen't go all the way to the floor like it used to before the ABS swap) but the pedal just dosent seem right. I have spoken to others who say that the brakes are often soft on the Hiace and that i didn't notice it as drive with heavy work books on . Having not replaced the booster could this be the problem? i was lead to belive that they either worked or didn't. Vac hose disconnected pedal is hard engine running.Have noticed today that there is a whooshing sound when you pump the pedal (engine off) (i missed this before due to road noise , radio etc) is this normal ? Can booster provide to much boost? there is no noticable change in revs at idle with it being a diesel. No warning lights have come on at any stage . The system has been bled several times no air , by both my mechanic and the specalist. ABS is working . Can anyone make any suggestions? has anyone ever heard of a simalar issue. Help needed driving me nuts Spud33
  2. I finally fixed a frustrating issue with my 2003 Corolla Sportivo. After looking at all the suspension components including the replacing of lower control arm, sway-bar, and S/B link bushings and checking nuts and bolts for tightness and rebuilding the struts I was able to trouble shoot a ongoing noise issue I could not resolve. When going over cement or choppy road surfaces there would be a noise from the right front of the car. Something loose, for a while I convinced myself it was the tyres making the sound. The car had no steering vibration or brake vibration. On asphalt no noise! One day going over the same cement road I needed to apply brakes and the noise DISAPPEARED! I did some more testing by left foot braking while using the accelerator, indeed the noise stopped and returned after lifting off the brakes, so I narrowed it down to the braking system. One YouTube video showed how the disc can make a noise when the studs bang against the holes in the rotor hub. But that could not be the cause. Rattles can come from brake pads, so I cleaned and re-greased the backs of the pads in case it was that. I also shook the whole assembly when it was all back together. Nothing a first but then suddenly I heard the EXACT SAME NOISE that had been plaguing me for months. Turns out the 17mm bolts that hold the brake caliper assembly to the bracket had worked themselves loose. (Just enough not dangerous) I lock tighted them back in place and no more noise, hard to diagnose for a non mechanic so it may be useful information for other DIYers, could save you hours of frustration. I think giving stuff on your car a good shake is a great old school way to pick up issues early Hope this helps others👌
  3. Wanting some knowledge for EPB (Electronic Park Brake) removal and disassembly. I wanted to paint rear calipers and wanting to completely remove rear calipers for better paint results. Im aware of putting it on Neutral, put on acc then put park then turn off car completely to disengage EPB. However im not really confident on using this way. Anyone who have done EPB removal before im kindly asking for some advice and knowledge. Thanks!
  4. Hi all Im looking to give my Stivo some tasteful mods but would like to learn more in the process. CAI - back in the day lots of owners went for the TRD CAI setup which at first was a struggle to install on facelift models and now looks like a discontinued product. How does Injen or Simota Racing rate? Are there any other suitable brands out there? COILOVERS - keen to explore what you guys are using. AIR FILTER - Worth replacing the OEM spec with something like K&N? SERVICING PARTS - what oil and oil filters is recommend for a general service? Would prefer fully synthetic and something suitable for the occasional track day BRAKES - rotors and pads advice? Again, something suitable for the occasional track day SWAY BARS/LOWER CONTROL ARMS - Whiteline? Superpro? BLACK HOUSING HEADLIGHTS - really like this look. Are there headlights you can buy or is this a DIY paint thing? Thanks in advance guys.
  5. Hey Folks First of all, hello to you all. Newbie here, just joined today as I have have recently become the pleasantly surprised and happy owner of the Jellybean. A deep blue 98 corolla CSX, going quite well so far. My question is this: My ABS light is on, after having a poke around I have found the lead from the Master cylinder has been cut or broken off at some stage. I would hope someone with a similar vehicle could have a look and tell me were it goes so I can reattach it. Or perhaps a pic if you can, just a matter of tracing the cable and seeing where it goes. Perhaps the pic will explain it better. Cheers all Scott
  6. Toyota Australia has initiated a safety recall on 21 Kluger vehicles produced during October 2017. This recall is due to a condition affecting the vacuum pump that is used to supply vacuum to the vehicle’s brake booster. https://www.toyota.com.au/main/news/toyota-australia-to-recall-vehicles-due-to-vacuum-pump-malfunction
  7. Hi, Corolla ZRE152, 2007 - Just installed new genuine rear brake pads and they overheat only after 10km drive. Had the discs machined and re-installed but the issue persists. Could it be sticky calipers? I had great trouble pushing the pistons back in both times to make room for the new pads. Had to use all my strength on a clamp. On other cars used to push them in with a hammer handle.
