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  1. Hi there, I just bought a 2008 Toyota Estima Japanese import for my wife. Car is awesome but the radio is all in Japanese wondering if anyone knew how to change this to English and which buttons to press? I know it’s been done of some models not sure if mine is applicable. Unit in question - NHDT-W58 36063
  2. Hi all, I have owned Previa's, Tarago's and now have a 2000 Estima - V6, MCR40, 200k, grey market import from Japan, I bought it in 2014 in QLD. It's in very nice condition and has been a champ, but recently has developed an issue that I have not been able to solve and I'm hoping you're collective wisdom will help... I've had this issue for several months now and it's getting worse: The engine light comes on intermittently, but usually after about 20 minutes of driving. It does not flash. The light sometimes goes off, and comes back on later. When the ELO the car loses power and sputters a bit - it has the feel of not enough fuel. When the accelerator is pressed - it stutters briefly, but then accelerates just fine. But if I hold at any speed, it sputters. So, I took it to my local Toyota dealer to have the OBD codes read, but they were useless. They said that it's too old and a grey market import so they could not get any info from the car. I'm thinking that since the car runs fine until ELO that it's most likely a sensor gone bad, but which one? and maybe it's something else? Questions: 1) Is there an OBD2 code reader that can interface with this vehicle? 2) Anyone had similar issues? How did you solve it? Any guesses as to what the problem is? All thoughts appreciated Cheers, Thomas
  3. Hi, I have Toyota Estima 2004 2.4L Auto, was wondering how to find out the if it's ACR30, ACR40 ... etc (Supercheap auto and Repco sites ask for these details when trying to find parts and their sites can't find the rego as it's import), got Vicroads rego renewal nootice and it says somewhere in between the VIN no: xxxxxACR30xxxxx, does this mean it's ACR30? Or if anyone knows the headlight bulb size and headunit size of it (as I guess there is no way to change the Japanese headunit to English, so need to purchase after market headunit), will be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I have a 1998 Toyota Estima Toyota - grey market Japanese import. Some people call them the “wombat” due to the round front headlights. I’m chasing a towbar, the one for the Australian TCR10 doesn’t fit, the chassis rails are 60mm out. Anybody know a good Aus source, new or second hand/aftermarket? Maybe New Zealand? Looks like I can get one out of the UK but the postage will sting I’m sure... Thanks in anticipation, cheers S
  5. After buying the Estima I realised it came with a space saver as I spare. Decided that since it has been sitting there for 10+ years I should pull it down and change the valve in it. When I pulled it down I noticed that there is a fair bit on room up there and a standard size wheel should fit. Had a look around and found a new Mazda wheel (possibly off a Mazda 6? 16 x 6.5" - pic 6) sitting around aswell as a 215/60 R16 Tyre. Fitted that up and got it balanced so I could try out and see if it fits. Doing it is pretty straight foward:- 1) Pop the Boot (pic 1) 2) Lift the carpet up, lift up the black plug, and use the wheel nut tool (or just a 21mm socket) and undo it (counterclockwise) (pic 2 & 3) 3) Undo it till you have enough to lift the hook over the holder. 4) Pull the space saver off. 5) I was going to remove the black spacer that is attached underneath but then decided it won't be in the way anyway if I put the full size spare in with it facing down. This is also good as don't have to unwind the spare to check the pressure all the time. (pic 5) 6) While you have the spare out, it is easier to hold the bolt and unwind the hook via hand to get it down further. I also fully removed the hook and put anti-seize on the thread. 7) Put spare under, lift up and put hook over the holder. 8) Wind back up. (pic 7) Mine also had a spacer above the hook. That was actually a good size as the spacer wound all the way up to the floor and was holding the spare tight. All up this cost me $0 as I work at a tyre store and we just had the rim and tyre lying around. Most tyre shops usually have old rims lying around or even wreckers. Toyota stud pattern is 5 x 114.3 which many other makes (ford, mazda, mitsubishi etc.) use aswell. Holden is 5 x 120 and won't fit. Sorry, pics aren't the best quality as sun it bad position and only taken with phone.
