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Found 24 results

  1. Hi Guys, I bought a 60 series Cruiser new 25 years ago and it has been amazing for all those years. It is a 4 Litre Diesel Non Turbo with about 300k on the clock. The Problem: Driving to the airport the other morning reasonably cold weather say 8c. Early morning (still dark) Every 8 to 10 seconds the engine misses. Not konk out just a miss. I put the high beam on and it becomes more frequent. I varied the speed 60 , 80, 100Km but this made little or no difference. Sitting in the car park, stationary at idle. It is still doing it. Missing every 8-10 seconds. I turn the headlights off and the missing stops and the engine runs smoothly again. It has literally not missed a beat for 300,000 KM Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks David
  2. Hi everybody, I hope you are all well & healthy. I have found a great sounding Hilux SR5 for sale. It is a 2013 AWD diesel. Could somebody please confirm that this model exists. Thank you in advance. Kindest regards Gary
  3. Hi everyone first time posting. i have recently put a 2.8L (3L) motor in my 99 Hilux. Was. 3.0L (5L) but couldn’t find one for a decent price to replace it when it stopped working on me. All non turbo. my uncle who helped me replace the motor said he had heard of people flushing older diesel fuel systems with either a small amount petrol or kero when servicing. Ever done it himself but said it might be worth finding out Looked around on google and it’s mostly people saying can’t do it with newer ones so here I am seeing if anyone has any advice for me with this area? thanks
  4. Hi all,my 2007 hilux has a very loud engine noise when its cold.Not sure if it is injectors or something else.When it warms up its fineTurbo diesel engine [sorry]Anybody got any ideas>>>cheersIm running penrite 5w40 oil and since ive used this oil its gotten worse
  5. Guest

