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Found 13 results

  1. I have just bought a new 2021 Rav4 cruiser hybrid and I’m loving it, however I’m not loving the beeping when you are opening and closing the rear door. Its too loud and sounds like a reversing truck. Does anyone know how I can turn it off? Thanks 😄
  2. From the album: Camry SL 2020

  3. Hi all Im after some info from anyone with a ~2017 hybrid corolla. I'm looking at this model as the boot space is much larger than the new model. When do you need to replace the battery and at what cost? Any other pros and cons over the petrol only version would be great too. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I'm in the market for a 2016/17 Atara SL and wanting to scope out opinions on whether the hybrid is worth the extra money for my situation. I am in Perth, Western Australia and commute approx. 300 kms a week. Most of the driving is on the freeway. There seems to be a difference of about $2k - $3k between petrol and hybrid models. Any and all opinions welcome. Cheers.
  5. Hi all, New to the Camry and this forum. I would have never thought of buying a Camry until this new model came out. They are a stunning car and have certainly gone away from the boring nanna / poppa car. We bought the new 2019 SL Hybrid.....what a car! I do only have 1 gripe about it.....the navigation system is absolute crap and the UI in my opinion is a -1/10. And the Toyota Link app, is just as bad. Does anyone know if / when an update for it to have either apple maps, or google maps is coming? This is all my opinion.
  6. Hi all, my daughter has recently taken delivery of her GXL hybrid, and has a rattle in the dashboard in the centre, car has done only 500 odd kms, just wondering if any other owners have this rattle as well, she will be reporting this to the dealer at the 1000ks complimentary service otherwise she loves it cheers Eric
  7. I got "check Hybrid System" error with all sensors are yellow on the dashboard of my 2012 Prius with 80k odometer reading. Toyota is telling that it will cost about $3000 for parts only. Trying to get free parts as the warranty expired last year. Google search suggests that this is a common problem. Do you anybody had this problem?
  8. Hi All, I can hear what appears to be a chirping/cricket like noise coming for the rear area of my camry 2010 hybrid. Its faint but it gets annoying after a while. It does not occur when car is stationary, only when it is moving forward. Any ideas what it may be ?
  9. I've recently bought a new Corolla Hatchback Hybrid. I need to be able to turn off the light in the cargo compartment when the door is open for when I go camping as I have a tent that attaches to the back of the car with the hatch open, but I can't find any switch to turn off the light. Will it go out automatically after a period of time or is there some other easy way to turn off the light that someone knows of? Thanks for any help.
  10. So this Prius is for sale for quite a damn cheap price. But I'm wondering is it worth the hassle and the problems. I should be going to check the car out this Saturday. So I'm thinking is this a good idea? What are the main problems for this? I called the guy and he told me that it's a hybrid system failure. Can't exactly trust him as he doesn't seem knowledgeable... He did put in 4k into the car for bodywork... 2012 Toyota Prius got a hybrid system failure after a crash what would the problem of this be? Car won't start either. "i imporeted this car from uk i used it as a taxi, i had an accident so they replace the front sterring racks, front wings, pumper, and pianted from silver to white only out side, but now it wont change the gear i think it need to replace suspension so i do not have money, i be happy if any onewill buy it let it take it on his cost to toyota service and they give you an estimation. but i think first need suspenstion to be replaced as it is bend. i am selling it as it is so it is up to you if you can checked here in my place i have jack to rised or you take it to toyota service on your cost. but toyota told me it need the suspension to be replaced by body shop before we work on it and they say it may not be the problem of gear box that is all i know otherwise its great car." "No warranty as it was crashed" Is there much difference between the dealer diagnostic tools compared to ones that ordinary mechanics use? I'm about 85% sure it's a inverter coolant radiator failure...
  11. Can someone please advise when timing belt is due on the 2.4li hybrid Estima, 2002 model. Mine has 97,000km on the clock. Thanks David
  12. Just bought a 2002 Estima Hybrid from Carizma (Jon has been mentioned here before). The user guide seems to be in Japanese Kanji. So can someone please tell me what the button on the gear selector (not the release button) does. IIRC, when pressed, S/T appears on the console. With a CVT used with the hybrid drive, I'm wondering if this is some kind of sequential transmission simulation, as happens in other brands' CVTs. We also have an 04 Prius, but its presentation and operation of the hybrid drive is totally different. Thanks David
  13. For Local Pickup Only. All Items New. 1. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42L $17.77 2. Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash 532mL $8.88 3. Wattyl Killrust Epoxy Gloss Enamel Topcoat 300g (Spray) - Matt Black $9.99 4. LED Puddle Lights Blue (Chrome Surrounds), all wiring, switch and mounting hardware included (as in photos) $66.66 White also available for $88.88 (black surrounds) 6. New Genuine Koito (Thai) Toyota Aurion Hybrid Tail Lights (Full Set 4 Piece) Note: The LHS Boot Light has a fog light holder which is broken during postage, is of no use, as Aurion models do not utilise the fog light. (As Pictured) $555.55 7. Matt Black Vinyl Wrap, Bubble Free, 1530mm by 2000mm (Perfect Sizing for wrapping a roof). $99.99 8 Part: 90467-07166: Fender Clip/Hood Clip/ Rear Bumper Stay Used in many Toyota Vehicles. Aurion: Used in the top section, of the splash guard, when replacing front parkers. $0.99 Each. 9. Pair of T20 LED Pure White 7.5W (For Reverse Lights in Corolla ZRE, and other vehicles) $18.88 10. Digital Disc Box Player (CD Changer Emulator) For Toyota. Will play MP3/WMA from a USB stick or Micro SD up to 32GB. Also a Bluetooth handsfree. $80 Thanks.

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