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  1. Hi all I have a 2006 Toyota Aurion and have been driving it for about 2 years now. Of late (last 3 weeks or so) i find that it has issues starting. When i turn the key the dash lights clicker and you hear it crank over for a few seconds then it start. I thought it was battery so i charged it using my CTEK, it was ok for 24hrs then started doing it again. Mechanic checked it and said that the battery and Alternator are putting out the correct voltage and everything looks ok. He made the comment that maybe something is draining the battery while not being used ( went from driving 2-3hr
  2. Has anyone had any alternator problems with the 2010 Aurion. I’ve had it in to Toyota 4 times and been told it’s fine but the battery never gets charged that much, the alternator always outputs 13.4v even if the battery is flat (I just has a jump from road side assist) guy said the alternator isn’t a fully smart alternator and with the battery as flat as it was should have been around 14.4v said have it checked I’ve had it checked by Toyota 4 times been told it’s fine and that the 13.4v was normal any help would be great and I’m about to do a trip around nsw and don’t need it failing why
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a 2004 hilux 3.7ltr V6 petrol for $8000 AUD. It's an extra cab and looks in good condition with a few mods on it, there doesnt seem to be any issues with it mechanically, no oil leaks or trouble with the engine. My only concern is that it is the V6 petrol and has 370,000 Kms on it which is a lot for a petrol. Has this engine past it with that many Kms, am I likely to encounter a catastrophic failure in the near future? Thanks for any help guys
  4. Hey all, New here on the Forums. I own a 1993 Toyota Corolla Csi Limited AE94 model (not AE92). Seeking some help with 2 problems. Alloy Wheels I'm wanting to switch to second hand 14' alloys. I'm pretty lost, because I'm coming across new terms like offset, etc.. I know I have a 4x100 bolt pattern on 14' Steel Wheels. What information do I need to know? Do you know the specs? Short Ram Air Intake / Bonnet I'm installing a new Cold Air Intake system. Short Pipe with about 40° - 45° lateral bend from Throttle Body with filter in roughly same place. Also getting a
  5. Hey all, New here on the Forums. I own a 1993 Toyota Corolla Csi Limited AE94 model (not AE92). Seeking some help with 2 problems. Alloy Wheels I'm wanting to switch to second hand 14' alloys. I'm pretty lost, because I'm coming across new terms like offset, etc.. I know I have a 4x100 bolt pattern on 14' Steel Wheels. What information do I need to know? Do you know the specs? Short Ram Air Intake / Bonnet I'm installing a new Cold Air Intake system. Short Pipe with about 40° - 45° lateral bend from Throttle Body with filter in roughly same place. Also getting a
  6. Hello all, my rear sunshade button popped in (under the aircon) on my aurion 2010 sportivo zr6 and I had to pull the centre console up in order to get to it and push it back into place. I noticed that upon lifting it up a black wire not connected to anything and just asking around to make sure something isn't unplugged. There are the two white clip plugs and it's on the same wire group going up to the 12v power outlet behind the gearstick and infront of the centre glovebox. I didn't take a picture when I had it out but I've attempted to take some just lifting it up a bit wi
  7. Hi all, My car now has a lot of visible dust in those tiny spaces around the the switchgear, knobs, buttons etc. I had a small paint brush lying around and that didn't really do the job. Does anybody have any other suggestions or do I need a better/specific kind of brush. Thank you in advance.
  8. HI guys, First time posting, just wondering if you guys could clear up a few questions I have, in converting a ep91 5 speed starlet and putting the paseo 1.5L engine in to it. Question 1: Is the engine loom in the starlet the same as the loom in the Paseo or will I need the Paseo loom? Question 2: The starlet is currently a 5 speed manual the Paseo donor car I have is an automatic, will the Paseo ecu run if I keep the manual transmission? Question 3: Will the 5 speed starlet box bolt straight onto the Paseo engine?
  9. Kia Ora. im looking at getting some jungle style flare for my LN46 or 1982 Hilux. im stuggling to actually find some for that model. was wondering if anyone on here knows of any places that sell these style flares for my model of hilux. will also consider other types just not ****ty rubber flares from clark rubber or garden edging from bunnings cheers
  10. So my cars lights have blown, iv bought the right headlights to replace ( h11) but im having a bit of trouble finding basically anything about how to get the bumper off or how to put the gloves in
  11. I've just bought my first car being a 1976 Celica Ta23 and being completely new to car restorations/rebuilds, I'm in great need for good car advice. Only being 15, I would really appreciate some help on what are some of the best options for engine swaps as the current motor has clocked over 800,000kms. I'm looking for something newer that's more efficient and performs better but still being a 1.6L-2.0L four cylinder engine, that doesnt require too much heartache in installing. I would also love some advice on whats involved in doing such swaps in regards what extra parts/changes etc required.
