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  1. Hi I have a Right-hand drive Australian-specced Kluger GX 2.5 Hybrid 2021, but am not based in Australia. As it is a relatively rare vehicle here, I was only gifted with a generic Owner's Manual but no Infotainment manual. I share the same 8.1in Infotainment system that Toyota has given to the Australian market. (don't begrudge that at all. Am looking forward to an easy aftermarket upgrade to Pioneer DMH-WC6600NEX) QUESTION: I am specifically looking for information about the USB2 Source Input. Where is the USB A connection point for that? PS: USB1 is clear. It is just in front of the gear shift lever.
  2. TOYOTA KLUGER GSU45R 3.5L 2GR-FE DOHC-PB 24v MPFI V6 4dr Wagon 5sp Auto AWD [08/07 - 11/13] Looking for advice on a double beep that occurs after the initial key turn to initiate start up. I have reset the ECU and reprogrammed the keys. Commercially available obd2 readers return no error codes. Despite this I have a irregularly occurrence of a double beep that once is active, stops only when the ignition is switched off. l’ll post a link with a video reflecting the sound in a subsequent post. Feel free to ignore the Dropbox link if you have malware concerns. The sound is similar to when engaging reverse gear, yet it eminates from the front of the vehicle. I think it’s connected to the anti theft/immobiliser/key fob and have it booked in for a diagnostic. no error codes return, no warning lights are on. Sound present regardless of seatbelt and door postures. Sound persists when engaging reverse gear/ changing gears https://www.dropbox.com/s/hqpb0pwo37hxskc/Video 4-4-2022%2C 1 02 37 pm.mp4?dl=0
  3. Hi, I have a 2013 Toyota Kluger which has developed an issue with the central locking. It started with one door randomly not locking / unlocking when either the key fob is used (both of them) or the door lock/unlock switches. After a while of this the door just doesn't respond. This process has now reached the fourth door and I think it will stop working over the next few weeks. The whole process has probably taken a few months all up. On its last service I asked the mechanic (dealer) to have a look. They have just said it's your door actuators which aren't under warranty. I have contacted Toyota to find out if they should only last a short time before failing. Toyota gave a standard response that it depends on the conditions etc and that I would need to take it to a Toyota Service Center (planning to when I can get a day off work). I don't believe it is the actuators but rather a fuse or relay as they have all gone in succession and from what I have read online about them. I can't believe that they would last for only a short period. I have had a 93 Subaru Impreza which had remote central locking fitted and it never stopped. I am wondering if anyone else has had this or a similar thing happen to them? If so what was the fix and did Toyota cover anything? Or know of any aftermarket central locking kits for the car? Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.
  4. Hi Toyota Club, I am in a bit of strife with my decision making and would like some help. I am a current Corolla owner looking to upsize my car. It's a 2006 model and I don't give a stuff about any tech, so reverse camera etc is not a requirement. Just more stuff to go wrong with the car IMO. What I do require is big boot space (for taking gear camping) and reliability + low maintenance costs. I do not require 7 seats. I am tossing up between the RAV, Kluger and Prado but not sure which is most reliable and will best suit my needs. Most of the time I'm city driving, 10% of the time I need a big boot for camping so fuel economy is also important for stop start and short trips. Budget is $20,000 so I will be buying a used vehicle. Let me know your experiences and if your car has been reliable for you. Also let me know your model and year of your car and if it's been good to you. Thanks in advance folks.
  5. This is a simple friendly thread regarding oil filters for most Toyota models. Now people have stuck by Ryco as an aftermarket filter for the longest period, some say genuine is best, in Toyota's case the old Japanese made Denso filters were brilliant, but now being made in Thailand i personally feel the quality isn't there like they used to. I did an interesting comparison, so i brought a genuine Toyota filter from my dealer & i weighed an aftermarket brand i personally swear by because quality is top notch. I run Mann-Hummel oil filters in all of my cars, also when i was working for Mercedes-Benz, 90% of all filters were Mann-Hummel, which has been the supplier to Mercedes filters for 50+ years. After numerous personal testing myself i can see why the company has such good quality reputations. I was curious because i noticed the noticeable weight difference between Toyota/Denso & Mann-Hummel So... to my suprise the Mann-Hummel filter has more filter media throughout, even at the base. I tapped the bottom of the Toyota filter which sounded hollow, repeated on the Mann-Hummel.... suprise, suprise.... it made a solid thunk because it was filled all the way through. The photos below show a direct comparison in weight Toyota/Denso - 248g Mann-Hummel - 301g Now 53g doesn't sound like much, but when it comes to filters, simply more filter media. I highly recommend Mann-Hummel because not only is the quality there, but the filters are "Made In Germany". Now half of Denso filters are "Made In Thailand" Denso PN: 90915-YZZD2 Mann-Hummel PN: W 712/83 Ryco PN: Z418 (for simple reference) - The only thing Ryco i use are cabin filters. Wesfil have too much air flow restriction, genuine are nothing special where i personally use the MicroShield cabin filters. But Toyota used these Z418 spin on filters in ALOT of models. On a side note I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this stressful 2021 !
