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  1. Hi, I am having an issue with my prius c 2012 model. Other day my battery got flat and now my audio system is not working at all. It is showing the same message that sd card data is unable to read the program. I tried many times but I think my card have some faulty program which car doesn't able to install. Is any one having a same issue or is anyone know the solution. Please help me out. I think I need program files. Is anyone can send me those files from their sd card. Your help and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks You can contact me on danial_saleem@hotmail.com Or
  2. Hi, has anyone had issues installing these factory replacement, aftermarket head-units? https://oemaudio.co.nz/product/lumina-audio-toyota-camry-2006-2012-multi-media-unit-navigation-compatible-x/ I bought one, and despite using the factory bracket and mounting holes, it ended up with a gap between the top of the radio and the air vents: The company I'd bought it from maintains they've installed tons of these without an issue, so I'm thinking there was either something wrong with this particular one, or that they are drilling extra holes in the factory bracket when install
  3. Hi everyone, I recently had a flat battery on my 2012 Tarago (MY13) but the head unit / radio / entertainment unit needs resetting. It is asking me to insert an SD card to install the program or activate the unit. I never received an SD card from the previous owner. Any clues on how do I get it running again? Thanks BJ
  4. I have recently purchased a GT86 head unit from a OZ friend to be used here in the UK. I am now trying to figure out how to overwrite the maps SD card to reflect UK roads. It has come out of a 2015 GTS spec and is the Fujitsu unit with DIVX player. Locally we have toyota touch and go head units which are different and dealers here cannot update the maps. Any help will be much appreciated.
  5. Hi guys, Badly need some help please... I have a 2010 model Rav4 with the stock head unit Fujitsu PZQ60-00052. I bought an aftermarket reversing camera and installed it myself all went well until I am about to connect it to the head unit as there is not video RCA connectivity just like on my aftermarket camera. I've been searching through google to find some information on where I can install it. I've seen one car before with exactly the same head unit and it has a reversing camera so I know mine is capable. Toyota service also acknowledge that it's possible but did not tell me which one. (I
  6. Hi everyone I am new to this forum/club. I recently purchased 2009 Toyota Tarago Ultima. I wanted to hardwire 2 dashcams - front and rear. I also wanted to install a reversing camera. When I visited car audio guy, he suggested to replace the original head unit with a new system having these features. I am bit anxious with replacing the original equipment as I am worried; fiddling with it can create new problems. I am keen to install one with Android Auto. I am trying to search one with Android Auto but couldn't find one. I would love to have navigation in that but what I learnt that
  7. My 2013 RAV 4 SD card seems to have been corrupted or wiped after a flat battery and battery change. The card is not readable when plugged in to a computer. The head unit display indicated that it was not able to read the SD card or program. Now it's asking for the pin code but is frozen on the code screen and does not allow any selections to be made. Please help!
  8. Hi guys, I have a toyota aurion atx 09 model after 3 years of owning the vehicle, cds and listening to the radio just doesn't cut it for me anymore. I've been reading all over the net about adapter kits. there's a few on eBay etc just unsure need more info. I'm looking to install an auxiliary / ipod connection + charging/ and bluetooth for music play back* and hands-free calls. to plug into the the back of the head unit..Pn 86120-06351. I'm not very tech savy but I've already seen another members post on here Shane_85s aux mod. he makes an aux adapter from Jay car
  9. Hi Guys Newbie here... Just bought a 2007 Prodigy as a shared car with myself and my son. It's our 6th Toyota - They just seem to be totally reliable cars...In the current stable we have a Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport 2016, (wife's car) and I have a Toyota Aurion Presara 2012 (going up for sale as the shared Prodigy is replacing it) ...My son also has a 1989 MR2 - which is really just for occasional driving pleasure (my wife doesn't like him driving it as it's got no safety features at all, hopefully he use the Prodigy as a daily driver and the MR2 for track days only (yep it's had lo
  10. I recently purchased my first care, a Dec 2012 Toyota Corolla Ascent ZRE182. I'm wondering what sort of head-units people are installing in these models. Is it worth getting the genuine Toyota one (quite pricey), or will a Eonon like this one: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS/Specific-Car-GPS/Toyota/GM5169.html, or some other Android unit be just as good? I'd love to have a reverse camera installed with it eventually too, but at this stage I'd like to have some opinions on what works well in these models. Since I just bought the car out-right, something affordable would be great!
