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  1. Hi, I am thinking about getting an aftermarket rear spoiler for my 2000 Toyota Celica SX. Want to know what one would be the best cheap one from eBay (without leading to getting defected) to start with before upgrading to the expensive APR GTC-200 or GTC-300 wings which can be either universal or specific-built ones that will have to be shipped from the United States. I've measured around where the stock spoiler stands which was about 36 inches (93cm).
  2. Want to sell a 1987 Toyota Celica. Has 3S-GEL C motor engine. New alternator New ignition system Motor runs but needs attention Still has registration Asking price $4500 or nearest offer
  3. Hi. I have joined to ask for help finding my sisters Celica, it was stolen from her garage in Perth a couple of days ago. Her car is a JDM Toyota Celica gen 7, TRD Sports M. She originally imported it to the UK from Japan and subsequently imported it to Australia. She is really upset at its loss. The car is dark blue, with TRD body kit, five spoke grey alloys, it has light blue and grey alcantara front seats, blue and black steering wheel. The tailgate has a "TRD Soorts M" badge, and similar logos between the rear wheels and the doors. It's rego is: 1DVH 056. It's a distinctive car, it's paint work is not the best, it's a daily driver not a show car. If you spot it in Perth or over in the East or are offered parts, please let me or the police know. It may be in the Ellenbrook area of Perth. I have a few photos if they might help, not sure how to post them. Thanks for reading. GeorgeF.
  4. Hi, I was just wondering if any one knows where I could purchase a TRD or Tsunami rear bumper for my 7th gen celica in Australia Cheers, Izaac
  5. Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anybody knows what kind of gas struts I would need for my 1999 Toyota Celica ZR boot, and where is the best place to order them. Thanks Much Appreciated, Izaac 😆
  6. Item: Various Camry Parts 1. Leather Steering Wheel - $280 ono -used 8/10 condition, comes with air bag and cruise control 3. (new/unpainted) JP Vizage Lip Kit fits 2002-2006 Toyota Camry what you get: -1 front lip -2 side skirts -2 rear pods/rear spats made from polyurethane bends instead of cracking comparing to aftermarket fibreglass kits - comes with mounting hardware -smoked foglights fits 2002-2004 preface camry, $100 2005-2006 Front bar with foglights, Side Skirts. $150 2x Rear bar with TRD accessories rear lip $100ea Parting out WHOLE CAR - PM For available parts interior from facelift camry sportivo - black with red accents seats door cards etc updated centre console trims head lights, tail lights, mirrors, grille Prices are negotiable. Location: Melbourne Western Suburbs Website: This and various other sites Reason for Selling: Upgrades/Went down different path Shipping: Shipping under buyers expense via e-go Contact Details: Pm me
  7. Hey guys, im still pretty new to cars and working on them. i bought a 1990 st184 not too long ago and then another st184 (i believe, not certain) its a wrc model as a project car to not only learn about working on cars but about that model of car in general and I am trying to change the timing belt, any advice or tips are much appreciated, thanks
  8. So I have started to face this issue of sluggish/slow acceleration with my 2ZZ-GE AE80, I changed the fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned lift solenoid but same issue persisted. I went from 97RON to 92RON fuel for some reason and all of a sudden the car does not hesitate during acceleration, what can be the problem. Car used to have popping sound from exhaust before there was this issue. Note: Water temp goes to 101ish and 2zz knocks due to 92RON while it never knocks or temperature never goes above 100C on 97 RON.
  9. Hi all, just wondering if someone may know or have information on easy access points to the central locking wires in a 1998 ST204 Celica? I have a receiver unit and remotes from a previous vehicle [ written off AE101 Corolla ] and need to tap into the open and close wires, Easy on a corolla as the switches are console but I hate pulling doors apart so any help greatly appreciated. Maybe someone has a wiring diagram? It's own VSS is disabled with no remotes and I believe from research this is the best way to go. I don't want an alarm just remote access would be nice. Update 30/10/2019 Job finished found some wiring diagrams showed me where to look and patched into 2 wires under the Drivers kick panel. So far so good no issues and seems to all work well.
  10. I have a 1993 ST184R Celica. I have lost power to the electric windows, A/C, cabin fan, instrument gauges and reverse lights. Is there a relay that works this cluster of problems? Has anybody encountered this problem?
