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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone first time posting. i have recently put a 2.8L (3L) motor in my 99 Hilux. Was. 3.0L (5L) but couldn’t find one for a decent price to replace it when it stopped working on me. All non turbo. my uncle who helped me replace the motor said he had heard of people flushing older diesel fuel systems with either a small amount petrol or kero when servicing. Ever done it himself but said it might be worth finding out Looked around on google and it’s mostly people saying can’t do it with newer ones so here I am seeing if anyone has any advice for me with this area? thank
  2. Hi guys, I have a 95 Camry 2.2l. I’m just wondering if any of you other XV10 drivers can assist me in your fuel efficiency and what fuel gets the best economy and what range you guys are getting. I’ve been averaging around 11-12l/100km around town and 7-8 on the highway. That’s the same when I use e10 or 98. I try not to put e10 in it as I don’t like how it runs but sometimes the bank balance only calls for e10. And cause I only fill up when I’m empty and put a full tank in cause I just like to do it that way. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Just wondering how other C-HR's are performing fuel wise? Currently I can't get below 7.3L/100km no matter how carefully I drive. I came across a good review where it mentioned they got the test car to match the promoted figure: http://www.carconversation.com.au/reviews/2017-toyota-c-hr-koba-review but I was wondering how everyone else's C-HR was on fuel? Anyone get below 6.4L/100km??
  4. Hello all, I need your help with some info. Those of you that have the TRD Supercharged Aurions, can you please tell me two things? ... 1) What are your air/fuel ratios above 5000rpm to redline? and 2) What is your ignition advance from 5000rpm to redline? Any help with this information would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, vans and also dual fuel which my new (second hand van) currently has! It is a Toyota hiace 1996 with dual fuel. As for engine model and other specifications I am not sure (I pick up the van this Sunday as it is currently getting a roadworthy). However my last few cars I have always serviced myself unless there was a problem that I couldn't fix myself then I would have it checked out. But I have NEVER serviced a dual fuel vehicle or a van. My questions are, Basically what would give me a really good idea with servicing this is what would YOU do/c
  6. G'day. I'm having a problem with the fuel gauge in my 2000 model hilux(kzn165r). I will fill it up one day, drive 50 k's and it will say half empty. I'll jump in it the next day and it will say it's empty for the first 5minutes of driving, it will then rise up to full and keep rising and lowering as I drive..... Any ideas out there on what it could be?? Cheers
  7. Hey guys, My 2012 Aurion ZR6's cruising range was running low (around 10km) so I put around 15L of petrol in the car, and the cruising range stayed at 15km and is now down to 0 with a quarter tank of petrol. Tried resetting the Average L/100km a couple times but it stayed the same. Any ideas why? Cheers.
  8. Hello, my 2007 VDJ78R_1VD_4.5L V8 single turbo workmate troopy wont start. Starter motor fine, engine cranks ok. Battery good. Glow plug relays, and associated fuses ok. But no fire. Just wont kick. Was running in the last few days. Felt a feint engine surge while driving in third gear. Engine was idling from cold start next morning then shut down by itself. Hasn't been able to start since. Have emptied out currently optioned fuel tank (main) and all looks clean. Changed out fuel filter and re-primed. Still cranks ok, but no fire. Any ideas?
  9. Hi everyone. The topic title says it all, really. If I top up when the fuel light comes on, I can put in only 40 litres. But the spec I've seen on-line is 55 litres. So firstly, does my car really have a 55 litre tank? And if so, why would the fuel light come on with 200 km of range left? Cheers... PS: my first post, and my first corolla!
  10. G'day. I'm having a problem with the fuel gauge in my 2000 model hilux(kzn165r). I will fill it up one day, drive 50 k's and it will say half empty. I'll jump in it the next day and it will say it's empty for the first 5minutes of driving, it will then rise up to full and keep rising and lowering as I drive..... Any ideas out there on what it could be?? Cheers
  11. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am considering buying a 2000-2005 tarago. The claimed fuel economy for these vehicles is quite good. The details shown on Carsales show the fuel economy for 2000-2001 models to be 10 litres per 100k urban and 6.6 litres per 100k extra urban. The later models, 2004 etc are shown with what seems to be more realistic 10.5litres per 100k combined. Can any of you tarago owners give me some real world feedback as to the economy you get? Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Hi All, I'm on a waiting list for a GTS, manual, black storm. Ordered October, touted February, now looking May. Drove a friend's GTS today which they have had for two months. Obviously the car is friggin awesome and I can't wait for mine but here are two issues I learnt. My friend mentioned that they have had their car looked at a few times now for a clicking sound which turns out to be related to poor fuel quality. Service department advised her to use only 98 octane and only BP. The cars are struggling with 95 even though 95 is listed as entry level ok. Apparently there is a fix being worke
  13. Hi everyone, I just converted my Toyota Vienta 3VZ-FE to run on Sprintgas LPG. I have no idea which kit was fitted into my car. I got a really good deal from a local installer. About $500 out of pocket after the Victorian government rebate. The system installed is a single point vapour injection system. The LPG vapour is fed at the throttle body. I lost nearly half my boot space because of the tank. I didn't opt for the donut tank that some people fit into the spare wheel bay because that would have cost me $300 extra. That being said, I usually only drive by myself or with one passenger. I
  14. Hey guys/girls... I have a 1999 sr5 2,7ltr petrol hilux and im having problems with how much fuel my dual cab is using, from a full tank im getting only 300kms to a tank. seriously i love the ute but there is a problem, was hoping someone out the can help me. I recently changed the oil, fuel filter, sparkplugs and leads but it is still using heaps of fuel around 20ltrs per 100 kms... help please...............
  15. hi guys i'm marlex from indonesiai have a litle problem with my AE-92. i feel it's so loose fuel. any info for fix it? please share with me. thx...

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