  11. Hi I have a 2007 Aurion Sportivo SX6 and just bought a Sony XAV-712BT head unit to replace the aging original 6 Stack CD /Radio. I was hoping to find a YouTube video to assist me with the install, but so far I cannot find any. I have found info on the removal of the old system it's the install and I mainly want to see one showing the wiring being done and in particular for the setup for the steering wheel controls. For the steering wheel controls I have a Steering Wheel Control Interface (SWI-RC) from Pacific Accessory Corporation (PAC). So if anyone has come across a
  12. Hi All I have searched through but can't seem to find a thread for this issue - please point me to one if there is one, thanks. I have a 2008 Kluger Grande and the control knobs have come off the unit - the ones that control the radio volume, on/off, tuning, etc. Mine is not the only one that had this issue - I test drove a couple of others and they had the same thing as well as seeing others since. I have taken the car back to the dealer several times and they ordered in new knobs and found that they could not fit them as they don't have the bit inside the knob to attach them to
  13. Hello community, I have purchased a Dashlinq Ca Fi Toyota head unit for my gt86. These are Android OS head units that have alot of cool things going for them. This unit was bought to replace my OEM PQZ60-00537 Fujitsu head unit. I got the unit and was hoping to be able to connect my Toyotas OEM camera to this device but I am struggling to get a signal to the device. Please see the attached images I have included a PQZ60 wiring diagram and some of the cables that I believe are part of this solution but maybe I'm wrong If you look at the wiring diagram. You can see the CN4950 port which I th
  14. Hi everyone! I'm currently waiting for my new head unit to arrive and I was wondering if someone here can help me. How will I connect all my plugs from my OEM head unit to my new head unit? I will attach photos of old and new head unit. New head unit has the RCA where my old oem head unit doesnt have any RCA. What plugs do I need to buy? I will also attach a picture the stuff that comes with the new head unit. Hope someone can help. Thanks
  15. Hi, guys. I need advises urgently. i replaced my head unit with a kenwood DNN9350BT ON MY 2011 SPORTIVO SX6. EVERYTHING works fine except for the steering wheel control, the left side that controls the volume and mode works fine. but the right side 'display' which controls the fuel information on the dash didn't work at all. I called the shop, they insisted that they did everything perfect, so the fuel display only works with the factory head unit. are they being honest or just trying to get rid of the responsibility for doing ****ty work? Does anyone has experience with this? please help me
  16. I am currently installing a Toyota Display Audio unit from the ZRE182R Ascent Sport hatchback in my 2008 Corolla Ascent sedan. I have the luxury pack on it, so I bought the PZQ60-00121 wire harness to get the steering wheel controls working, and I bought one of the antenna adapters off eBay. I have taken out the old head unit, connected the adapters to the new Display Audio head unit, and plugged in all the connectors from the car. When I start up the car, the unit comes on, the steering wheel controls work and I can see the RDS data being displayed when the unit is in FM mode. For some reason
  17. Hi Everyone, I have a Corolla Ascent and the head unit I purchased requires me to mount an external mic. Is this location an okay place to mount the microphone (see image)? Just out of interest, what are the gaps actually for? Thanks :)
  18. Hi, Has anyone purchased and modified their head units using Dig Options? Here's the link to the unit: http://www.digoptions.com/Toyota_In_Dash_Multimedia_Navigation_Car_Stereo_p/avn11tp.htm How did it go? any challenges encountered when installing? Was planning to buy one, am just concerned with the reverse camera connection, if it will have issues incase changing the stock head unit. Cheers
  19. Hi folks, I am looking for an after market head unit (GPS, DVD, bluetooth, USB, iphone, [DVB-T, reversing camera] etc.) and I am a bit confused. I have read this forum and elswhere and understand there are sone cheap Chinese units that fall short of the more expensive brand name units. I was hoping to find something in between for my 2009 Aurion, maybe around $600-$700. It looks like there are a couple of new-ish units available on the market and I was wondering if anyone has any expereince or knowledge about them. The first is a unit that trades under a few different 'Tunez' names on ebay and
  20. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum just need help identifying this part. I have a 07 Aurion zr6 which has the factory dvd/gps unit. I just installed the grom IPD3 aux and ipod kit it all works fine. I put the dash/center console back together after i put everything back together i noticed this part i am not sure if its part of the car if it is i am assuming its from the center console since its the only area i took apart or i was thinking it could some random part that fell out from the packaging here is a picture below. i alos checked to see if the cup holder door and all the center console doo
  21. Hey guys, I recently installed a JVC KW-AV60BT in my 2011 Camry Hybrid. The installation was easy however, gathering all the correct information was difficult. So in the interest of future upgraders, I figured i'd dump all the information I found useful here. Factory Head Unit: Fujitsu Ten 86120-YY130-D Model: FT0015A JVC KW-AV60BT: There's a good write up of the unit here: http://www.crutchfie...-KW-AV60BT.html Steering Wheel Control Integration: To maintain the factory steering wheel control, I chose Axxess Interface's ASWC: http://www.axxessint...ontrol_new.aspx instructions on i
  22. Hi All looking to update my head unit with bluetooth etc The third plug on the head unit has these 3 wires - does anyone know the functions? I assume for the steering wheel remote control. but what is each one for
  23. Does anyone know where one could get a custom head unit double din fascia for replacement 'universal' Headunit. Seems to be the closest looking one on the internet is for a landcruiser but no good either. There does not seem to be too much for the taragos out there?! - I have searched for estima, previa, etc but to no avail.
  24. Hi All looking to update my head unit with bluetooth etc The third plug on the head unit has these 3 wires - does anyone know the functions? I assume for the steering wheel remote control. but what is each one for
  25. Hey guys and girls, Im looking to upgrade my stereo in my 2008 Aurion ZR6...for the speakers im going with JL Audio C2 6.5'" coaxials for the front and JL Audio C2 6X9" 3 way speakers for the back (hope these both mount good as ive seen someone else on the forum has installed them and the sound quality is great). As for the head unit I would really appreciate some help for an aftermarket head unit as I would like to keep the "stock look." Ive read the forum through and through and cannot find any concrete evidence as to what exactly is the best aftermarket head unit....is it the Easydeals unit

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