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  1. This is a simple friendly thread regarding oil filters for most Toyota models. Now people have stuck by Ryco as an aftermarket filter for the longest period, some say genuine is best, in Toyota's case the old Japanese made Denso filters were brilliant, but now being made in Thailand i personally feel the quality isn't there like they used to. I did an interesting comparison, so i brought a genuine Toyota filter from my dealer & i weighed an aftermarket brand i personally swear by because quality is top notch. I run Mann-Hummel oil filters in all of my cars, also when i was working for Mercedes-Benz, 90% of all filters were Mann-Hummel, which has been the supplier to Mercedes filters for 50+ years. After numerous personal testing myself i can see why the company has such good quality reputations. I was curious because i noticed the noticeable weight difference between Toyota/Denso & Mann-Hummel So... to my suprise the Mann-Hummel filter has more filter media throughout, even at the base. I tapped the bottom of the Toyota filter which sounded hollow, repeated on the Mann-Hummel.... suprise, suprise.... it made a solid thunk because it was filled all the way through. The photos below show a direct comparison in weight Toyota/Denso - 248g Mann-Hummel - 301g Now 53g doesn't sound like much, but when it comes to filters, simply more filter media. I highly recommend Mann-Hummel because not only is the quality there, but the filters are "Made In Germany". Now half of Denso filters are "Made In Thailand" Denso PN: 90915-YZZD2 Mann-Hummel PN: W 712/83 Ryco PN: Z418 (for simple reference) - The only thing Ryco i use are cabin filters. Wesfil have too much air flow restriction, genuine are nothing special where i personally use the MicroShield cabin filters. But Toyota used these Z418 spin on filters in ALOT of models. On a side note I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this stressful 2021 !
  2. Well I have been working on this for a few years and I think it is only fair that I show everyone what I think is worth all that effort. it is a 1991 AE92 FXGT corolla. i have owned it for the past 5 years over which I have been working on slowly cleaning it up and making it into a clean and very stealthy car. This year I have been working with a panel beater friend and we cleaned it right back to not quite bare metal and spent almost 6 months getting the panels straight and clean enough for a fresh coat of factory black.
  3. Hey everyone, I have a 2004 Corolla Ascent Wagon ZZE122R 220,000ks, and was looking at it's possible to life the suspension as I do a fair bit of driving out in the sticks where an couple of inches of extra clearance would be appreciated. If not, is it possible to get stiffer rear suspension as under load it tends to get fairly low. Would either of these options be possible? Cheers, Hugh
  4. Hi! I have a 2013 Corolla ascent sport, with a 100182 multimedia system. I purchased the car second hand from a dealer in the ACT and had it delivered to me in northern NSW. long story short it's a brilliant car I'm very happy with it, the only issue is when I go to connect a phone it automatically says connection failed, doesn't give me the chance to even look for the device. I tried initialising it again and also disconnecting the battery but neither of these did anything. Im busy at the moment and work long hours so don't have the time to go to the Toyota dealer in my town to have them look, I was wondering if anyone had the same issue or knows how to fix it
  5. Hey all, just wondering if anyone happens to know the exact refrigerant capacity for an 04' Mark 3 Avalon ? Also it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a sticky/thread in the workshop area for all Toyota models & relevant refrigerant charge capacity. Camry, Landcruiser, Landcruiser Prado, Aurion, Avalon, Corolla, etc.
  6. Hi Guys, I got a 1998 bug eye Ae112r and planning to install a viper keyless entry kit model 211hv. What I know so far are the wires for, horn, dome lights, ignition and 12v constant. Wondering if you guys can shed some lights on where the lock and unlock wiring is for the doors? I saw a video on YouTube saying it’s on the passenger side kick panel but I’m in Australia and his car is left hand drive so his passenger side is out driver side and vice versa. Anyway I tried looking for the same wiring colours but had no luck. so wondering if you guys can point me on the right direction please? Also, for the dome light supervision on this kit would anyone know if I should wire it to the courtesy light switch that’s located near the fuse box? I’ve attached the instruction manual but seems confusing when reading it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi I got 2015 Toyota Corolla SX Sedan Auto I was thinking to put Paddle shifter in my car. I couldn’t be able to find much information on the internet as I think it would not be a difficult to put the paddle shifter from a wrecked car just need to know the wiring procedure anyone can help me with. And wanted to know from which website I can find oem number for different parts as If I had to order the parts required for this installation. I saw one video for Toyota camry paddle shifter installation link is If you know any information regarding this please let me know.
