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  1. Hi, I have a 2001 camry SXV20R. My central locking system works fine with my remote. However with the key, I only can lock the car but when try to unlock it, it doesn't. If I manually lock the driver side door, the key can unlock it. Is it has something to do with the look lock cylinder? Any help would be appreciated
  2. This is a simple friendly thread regarding oil filters for most Toyota models. Now people have stuck by Ryco as an aftermarket filter for the longest period, some say genuine is best, in Toyota's case the old Japanese made Denso filters were brilliant, but now being made in Thailand i personally feel the quality isn't there like they used to. I did an interesting comparison, so i brought a genuine Toyota filter from my dealer & i weighed an aftermarket brand i personally swear by because quality is top notch. I run Mann-Hummel oil filters in all of my cars, also when i was working for Mercedes-Benz, 90% of all filters were Mann-Hummel, which has been the supplier to Mercedes filters for 50+ years. After numerous personal testing myself i can see why the company has such good quality reputations. I was curious because i noticed the noticeable weight difference between Toyota/Denso & Mann-Hummel So... to my suprise the Mann-Hummel filter has more filter media throughout, even at the base. I tapped the bottom of the Toyota filter which sounded hollow, repeated on the Mann-Hummel.... suprise, suprise.... it made a solid thunk because it was filled all the way through. The photos below show a direct comparison in weight Toyota/Denso - 248g Mann-Hummel - 301g Now 53g doesn't sound like much, but when it comes to filters, simply more filter media. I highly recommend Mann-Hummel because not only is the quality there, but the filters are "Made In Germany". Now half of Denso filters are "Made In Thailand" Denso PN: 90915-YZZD2 Mann-Hummel PN: W 712/83 Ryco PN: Z418 (for simple reference) - The only thing Ryco i use are cabin filters. Wesfil have too much air flow restriction, genuine are nothing special where i personally use the MicroShield cabin filters. But Toyota used these Z418 spin on filters in ALOT of models. On a side note I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this stressful 2021 !
  3. Hey all, just wondering if anyone happens to know the exact refrigerant capacity for an 04' Mark 3 Avalon ? Also it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a sticky/thread in the workshop area for all Toyota models & relevant refrigerant charge capacity. Camry, Landcruiser, Landcruiser Prado, Aurion, Avalon, Corolla, etc.
  4. Hi, Has anyone successfully used the odbii port on this car to connect to a program like torque to get vehicle stats? If so, how? I have tried using one of the generic elm 327 bluetooth dongles, but as soon as it is inserted the abs light flashes. I had read online that this may be due to pin 14 and the dongle interffering with the can bus on that port (some people had reccomended disconnecting pin 14) no idea if that information is correct although. I have also tried asking toyota what coms protocol the vehicle uses for odb2 but it apppears they have no idea what their own vehicle uses. I believe it uses some variant of the can bus. vot
  5. From the album: Camry SL 2020

  6. Hi, The car is vibratiing in a strange manner around 2000 RPM. It does not do it when its cold but only when it gets hot. Vibration dies below 1700 RPM and above 2500 RPM. I was told by someone that my tyres were bad and need balancing but the car does it while stationary as well. I changed the alternator as well a couple of days ago (not because of vibrations.. it just stopped working ) and thought maybe it would fix it but it did not. thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, I have recently bought a used 2004 Toyota Camry Altise with 180,000 miles on it. Mechanically sound and no oil leaks at all. I have recently completed a 600 km journey today and have noted down my before and after oil level on my dipstick. Due to bad experience in the past with other vehicles concerning oil, i have some questions. I have attached two pictures of my before and after journey oil level in my dipstick. There has been some oil consumption, my question is if this level of oil consumption normal or if there is any problem with it? Journey details: Majorly 110 kmph on cruise model No oil leaks No blue tint smoke No oil burn smell Any advise/opinions is highly appreciated! Cheers. After Journey.HEIC Before Journey.HEIC
  8. Hey guys, i'm not a complete noob but i'm actually curious about those that have actually owned 1MZ-FE powered vehicles. I've recently had an interesting thing pop up in my mind, so i figured i'd ask the community their opinion. Right, so first things first..... The 1MZ-FE runs a factory 82°C thermostat (which in my opinion is perfect) considering comparable vehicles (Holden 3.8L's run significantly warmer, same with Falcon's 91°C & 92°C thermostats respectively. But fans don't really kick on till 104°C, now i'm well aware the more pressure you have, raises the boiling point of coolant and all that. I don't need that. But my question is, so... seeing as the 1MZ-FE is such a simple engine to work on. Factory fan switch (which controls the cooling fans) in my opinion isn't really the ideal temp for Australian climate. 82°C thermostat Fans don't kick on till ON @ 95°C OFF @ 90°C (Theoretical operating temp @ cylinder head before thermostat with stock fan switch is approx 110°C - 120°C) Mind you the 1MZ's do have up to 20° higher head temps by design, thus likely to sludge without regular oil changes, they shear oil pretty heavily. Now, i can get a replacement fan switch that drops the temp to ON @ 90°C OFF @ 85°C (Now calculating temps that drops the theoretical head temps before the thermostat running a lower temp fan switch to around 100°C - 110°C) - which personally i'm alot more comfortable with. In my opinion it's all for emissions, i don't really see an issue in doing so, just to bring head temps down, i'm not altering the operating temp, simply keeping it more in line with the actual temp range (82°C - 90°C) - might help in other areas too. Especially on a hot day. Bit of info or opinions is highly welcomed Kind regards Tom
  9. Hi guys, I'm in the market for a 2016/17 Atara SL and wanting to scope out opinions on whether the hybrid is worth the extra money for my situation. I am in Perth, Western Australia and commute approx. 300 kms a week. Most of the driving is on the freeway. There seems to be a difference of about $2k - $3k between petrol and hybrid models. Any and all opinions welcome. Cheers.
