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Found 18 results

  1. Anybody know a garage or mechanic shop that specialises and know their way around these engines, clutches and gearboxes? Or if you personally have any mates that know what they're doing with these cars please let me know. AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN SURROUNDING SYDNEY SUBURBS (preferably South Western Sydney). Thanks!
  2. Just wondering if it's okay to skip gears while driving the 2zz, for eg. 6th->4th, 4th->2nd, etc. OR 1st->3rd, 3rd->6th, etc. I tried it today this morning and accidentally went from 6th to 2nd but quickly managed to clutch-in at 6.5krpm. Does it wear synchros or clutch? Is it totally fine to do so? Or is it best not to skip gears at all?
  3. Last week I bought a Sportivo that needs a clutch replacement. I'm looking at the Exedy HD Clutch (TYK-7334HD) kit. Where can I buy these in-store? Shipping takes a while and I'm looking at replacing the clutch ASAP. Also looking for good garages to do the installation for me. Anyone able to help me out? I'm located in South-West Sydney, NSW. Also, if there are any other alternative clutches to use instead of the Exedy heavy duty, please let me know!
  4. Hi all my first post, I have just bought a Carolla ascent sport 2014. 115000km , 6 speed manual. I have a driving school and have noticed that at take off the revs drop off almost stalling. I am no stranger to manual as I teach manual in my driving school. even on level road if i let clutch out slowly car shudders and i have to really keep revs up over 1.5, idle is just on 1. Once i get going its great after second there is instant power and drives exceptionally well. checked one spark plug ngk platinum ? seems Ok? any ideas how i can improve take off. Thanks Ken
  5. Hi everyone Well it looks like it's finally time to replace the original clutch. I'd like to keep everything Toyota genuine OEM and would love to hear from anyone who might know some info I'm after: Part number of genuine OEM clutch Best place to purchase genuine OEM clutch Best place in Sydney to install Thanks in advance :)
  6. This is for the 2003/2004 pre-facelift Toyota Corolla Sportivo (6 speed manual). When the clutch is replaced, does the exhaust get moved and/or loosen in order to have the work done. I am aware that gearbox has to be removed and reassembled, refit the drive shaft and wheels, but what about elements of the exhaust? Reason why I am asking, is that I just had a new clutch installed on my stivo (by a highly regarded clutch and brakes shop in Melbourne), and for some reason when i drove off, which started as a small, and then ended up being a large squeaking noise coming from underneath the car. I suspect its the exhaust. Cheers
  7. Hi Gurus, I’ve noticed a small rattle with my 2014 RAV4 Diesel manual with 21k kms on the clock. I first heard the ‘rattle’ when in neutral whent the clutch is engaged. When I press the clutch in the rattle disappears. The car drives normally with smooth gear changes and no noticed difference in the clutch pedal feedback/pressure. Having noticed it, I hear the rattle throughout the gears although its hard to hear clearly due to the diesel motor sound and road noise. I did stall the car last week at low speed and I think I’m just being paranoid but I can’t remember the noise being there before. I only really noticed it a couple of days ago. I read about throwbearings or clutch springs being loose making rattle sounds but I suppose it could be something else entirely. I’ll take it into Toyota this week if I an but I’d like some expert knowledge in case they tell me to replace the clutch! Thanks in advance! Pete
  8. Adzy

