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Found 115 results

  1. Hey everyone, i'm new to this forum so excuse the direct post, I have a 1993 hilux LN106 and have a slow crank but won't fire problem. I have cleaned all grounds and power cables to the starter and battery, replaced the battery because the old one didn't have the cranking power anymore. I don't know where the factory battery ground use to be, But I have grounded it to the chassis. and still won't start, Just looking for some advice from someone that knows what they are talking about or have had this problem and solved it before. I have a battery light on the dash and the dash lights dim when cranking, Could be alternator?
  2. Hi everybody, I hope you are all well & healthy. I have found a great sounding Hilux SR5 for sale. It is a 2013 AWD diesel. Could somebody please confirm that this model exists. Thank you in advance. Kindest regards Gary
  3. Hey all I was wondering if anyone here has upgraded their headlights to the LED type and if so, is it an easy change? I purchased some on ebay and they look to be the right size so was hoping it was a straight swap, plug and play?? Anyone got any advice?? Its for a 2003 Hilux with the sealed beam headlights. cheers Don
  4. I have a 2012 Hilux 2WD single cab ute that needs new tyres. What are the best tyres - it doesn't go offroad.
  5. Fully and professionally rebuilt 2.8 Diesel motor. New head, Valve seats, Pistons, rings Rod end bearings, Crank bearings, Thrust bearings, water pump, Timing belt, core plugs, Excedy HD clutch, Thermostat and all gaskets. Block chemically cleaned and bores honed, all crank journals polished. All professionally re-assembled. Includes Injector pump and injectors, sump and some mounting brackets. This motor was in a 1990 model 4Runner and would fit similar age Hilux or Hiace van, possibly with just changing the sump and oil pick up but this information must be verified by any potential purchaser as I am not 100% sure of this info. The motor is located in Ferntree Gully Vic. Purchaser to arrange there own pickup and I would be happy to assist with loading the motot onto a trailer. Price: $3400.00 out right Block treatment and final assembly.pdf Main parts New.pdf Re assemble new head and set up.pdf Rod End Bearing Set.pdf
  6. I’ve dropped in 2000 VT commodore v6 3.8L ecotec motor. Into a 1996 Hilux solid axle which had the 22r 2.4L petrol motor. I bought marks 4wd wiring harness. But does not include tacho kit. I have a saas tacho gauge I can use if I can’t use genuine. Just wondering if it is possible to wire up or do I need to buy marks 4wd tacho kit for it to work? If so where do I tap into the signal wire? And do I need to use a special negative or can I use any negative? Can someone please help me. Thanks
  7. So I get a hiss from the rear that gets louder when I accelerate up hills but only above 80kph and slowing goes away when going downhill or level road. The hiss remains after the car is off but slowly goes away after a couple minutes. sounds like a puncture but is not. Any ideas? 2008 2x4 petrol Manuel Hilux IMG_3443.MOV
  8. So I get a hiss from the rear that gets louder when I accelerate up hills but only above 80kph and slowing goes away when going downhill or level road. The hiss remains after the car is off but slowly goes away after a couple minutes. Any ideas? 2008 2x4 petrol Manuel Hilux
  9. Hey guys, I have a 2011 D4D Hilux with what I believe is a blocked a/c evaporator rad. Blower works in all 4 stages but is weak in each stage. Drain off plug is free and drops a lot of water but somehow still holds water in the duct under the drivers footwell and when I turn a sharp corner it spills it out the duct and on too the clutch pedal and floor and when I turn the other direction it spills out onto passenger side footwell. Doesn’t look like an easy task to remove the evaporator and just wondering if there is any quick or easy solutions. Thanks
  10. Selling Great Steel wheels 4 of. Suits Toyota Hilux Sr 17" stock. comes with Wheel nuts and Center Caps Great condition no gutter damage at all Comes with tyres. 2xRear tyres need to be replaced very soon front have about 5000kms left pickup sutherland shire 2232
  11. Hey all, so I have a 1986 dual cab LN65 hilux. It was my first car in actual fact. Anyway I recently bought it back from a friend of mine who had it for a while and he put a racing-bucket seat in the drivers position. Im wondering will a later model Hilux drivers seat bolt in? Im just looking for a standard type of seat that wont attract too much attention. What is the simplest seat I can mount without too much modification. The original floor rails are still there.