  10. Item: Various Camry Parts 1. Leather Steering Wheel - $280 ono -used 8/10 condition, comes with air bag and cruise control 3. (new/unpainted) JP Vizage Lip Kit fits 2002-2006 Toyota Camry what you get: -1 front lip -2 side skirts -2 rear pods/rear spats made from polyurethane bends instead of cracking comparing to aftermarket fibreglass kits - comes with mounting hardware -smoked foglights fits 2002-2004 preface camry, $100 2005-2006 Front bar with foglights, Side Skirts. $150 2x Rear bar with TRD accessories rear lip $100ea Parting out WHOLE CAR - PM For available parts interior from facelift camry sportivo - black with red accents seats door cards etc updated centre console trims head lights, tail lights, mirrors, grille Prices are negotiable. Location: Melbourne Western Suburbs Website: This and various other sites Reason for Selling: Upgrades/Went down different path Shipping: Shipping under buyers expense via e-go Contact Details: Pm me
  11. General topic of discussion on what tyres people are running on STOCK/OEM alloy wheels Discussion is applicable to basically every Camry/Aurion & Avalon from 2000 - Current Wether it be 16", 17", 18" or 19" rims, a true enthusiast won't run "no branded/cheapie tyres" If any non branded/respected tyres come into question, please don't comment 😁 Michelin, Continental, Toyo, Falken, etc etc all welcome. Include the size, aspect ratio & profile gentleman/ladies ! PLEASE BE CIVIL, KEEP IT FRIENDLY
  12. Hi all, New to the Camry and this forum. I would have never thought of buying a Camry until this new model came out. They are a stunning car and have certainly gone away from the boring nanna / poppa car. We bought the new 2019 SL Hybrid.....what a car! I do only have 1 gripe about it.....the navigation system is absolute crap and the UI in my opinion is a -1/10. And the Toyota Link app, is just as bad. Does anyone know if / when an update for it to have either apple maps, or google maps is coming? This is all my opinion.
  13. Hey, I bought the nighteye H7 Led kit.(LINK: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nighteye-H7-72W-9000Lm-LED-Car-Headlight-Conversion-Globe-Bulb-Beam-6500K-Kit-AU/392300205042?hash=item5b56ea13f2:g:IgEAAOSwKY9elS7X ). The led connects and works fine but it doesnt secure to the porjector. Is there an adapter or something so I can get the leds securely fit? I have taken the silver clip off and tried to put the led through it but the hole is small. here are some pictures. the third pictures is where the light is meant to clip in.
  14. Hi, I have a 2003 Toyota Camry Ateva, 4 SPD Auto, 2.4L Model: ACV36R-DEPNKQ. Engine: 2AZ-FE VIN: 6T153BK360X012305. I recently took my car to the dealer to have a dead instrument cluster checked out. After leaving, I noticed the AC light blinking when turned on.Not sure if this was a result of them removing fuses to diagnose the cluster meter fault that tripped the system or something entirely different. General reading online suggests that the relay/fuse may need to be reset/replaced or possible refrigerant top up. Can someone please offer insight into this issue with solutions or explain how to identify the correct relay/fuse that needs to be reset/replaced? On a side note, can anyone recommend an online parts store that sells cluster meters for the aforementioned vehicle model? Thank you.
