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Found 19 results

  1. Hi again Folks It looks like I need to replace my '07 Camry Grande's head unit - don't get me wrong, it's awesome and has crystal clear audio during phone calls, which is tremendously important not only for my work, but when speaking to my mum who is (very) hearing impaired. FWIW it's far better than my wife's 2014 Hyundai ix35! BUT ... I need audio streaming for my work and I guess the model predates that capability, so it's time to consider options. Sadly, the amazing $1900 Pioneer unit that I fitted into my '03 Camry went with the car. Bummer. Anyway, I saw that there are
  2. Hi, I am after an Disc upgrade for my 2013 Kluger Grande. how do we get one cheaper that the $300 odd from Toyota. Any help is appreciated.
  3. This is my first post and please be nice to me:) I am about to purchase a GPS navigation system TC910W from http:/www.autogps.com.au website. After checking many websites including eBay and some popular brands like pioneer (no way I would pay $2000) I think the best available option is this model. If something goes wrong I would be able to return this and get a refund or replacement. My questions are, Anyone tried this model before and how good or bad is it ? How hard to install ? they mention that is is easy and plug and play ? Maps are good (Sygic) ?
  4. Hi guys, I own a Kluger Grande which I had driven for about 90.000KM already. I frequently use its built-in GPS to navigate around. I think I have the 14 Map DVD. I don't know what happen but the streets' names suddenly disappear. Only freeways and main streets' names are currently showing on the screen; other small streets' names in my neighborhood are not showing as they used to (Although I have tried to zoom in). How do I enable the the names again? I hope you guys could help me with this cause I have tried to play with all the buttons there but it doesn't help. Thank you very much! Luke.
  5. Hello, After installing both dash cam and reverse camera to my Zr6 Aurion i noticed that the Stock GPS Head unit on startup showed the one off factory setting boot up screen and my settings had been reset. Now when i use the GPS it doesnt track my vehicle nicely and north is always displayed on the top of the screen, whereas i had previously set it to turn according to where my vehicle is facing. Annoying that i need to look at things upside down when traveling south :(. I tried searching the forums as well as going through the GPS settings in car and i cant find where that setting h
  6. Guys, Really annoying stuff. My Maps is really playing up......Randomly my gps location changes to another location nowhere near me.... Only fix - manually adjust the map location. Doesn't last that long and changes again. Recent Melbourne road trip turn out to be a Cruise Ship experience - according to Toyota map.... Suddenly map location changed to somewhere near Tasmania ( while I was on Hume HWY- near Gosford....... Now, anyone experienced this weird thing? Please help me to get back on the road.....thanks.
  7. Hey guys I'm selling some spare parts I've got for my Aurion 2010 ZR6 which I o longer than. All pics are available on the Gumtree link provided except for the spoiler as I haven't had to get a good shot of it. Item:CENTRE CONSOLE IN GUNMETAL ALUMINIUM BRUSHED POLISH PROFESSIONALLY WRAPPED AND EXCELLENT QUALITY VINYL. WILL INCLUDE EXTRA VINYL FOR ANY EXTRA PARTS THAT YOUD LIKE TO WRAP. VINYL COST ME $100 AND CENTRE CONSOLE $175. THIS INCLUDES FASCIA AND CLIMATE CONTROL CONTROLS Website: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/epping/audio-gps-car-alarms/toyota-aurion-sportivo-zr6-centre-conso
  8. Hi all, These photos are taken over the span of about a year with some small additions during that time. First change being the addition of the 19" Kluger wheels, replacing the standard 17" alloys: Second mod was replacing the standard Touring reverse cam radio with a newer model unit with sat nav. Required modification to the wiring to work with all the existing features of the Touring: Third and fourth modifications being the addition of a Uniden UBC355XLT analog radio scanner and a USB/Aux input socket from the Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86, positioned where the lighter socket and ash tray previou
  9. Hi All, Am still looking at options for replacing the Grande factory GPS with a more current model. The Maps are way out of date and the technology is too old. Mostly I need A2DP Bluetooth music. This one seems to be the best http://goo.gl/5gN5qI without having to change the hazard switch. Just edging on whether to take the plunge... Btw. its also Android OS so that's a plus ( similar on ebay are the $600+ mark) Thoughts...? Cheers M
  10. Hi all, So I have read quite a few forums here and there and tried to ascertain what choices others have made in relation to upgrading the terrible stock stereo Toyota supply in their base models (extremely old considering how basic it is, but what's cheap is cheap). I bought my Camry at 24,000km as an ex-executive a year ago and am quite fond of it for its price range, but moving down from a Premium-model XT Forester has got me in a pickle as to the head unit, as I desire something a little more advanced. Most of the forums I have found have listed a few cheaper units here and there (i.e. chi
  11. HI, I am not sure if anyone can help, We have a Prado 2015 GXL, we have sony xperia phone, and have downloaded the toyota link application. But when it comes to navigation we do not have that option. On our touch screen on in the car there is no maps icon or options. The toyota link does connect my phone and the car, but does not give the option for navigation. Any suggestions. Also my phone and car are both up to date. If any one else knows how to get messages up also that would be great, my phone connects, gets a call history and music through but no messages, any advice would be gre
  12. Just purchased an 08 Presara with v14 Maps. Anyone have a newer version they would like to sell?
  13. Hi All, I have a 2007 Kluger Grande. As with many on here we know that the 2007 unit does not have allot of what we are familiar with in current day technology. I am looking for a 8" unit to fit the existing console with features like: A2DP Bluetooth music streamingUSB Music optionUse existing steering wheel controls (including phone controls)SD card maps with TTS spoken street names, speed warningsNeeds to fit the existing emergency switch arrangementNeeds to use the existing reverse camera (read something on here about 6V versus 12V)The issue I have is that there are too many versions out th
  14. Hi, just updated to a 2004 Grande MK3 with GPS, I'm missing the separate Owners Manual for the GPS. Dealer cannot help, has anyone got a copy that I could pay to have copied. I have the normal Owners Manual. I previously had a 2000 Grande so I'm quite familiar with the marque.Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering if there is some sort of system hack for the GPS system (And dumb safety features as the passenger should have the ability to do it), as it's pretty stupid that they didn't add bluetooth music support just handsfree. If there aren't any hacks or mods is there a compatible (Or recommended) replacement for the system? Thanks guys.
  16. Hi folks, I am looking for an after market head unit (GPS, DVD, bluetooth, USB, iphone, [DVB-T, reversing camera] etc.) and I am a bit confused. I have read this forum and elswhere and understand there are sone cheap Chinese units that fall short of the more expensive brand name units. I was hoping to find something in between for my 2009 Aurion, maybe around $600-$700. It looks like there are a couple of new-ish units available on the market and I was wondering if anyone has any expereince or knowledge about them. The first is a unit that trades under a few different 'Tunez' names on ebay and
  17. HI there, I lost the detachable part of my gps "TOMTOM FollowMe" head unit. Can any one has this part (where the map displays) for sale? or if not I am willing to sell my head unit without the display part. Please let me know if any on intersted. Full information of the accessory would be available at http://www.toyota.co...owme-navigation cheers..
  18. I am looking at getting this Head unit to put into Corolla 2002. Has anyone put one of these into there car. If they are ok or can someone tell me what is a good chinese all in one head unit. http://au.xtrons.com...yer-TD602G.html
  19. Sorry, but the distribution of pirated software (including links to sites that offer pirated software) is against the forum terms and conditions.

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