  12. installed 4wd 1mzfe motor in, wrong motor sent required 2wd did not no until trying to fit, is there any way to use 4wd in 2wd vehicle
  13. Hey guys! I own a 2001 Toyota Prado Grande petrol auto. Always serviced on time and well taken care of. Lately its been running a little rich. Long trips I've noticed it using more fuel than normal. Also, it has developed a little flat spot when pulling up to a round about or something and going to take off again, its seems to have a little miss. To top it off, if i was to put my foot down, it feels like its not getting enough fuel or air as it doesn't use all its power but then feels like that frees up somewhere in the rev range. Most wouldn't notice it but after driving it daily it
  14. Hello everyone, First post, been a long time lurker here, and member over at TEOC.ws, but I figured it was time to create an account here too and see if anyone has been in our predicament. I'll start with a truncated version of my TEOC post from June 3, the day after this happened, to give it some context: ORIGINAL POST - June 3, 2017, 4PM PST:My wife and I have two young kids and took the ferry over to Vancouver Island for a family wedding. Friday night we went for dinner with both of them and another couple. In the hustle and bustle when we left the restaurant, on a busy Friday eve
  15. Hi everyone. Im looking for a bullbar for my 2000 xtra cab ute. I'm finding it really hard to find one. Anyone know where I can or what type I should be looking for? Thanks!
  16. Hi there, I am in urgent need of help. My girlfriend lost her one and only key for her 2002 Toyota Echo (in Melbourne). It's currently parked up and cannot be used until we find a solution. Does anyone know what can be done? Will we have to by a complete new ignition switch, door barrels and boot barrel? We are scared its going to be very expensive. She still has the push button opener, which allows us to get into the car. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Kind regards Josh
  17. Hey guys I have recently purchased a Toyota corolla 1999 CSI SECA Hatch and want more power under the hood. It was suggested by a friend that I engine swap the small 1.6L engine out for another model/ bigger one from a camry (1.8L - 2.0L) or Vienta (2.0L v6). Being on my P's I'm guessing there is a power to weight limit. Any suggestions with what engine i can fit and what would be legal for me to drive? - Thomas Are there any newer engines that may fit?
  18. Hi all, I've got '08 Sahara, 120k on clock. Chewing through a lot of oil, LHS turbo looks like it's on the brink. Oil in the hose between the turbo and intercooler. Has anyone or does anyone know how to remove and replace the LHS turbo? Looks like it's in a prick of a spot.
  19. Im the proud owner of Australias first PRIUS. I purchased it new in 2001 - and even had my family flown to Sydney by Toyota for the launch. Ive got a trophie, some model Prius cars from Toyota - and you can even google Prius and my surname (Dix) to find the press releases. My problem is that after 300,000km the battery is dead. The dealer has issued the car with a death certificate. I want it kept as a bit of Australian motoring history - but no museums want it. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to bring a dead series one back to life for a reasonable cost? Arnold
  20. We are two Danish backpackers, we own a 95 LWB Hiace. We have just recieved the horrible news, that the car is only running on 3 cylinders. A repair by a proper mechanic would cost us 3000 AUD. As I see it we have 3 options 1. Sell the car, but what is it worth? It has done 390,000 km. 2. Gamble and keep the car, and hope that it's gonna start. Problems is the the fuel efficiency, is pretty bad and it is taking forever to get it on 80 km/hour. 3. Fix the car drive it for the rest of our trip (3.5 months) and then sell it. Any suggestions? Any Hiace owners who have tried the same th
  21. Please help!, My low beam on the left side wont work, my globe isn't blown as it works wen i put it into the right side, and also wen i pull the right sides H/L Beam fuse out the right globe slowly dims and the left one slowly brightens but it stays very dull, much duller than the right? Its as if its struggling for power or something, i dont know tho so any help is appreciated, thanks everyone
  22. Hi people, I have recently had some problems with my 82 hilux and was wondering if anyone could help? Ill get to about 80km-90km and then the car will start slowing down and getting sluggish and then will sit on 60km-70km with my foot to the floor and will sometimes jump. I've ist changed the fuel filter and ran some injector cleaner though it and that didn't seem to do anything, any ideas on what might be happening?
  23. hey lads! I've recently chucked a pod filter on my 1994 corolla GL with a 4afe engine. pretty standard stuff i think, nothing else has been done to the engine at all, by all means bog standard except for the pod. i used the factory piece of rubber pipe that would go to the airbox, and have drilled a hole in it to fit the air temperature sensor in, no worries, works a dream with plentyof induction noise! cant sheke the feeling it sounds like a large vaccuum cleaner though... but that's not what im getting to the exhaust smells of fuel. like, more than normal! are there any other
  24. Hi Everyone, New to this forum, I own a 2005 MR2 Spyder (SMT) I have join cause i require some help... !!! My SMT Spyder clutch was slipping, and due to be changed, however no mechanics was willing to go near the SMT unit... So i took upon myself to change the clutch, i have got everything changed and installed, the engines starts and runs fine, however I can not put the car in gear. When i put the car in gear, there would be a loud "clunk", but nothing happens, the Neutral light will blank and car will continue to sould a warning sound... I think this is beyond my skills.. I am looking for
  25. So this Prius is for sale for quite a damn cheap price. But I'm wondering is it worth the hassle and the problems. I should be going to check the car out this Saturday. So I'm thinking is this a good idea? What are the main problems for this? I called the guy and he told me that it's a hybrid system failure. Can't exactly trust him as he doesn't seem knowledgeable... He did put in 4k into the car for bodywork... 2012 Toyota Prius got a hybrid system failure after a crash what would the problem of this be? Car won't start either. "i imporeted this car from uk i used it as a taxi, i had an ac

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