  15. 2003 ACV36 Camry Altise 5spd 370xxx Kms on Chassis Exterior 18" TRD Kappas for dailys 17" Se37k for track "M3" Type Spoiler Rear Visor Facelift Sportivo Grille Rear De-badged, Black Toyota Emblem Blacked out chrome window sills Rear guards rolled Weather Shields 3000k Foggies LED License Plates & Reverse Lights Tinted Custom Personalized Plates Interior/I.C.E Celica zzt231 Steering wheel Black interior from facelift sportivo TWM Short shifter with solid mounts Razo RA25 340g weighted gearknob Black Ceiling/Side Interior Bits Junction Produce VIP Black Fusa Knot JDM Cup holder Map light from sportivo Red LED Dome light Broadway Mirror Fire Extinguisher JVC XR-616 double-din head unit 6x9 Pioneer Speakers w/ 500w amp Suspension/Handling Fortune Auto 500 Series Custom Camber Top/Rear hats with 12/12 Spring Rates Whiteline front Strut Bar Whiteline 23mm Rear Sway bar with endlinks and polyurethane bushes Superpro Polyurethane Bushes for front rear/inner front lower control arms Aurion Front rotors and calipers DBA T3 slotted 4000 Series - Max High Carbon rotors Rear Slotted Rotors ADR Approved Brakeswest Braided brake lines Remsa Daily Pads QFM A1rm Track Pads Engine 2AZFE 2.4L 4cyl 310xxx kms - piston oil rings fried - blowing some smoke - needs rebuild Dynoed 98.7fwkw at Nugget Nats 2018 Carbon Fibre Engine Cover TRD Oil Cap Hella Twin Horns Sticker-bombed cruise control and fuse box Carbon fibre short ram intake with cold air feed Red Radiator Hoses 2-core Alloy Radiator from mx83 cressida Aluminum overflow bottle Slimline highspeed cooling fans Weapon R Headers 2.5" Mandrel Bend exhaust with cat Magnaflow muffler with 3.5" Twin tips TO DO/Fix list ! facelift sportivo front bar/ side skirts and TRD Accessories rear lip rear demister diver side power window mechanism subs/brackets/boot floor semi wiretuck/neaten up engine bay [braided wire sleevings] paint rear console/3rd brake light/ohjesushandles black black projector headlights/ foglights turbo / custom shifter os giken lsd/lightened flywheel engine rebuild tings - cams/rods/pistons/valves/springs/retainers arp head studs Wishlist Toyota Premium Horns Alloy Sports pedals (celica ZR/is200/camry sportivo manual) LED Signal Mirrors from Aurion TRD Front/Rear Brake Setup This is my journey and story of this car from when i got my Ls, to getting into my P's and until now... still have a little bit to do, "the car is almost done" -saidnocarguyever Thanks for looking ! -Jeffy Updated modlist 15/10/2018 - pics to come ! - black painted grille, and black plasti dipped front badge - 8000k low beam HIDs 5000K Low beams - 8000k 3000k high beam HIDs - JVC XR-616 double-din head unit - debadged rear, black toyota emblem - custom plates - led license plate lights and parkers - red led dome light interior - camry badge inside - Plasti dipped in black Atlas Toyota Rims - pirelli P7s 205/65/15 - 6x9 pioneer speakers with a 250w amp. - poly uretahne bushes - hella twin horns - Custom Projector Headlights - TWM Short Shifter with solid mounts - Razo RA25 340g weighted gearknob - SSR Professor SP1s 18" Gunmetal Chrome. - 18" TRD Kappas Future mods; -white line rear sway bar -ultra racing front lower bar - -ultra racing front sway bar -Front Sway Bar -Rear Sway Bar Links -UR Rear Lower Bar -Bigger Brakes - (considering getting the 4pot kluger brakes with 328mm rotors) -cai (maybe) -sportivo muffler tip or whole exhaust system/headers -black/red interior trim 15/06/2013 -tinted rear tail lights -coilovers - BC Type Coilovers Upgrading to some Fortune autos with stiffer spring rates -weathershields-darker tint -Advan AVS T6's ACHEIVEDDDDD !~!!!!! 17x8 +30 ! -led footwell -a spoiler perhaps ? - yess an M3 type spoiler -paint callipers -2x 12"Subs ! (in progress) -custom boot for subs -led boot lighting -plastidip the chrome bit on window seal -Vizage Lip kit ordered as of 17/10/2012 - Foglights - Manuel Tranny 11/04/2013
  16. Hi all, My 2003 Camry Altise clock, automatic gear shift lights and climate control lights don't turn on. Now all that I have tried is checking the instrument panel fuses to see if any had blew out but they are all fine. There has been a few times where they would all work fine but this only lasts until I turn the car is completely off. The lights and clock haven't turned on for about a month now and was wondering if anyone had a solution to this? Thanks!
  17. Hi, I have an 08 Camry in NZ with black fabric seats. 140,00Km. Seats are in good nik, but just wondering if I should get seat covers or if they are likely to last a while without. What is peoples experiences?