  8. Hi, I am new to the club. I bought a brand new SR5 last year. Upon having it for 7 days, the brakes failed and caused an accident. At the time of the accident i was not traveling at high speeds, was around 35kph. The dealership i bought it from did a diagnostic check and deemed that there was nothing wrong. The car was repaired by my insurer and I continued to drive it albeit apprehensively. It has been a few months now and I washed my car through the carwash - upon exiting the carwash and applying the brake (again at low speed) a horrific sound came through the cab and the whole vehicle was shuddering and the car was not slowing down. The car went back to the dealership and they have again said that it is nothing, it was because there was water on the brake pads. I am apprehensive to continue driving this car or let my wife drive it....i am worried that I will have another accident again that could cause a fatality next time. Has anyone experienced this before?
  9. Hi, im having trouble finding the correct rear brake rotors for my 2002 toyota avalon sorrento MCXR10 MARK 2. theirs different sizes for this model and i need help to get the right one. any help will be much appreciated, cheers
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for any advice on parts as I've just been given a list by my mechanic working on a rwc. I need a master cylinder and front and rear wheel cylinders and brake shoes. I also need a suspension control arm. I can get the brake recondition but it will cost a arm and a leg. Can anyone reccomend a parts dealer or a good mechanic in Melbourne's east? I found certain parts on eBay but don't know if that's the direction I should go.. many advice for this novice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance john
  11. Can anyone shed some light on what might have happened here? This morning my wife tried to get in the car (2012 Camry Altise). The car would not respond to the unlock button on the key remote - nothing would happen. Eventually after several tries it unlocked. Later when she was in the school parking lot, she took her foot off the accelerator but says it felt like the car continued to accelerate and it jumped the curb and went into the garden bed. She also says she tried to brake and the brakes did nothing. The car is currently at the smash repairs but we are both unsure about driving it after it is repaired. Does anyone know what might have happened?
  12. Hi, Wanting to buy a full set of TRD Aurion brakes, please PM me if you want to sell. Thanks.
  13. I have a 1990 Toyota camry wagon. Whenever I take off from a stationary position at the traffic lights or starting out from home, there is a clunking noise from the rear of the car as I remove my foot from the brake pedal and accelerate. The only time it doesnt make the noise is if I am taking off on an incline going up hill. It does it when I first reverse as well. The brakes seem to be operating fine under running conditions. The brake cylinder was changed on the rear left brake about a month ago. Have checked the brake fluid and it is fine. Can anyone suggest what the problem might relate to?
  14. Hey all, i got a zre182r. Looking to upgrade - Brake pads, rotors and fluids. Any suggestions on brands? Thanks.
  15. Hi all, What do you think about this one............... My 2010 Kluger KXS AWD has lately developed this noise which is hard to describe, but it's most likley to be a creak. It comes from the front left hand side area while driving. It can happen on a straight road, in a bend, under acceleration or not under acceleration. I had a look under the car, nothing seems to be lose or out of place. Any ideas, please? Thanks Milo
  16. hi there, can you please recommend best Disc Rotors and Pads (front/rear) for my RAV? I gave toyota service a call and they asking $200 for front rotors (each!) the car has done ~75K on the clock and i thought it's time to start shopping around. appreciate your help. matt
  17. hi ,does anybody know if its still possible for me to get a brake master cylinder for my van ?
  18. Hey guys, I recently bought some rims for my 88 celica. I got the correct stud pattern which is 4x100, but proceeded to find that my rims were hitting the brake callipers on the front and back. Now i know spacers can be used, where can you get them cheap?.. but is there an easier way? What is the cheapest option? What should i do, please help.
  19. Hey Guys! Are there any other brands besides Bendix that are good for my Sportivo with minimum brake dust? Thanks
  20. Does anyone have a link to a site showing how to fit new front brake pads to 98 Hilux extra cab 2.7l petrol Model RZN 154 please?

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