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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all. I have just picked up a base model 1999 v6 Camry. I was wondering how hard is it to fit cruise control to these cars and where is the best place to source the kits (if available). Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I want to fit a after market cruise control in my corolla 2005 Dec. It is ZZE122R, 1.8L, A/T, electronic throttle body control. However, all the "How to video" on youtube are not same as my car. I had some photo attached. I only have 2 pins in that port and only 1 pin is actually ported out on the other side. How can I fit it in the car? I know the black wire is ground. Where should I plug the red wire in? Don't laugh at me. I tried to plug the red one in the spare pin and the black one on the metal part of the steering wheel (I though it's ground). But when I press cruise control, the horn rang off.
  3. Calling the C-HR a dragon might be a stretch but it is a stand-out, head turning car, even when parked in the street, there is no doubt it looks aggressive from every angle. The C-HR looks like nothing else on the road and makes the competitors cars look boring and bland. I have been stopped more than once by car enthusiasts wanting to know, how it drives or even just to comment on its unique style. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the driving features and the "WARNING" notices in the manual are there for a reason, ignore them at your peril.
  4. I own a manual 1992 tarago GLI which is my daily driver. I have purchased a 1996 Tarago GLX automatic for parts. The GLX has cruise control which I would like to swap over to my '92. Can anyone help with advice on how to do this please?
  5. I have just found with my new Sahara that when Radar cruise control is ON (and no car ahead to affect the speed) that if you accelerate using the accelerator pedal and then press SET the speed reverts to the original setting (less 1 kph). Dealer was unsure whether this is a fault or intended. If intended it's dangerous! On a freeway I accelerated from 80 kph to 110 kph and when I pressed SET (to hold the speed at 110 kph, or so I thought) the brakes came on as the car attempted to go back to 79 kph. Gave the bloke behind a bit of a surprise too! Anyone else had this issue? On normal cruise control it all works as you would expect.
  6. Hi everyone, I’ve got a 2001 AE112R Ascent Seca which has just clocked just under 200,000km. It still runs like a clock and I don’t see anything major going wrong in the near future. I do about one return Canberra-Sydney trip every 2 months on average and have been thinking about getting cruise control (CC) installed. I would appreciate your wisdom on the following questions: a) Is it be worth getting CC installed given the age and mileage? b) Is it feasible getting CC installed? c) If yes to the above, where should I start looking?
  7. On warm days, above 33'C usually, the cruise control, central locking and power windows intermittently stop working but not all at once. It's usually one or the other. My thoughts are that the ECU has some bad joins in it? But I'm not sure if it controls all these items
  8. Hey, I own a 2003 Toyota Camry, I was driving it last night and was using the cruise control fine, I stopped at some lights, then started driving again and tried setting the cruise control, the green "cruise control" light switched on but it wouldn't set. When I reached my destination i parked the car and noticed my brake lights wouldn't switch off. It was late by that time and I was forced to just disconnect the battery or have a dead battery in the morning. I had to get to work the next day so I've been forced to connect the battery whenever I need to drive it and disconnect it when parked. The car doesn't like it, sometimes when I am disconnecting the battery terminals it will start the alarm all of a sudden and I have to use the central locking key to lock it so it will stop. Disconnecting the battery also seems to clear the internal computer as the clock on the dash resets to 1:00 and the radio presets disappear. (Which is fine, as I can set them right again myself, but does this also reset other important things with the internal computer?) Does anyone know if the cruise control not working and the brake lights not turning off would be connected at all? Can I get some advice on what to do about this, please? I'm thinking I'll have to take it to an auto electricion but I need to know what is wrong with it to let him know so he's not dicking around with it any longer than he needs to be, haha. I also know barely anything when it comes to cars and am not "switched on" with them or mechanically minded at all. (I also googled the brake lights not turning off problem and found it may be something to do with a plastic plug connected to the top of the brake pedal, I tried to get a look in there but couldn't find it.) When I went to have a look for the plastic switch under the dash where the brake pedal is, I noticed some small black plastic pieces on the floor which look like they've broken off something, it may be the plug I'm looking for. I tried to take a photo, you can see the black bar which is the brake pedal, but I dont know what I'm looking at. Is the hole pictured supposed to have a plug in it? Cheers guys :(
  9. My names Michael, I OWN A 1998 mcv20r TOYOTA Camry (3.0L V6). I have an issue where by the car will be driving and as soon as I descend down a hill, it will start to ***** around, feels like its trying to fuel cut (I know its not though, just feels like it), then when I pull up at the lights it feels like its trying to stall. I have been informed it could be O2 sensors, Cracked on-board computer board, MAF sensor as well as various other things. I have found that if it does it, I pop the bonnet and tap the EGR Valve with a screw driver it will stop it and run normally, yet I have replaced the EGR valve 4 times. Anyone experienced the same problem or know what it might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. I have a new land cruiser 76 series wagon, I also purchased a vdo cruise to fit to it, but the dealer I purchased the vehicle from said not to fit it as it's non genuine but I'm wondering if he is just trying for me to buy a new one from him anyone got any more info on this before I fit it.
  11. Hi, as previously mentioned, I recently upgraded from a 2010 to a 2012 Hybrid Camry. One of the big improvements I have noticed is the way the new model uses the regenerative braking to help maintain a set cruise when going down hills with the cruise on. It still struggles down really steep hills to maintain a set speed, but light years ahead of our 2010 model in that regard. With the low rolling resistance tyres our previous Hybrid would continue to increase speed down hills with the cruise set. Without touching the brakes 105Kph was soon say 120kph or more (nice recipe for a speeding fine) and one of the few things I didn't like about our 2010 model! I would still have preferred the cruise control buttons to be on the (ugly) new steering wheel though, like they are on our 2nd car (a 2010 Hyundai i30 CW) rather than a stalk behind the wheel as in the previous model.