  18. I have a 2001 4Cyl Camry Auto that had the fuel pump, fuel filter and injectors professionally cleaned and serviced 3 months ago and now it has again developed a stalling and missing issue that resulted in the last fuel pump dying. I can be driving along at 80km on 2000 rpm on flat road and it stalls or almost stalls and the throttle has to be gently feathered to get the revs back to normal. It also usually hesitates and stalls or looses power under load on hills. Being Auto I chuck it into Neutral and it starts straight away. It will then usually continue to run for 5 or up to 10 minutes until it happens again. The car always has at least 1/4 of a tank of petrol although I do use ethanol fuels. The mechanic who fixed it last time says the injector service ultimately rectified the problem last time (but he is 1.5hr drive away). I have checked the sock filter on the fuel pump and it was clean and undamaged so I dont think it is worth replacing a 3 month old fuel filter. Does anyone have any other suggestions or have other owners experienced this and what was the solution?
  19. Hey everyone! I go by OJ, I live in Melbourne, and I currently own a 1999 MCV20R Camry Touring. I’ve had it for a few years and I gotta say, these V6 Camrys are awesome to drive, despite most people my age (I’m 22) suggesting they’re slow as hell. Have another MCV20R that’s been in the family for a long time, so when it came to buying my own daily, there really was no other contender. Anyway, I’ve recently gotten hooked on the idea of doing the old Camry up a bit and make it look a bit sleeker and nicer, so expect some questions about things like wheel fitment and swapping parts over and things of that nature. I’ve also recently gotten interested in getting a Z20 Soarer as a project/weekend type car. Big thing with this idea is to engine swap a 1JZ into it. So I’ll probably be making posts asking about specific specs and things I might need to know in order to do the swap properly. The Soarer is more of just an idea at the moment and I really want to make sure I’ll be doing it right. I hope I can count on this groups collective knowledge to make sure I don’t butcher it 😂. Looking forward to talking with you all.
  20. Keith A

    keith ryan

    Hello Camrey Club an inquiry I have an Holden Apollo 1996 4 speed auto with 5S-FE Engine essentially an Camry only 80.000 k on clock and in as new condition overall , issue is has developed an engine intermittent shut down problem have spent time and money on engine diagnosis read-outs this is the model still with a distributor with single ignition coil and factory (Aust) immobilizer system I would like to make contact /advice from someone with experience with these old engine management and security systems there are still a lot of these cars on the road any advice would be appreciated .. regards
  21. Hey Guys, I have a weird problem with my ABS in Toyota Camry MCV36R 2004. In the morning, there is no light, even if I drive or start-stop the engine many times. But after driving for a while, the ABS light comes on and stays on. If I leave the car for a couple of hours, it goes away again. What do you reckon is the issue?
  22. 1996 Toyota Camry for sale. This car doesn't miss a beat in the 21 years I've had the pleasure to drive it. Fully serviced throughout its life. Fully shedded up to 12mths ago due to change in lifestyle. Has done many awesome kilometres together as this car is not shy to go on a big trip or just nip to the shops. Excellent first car for learner or needing a cheap reliable vehicle for some big trip or just to get about. This car is too mechanically and structurally good to just give to a wrecker. Message me for more details if you are genuinely interested. Wide body, 5sp manual, air con, engine immobilizer, remote central locking. Tyres one year old with good spare. 3x keys and working fobs. Will swap this car for $500 ono.
  23. Hey folks, I found the russian english version of the workshop manual of our cars. get on it before it gets taken down: http://data.oto-hui.com/zr9o7sk6bs4v.html
  24. Hi all. I have just picked up a base model 1999 v6 Camry. I was wondering how hard is it to fit cruise control to these cars and where is the best place to source the kits (if available). Thanks in advance
  25. Have a 2016 Camry Atara S with 6 months warranty left. Washed the car a couple weeks ago. On the way home, twice while braking lightly, the following occurs: 1. Beeping, as though a door is open or seatbelt is off. 2. Park brake light comes on instrument panel 3. Entire rest of instrument panel goes black. No backlights, no indicators except park brake 4. Something thumps the wheels. Feels kind of like ABS kicking in, but could be a gearbox hard shift (as though you dropped into drive while still reversing slightly) It happened again the next day. I gave it to Toyota to look at, they can't find anything actually wrong, suggest water got into some electronics in engine bay. Clean it out, give it back. Week later, same deal on a one off. As I'm slowing down it does all the same. This time it stays black even through turning the car off and on again. Wasn't until I tapped the brake after turning it on that it cleared the indicator and the dash came back. Took it back in, they still can't find anything wrong. They pull the ECU to reset it, and clean a bunch of connections. So now, two questions: What are my rights here? They've told me if it happens again, their next step is likely replace the instrument cluster, which seems completely silly given that feels like more of a symptom. The fact that brakes are thumping feels like the traction control or ABS being screwy. They've had the car twice and can't solve it, and it's arguably making the car unsafe and unfit to drive. Any thoughts on cause or similar situations on here? NB: I'm not being charged for (and wouldn't even consider paying for) said "repairs".

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