  12. Hey peoples, just wondering if anyone can help me pin point what this engine noise might be (see attached video) it happens when engine is warm and above about 2300 RPM. Edit: Hilux is a 1999 SR5 4x4 with a 2.7 3RZ engine. any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers Simo IMG_8383.MOV
  13. Hi everyone first time posting. i have recently put a 2.8L (3L) motor in my 99 Hilux. Was. 3.0L (5L) but couldn’t find one for a decent price to replace it when it stopped working on me. All non turbo. my uncle who helped me replace the motor said he had heard of people flushing older diesel fuel systems with either a small amount petrol or kero when servicing. Ever done it himself but said it might be worth finding out Looked around on google and it’s mostly people saying can’t do it with newer ones so here I am seeing if anyone has any advice for me with this area? thanks
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a 2004 hilux 3.7ltr V6 petrol for $8000 AUD. It's an extra cab and looks in good condition with a few mods on it, there doesnt seem to be any issues with it mechanically, no oil leaks or trouble with the engine. My only concern is that it is the V6 petrol and has 370,000 Kms on it which is a lot for a petrol. Has this engine past it with that many Kms, am I likely to encounter a catastrophic failure in the near future? Thanks for any help guys
  15. I am at a bit of a loss because I own a 88 hilux petrol 2wd model YN85R-TRKRSQ which says it came with a 2Y engine. But under the hood there is a 4Y on the top of the engine. My problem is that the speedo isn't working and the fuel gauge looks like it isn't in the right place. Now I have pulled the cluster and the back of the cluster was burnt so i got a new one that is the same. I installed it and taco still works and temp works but the fuel gauge is on a weird amount. The speedo still doesn't work. I pulled the speed sensor out of the gearbox and it has no wires attached to it. So my two questions are: Can I calibrate the fuel gauge? what is the wiring harness called that goes to the vss and where does it go? below are some pics any help identifying what the gearbox is would be super helpful as well. I'm not even sure if that cluster is the right one to be using.
  16. Joybells


    Need to replace outer weatherstips on all 4 windows on my 2005 Hilux. Have the new ones but can't work out how to remove the old ones. Any suggestions?
  17. Hi I was just wondering looking at doing an engine conversion from the 93 surf with the 1kz engine to the ln107r with the 2.8 was wondering if the surf rear diff and front diff will bolt straight in. I know I gotta bring the motor forward 2inches radiator has to be swapped to the aftermarket alloy radiator and wiring loom needs to be swapped out as well as the tail shaft Do you guys know if the rear and front diff will fit straight in from the surf? Do they run the same chassis mines duel cab btw and this 93 surf is dual cab
  18. Hey all, I've been having a weird problem with my diesel 06 sr5 dual cab, whenever I take my keys out my clock will reset back to 1:00, my keyless entry stopped working, the alarm for leaving my lights on has stopped working and when I turn on accessories the gauges flicker for a few seconds before returning to normal, I've had the battery checked and that's all good, terminals are tight, grounding is still tight. This all happened at the same time, I haven't done any recent mods to the car it just started doing it out of the blue... Any ideas? Cheers
  19. My Toyota hilux is having issues with the fuel pump. Currently it takes 5sec min of cranking before the fuel gets to the motor and it starts. I've had it at the mechanic and he has replaced the fuel pump because the fuel pressure was lower than it should be but after picking it up from him it is still having the same issue when starting. I was thinking it could be some thing to do with the fuel resister with not enough volts on start up? Also does any one know if the fuel pump only starts when cranking or when the ignition is turned to on?