    Clutch upgrade

    Hey everyone, Was on the sand other way giving my 2014 SR5 lux a work out. When all of a sudden the revs went up and speed dropped. Then smelt the clutch along with some smoke. Now when i push my foot down is just makes an screeching noice and doesn't do anything. What am i looking at here,replacing i mean. Should i buy a whole kit. I do loads and loads of offroad driving, sand,mud and rocks. What brand or type or heavy duty clutch should i get. Dont want to spend millions but dont want cheap. I want a high quality strong as an oxe type thing. Thanks in advance adz.
  9. Can anyone tell me approximately how many kilometers original clutch should last in one of these Corollas please? I have one with 150,000km, which is getting intermittent problem with clutch pedal staying down near floor making it impossible to change gears. If you manually pull the pedal back up level with brake it goes back to normal and stays that way until it does it again. I would like to know if the pedal is supposed to do that to indicate clutch replacement is due? If not any ideas what causes the clutch pedal to do that please?
  10. I have an odd car problem. The clutch pedal periodically has hardly any resistance and probably doesn't pull the plates apart. If I pump the clutch with reasonable speed, the pressure is ok, but if I slowly depress the clutch pedal, there's hardly any pressure and feels like the fluid is getting low even though there's plenty of fluid in the reservoir. any suggestions? toyota landcruiser 1989 BJ74
  11. Scratching noise when the clutch is released, goes away when clutch pedal is engaged, happens in all gears (same noise but louder when driving slow in 1st,2nd and 3rd), all gears shift perfectly, i thought it might be the throwout bearing but i watched a video and its a totally different sound, it has 207000ks, new clutch, machined flywheel, new driveshaft seals and new gear oil at 199446ks, please help, thanks.
  12. Hey Guys I need to change the clutch in my 03 Sportivo but I was just wondering if i should go with the standard clutch or heavy duty? I have had one mechanic say to go for the Japanese Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch. Also, does anyone know any good mechanics in Western Sydney? Chelee
  13. Hi All, I recently bought a 2008 2.4L RAV4 Manual with 90,000kms on the clock as I returned my 2008 V6 RAV4 Automatic due to a differential whine. We've had the car now for 3 months and noticed that the clutch is very heavy and jumpy in 1st and 2nd gear. I took it Toyota for it's 90K service yesterday and they advised that the pressure plate is worn. However, Toyota advised I could drive around until the gears start slipping and then replace the clutch. I have a few questions for other manual RAV4 owners: Is 90,000kms a standard length of time for a clutch to be worn? How long have you got out of your clutches in RAV4 before replacing them?Should I be driving around when the pressure plate is worn?What should I expect a mechanic to charge to fix the clutch? I got quoted $2.5K from Toyota - is it a time consuming job?Many thanks for any input here!
  14. Hi everyone, Henry here. I'm an 18 year old from Australia, and i currently own a 1993 holden apollo (pretty much holden body on a camry) and I have a few questions that I would like for you people to try and answer! the CV joints are also knocking pretty hard. My clutch is slipping and it's really embarassing when i get overtaken by trucks going up hills. 1. For some reason, my clutch doesn't slip as much when my A/C is on. why is this happening? 2. I got qouted over $1000 to get the clutch fixed at a mechanic, so i was considering doing it myself.. or maybe an engine swap. Does anyone know o any good ones that will pop right in? it's currently got a 5sfe motor in it?
  15. Hey guys, just recently bought an 05 sportivo. I don't know if its my driving but when I take off on first and reach over 6k revs, the clutch gets stuck about half way after I changed to second. And also the gear gets jammed a bit too between first to second.
  16. Hi, Im new here. I recently bought a silver 2003 Corolla Sportivo with 144Kkms. It is a fun car, but it has a weird grinding noise when riding the clutch, particularly in reverse. The noise is worst when reversing from cold start. It is a kind of TZZZZZ noise that is quite loud once I start to reverse, riding the clutch, though stops once I let the clutch out completely. It is nowhere near as loud when engaging 1st, and can only just be heard if I ride the clutch during 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd gear changes. The gearbox itself seems otherwise OK during normal driving, with possibly only the slightest of bearing noises and no syncro issues when driving - it is only bad when releasing the clutch in reverse. The shift action has a pretty average feel to it, but it goes into gears just fine, with only a slight snick. As a side, I find the clutch hard to get just right on take off. I either spin the clutch or bog down. The take up point was originally quite low to the floor, which I have raised a little by adjusting the clutch push rod out 2 turns. I was told that the clutch had always been like that since the previous owner bought the car 3 years ago. It had apparently had a new clutch before she bought it. I have also changed the gearbox oil to Redline MT80(?) and added Nulon additive. I can't recall if the current noise was there before I adjusted the clutch and changed the oil. Some of my thoughts are the noise could be: a thrust bearing problem, but would expect it to occurr in all gears; an input shaft bearing, though I would expect that it would be constant noise whilst driving - unless it is just commencing and is worst under load. reverse gear isn't initially fully engaging, which would be a linkage problem; or an engine or gearbox mount is shot, so the drivetrain is moving under load and hitting something? I note that sometimes when starting the car I do hear a similar noise for a fraction of a second. Any ideas? If I can't get any solid leads from here, I might try fiddling with the clutch rod and bleed the clutch cylinder and adjusting the clutch rod to see if it makes any difference. Thanks, James
  17. I have a complete failure on the clutch system in my 2009 manual Toyota Corolla Ascent. It is just two months out from the 3 years warranty period and has only done about 40000 km. The dealer diagnosed the problem to be the concentric slave cylinder in the clutch system. This is located inside the clutch housing and would require the removal of the gearbox to replace it. The part is not available in Australia and requires to be ordered from Japan ! which will take 3 to 6 weeks to arrive! Toyota is willing to pay for the part but not the labour costs involed in installing a new one. The part I believe is around the $300 mark whereas the labour is about $1000 ! Has anyone encounter this problem before in fairly new Toyota cars? I certainly like to get some feedback from Toyota owners with similar problem.
  18. Hi guys, I have a 3 speed auto celica which I recently bought a 5 Speed for, which everything came with it also bar the pedalbox. I was wondering if anyone on here either has one or knows someone who would have the correct pedalbox to fit in the car or even one from another early toyota which would work and you would know where/how to source one. If you know I would love to hear from you so shoot me a PM. Sorry about the poor construction of the question, I hope it makes enough sense, its been a long day for a friday haha Thanks Nick

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