    Diesel Fuel Additives

    This may have been covered in the past however couldnt find anything. Just recently purchased a Late 2014 Hilux SR Dual Cab. Perfect condition underneath inside and out. First time owning a Diesel engine. Just wondering if i should use any diesel fuel additive to clean injectors. From the service book it has done every single service - currently sitting on 111000 Kms. Purchased at 107000. Got it from a Toyota Dealership which they said they done there checks and service on it as well. If its a good idea to use please advise which one would be best suited (KUN26R) Cheers
  6. Hi all, I'm on the hunt for a rear tailshaft for my '01 Hilux, haven't had much luck with wreckers as its the first thing to go when they pick cars up with a forklift. Just wondering if any of the shafts are interchangeable between different models? Mines a kzn165 with a straight, one piece shaft (no centre bearing), I know some of the surfs and LN models have similar looking ones and I've found a few on gum tree etc. Will any of the shafts from other models fit my ute? I've got a dual cab, manual 3.0l diesel kzn... Thanks in advance
  7. Hey guys Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with dealing with Toyota for a post warranty claim? My Rav4 2013 had a fuel injector die in April and Toyota called this a ‘rare anomaly’. It cost me $1200 to fix. Now, 7 months later, another injector has broken down! According to my research, injectors are supposed to last a lot longer than 80,000kms (at least 200,000), so I took this up with the Toyota dealership. They took a week to get back to me and dismissed it as an out of warranty issue. Frustrated, I took my complaint higher (through their “Guest Experience” centre) and they are currently re-investigating the case...Though no promises of a positive outcome. Three weeks with no car later (and very little communication from Toyota!) is really starting to affect my opinion of the company. I’ve always raved about Toyota to my friends. In fact, I’ve had 4 Toyotas in a row, all through a Toyota dealership.. and I’ve always serviced through Toyota. I feel an onus is on them to financially come to the party, and acknowledge their product is not up to scratch. I would not be complaining if I didn’t feel this was unfair . Fingers crossed they’ll do the right thing. Otherwise I’ll not be buying another Toyota again.
  8. Hi guys be nice I’m new here. Currently the proud owner of a 2009 Prado as the family bus, but thinking of getting a Hilux for myself, currently looking at this: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-Toyota-Hilux-SR5-Manual-4x4-MY14-Double-Cab/OAG-AD-16092487 just curious to know if it has a DPF, if so what year did they start fitting DPF’s to the D4D? cheers.
  9. Hi everyone. I have a 98 4x4 3.0 diesel (5l) hilux. Engine was a low on compression and had a heap of oil leaks so I have recently gave it a basic freshen up. I replaced rings, bearings, gave it a light hone, full gasket kit, full timing belt kit, diesel pump front seal, glow plugs, valve regrind and head planed. Engine was reassembled correctly and to proper specs everything is correctly timed all marks line up dead on. Engine turns over fine now has plenty of compression turns over freely without any odd noises or anything out of the ordinary. Have also bled the system, is glowing up properly, is getting fuel into injectors. My knowledge with diesels is somewhat limited as this is my only one I've had although I have plenty of experience with petrol engines and have reassembled those before with no problems. Everything's plugged in, all lines are on properly, its all timed properly all marks line up, its glowing up getting fuel but will not go. I sprayed a little bit of aerostart into it today and it sounded like it wanted to go but other than that just winds over. Just wanting to know anything else I can check or other potential issues something I may have done wrong or something I don't know before I have to send it to the mechanics as patience and time are running low. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi Gurus, I’ve noticed a small rattle with my 2014 RAV4 Diesel manual with 21k kms on the clock. I first heard the ‘rattle’ when in neutral whent the clutch is engaged. When I press the clutch in the rattle disappears. The car drives normally with smooth gear changes and no noticed difference in the clutch pedal feedback/pressure. Having noticed it, I hear the rattle throughout the gears although its hard to hear clearly due to the diesel motor sound and road noise. I did stall the car last week at low speed and I think I’m just being paranoid but I can’t remember the noise being there before. I only really noticed it a couple of days ago. I read about throwbearings or clutch springs being loose making rattle sounds but I suppose it could be something else entirely. I’ll take it into Toyota this week if I an but I’d like some expert knowledge in case they tell me to replace the clutch! Thanks in advance! Pete
  11. Hey Guys, Ive had my 2.8 Lux for almost 7 years now. Trying to do services on her every 5000 but she has also been sheded for a year here and there through the years. She has always been a little dirty pig. Blows plenty of black smoke and drips oil from who knows where, but i love her to bits. I've had many different opinions on where and why but still she is in her same situation. Im thinking and researching about a Desludge with Diesel, ATF or a mixture of one of them and oil. I know this is a hot topic but i want to know what is the consensus on old LN106r 2.8 engines. I really think she could benefit from it, maybe, i think. She has only done 260000 but before me you can see she's had a hard life. I think a pigging mobile! Anyway I've read that maybe ill have to take out my oil pan after the first flush, how do i do that? if i go ahead with the desludge. or are there other ways apart from diesel or ATF flush. Cheers Im open to discussion and reasoning. A proud 90's Hilux owner. Senne
  12. Hi All, I've just had the 130k service done on my Hilux by Toyota and to have them tell me the turbo has to be replaced, at a cost to me of $3k. It was making a whistling/siren sound corresponding to the engine revs so I suspected it was a turbo problem but didn't expect that it need replacing this early in the cars life. I bought my Hilux brand new and have serviced with Toyota dealers for every service, even outside of warranty. I'd expect a turbo to last more than just over 4 years and 130k on a Toyota. I'm keen to know if anyone else has had a similar issue with there Hilux turbo failures, whether within or just outside of the warranty period and what was the outcome? Thanks
  13. I have had this vehicle about 6000 km. During this time I have done a double roundtrip Sydney-Hunter Valley (back to back) and the best fuel consumption displayed on the dash was 10.5 l/100km. I have noticed this is heavily damped (That means in case you don't know it does not change fast) I also have never had any different consumption around town. Always either 10.6 or 10.5. I rather expected this vehicle to do better on freeway driving, but that has not proved the case. Then a friend said I should check if the displayed reading is accurate. Its not. It should be 11.08, not 10.6. That was over 560 kms. I wonder if anyone else has a different experience. I was told this engine is more efficient than the old one. I have never owned another Toyota, but a friend tells me he gets significantly better consumption on the freeway, even while towing a light van, but he has the old engine. Geoff
  14. Hello, my 2007 VDJ78R_1VD_4.5L V8 single turbo workmate troopy wont start. Starter motor fine, engine cranks ok. Battery good. Glow plug relays, and associated fuses ok. But no fire. Just wont kick. Was running in the last few days. Felt a feint engine surge while driving in third gear. Engine was idling from cold start next morning then shut down by itself. Hasn't been able to start since. Have emptied out currently optioned fuel tank (main) and all looks clean. Changed out fuel filter and re-primed. Still cranks ok, but no fire. Any ideas?
  15. Hi guys, I've got a 4x4 1997 2.4 22r powered hilux, my gearbox recently blew up and I'm wondering if I can swap it with a gearbox out of an 87 diesel 4x4 hilux and if so what I need to do to get it to go in? Do I need to swap bell housings or somthing like that or will it just go together? any info on any possible gearbox swaps would be appreciated cheers
  16. Mr Lee

