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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Thought i would upload a recent issue i had with my 1993 ST184 Celica, 5S-FE Engine, 2.2lt. I bought this vehicle second hand 18 months ago (Aug 2014), very good condition and only 160000km on it. After buying it, i wanted to fix up some minor things on the vehicle, so i put a new clutch in (the old one was right near end of life), i replaced some Sensors, Air-con regas, rear liftback struts, relays, egr module, and odd and bobs. I put a new distributor in , with new leads, plugs etc, and serviced the vehicle. I seemed to always have a bit of an issue with rough idle, and it also does not have the power and pick up that my last ST184 had. Hoping my booked in Full service/throttle body clean, EGR clean/replace might get her running smooth again, and responsive , as some times it lags and then kicks in with correct power. Anyway, the main reason for this post was because i ran into a problem recently over the last 5 weeks or so (Early 2016)...that honestly defeated me for the first time, and had to have it taken to a mechanic. Symptoms: Rough Idle (pretty sure due to major service it needs) Intermittent Starting (sometimes it would start fine sometimes after a few goes also, once or twice i sprayed ether fluid in the intake and that also worked a few time.s) Car cranked fine, battery is pretty new...just would not go at all in the end Eventually one morning , i got in the car to go to work, and no start at all. Diagnostics: This had me stumped, i had limited tooling etc for Diagnoisis Checked for loose wires, one day i would have spark, in the end i had none. Fuel Pump works. Relays are Good Distributor was near new, leads and plugs also I was leaning toward Ingniter (Ignition Module) OR the ECU itself (after advice from an experienced mechanic) I promptly secured a used Igniter and ECU Independently swapped these out, in both combinations (one at a time with currently installed units, then both parts together...all resulting in stil NO Start) Due to my Job taking up so much time, and i live remotely from much help, i ended up having it towed to a workshop. Long story short, the ignition system, ECU, Distributor, Igniter, Fuel delivery, Ignition Switch.........ALL were just fine!! What it turned out to be, was the two Plugs that plug onto the Distributor were "BAD" on the inside, they looked ok from a visual inpsection, the wires weren't loose or coming out. So $34 worth of plugs, splice into wiring harness, and away she goes again like normal. Summary: If you have limited diagnostic tooling, or spare components to swap out for fault finding. Highly recommend really checking your electrical connectors and wiring for chaffing, loose, broken wires....and in my case (not sure i would have found it after hours of frustration) check your connectors. Especially in my case where i ended up with no spark at all, even though it was mostly ok for 5 weeks aside for intermittent starting, in the end it just died. All it was , were the two plugs that go onto the sides of the Dizzy. I think one is the Crank Angle Sensor (or similar - as it's inside the Dizzy & the other is the Coil Plug) So i sure hope this helps someone out, as my car was off road for 11 days, while i was trying to figure this out, spent $360 on parts i did not need, when all it was were two electrical plugs worth $34
  2. G'day everyone, I have a Landy Disco 2 + Prado 1KZ engine conversion and it failed to start this evening. The car vehicle was fine this morning and I did stop by a few places before rushing off to a meeting at a school. It failed to start when I wanted to go home right after the meeting. Here's what I tried: 1. Initially I tried to start the car via ignition and it failed to start. The sound it made when I try the ignition sounded normal. 2. Had a local staff's Pajero to jumpstart the car via a pair of jumper cables, failed. We thought it was the jumper cables being the problem so we borrowed another set which came with a Toyota Rush as standard, failed too. 3. Called a mechanic to come over and diagnose the problem. Mechanic tried using heavy duty jumpers to start the car via a new Isuzu D-MAX (2014 Rodeo), failed too. 4. After some diagnostic checks done by the mechanic, he concluded that the landy needs to be towed to their workshop for a closer look on the battery and the alternator. He further added that the carbon piece in the alternator might need some replacing. Additional info: The 1KZ engine had a dry cell battery installed, and mechanic decided that the battery could be one of the problem too. I'm desperate for answers so I really need the opinions from offroaders and enthusiasts such as you good people to give me some insight as to what the problem might be. Thanks heaps you guys! Ken, and I'm from Sabah (Borneo Island), Malaysia.