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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys (Lift issues on 2ZZ VVTLi) Need some help in Melbourne sourcing a mechanic who actually knows there way around a 2ZZ VVTLi engine (Corolla Sportivo)? I went to my Toyota Dealer (been going there for over a decade) and my engine was leaking oil. The following list is the work they carried out in order to fix the oil leaks. The oil leak was fixed (and it cost me an arm so far), but now my car will NOT hit lift. They have had two goes at it, but they do not know why it won’t hit lift blaming anyone but themselves. What could be the issue of why lift is not engaging and could you please recommend a reputable mechanic who has previously fixed these issues and has experience with the 2ZZ VVTLi engine in Melbourne. The work which was carried out: · Removed timing case and cylinder head assembly · Replaced all seals and gaskets · Replaced head gasket and retorqued cylinder head · Replaced VRS gasket set and rocker cover gasket · Replaced all fluids
  2. hi all, i recently purchased a 2005 corolla sportivo and i am very happy with my purchase and now i am looking to do a few mods here and there to help it reach its full potential. can anyone give me some info on what mods i should do? what sort of power gains they achieved? brands/makes and costs? i.e cold air intake? exhaust headers etc i am very keen to start modding my sportivo and if anyone is selling a few parts i'd be keen to hear from them ^_^ cheers Michael
  3. G'day everyone. For the past few months ive been having lean issues, I've cleaned the air flow meter with the correct cleaner, along with the throttle body. Car ran beautifully for about a week or so. This was a couple months back. Got sick of it not having full power again and cleaned it with meth this time. About 2 weeks ago. Car ran great for a few days, then started it up after work and boom, idle was funny straight away again, car sounds lean, runs lean n is ****** me off. It's not to the extreme it was before I cleaned the air flow meter originally with air flow meter cleaner but it's still not right. So I ordered a new air flow meter, I put it on this arvo, only went short drive 15min, lots of traffic around too so couldn't really test too much but hit lift , drove hard, drove normal but now we get to my main question. ( WHAT SERIAL IS YOUR MAF) ...... The car runs different n sounds different with new air flow meter, that's for sure. It sounds healthy at low rpm it's not running lean, no lean backfiring, but it sounds different especially at high rpm. I feel it runs better with the new Air Flow meter in normal driving circumstances which I'm glad about but it feels slower, weird i know, maybe running lean before squeezed a bit more out of itlol. it's ******, im over it. anyway under WOT not sure if its better or worse. It definitely sounds different, bit funny to be honest but feels Great under 10℅ cruising throttle. ANYHOW. that's why im wondering if the air flow meter could be wrong or something as the serial from my old one to new one are different, look identical, both denso Toyota....... Side notes...... Car has new plugs, engine oil, air filter(un oiled one)(long life k&n) reset ecu bout 2000kms pretty sure Its not a coil problem and , could be fuel filter or fuel pressure but cleaning n changing MAF has definitely fixed then ott fixed the problem you know, Cheers. More testing may be adequate with new air flow meter but it def sounds funny up top end with it. Cheers everyone
  4. Hi all. Been looking for over 8 months now for a low km corolla sportivo, if anyone on here or know of someone who has please let me know will pay top dollar
  5. Hi guys It's been a while but thought I would post a thread to get some expert help from current and previous owners of the mighty 2ZZGE. I noticed a couple of drops of oil on the garage floor and had my mechanic look under the car where he said he could see oil around the water pump. He said it's not an urgent fix and will more than likely stop but could come back. Well, that's exactly what went away and now it's come back. So my questions are: Is it likely that the water pump can leak oil? Has anyone else had experienced this same issue? What kind of costs would I be looking at for the OEM part and labour? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi there So I have been following some of the guides on here for the removal of the dash. I have bumped into a problem which has now cost me the use of my air-con. I can't seem to remove the clip which atached the aircon button to the wiring harness. Need to remove so I can completely remove the centre console. Was planning on changing the interior lighting. There doesn't seem to be any tabs you can press down on and I used pliers to try and grip the clip to pull it out. Unfortunately it slipped and I cut one of the wires to my air con button which now does not work LOL FML. So any help with this would be appreciated. Also with the wire will rejoining with electrical tape be good enough? Also would I have to disconnect the battery when playing with this? thanks
  7. Shuu, So i finally picked up a 2005 facelift Corolla Sportivo in White. After wasting time and money looking at a piece of sh*t in Melbourne, i found a really clean on in QLD. Flew up and drove it back. So far really happy with it, previous owner took real good care of it. Heres a pic.. Mods so far: TRD CAI BC Coilovers Exedy HD clutch Tints
  8. Hey guys!!! Im desparatly trying to find some sort of solution to the corolla sportivos excessive seat hieght i have looked far and wide but i cannot find anything in regards to racing/bucket seats to suit the shape or aftermarket rails, i'm contemplating just getting a celica ( love that 2zzge) but i've had the corolla for a while and would be sad to see it go. Can anyone help me with this???
  9. Hi all, here is a quick run through of my Corolla Spotivo 2005 model. Heres a few details 2005 Toyota Corolla Sportivo 5Y Purchased January 2012 with 110XXX on the clock Black Mica Stock standard apart from lowered on king springs lows MODS TO DATE: Injen Cold Air Intake with Injen Pod DIY red climate control DIY red brake calipers DIY JDM taillight mod Future Mods: CES or Varex Exhaust system 2.5’ from cat back 3A racing pod Tein Coilovers or S-tech Springs DIY red headunit lights to match dash and climate control Red COROLLA illuminated door sills Celica engine cover Federal 595ss TRD sway bar Phillips crystal vision globes New floor mats New gear knob Red stitch gear boot Red stitch leather arm rest Sports pedals Sound system (nothing over the top) BBS RS 16x8 +20 offset The Day i bought it :D Its first day at home New speakers, Kenwood 3 way speakers :) Just a small photo shoot INJEN ARRIVED!!! DIY Red Brake calipers, only took around 3 hours! Just another weekly wash JDM Taillight mod and thats all so far :) thanks for looking
  10. Hey guys, I'm new here. I have been wanting to a Corolla Sportivo for a while, but never had the money. After much saving I now have the funds and I'm open to all offers, so please send through anything to (gay address, I know). I am located in Earlwood, NSW.
  11. Hi, I got a corolla thinking about doing some low budget mods, at the moment i am looking for a cold air intake can someone help plzzz. its a 2003 corolla sportivo. TIA
  12. As the title states, im after a front strut brace for my corolla sporitvo.