    Toyota Fortuner

    Hi All, Finally, the Toyota Fortuner is arriving in AU. The car is only in Diesel 2.8L 4 cylinder with 7.6L/100km. Now that coupled with true offroad and stylish design is what a Kluger should have been. This car has been in South Africa for years and exceptional value. When I asked Toyota last year if this was arriving; they had no knowledge of this news. Will you upgrade to the new Fortuner? http://www.carsguide.com.au/car-reviews/2015-toyota-fortuner-review-first-drive-36436
  17. Hi fellow Prado owners, I have a 2008 D4D Prado that has been sensational to date. My problem is that I have been reading a lot about injector issues. Having been a owner of a 1999 Common rail Jackaroo for a number of years and having the misfortune of having had a fatal engine problem at 130K and the NEW replacement engine showing the exact same symptoms at around 100K, I decided to invest in a Toyota Prado. I trusted that toyota could build a great, Long life Diesel, common rail engine. However, of late, I have been reading a number of articles regards the issues stemming from the injectors. What I have not found is a solution!. I wonder if Toyota have done anything to address the articles written. Do they acknowledge the problem? Do they have a solution? How do I find out what the CORRECT solution is? By the way, great website guys, many thanks. Peter
  18. Hi Everyone, I just won a brand new (2014) Hilux SR5 manual diesel. As this is the first diesel 4x4 I have owned, I am still deciding whether to keep it or not. I have added a canopy and rubber matting to the tray, the main use so far has been carrying 4 sets of golf clubs when I car pool with some mates, and the weekly shopping. Looking forward to browsing some topics in the forums.....
  19. Hi all, new here!, just trying to find the correct method to correct my annoying problem. I have a 1998 sr5 dual cab 4x4 with a 5l non turbo in it. everything has been maintained to the the highest standard, although recently it has started to puff black smoke when under load in 2nd and 3rd gear.Not all that much but enough to have me paranoid. I know these motors are quite dirty and i should allow for alittle smoke now and then under heavy conditions, but under acceleration with an empty tub, it seems to blow smoke. Its just hit 300,000 its just had a fresh aircleaner and fuel filter at service. I have used some injector cleaner as a quick solution , but it hasn't done the job. I'm expecting either injectors or fuel pump to be on there way out. Just wondering if there has been anybody else with similar issuses and whats the best way about resolving it. Any information regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated Cheers Sam
  20. Hey There, This is my first club post and I would like to say that this is an awesome community here, I have previously owned an 05 Corolla Sportivo and used one of your online guides to change my in tank fuel filter...it worked a treat. Anyway, I'm Alex, 26, and live in Brisbane and I'm driving a 98 Hiace 3 Litre Diesel. I'm having an issue where the van is blowing a bit of smoke and going through oil pretty regularly (from full to warning light in about a month). I am not leaking any oil. My dad reckons this is because of piston wear allowing oil into the combustion chamber and then burning up. Is he right? And is it fixable without costing a mint? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  21. Does anyone else have or know about a discrepancy in the specifiactions of the fuel capacity of the 2013 RAV4 Diesel On a recent trip to Sydney i refuelled the car after the fuel Guage warning light was on and the Trip computer said i had 5kms until empty. On refuelling the car it only took 49.5litres and that was filled to the absolute brim. The specifications state that the fuel tank capacity is 60litres 10litres is a big discrepancy especially as i could have got at least another 150+ kms from the tank. Im confused!!!! Any insights?
  22. Hi Everyone, After years of driving Kombi's I have just bought a 1985 Hiace and I love it! It is the LWB diesel model and is empty so ready for conversion. I would love to hear from anyone with a similar vehicle and hear the tips and tricks to look after this great vehicle for years to come. Thanks guy's Milton1234
  23. Hi there, im new to these forums, i went and looked at a 4x4 yesterday, a 1994 toyota landcruiser trayback, 1hz diesel with 300,000 on it, no rust, tidy cab, straight body, $8000 unreg, any help witht the buying process will be appreciated, what i should look for, if its really worth 8k? anything would be handy, Cheers Ben
  24. Hey there, Will an Auto Diesel Hilux ECU work in an Auto Diesel Prado (150 Series)? Both run on the D4-D 1KD-FTV 3.0l Turbo Diesel Engine Same compression ratios Hilux uses 4 speed automatic Whereas Prado uses 5 speed automatic The wiring harness would be different too I imagine? Camrolla

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