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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I have just fitted a Manta exhaust, from the engine pipe back. Took about 2.5 hours including cleaning up my tools. I was advised just cut to remove. It's an easy DIY job if you're keen. I've searched the internet high and low but not found many comparison photos of stock vs Manta bolt-on. So for your viewing pleasure I have tried to show the stock exhaust issues. Above the rear diff is an awesome squashed bit of exhaust. I opted for the quiet, aluminised steel. It was delivered in a day with all new bolts, gaskets and mounts. Take it easy on the tracks
  2. Hi everyone, I am having a problem with my 03 Corolla Sportivo. The car previously has a cat-back custom exhaust that would engage lift strongly and prominently. I did not like how loud it was so I took it back (around a year later) to replace the resonator and install a quieter muffler. Since then I have noticed that lift does not engage anywhere nearly as significantly as before (almost no noticeable power increase) and sounds like it is struggling in the higher rev range/ not operating smoothly. I notice at 6k rpm the engine will cut off very briefly and then con
  3. Hi I want to get an upgraded exhaust system for my 95 Camry vienta, but I haven’t been able to find any for it. I was wondering what exhausts from other cars would fit mine?
  4. Hi Guys, New Kluger owner here, just received a 2014 GX, loving the size for the family etc.! Its ran 58000kms and I noticed that inside the tailpipe is dryish black powdery soot. My old 2004 Subaru Forester has no soot at all and a much cleaner tailpipe, it's ran about 200,000kms. Should I be concerned about fuel injectors, intake valves, O2 sensors, running too rich etc..? Or is this completely normal for the 2014+ Klugers?
  5. Hey everybody Im currently in need of a stock or sports Toyota Corolla Sportivo Exhaust. Not the whole system but mainly just for the muffler. If anybody based in Sydney has one in stock and is no longer in need of the exhaust. Please PM me. Admin delete if not allowed. Thanks guys!
  6. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has a stock cat back exhaust for a 04 corolla sportivo in need for Rego/noise reduction or if anyone knows any areas in Sydney that I can get one from cheers!
  7. Hey guys, so I've got an 01 MR2, I've had the pre cats removed as a precaution but unfortunately i now have an engine light one, can anyone help?
  8. Hi guys,. Just looking for some advice. We have got our eye on a 02,100 series, 4spd auto, 1hdfte. One owner 180000klms. Very stock just been used to tow a van around. If we were to purchase it we would like to replace the standard cd/tape deck. What is the best option? I only need it to play the iPod and radio and maybe a reversing camera. I would like to fit a 3" exhaust and pyro, boost and water temp gauges. Are the any aftermarket pods to house these?Is there anything else that needs to be considered it has full service history and all receipts from new. I don't think the injector lines
  9. G'day, For sale is a set of rear exhaust that would fit a toyota aurion 2007-2012 pre-facelift models and to my knowledge a camry of the same year. They are a straight through design, and by swapping these with your stock mufflers you would be doing a muffler delete. Easy to do just jack up rear of the car and unbolt the 4 bolts and take the stock ones off and put these on. It's a direct swap out and is easy to change back can be done in 20mins They turn the quite no sound into a roaring beast! The sound is hard to describe so i have linked you to a video on youtube: All this does it st
  10. Just wondering if I could get advice from the Guru's, looking to get a new exhaust system for my 95 VCV10 and would like to know what information I could receive. Just got a quote on a new cat back system, which would be $950. Would this be worth it, and what benefits would I receive.
  11. Hey guys, I'm in some need of advice. Today I took my 2014 Aurion into an exhaust shop in Perth to get some work done. When I made the booking I told them my car was a V6 aurion and I asked for a 2.5" cat back exhaust with mufflers and tips (mild steel) for under $700 which they said they could do. After i dropped the car off today I received a call saying that they didn't realise it was a dual exhaust and were under the impression it was a single pipe all the way to the rear. They then said they could no longer do a cat back and offered instead to install 2 2.5" high
  12. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve (F-103) 12mm. $40. Toyota Headunit CD, Radio, Tape deck (double din 6 stacker cd) $50. ITG Maxogen JC60/70 Pod Filter (2.75") - 290 BHP. Comes with No Toil filter oil (2 litre) and cleaner (1.7kg). $100.
  13. Hello fellow Hi-Lux owners. I am new to the scene and have "shot myself in the foot" in regards to my recent purchase. Need some advice(a lot) and help in regards to several issues I am currently having trying to get my car on the road. The bloke that I bought her from has put a VN 3.8 in the engine bay and from what I can see did most of the conversion properly. problem is i'm guessing at about the 98% mark he has gotten frustrated and done some stuff that is a bit of a dogs breakfast. Largest problem I am having is the clearance between the exhaust and the slave cylinder is about 5-10 mm (n
  14. From the album: 1991 Celica SX ST184R

    here is my new muffler, which was fitted at and by Jim Wright's exhaust,
  15. Hi guys. I have a 2013 corolla ascent sport and looking to mod it. Atm I have White led Parker and license plate lights. Removed the ascent sport badge. Near finished plasti dipping the external chrome trimming black. Sunraysia 16x7 with falken 225/50/16 Also have a kicker sub and amp wired to stock touch screen media player player. HID Kit coming soon. Looking for simple performance mods. Id love some advice on what breathing parts to get. Obviously headers, high flow cat and cai. But need suggestions on brand and pricing. ALSO id love some coilovers but once again, need help on brand
  16. Hey guys my levin zr just got a new exhaust put in bit loud for me but still sounds nice :) ( i went through a tunnel as well lol ) http://youtu.be/e31fr0jbqkM
  17. Hey everyone, just purchased a toyota rukus and due to me being in a wheelchair I will be getting it converted to allow wheelchair access into the rear of the vehicle, now to the more important stuff! I wish to upgrade the engine to get at least 150Kw, I don't want to turbo unless completely necessary even though that will put it up to almost 200Kw so I'm looking more for a tune with upgrades such as headers, cold air, cat back and maybe cam if I put an aggressive tune on it, I'm not a mechanic so any advice or feed back would be appreciated! if anyone has done any engine mods please tell me w
  18. Greetings. ITEM FULL set of Mudguards FITMENT 2007-2010 Toyota Camry all models BUT Will NOT FIT SPORTIVO 2007-2010 Toyota AURION BUT Will NOT FIT SPORTIVO MATERIAL Made of Rubber, Will not break like plastic mudgards. Currently Black and will need a fresh of colour coded paint LOCATION Sydney (Pickup) Can post out if required - please provide me with postcode for quotes PRICE $20 Pickup , for local $20 + $postage , For shipment ============================================================= ITEM Bolt on Axle Back Sports muffler , Direct fitment to oem/factory pipes FITMENT 2007-2010 Toy
  19. If anyone is selling Corolla Headers I would be down to buy, I am currently unsure of the price they would go for 2nd hand, but is willing to negotiate.
  20. Hey all, Just wanted to know who has actually done a dyno test on their TRD Aurion. I am interested to see as i recently did it and got ok results. My TRD has the following: -custom headers -custom exhaust -cold air intake -proper tune with an aftermarket chip At my dyno test, i got 209.5 kw at the wheels. I am just wondering if anyone else has done it and how close they actually got to the 241kw at the flywheel. Thanks guys :-)
  21. as the title states i am looking for an exhaust for my 2005 sportivo, i would prefer 2.5" cat back, brands such as CES,Xforce,Magnaflow etc. let me know what you got :) cheers michael

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