  11. Johnny K

    Celica ZR

    Hi, do you know of anyone looking for a Celica ZR with only 45,000kms... if so, please let me know
  12. Item: TOYOTA CALDINA GT-T 2L TURBO AWD - White Location: ERINA, NSW 2250 Website: Gumtree Item Condition: Excellent Used Condition – no accidents – no finance issues Reason for Selling: Regretfully selling due to family issues and too many cars. (Wish I had $$$ to buy a manual 2003 model of these I would!) Price and Payment conditions: $7,500 ono, bank transfer (car is yours when I see total in my account) Any additional information: Completely Stock/Unmodified ~200kw 2.0L Turbo All Wheel Drive in a nice size wagon with Toyota reliability. Very hard to find in this condition with such low km’s (~109,000). ST215 3S-GTE engine (Parts are not a problem because it has the same engine and 4WD system as Celica GT4 – not that I’ve ever had to worry. This put my mind at ease when I bought it.) Forget Corollas, This car is awesome, when you own one you’ll realise! I've owned this car for nearly 4 years with no hassles. Oil & filter changed every 5000, very well maintained. Features… · ~200kw(320Nm) 2.0L Turbo All Wheel Drive with Intercooler · Rare signature 17” Diablo racing wheels (white) · Pirelli P7 tyres · Timing belt changed at 66,000 · Aircon so cold you’ll think you’re in Antarctica! Auto control & outside thermometer · Only used Premium 98 · Tinted windows, p.steer/windows/mirrors Shipping: Will assist buyer if I am able Contact Details: Andrew – SMS/Call 0421100418
  13. Hey! So this Saturday I had a run with a 4age Toyota Ceres, was ahead by two cars' length in third gear (145kph) and mistakenly shifted to second gear instead of fourth gear , RPM went beyond 9k. Instantly I shifted to neutral and took it to the side. Now gear wouldn't shift while clutch pedal felt normal and engine was vibrating as if one ignition coil was not working. All the bad imagination comes rushing in since 2zzge isn't known to handle overrevs so well due to it's weak oil pump and also that it's an interference engine. So I put the car in neutral and ask some friends to push start the car fortunately the transmission shifted to second gear, 100 meters ahead car started to *****; similar symptom of a failed ignition coil, so we decided to tow it. Now at that time vibration had gone but recurred after a while. Next day went to a shop and asked my local mechanical stig (jk) to check the transmission, fortunately it was just a clutch disc (old but was fine) ,pressure plate and throw out bearing, shifting problem was gone but so did vibrations along with apparent misfiring/ignition problem. Now I can't make up anything out of these series of unfortunate events i.e. how can vibration & apparent ignition problem (assuming because car wasn't acceleration and was jerky) be gone after changing clutch disc and throw out bearing. Can anyone explain this? Also if anyone can suggest an easy way to check if I have some slightly bent valves or something. I tried Lift once after the incident and it feels normal.
  14. So I confess, it ins't my car, but my mate bought this, and recruited me to assist. I previously restored a VH commodore, which was a strip, rust repair, paint and engine rebuild (took me about 5 years as I was a poor uni student) and did the work myself. So the project is a RA28, has a decent amount of rust but is pretty straight and reasonably complete. Has a tired 18RG we deem insufficient. We are looking at a 1UZ / W58 conversion (there's conversion gear out there and the Lexus 4L comes in under the VSB Capacity Rules and a few people have done it before). At this stage we have finished pulling what we need to pull for now. Planning to strip all paint, and cut the rust out and then give it some primer. I have also started doing the rust repairs on one of the doors, both the skin and inner frame need some love, I am using a .6 MIG setup with Argoshield Lite and it works a charm - pic attached of a 300mm section of the door frame i replaced. Looking forward to seeing what other members are building out there :)
  15. Hello Everyone, I have a White -1984 - RA65 - Celica - 5 speed - Manual that I bought 22 years ago from a Lady that bought it from her Mother and she bought it brand new off the showroom floor. So it's right to say it's a 'Ladies Car' although some younger guys would not agree! I come from a drag racing background but have treated 'Her' with love and respect and have enjoyed cruising around in her for many years, unlike how I used to drive my LJ Torana!! I have joined the group to find out about her history, I was once told she was one of 100 that came into the country, does anyone know if this is true? Any information would be appreciated. Cheers
  16. Hello all, i assume this has been answered before but I searched and couldn't find any threads on the topic. I I am considering buying an RA40 as a doner car for my rolling shell RA 28 and I am looking for information as to what parts can be bolted directly in. From looking under the the bonnet I can tell that the rad, engine, master cylinder etc all will bolt straight in but I am wondering what other parts will work i.e. Exhaust, suspension, rotors, calipers, drive shaft, diff....... TIA, robbie
  17. Wan to purchase a GT4 Bonnet for 1991 Celica. Please call me on 0425288553. Grahame