  8. last week right after i fueled up my car i decided to floor it from 1st and 2nd and when it lift it hit really strong and jerked me back to my seat and at that the time my engine was warmed up. week later i try to to do the same thing and the lift didnt feel strong like it did the last time. the engine was both warmed up each time i hit lift. is there similar problems that had happend to anyone else before? i have an 205 corolla sportivo with 179000k's and fully stock
  9. Hi all Im after some info from anyone with a ~2017 hybrid corolla. I'm looking at this model as the boot space is much larger than the new model. When do you need to replace the battery and at what cost? Any other pros and cons over the petrol only version would be great too. Thanks!
  10. Hi All, I recently purchased a used 2013 corolla from a dealership. When i purchased i did not realise the ac lights did not work as it was day. When i've driven the car at night and used headlights the right and left lights are out but the middle is illuminated. Today the middle green light on the A/C dial stopped working but the ac is still functioning. Is this covered by warranty or will i need to fork out for a new knob and lights?
  11. Bought a Toyota Corolla ZRE152 in Feb 2010 MY09. Engine is 1.8 2ZR-FE Photos 91.7KW, stock is around 70kw Peak torque is around 227nm at 4400rpm (37% increase in torque) With camshaft change, aiming to get 107kw at the wheel with more aggressive camshaft, it will shift the peak power band to 7000rpm, with some sacrifice on mid range I am aware the dyno is just a rough estimation of engine output, and is not accruate Stock with cat back only (Graph referenced from another member dutchie101) Before and after Unichip, plus headers, full exhaust (include high flow cat), NST pulley, intake, pay attention to midrange After LSD and flywheel and new pod filter (replacement, same brand and model), nst pulley removed. The 2 dyno lines represent two runs. First run is 89.7kw CurrentMods Power related - Injen CAI (3-5kw increase) - WeaponsR Header (2-4kw increase) - Custom 2 inch Catback installed. (3-5kw increase) - NST Pulley, around 2kw increase, broke into three pieces after 50000km - CatCo Hi Flow Catalytic Converter, with headers sitting so close to it, it becomes a bottleneck. (1-3kw increase) - Unichip (7kw in mid range, 3kw at peak) - MWR flywheel (6kw increase across the range) Handling Related - Bridgetone MY02, Toyo R888 for Track use - Remsa Brake Pad or A1RM - DBA standard rotors - Peddars xtreme Coilover. 30 ways of Adjustment - Cusco Front Struct brace to reduce body flex in tracking - Cusco underbody brace - KMAC 20mm Rear Sway bar adjustable - Wiechers rear strut brace - Peddars lower arm polyurethane bush - Quaife LSD Exterior: - HID 6000K - Front fog light - Toytoa Europe side skirt - Levin style spoiler - Rear tow hook - Auris badge Engine oil: Nulon 0w-40 High Performance Synthetic oil Reducing Weight Remove all seats except driver seat (around 30kg) Remove spare tyre and tools (around 15kg) Light weight driver seat (5 kg reduction) Lithum Battery, 2.9kg each, https://www.lithiumax.com.au/product-page/lithiumax-new-450cca-black-lcd-series-battery Light weight flywheel (5kg reduction) - Rota R Spec 16x7 (6.5kg each) Work in Progress Unichip i-driver to increase rpm to 7200rpm, our car is cut by fuel when overrev MWR Camshaft stage 1, https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product/mwr-cam-set-2-2zr-fe-stage-1/. This will increase the peak power by 8% estimated Below was done in 2012, where no flywheel, no LSD and no camshaft mod
  12. Item: Various Camry Parts 1. Leather Steering Wheel - $280 ono -used 8/10 condition, comes with air bag and cruise control 3. (new/unpainted) JP Vizage Lip Kit fits 2002-2006 Toyota Camry what you get: -1 front lip -2 side skirts -2 rear pods/rear spats made from polyurethane bends instead of cracking comparing to aftermarket fibreglass kits - comes with mounting hardware -smoked foglights fits 2002-2004 preface camry, $100 2005-2006 Front bar with foglights, Side Skirts. $150 2x Rear bar with TRD accessories rear lip $100ea Parting out WHOLE CAR - PM For available parts interior from facelift camry sportivo - black with red accents seats door cards etc updated centre console trims head lights, tail lights, mirrors, grille Prices are negotiable. Location: Melbourne Western Suburbs Website: This and various other sites Reason for Selling: Upgrades/Went down different path Shipping: Shipping under buyers expense via e-go Contact Details: Pm me
  13. Hello, I have noticed that my Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport 2014 Manual is not down shifting easily like it used to. example: I leave for work in the morning and up shift my gears to 70 km/hr and travel about 1 km before needing to stop at a stop sign. When slowing the car down to stop, I gradually shift the gears down to help slow the vehicle. The gear lever is often reluctant to enter the lower gear, to the point at times my car needs to be stationary before I can enter into first. From 6th to 5th, and 5th to 4th is never an issue, however 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st is problematic. I have owned the car from new, It has done 115,000 km, Toyota replaced the transmission oil at the last service at my request. The issue seems to be more prevalent in the mornings when it's cold (0-10 degrees Celsius), Up shifting is excellent. The air conditioning compressor was replaced under warranty at 100,000 kms. I have spoken to a friend who said it may be the synchromesh, I hope this is not the case because i was expecting a manual corolla to be reliable. Cheers.