  6. Howdy all! David here from suburban Perth, WA. We imported a couple of cars last year: 2006 GSR50W Estima Aeras G. 2GR-FE V6 and a large selection of G options (11 speaker sound, dual power doors, etc) 2007 Mark X Zio. Kind of like a fat, 6 seat leather Corolla with a 2GR-FE. On the same platform as the RAV4. We also imported a couple of Estimas for my mother at the same time. 2007 Aeras Special Edition and 2010 Black Aeras Leather Edition. We look forward to being a part of the community here! David.
  7. Item: 2010 Toyota Estima Aeras Leather Edition (Black on Black) Location: Manning, WA, 6152 Website: Carsales Item Condition: Used Reason for Selling: Imported two on behalf of my Mother with the view to selling one of them. Price and Payment conditions: $26,500 Any additional information: ~26,000km (Export Cert supplied). English owner's manual provided. Black leather interior. 11 speaker sound system. Guiding reverse camera. Both rear doors remote powered. Heated front seats. Airbags everywhere. Traction control. Vehicle Stability Control. Brake Force Distribution. Factory 18" wheels. Factory Aeras bodykit. Dual zone climate control. Excellent condition (Grade 5 at auction). *Note that the Head Unit is G-Book from Japan and FM radio frequencies are not the same as locally. There are ways around this.* Really a very nice car! Shipping: Not willing to organise shipping on behalf of potential customer. Contact Details: David. daver at inorbit dot com, please refer to Carsales ad for phone number, or reply here!
  8. Hi I have a 2002 Toyota Estima about 187k Recently, I have noticed that i’m getting about 300km on full tank = 50litres Local mechanic at Kmart does not knwo why and said I need to get it tested. Am based in Mebourne Western suburbs was hoping for any guidance or advice here. I find thay most local mechanics just don’t know or want to touch a Japanese Import Cheers
  9. Hi guys, I need help with 2004 Toyota Estima 3.0 litre engine 1MZFE. I need to fix/replace the rear differential. Does anyone know who got one for my estima??? Or someone who can fix it??? Thank you kindly for all the help.
  10. Hello, I have a 2004 V6 front wheel drive Estima and whoever owned it in Japan lowered it and put coil over (?) suspension on. OK for very smooth freeways but I live in northern NSW where the roads are rubbish and the suspension is totally inappropriate. I want to purchase and fit standard suspension but can't seem to find anyone who can give me spring sizes, part numbers or information that may help me locate a set here in Australia. A spring manufacturer up the coast said they could manufacture new ones but would need the car for a week and charge a small fortune to replace. Can anyone tell me if Tarago springs are the same? Failing that does anyone have any suggestions on where to get advice or where I may get a set. Cheers, Shane
  11. Looking at buying an Estima, so may be a Toyota owner soon!
  12. Hi there Looking to buy an Estima so wondering who you guys are looking at for insurance for grey imports?
  13. Good morning and thank you for the ad to this forum. I am looking to buy a second hand Estima - quite a few for sale with km's around the 80,000km - I figured that is a good time to ship them from Japan. I am looking at this car as I want a people mover that can also work(I do a renovation a year) and tow my old lady (vintage caravan) with ease. I figured the 4wd would be stronger and less likely to struggle when fully loaded and have to tow. I have never owned a Toyota before but everyone goes on about it being the most reliable vehicle around. My questions are: 1. 4WD - is this a good choice? > any known issues? > anything I should check before going ahead? 2. Is this a good towing vehicle? 3. Cost of service? > anything I should expect to have to replace in the next 10,000km? 4. The car I'm looking at has 74,000km and is a 2004 Estima Aeras Auto 4WD > anything particular I should know about this type of car? > any particular test/check I should do before buying? > what kind of live span should I expect to get out of this car?
