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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys! I was looking at picking up an Aurion as a cheap runabout. My brother has one and it's been a very reliable car but he's only clocked 130k on it. As I was looking at some cheaper examples on gumtree, between the 200k-300k mark and was wondering what you guys have experienced with these cars in that mileage range. They tend to only cost between $4000-$6000. Doing my research I understand the GR motors on the Aurion's and Lexus's are very very reliable. The only thing I have found to go bad on more than one occasion is the water pump, which is a $1000 job because of the labour involved and where it is placed. My brothers also developed the famous 'Toyota death rattle' on cold starts, which I assume earned its name for a reason, but his car still runs every single day with the death rattle and has done for over a year. Any info you could give me on your own cars and experience with the higher mileage would be awesome. Thanks guys
  2. Thought i'd post this up. This mod was done to an 08 Aurion but may work for other model cars as well. It's a cheap simlpe non invasive reversable way to customise your dash colours. With out the need for soldering LED's While LED soldering is still a very low skill level of modding not a lot of ppl are comfortable taking a iron to their beloved dashes. This method/guide makes for a much easier way with a low cost of materials for almost as pro look as LED replacement. I had originally wanted to change the LED's in my dash. (like i had done to my iload) But upon opening it up i seen that i could not get the dash to be multicoloured without extreme bleed. It's a bit more crafty skills than electronic or LED modding. As you can see here our AU dash is a bore.... cold and non enguaging. The new look dash. Not for everyone i know. I used simple A4 coloured plastic folders from the local Bargain shop. cost was around 2bux all up. I picked a bunch of different colours to cover as many combo's as i could. The next thing i did to help out was to build a temp mini back lit light desk. This gives a better idea of the end result. Dash out and strip down. You can see a diffusers plate, this simply catches the light and spreads it evenly though this section. Time to experiment. As you can see simply slipping a different colour behind the dash plate creates a brand new colour. Your pretty much only limited buy your imagination. To create a multi coloured dash just cut and butt join different coloured plastic. The best (reversable way) to hold the plastic inplace is with small tabs of normal clear selotape. You only need to keep the plastic inserts held in place untill the dash is clamped back together. Then the new inserts will stay inplace. Using the same method is multi coloured the Fuel and temp Guages as well. Fitted up and back in the car.
  3. Hi all. I need some DIY advice. I have a 1999 Toyota Hiace LWB (my first car). According to the mechanic I need the horn replaced. I was told: 'Don't waste your money with us as this car is old. Find a horn at a wrecker and install it yourself - its under the front grill'. (-_-) Has anyone replaced a Hiace horn? Is it difficult? Where do I start? Do I go to a wrecker or Supercheap Auto or ebay? Is it a specific horn? Is it tricky to get the grill off? Do I have to disconnect the battery? I need this done before an interstate drive in 2 weeks. My 'mechanic' experience is DIY servicing my sewing machineI, however I feel confident and up to learning how to fix my own car. The husband is super handy (has taken apart and fixed motorbikes etc), but busy leading up to the trip and hasn't dealt with this specific issue before. He is encouraging me to get it done by a pro as he can't afford to spend all day fixing the horn and other things that need to be done. The other things I need to sort out are: replacing the plastic surrounding the headlight and indicator. The indicator is currently gaffer taped in place otherwise it falls out. I am hoping I can save money by learning how to fix my car myself.
  4. Hi there Toyota owners, Would like some help replacing the aircon/heater controls in my car. The hot/cold ratchet in the centre has had its gear teeth stripped over the years. I pulled the entire module out and there seem to be all electrical connectors except 3 which are mechanical wires. One controls the the fresh/recirculate while the other 2 go to the hot/cold rachet. In order to replace the module, I need to know how to disconnect the 2 mechanical wires that go to the hot/cold rachet. Or i need to know where these wires go to in the engine bay, so i can disconnect them there. Thankyou very much for your assistance. Let me know if you need any more information and I will be more than willing to provide. Here is an image of what the control module looks like, for reference. Regards, Aussieboy
  5. Hi all, here is a quick run through of my Corolla Spotivo 2005 model. Heres a few details 2005 Toyota Corolla Sportivo 5Y Purchased January 2012 with 110XXX on the clock Black Mica Stock standard apart from lowered on king springs lows MODS TO DATE: Injen Cold Air Intake with Injen Pod DIY red climate control DIY red brake calipers DIY JDM taillight mod Future Mods: CES or Varex Exhaust system 2.5’ from cat back 3A racing pod Tein Coilovers or S-tech Springs DIY red headunit lights to match dash and climate control Red COROLLA illuminated door sills Celica engine cover Federal 595ss TRD sway bar Phillips crystal vision globes New floor mats New gear knob Red stitch gear boot Red stitch leather arm rest Sports pedals Sound system (nothing over the top) BBS RS 16x8 +20 offset The Day i bought it :D Its first day at home New speakers, Kenwood 3 way speakers :) Just a small photo shoot INJEN ARRIVED!!! DIY Red Brake calipers, only took around 3 hours! Just another weekly wash JDM Taillight mod and thats all so far :) thanks for looking
  6. hi everyone, just wanted to spred the word about the DIY topic LED door handle install, while the DIY post (its on this site, just search DIY LED install) explains in great detail how to attach the lights it gives no real explanation on how to wire them. i have a 2010 YRS sedan and after much testing, asking and yelling i finally figured out how to do it (insert face palm lol) the dome light has 3 wires going to it. i found a full yaris wiring diagram here http://www.scribd.co...ecret_password= a blue one=constant power a white and black one=earth and a purple one=power switching once you have installed the lights in each door and ran the wires to the B pillar, you need to run a power wire from the battery (with a fuse installed as well) and splice the power wire for each LED to this power wire. once this is done connect each earth wire from the LED's to the purple wire (power switching) and hey presto!!!! all done here's some pics
  7. Ever wanted to have a completely black diffuser on your Aurion, but not sure about the best way to go about it? Here is one option for you to try out if you've got a spare couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and want something fairly cruisy to do. Total time to allow for - 2hours max (depending on humidity, conditions) Difficulty - Easy Firstly, gather all the supplies; - Painters Masking tape - Newspaper (or something similar to mask up the back of the car with - 150-300 Grit sandpaper - Prepsol/Wax & Grease remover and a rag - 3M/K&H ACRYLIC Primer Grey - 3M ACRYLIC Bumper Black Then proceed to start masking up the back of the car around the diffuser. Depending on the environment your doing it in will depend where you want to be more or less liberal on this (wind etc can cause an upspray, possibly ending up on the boot/lights) Start by sanding the coloured part back with 150grit sandpaper. In my case because of the finish I was after I didnt bother sanding with any higher grades. Obviously if you were after a glossy finish you would continue up. Then proceed to wipe the excess dust off with a rag and give it a quick rub with prepsol to remove any remaining road grime etc Proceed to applying the first coat of Primer Grey. I ended up doing 3 initial light coats followed by a final heavier coat. leave 5 minute intervals between coats, or until it is completely dry (which wont take long) Once the final coat has been left for 45mins-1hr, proceed with applying the first coat of Bumper Black. Again, because of the finish I was chasing I didnt bother to sand back the primer at all at this point. After about 3-4 coats this is the result you will start to see. Because of the nature of the bumper black, it sprays on very thick, and leaves a texture if you don't rub it back, which is what I was after. After the final coat has been applied, proceed to carefully pull your masking off, and you will be left with something similar to this. Much cleaner!

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