  14. Hey! i own a couple of Ae112r corollas. One I’m happy with but my other is a darker red with no spoiler. I’m seeing if anyone in the greater Brisbane area knows of any that are getting wrecked that I could get a spoiler off, or is selling any themselves. Cheers!
  15. Okay does anyone at all know where the fog light relay location is in the Toyota Corolla Allex? I checked the engine bay fuse boxes, the passenger side fuse box and I can’t find none at all, I’m giving up at this point it’s a 2004 jdm Allex, 1zz-fe
  16. Hello everyone, I have a Toyota Corolla Allex 2004, 1.8l, 1zz-fe engine, jdm I’m trying to install some fog lights and I realized that the car came prewired for fogs so I’m going to use the wires already on the car (They’re a bit dirty so I’m gonna use QD electronic cleaner), I found the fuse box under the passenger side and saw the fuse already there for the fog lights, however, I looked under the hood and cannot find the fog light relay, do you guys know where it is? see images of pre-wired fog harness and the relays under the drivers side (but idk if any of these are for the fog lights)
  17. Hello guys, I just got the torque pro app and elm 327 to work with my Toyota Allex, is there any additional PIDS/extended PIDS I could get or have a link to?
  18. Hi I bought a used corolla 2004, when using the key on the driver’s door , all the doors including the hatch open. But the previous owner didn’t gave me a remote. Now my question , if I buy a standard remote from ebay and program it , should this work for my car ? Do you think the car had a remote previously since all the doors open with the key turned in the driver’s door? Thx
  19. I want to get wing tips for my 05 Corolla sportivo i know there hard to find but was wondering if anyone knew anyone selling a set
  20. Hey All, I'm new here, and found this place whilst looking fro new wheels for my AE112 Levin, I found a set of wheels that have the correct PCD and came of a 89 Model. The issue is they have a +12 offest and don't know if this will be too much poke for the guards. Any help would be appreciated! These wheels: http://www.tarziatyrecentre.com.au/dynamic-15x7-d-shape-hole-drift-steel-wheel-4x100
  21. Hey all, Just got a 2019 Corolla SX Hybrid today and am super excited! Loving everything about it so far, but I’ve just been trying to set up Waze and am a little confused. (I know there’s an inbuilt navigation system but I’ve always been a big fan of Waze and would love it on my system). Whenever I try to choose the Waze app, it says “Embedded navigation route is already active. If you prefer to use Waze, stop the embedded navigation guidance”, which is then followed by a black screen. I’ve looked everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be any option to stop the embedded navigation guidance as it asks. Unless I’m blind, but I feel like I’ve clicked every button possible! This still comes up when I’m not actively being navigated to any location by the inbuilt system as well so it doesn’t seem like that is the problem. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much :)
  22. So I have started to face this issue of sluggish/slow acceleration with my 2ZZ-GE AE80, I changed the fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned lift solenoid but same issue persisted. I went from 97RON to 92RON fuel for some reason and all of a sudden the car does not hesitate during acceleration, what can be the problem. Car used to have popping sound from exhaust before there was this issue. Note: Water temp goes to 101ish and 2zz knocks due to 92RON while it never knocks or temperature never goes above 100C on 97 RON.
  23. Hi guys (Lift issues on 2ZZ VVTLi) Need some help in Melbourne sourcing a mechanic who actually knows there way around a 2ZZ VVTLi engine (Corolla Sportivo)? I went to my Toyota Dealer (been going there for over a decade) and my engine was leaking oil. The following list is the work they carried out in order to fix the oil leaks. The oil leak was fixed (and it cost me an arm so far), but now my car will NOT hit lift. They have had two goes at it, but they do not know why it won’t hit lift blaming anyone but themselves. What could be the issue of why lift is not engaging and could you please recommend a reputable mechanic who has previously fixed these issues and has experience with the 2ZZ VVTLi engine in Melbourne. The work which was carried out: · Removed timing case and cylinder head assembly · Replaced all seals and gaskets · Replaced head gasket and retorqued cylinder head · Replaced VRS gasket set and rocker cover gasket · Replaced all fluids
  24. Hey there guys, I have a corollas ascent sport 2016 model, ZRE182. I’m wondering if anyone tried to replace their OEM seats for aftermarket bucket seats before? If so what are the rails patterns. Really keen on putting a pair into my slow boi. Thank you guys!

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