  20. Hi all, I'm on the hunt for a rear tailshaft for my '01 Hilux, haven't had much luck with wreckers as its the first thing to go when they pick cars up with a forklift. Just wondering if any of the shafts are interchangeable between different models? Mines a kzn165 with a straight, one piece shaft (no centre bearing), I know some of the surfs and LN models have similar looking ones and I've found a few on gum tree etc. Will any of the shafts from other models fit my ute? I've got a dual cab, manual 3.0l diesel kzn... Thanks in advance
  21. Hey all, so my airbag module is fried and i have been quoted $700 for a new one. There are various second hand ones around for just over $100 but i have been told by a wrecker that all the used ones he sold havent worked in the customers cars. Wondering if anyone has had to change their airbag module & had any luck with a second hand one. Cheers
  22. I bought the SR5 diesel 2012 model auto. I tow a camper trailer and am having some issues with trans. Now the manual says to tow in 3rd not overdrive. At 110km in overdrive revs at 2000rpm in 3rd it sits on 3000rpm. In overdrive it towed all the way from Adelaide to Queensland and not an issue, on the way back to Adelaide however it was fine until i got just out of Hay then we had some headwinds and trans dropped back to 3rd economy went out the window 3000rpm will do that hey. This is not the first time it happened, from Adelaide to Flinders ranges it did the same drop back to 3rd thing. Once again head winds. I told Toyota where i. Bought it from and told me that if i tow in 3rd fuel economy would be better????? I told them i was not happy and was told trans was going into protection mode . They said in next service they will check to see if there was an update in software, there was apparently???? And they did they did the update????. That weekend i went from Adelaide to Berrie fine on the way up once again on the way back trans did the whole 3rd thing. Now i bought the hilux top of the line for the reputation of being bullet proof and towing ability. To me towing at 110km at 3000rpm is not what i expected. Now after $55000 for the hilux and $10000 or more worth of extras im stuck with it. Toyota dont want to seem to know about it. Wondering if any one else has had this problem and if so how has it been overcome if it has or any other tips for me except for driving at 90kmh from adelaide to queensland its a massive drive made bigger. What about beefing up trans, is it possible?
  23. Hi guys be nice I’m new here. Currently the proud owner of a 2009 Prado as the family bus, but thinking of getting a Hilux for myself, currently looking at this: just curious to know if it has a DPF, if so what year did they start fitting DPF’s to the D4D? cheers.
  24. Hi all, just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Blake, I reside in QLD and drive a 2003 Hilux dualcab. It's got a 3rz-fe 2.7L, 4 cylinder, it is 2wd and 5 speed manual. Basically I'm looking to do some modifications over time, I've done pa good amount of research on what I plan to achieve. My goal in the long run is to turbo my 3rz, overhaul on my suspension and steering and upgrade my brakes. I want to make adjustments to my drive-line to suit. At the moment I'm stuck on diff centres. I'd like to get a A01B as I have a A01A from factory but it's seeming difficult to find one. Is there other options for a lad centre that would suit? Also I've been looking into lc engineering in the states for performance upgrades, they have a massive amount of parts to suit my 3rz-fe but not so much on suspension or brakes. Maybe because I have an Aus Hilux, not sure. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone in Aus that can help out? *NOTE* On lc engineering's website they have lowering kits for a TAUCOMA? Is this the American variant or a Hilux or a different rig? Any help or advice would be muchly appreciated and i look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading. Blake.
  25. First of all, thank you for even clicking on this topic. I have a Toyota Hilux Kun15-rmdy 2012 model. It's basically a 2012 Toyota Hilux but with lower suspension, smaller wheels, and it is basically meant as a company car. It drives like a normal hilux; having the same engine. But I don't know/ can't seem to find the traction control settings. If anyone has any info regarding traction control on these cars, it'd highly appreciate it. Thank you, cheers CrewCab2012