  6. So I'm guessing what I'm about to describe is a pretty rare issue but here goes ..... I own a 2010 Kluger Grande that has only done 31000klms. I'm also a fastidious owner so the car is in showroom condition. 2 days ago, my wife was attempting to change a CD in the CD stacker and inadvertently ejected the map DVD. Realising she had ejected the wrong disk, she reinserted the map DVD and closed the screen. Now the screen won't open at all. When I say "at all" I mean there is no way to get it open using either the 'LOAD-CLOSE' button or any of the buttons on the screen. To make matters more interesting, the navigation now doesn't work as the system says there is no map DVD inserted when you press the MAP or DESTINATION buttons even though the front screen shows there is one inserted (i.e. it's contradicting itself). To try and rectify this, I have tried the following: Turning the car on and off, Several combinations of buttons together, Pushing and holding every button for an extended period of time, Pulling the fuse that runs the whole system and Trying to wiggle the screen while pushing the 'LOAD-CLOSE' button. I haven't disconnected the battery as I can't find the security code for the media system and didn't want to lose everything like the radio and the CD's that are in there and still play. Any assistance or advise is welcome.
  7. I have been hearing a weird buzzing noise coming from behind the dashboard. It's sounds like an old computer starting up or like a hard drive booting, very similar to when a CD player loads a CD. It comes and goes and when it comes, it's annoying. Could it be related to the doubled in? I have searched online and mainly it points to brake boosters and aircon servos. Has anyone had a similar situation? MOV_0002.mp4
  8. Hello, My 2009 Kluger Grande GSU45R powered tailgate was functioning with no issues (opening & closing) in the past few years. A month ago I tried to close the tailgate but it beeped, started closing and jumped right back, the behaviour is like the system detects a resistance of some kind. I have no issue when the door is shut and I open the powered tailgate, it opens all the way up, the issue is only when I try to close it. I took off the gas struts and got them tested by a professional and the reading came out good, meaning that the issue is not from the gas struts. I tried to hold the close button (found some instructions on Google) to try and reset the system but it didn't work. Has anyone experienced such an issue and if so, how did you get it fixed? Thanks in advance Gil
  9. Just bought a new Kluger last week. The multimedia system prompts that an update needs to be done. Tried many times, the update is stuck at 82%. Anyone had the same problem? If there a fix for that?
  10. Hello Everyone, I have recently bought a toyota kluger grande 2008 awd. i have filled the fuel couple of times it just does not go beyond 62 litres while the tank can be filled till 72 litres. Can someone please guide me what information i am missing on? regards, Maaz.
  11. Hi fellow Kluger owners, I'm researching wheels for my Kluger, as I would like to change up from the current 18 inch stock wheels. I have come across some beautiful 22 inch Wald Jarret wheels, which I can import. Costs are similar to factory 20inch wheels from Toyota. Anyone had any experience fitting 22 inch wheels to their Kluger? Thanks in advance. Simon
  12. Hi all I am having trouble with my 08 kluger grande . Check vsc came up on the dash a good 6 months ago , scanner picked up bank 1 sensor 1 and sensor was changed. 3 weeks later lights came on again , same thing on scanner bank 1 sensor 1. So my dad had swapped the sensor to bank 2 . Lasted about 3 weeks again and lights came on again. Definitely same sensor so we have changed again for a brand new sensor and lights on strait away . Car is running fine , feel like it has traction and fuel consumption is between 11-14 which is quiet normal. Has anyone got any ideas on why these lights are coming on , sensor keeps blowing , car only uses 98 fuel . Dads a diesel mechanic so has an idea about cars . He keeps scratching his head and is getting fed up
  13. I own a 2007 Kluger, which has two wireless locking keys, and one Valet key. The wireless keys work as they should wirelessly, but do not open the doors manually. The Valet key and the wireless keys only open the luggage door at the back. This does not line up with what the manual says. Any suggestions? Jeff
  14. Hi All, Sudden noise the other night when driving home. Checked it out the next day and still persistent. From my googling efforts and reading forum posts, it seems like it is the infamous water pump. I am in Adelaide. Been quoted $1980 at one toyota stealership (typo) and $1468 by another for the replacement. The usual story is that it is engine drop and will take up to twelve hours. What are your experiences with this? Anyone had theirs done at a non Toyota Dealership? Please see video below that shows where the sound is coming from.. https://youtu.be/FNoV4xhn3fA
  15. Hi, just joined this forum. hoping the wealth of forum knowledge can help me with an intermittant problem with my 2009 Kluger Grande. this issue has only just started. The Alarm (sometimes) intermittantly goes off after 20 minutes or even 40 minutes after locking. all doors, hatch glass hatch lid etc are closed. has me confused. i was thinking a faulty door/hatch/lid switch but it does not show open on dash LCD unit? any one had this happen ?