  18. Hi Guys, I just brought my first car and an quite excited! Its a 96 Toyota 2.2! Thanks for having me in this forum and I look forward to learning and sharing tips. Ash
  19. Hi Everyone, Having problems with stiff steering on my 1986 Celica. Had the rack ends replaced recently mechanic said he could see no leaking with the rack and power steering system. The problem existed before the rack ends were replaced, but mechanic assured me new rack ends would fix the problem. He was wrong. The problem did subside for a while, but has now returned with a vengance. The problem is as follows; Steering is stiff, very heavy. Does not want to return to centre. I did notice driving along in straight line at highway speed, if i rapidly oscillated the steering from left to right it would subside for a while, but it always comes back. So it has been intermittent in nature. Sometimes it feels like it is sticking or binding, but frees up slightly for a period of time. Mechanic then told me he reckons it's the radial valve but then i thought could it be top of struts, tie rod ends, or ball joints. Or, the connection between the rack and the steering column. Could these be binding? Or could it be the pump? Or something else hydraulic. One power steering speciallist i spoke to reckoned it couldn't be hydraulic, because at speeds over 60kmph there is no hydraulic assistance. But if so, how come when you switch the engine off and coast at highway speeds [when there was no problem with the car] steering is very heavy. I guess, i'm a little confused as to where to begin to diagnose this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated. PS. The problem is less intermittent now, and pretty much permanent. Cheers, Paul.
  20. Hey guys I'm new to this page! I own a 1984 st141 Toyota corona, I'm replacing my 4 speed gearbox with a 5 speed gear box and I got told I need a manual tail shaft out of a 75' celica ra22. Has anyone got one I can buy :)
  21. So, I thought it was about time that I finally started a progression thread on TOC, a lot of this info will be taken from 6GC.net and OzCelica.com :) I will also break this up into a few posts to make it easier to read... First A bit about myself; I am a 19 Year Old attending Tafe and Casual Work, I live in South Sydney in the Shire. I work in Lidcombe, so people may spot me around Birnie Avenue/Paramatta Road. My Car is a 1994/5 (Made Dec 94, Complied Jan 95) Model ST204 Celica. She is an Auto (Yes I know, I couldn't get a Manual since my dad's car was damaged when I was going for red P's). History of my car: Before I owned the car, it was owned by some guy from Bonnet Bay in the Shire. The previous owner looked after her to some degree, the engine and mechanics where good, but the body was in 'ok' condition at best. The rear passenger quarter panel was scratched, the bonnet had a decent dent, the drivers side had a few dents and the roof had x2 perfect fist marks in it. As part of the deal, the dealer removed all the dents and gave us a 12 month warranty. Here she was, right after out test drive: A few weeks later, some minor problems began as she started showing her age. Oil began leaking over the driveway, after a call to the dealership, she was booked in for her first warranty inspection... They re-did all engine gaskets and replaced all seals in the engine... When we got her back, she was still leaking... We took her back again and were told that the transmission seals were shot, they were replaced and the engine was flushed out; the leaking stopped... for now... Over all, the work would of cost ($1800 by the dealer, if not for the warranty).
  22. Hey guys, Im nearly finished fixing my st184 celica, but I have discovered I have a parasitic drain drawing 0.25A when my battery is hooked up and no systems on. I have gone through the procedure of checking all my fuses, and removing them one at a time to try and find the system that is draining the battery but it seems to be nothing to do with any of the fuse systems. however when the battery terminals were on and no keys in the ignition I would hear a single clicking noise coming from the dash area I'm not sure if this is normal or a possible source of the drain, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know so I can figure this out rather then going to an auto electrician. thank you.
  23. Greetings fellow revheads, Im Jack and im about to finally start making progress with my celica builds so i thought I'd fill you all in on the next beast im creating to destroy adelaide egos with :) Look out for upcoming build threads, how tos, and parts sales. ITS MAD MARCH!! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!
  24. I'm new so I thought I'd introduce myself. Currently driving a 1999 ZR Celica I've had for almost 6 years. Has a couple problems I'm fixing but adds to the character. Finally got my hands on a very nice 1977 RA28 Celica coupe recently which I'll be posting pictures up soon. Have a couple items I need to find for it so I'll be asking in the near future. Glad to be a part of this group.
  25. From the album: 1991 Celica SX ST184R

    here it is, pretty much finished I just got my radiator fan going, it was the sensor on my radiator down nexto to the radiator pipe. also installed a set of 17" vehichi Spikes, 215s I will need new tyres for 2 of them then its ready for a cruise!

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