  14. Hi, new to Toyota, daughter has bought diesel estima - pls let us know which group we can direct questions to tx
  15. Well, number 3 arrived so a "normal" car won't do anymore. Picked up this very tidy Estima S Package van recently.. We decided to go for the pilot seat middle row so the kids could get through to the back set without having to worry about flipping the seat forward. Also gives us the ability to fold away the 3rd row and use the middle as recliners on long trips without the kids (unlikely to happen! :) ) Twin electric doors Auto park feature AFS lights (change direction with steering?) Panoramic Sound System (with rear monitor) Factory 18" wheels Just picked up a full english manual for it from the JPNZ site, $50 well spent.
  16. So on trying to get my alignment done, I am told my steering system is all seized up and my alignment is majorly out, thus chewing away my tyres. The existing parts are totally seized and apparently no amount of leverage, heat etc will get them apart: thus I am told I need to replace the "steering rack end" and "tie rod end". Neither of these appear in the mechanic's database, and Toyota says they have none, and have never supplied any into Australia. Can anyone recommend a source for such parts, or know of any equivalent model with the same parts? Any help appreciated. Vehicle = 2001 Estima MCR40 Cheers, Mike
  17. HI, Hoping someone can assist. I have a friend who has a 2003 V6 Estima auto, the transmission has failed and the local tranny repair guy is talking $6k to repair/replace, and he also needs a computer transmission chip, not even sure what that is... Does anyone know of a place to get s/h or reco trannys, we are in Tassie, but as I am in logistics, freight isnt a big deal. I would appreciate any help. John
  18. Can someone please advise when timing belt is due on the 2.4li hybrid Estima, 2002 model. Mine has 97,000km on the clock. Thanks David
  19. Just bought a 2002 Estima Hybrid from Carizma (Jon has been mentioned here before). The user guide seems to be in Japanese Kanji. So can someone please tell me what the button on the gear selector (not the release button) does. IIRC, when pressed, S/T appears on the console. With a CVT used with the hybrid drive, I'm wondering if this is some kind of sequential transmission simulation, as happens in other brands' CVTs. We also have an 04 Prius, but its presentation and operation of the hybrid drive is totally different. Thanks David
  20. HI, Hoping someone can assist. I have a friend who has a 2003 V6 Estima auto, the transmission has failed and the local tranny repair guy is talking $6k to repair/replace, and he also needs a computer transmission chip, not even sure what that is... Does anyone know of a place to get s/h or reco trannys, we are in Tassie, but as I am in logistics, freight isnt a big deal. I would appreciate any help. John
  21. The oil filter on this vehicle is rather evil to reach. The only way seems to be to reach up through a tiny gap underneath the vehicle, and as such there is not enough room to get a filter wrench onto it or get any decent purchase. Anyone have any advice? Much appreciated. Mike
  22. I have about 130k on my 2001 Estima, and I noticed the timing belt is marked with a big "change at 150,000km". I've heard they are difficult to change and cost a lot to get done as they are difficult to reach due to engine placement. Anyone have any experience or advice?
  23. Just started worrying I am doing it wrong: My Estima has a button near the ignition that depicts the four wheels and is marked with the word "auto". When pressed, a matching symbol illuminates on the dash. I am guessing the correct way to drive for the majority of the time is with the light off, with the "auto" mode only being needed under certain situations, my reasoning being that most lights come on when something is in an unusual state--although, maybe letting the car do something automatically is better? Could anyone possible confirm which it should be? Cheers in advance, Mike
  24. My old 95 tarago finally drove its last km today ending at around 386k km do our family of 6proud for over 3 years. We bought it just before our 4th child came along and put around 150k km on it so tomorrow getting on a bus from the mid north coast and buying a 2002 estima that I spotted on net tonight hopefully the upgrade from a gli to an imported v6 will go ok have read here a little about the imported estima and think it is the way to go bit conserned about the 4wheel drive thing so any advice would be good Scooter out

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