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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for the add. I drive a 2000 Toyota Echo (2door hatch) 1.3L, It's manual, and 240,000kms. It's super cheap and reliable and I drive it pretty hard. It's like a go-kart! As a little hatch thats my daily drive I don't take it too seriously and have JDM fun with it. It's running LEDs, painted brakes, and I removed airbox snorkel and put in a pipe mod and feels and sounds better. Interested in more mods etc..so share away! my real toy is a VY SS so big difference in power. But this car is my fun zippy car. I call "Dim Sim" because it's little and golden like a fresh hot dim sim from the fish n chip shop.
  2. Hi, I'm new here and joining up because I like to know about the car I'm driving, whatever it is at the time. Currently, I am on my second Toyota, a 2004 Echo this time. It would seem like a pretty generic car. But, the thing is, my Echo's backstory doesn't make sense. Here's the situation... I picked up this absolutely schmick 2004 Echo in Nambour a couple of years ago for peanuts (I wasn't looking for an Echo but this thing looked too good to pass up). The more I find out about it, the stranger its backstory gets. Can anyone help me put together a vehicle history that makes sense given the facts? It is the base model 3-door, 1.3L, manual It had only done 83,000 kays when I bought it in January 2017 (that's less than 6500km per year on average) Until me, it had spent its whole life owned by Toyota or Toyota dealers The very complete service history shows it being serviced either on the Sunshine Coast or in Dubbo (and swapping back and forth every few years) It has a whole bunch of Toyota Team Racing options plus other sporty bits - spoiler, TTR shift knob, alloys, exhaust, spotlights, seat covers... It seems to have been lowered slightly It is in nearly as-new condition, inside and out So, we have a car ... that was tarted-up and modified by Toyota dealers ... never sold privately ... that did very few kilometres ... that was maintained religiously ... and split its time between coastal QLD and regional NSW. And all this for the cheapest, most basic and least-special model in the entire Toyota range. Any ideas why and how this car exists? Dealer's loan car? Doubt it given it is a manual Dealer parts runabout? Doubt it given the great condition and low kays TTR package car? Doubt it given that TTR options were not officially offered on the Echo An effort by a dealer to give the Echo some sportiness? Doubt it considering the Sportivo model existed Was it crashed, put back together, dressed up and sold at a knock-down price? Doubt it considering the mechanical and crash reports I've run on it A demo car that no one could shift after the Echo was replaced in 2005 and so it just kind of kicked around Toyota for 13 years? Hmmm.... maybe
  3. Hey guys just wondering what parts are cross compatible from the 1.5 1nz to the 1.3 2nz, basically I need coil packs, valve cover gasket, and other bits and pieces, all my searchs turn up 1.5 parts, some sources claim it fits both, in most looking for clarification cheers, dan
  4. Hi there, I am in urgent need of help. My girlfriend lost her one and only key for her 2002 Toyota Echo (in Melbourne). It's currently parked up and cannot be used until we find a solution. Does anyone know what can be done? Will we have to by a complete new ignition switch, door barrels and boot barrel? We are scared its going to be very expensive. She still has the push button opener, which allows us to get into the car. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Kind regards Josh
  5. For anyone who snaps, loses, or other wise doesn't have a bolt holding their cool packs down the size is M6 x 25mm
  6. Hi all, New member here :) I am currently driving a 2005 Echo Sportivo and it is my first car. I love carssss Modifications that I have done: 1. Pod filter intake 2. Removed back seats for weight reduction 3. HID conversion 4. Installed a 2003 WRX bucket seat Currently planning on: 1. Lowering the car 2. Changing to 15" rims from 14" 3. Installing a High flow muffler Nice to meet you all :)
  7. Hello, I have a 2004 echo (auto) and I want to change the auto-transmission oil after 200K kms When reading about this, watching videos etc, there seems to be a range of opinions on even whether to do the change or not?? My preference is to just do a simple drain and refill. Happy to let whatever metal bits have accumulated to be left trapped inside on the magnet. My guess is they won't be moving anywhere, but I'm happy to be corrected on that. However, I cannot find a specific video, or even manual picture, that identifies the exact plug that needs to be loosened in order to drain the fluid. Can someone pls supply a clear pic, or link, which shows the exact plug (nut) to loosen so the fluid will drain? Many thx, JB
  8. I have a 2015 Prado Altitude which has the JBL radio used in various Toyota models. The radio has a terrible echo & feedback for anyone who calls me in the car. I dont hear the echo in the car, it is only people who call me from either mobile or landline phones. The supplier (Fujitsu Ten) and Toyota Australia have evaluated the car and confirmed the problem but dont have any solutions. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem with their JBL radios?
  9. Hi, I've owned my 2005 Toyota Echo (NCP10R) manual 3dr hatch for 10 years. That is until it was written off last week in an accident (not at fault). So now I am looking to buy a car to replace, I loved my Echo, it was a great little car, so now I am looking at replacing it with a Yaris. So I was hoping you guys could help me out with a couple of questions. My budget is $8,000, what year/model Yaris would you recommend in regards to features (like is there someone more significant in a specific year than the one beforehand) etc. This is also my first time buying a secondhand car as I bought my Echo new. Is there anything specific to Yaris' that I should be aware/conscious of when inspecting/test driving a Yaris? Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hello, Just looking for some insight.. I was in a car accident on my way home last night, a lady decided to go through the roundabout when I was almost at the exit! Thankfully no one was hurt. The lady was driving a 4wd and hit the left side of my echo, mostly on the headlight. I've already contacted my insurance company and they'll be assessing it on Monday, just wanting to know what I'm in for.. I'm hoping it's just a repair! At first I thought it was just damage to the headlight, but my mum drove it back home and said it was difficult to drive as it was veering to the right side. Upon further inspection other than a few dents I noticed that a part of the front bumper is missing and the passenger side door and also the bonnet isn't opening. That's all I can really see is damaged right now, so I'm hoping it's nothing too serious! I've attached a photo. Any information will help, thanks in advance :)
  11. Hi Everyone I was just thinking why dont we organise a big get together of all the Echos and do a big run / meeting somewhere around the Sydney NSW area. Imagine seeing hopefully 100+ more of these cute little echos cruising along the roads. Imagine the publicity we would get from the media travelling in a convoy!!!!!! I reckon the Echos are cute little cars so lets put our heads together and organise something.
  12. Hi there, The front passenger door actuator in my mothers 2003 Toyota Echo has stopped working. I've run a multimeter across and know it's blown. I've managed to buy a replacement actuator and have taken off the door skin. I can see the actuator and rods and have unplugged it - however I can't work out how to remove the old actuator from inside the door panel. I've searched online and can't find a thing. Some people have advised that I need to remove the actual locking mechanism and window rail (which are held with those weird star shape screws) however I'm keen to find some pictures or a guide which demonstrates how to do it. If you have had experience doing this, or know of a online guide, could you please point me in the right direction. Cheers
  13. Forsale a Camcon CC-101 by PowerEnterprise $300 Adjusts A/F ratio and VVT-i timing for performance tuning. Allows you to tune the VVT for more torqe lower down making the car more driveable and responsive. and A/F for more power and fuel efficiency. Comes with 2m cable for wiring into ECU. In Great condition. Note: also for Honda’s except in Honda mode it Adjusts A/F and Vtec engagement point. Great for Altezza, Corolla, echo, vitz, VVT-i or just air/fuel mixture control on MAF cars. http://www.power-enterprise.co.jp/USA/products/electric/camcon/camcon.htm All questions welcomed....

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