  16. Hi All, Recently a Check Engine light showed up on the dashboard of my Kluger. My scanner indicates that there is an issue with a downstream oxygen sensor. While looking for a replacement, I've read suggestions that Denso parts should be the first choice for Toyota cars. However, It seems like there is barely any auto shop in Sydney that would sell Denso parts. I was wondering if you guys can suggest what would be the best place to buy Denso parts in Australia?
  17. Hi all. I'm keen on replacing the factory stereo unit in my 2016 Kluger GXL. Looking at a Pioneer 8850BT & maybe upgrading the speakers (Maybe a hideaway sub as well), will be installed by a qualified person too. Has anyone put in an aftermarket unit in a 2014-2016 Kluger? Did you have any issues, like with the steering wheel controls, or any other electrical operations? Thanks in advance for your replys. Jason.
  18. 2017 Kluger just had first service at 6 months/10000km. The dealer noted an oil leak "between the engine and gear box" but are not fixing yet. Should I ask them to? There is a new (wet) drip (highlighted) but no oil on the carport floor.
  19. Hi - Hopefully I am not repeating an old post. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on popular performance modifications? Tune up possibilities for the Kluger? I have the 3.5v6 and I am sure its possible to get more Oomph out of the engine with a bit of tweaking : ) Also - Is there any basic maintenance people recommend other than the usual servicing? I have a 2008 model. Its going great at the moment. I've seen 'engine sludge' mentioned on other posts though?
  20. Hi Everyone, Has anyone had a steering problem on their Toyota Kluger? My Kluger Grande AWD nearly killed me the other night when the steering completely failed. I could not turn left or right. The steering wheel just kept turning continuously and unable to control the car. The incident did not result in death or injury to other drivers or myself but it was the most frightening experience I have ever had driving a Toyota. Watch the video. 20170811_195341.mp4
  21. I recently built a battery box for the back of my 2012 Kluger kxr. It has a projecta Dc-Dc charger which needs an ignition signal to tell it when the car is running for the best charging. Does anyone know the best (easiest) place to pull an ignition signal from?
  22. Is it possible to install the Toyota Genuine Tow Bar and side steps from my MY13 Kluger to the new MY17 Kluger ?
  23. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 2015 Kluger GXL and had some of the toyota accessories installed a week or so after pickup as they weren't ready yet. The accessories installed were front parking sensors, tow bar, roof racks and tinting. When i picked up the car, all the toyota link services worked fine (weather, fuel finder, local search etc), however after the accessories have been installed it seems that the Kluger can no longer use the GPS from my phone, so the services like fuel finder and local search just default to me being in Melbourne. I've taken it back to Toyota for it's 1000km service, and called the Toyota link hotline but there doesn't appear to be anyone who knows what the issue is. I've tried removing the battery for over half an hour, i've reinstalled the iPhone app, i've deleted all the personal data from the Kluger's media unit and setup everything from scratch but nothing has made any difference. Any assistance would be great. Regards,
  24. HI We are looking to convert our 2012 KX-S Kluger to LPG Gas. We have 102,000kms on the clock, we love the space and extra's the Kluger offers and don't want to swap to a new smaller car as we have teenage boys who are taller than us! However the Kluger loves the petrol and with all the city stop start driving it is costing us about $80 a week in fuel. Has anyone converted to LPG gas recently and what was the outcome?
  25. Hi all, My sister has a 2010 Kluger (Australia). It was run low an oil and is now making a nasty rattling noise which seems to worst at idle. It's been like this for a few thousand k's without getting noticeably worse. Toyota has said it needs a new engine. Although a 3rd part mechanic thinks he can replace the cam chain and tensioner and it should solve it for $3k but it involves removing the engine. Do you need to remove the engine to change the cam chain and tensioner in these? Is that an OK price to do it? Would you take the gamble?

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