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  1. Hey 👋🏼 I’ll preface this with a disclaimer - I know nothing about cars & would really appreciate some honest help & assistance! Bought an 80 series petrol Landcruiser earlier in the year for $4K - silly us, we didn’t get the car looked over & while it gave us half a year no issues, it’s basically pooped itself. Toyota checked it over for us, didn’t offer advice on fixes but gave us the following issues; low idle due to severe blowby; rings not sealed and losing compression (needs an engine rebuild); radiator cap leaking; movement in front wheel bearings; power steering box leaking; rear sway bar link bushes worn; rear main seal leaking & movement in front unit “JNT”… So, I guess what I’m asking - is she farked? We love the car & it’s in otherwise perfect condition. I guess I want to know if ya’ll think it’s worth rebuilding & dropping some cash into the pit? Any estimates on how much this will cost us to get fixed with an engine rebuilder? Any tips/tricks on how we can perhaps cut some costs, learn some new skills & fix some of these issues ourselves? Greatly appreciated - thank you!
  2. Hi all, I have a Landcruiser 76 wagon. Just wanted everyone's opinions on whether it is necessary to get a suspension lift for off-roading or would the stock suspension be good enough? I understand doing that will increase your payload capacity but at this stage, I am just looking to go off-roading with a light payload. Has anyone done off-roading with a 70 series stock suspension? Also, from my homework, the max tyre size legally allowable is 265/75/R16 before a lift kit becomes necessary for bigger tyres, so my next question would be, are these tyre sizes good enough or would you recommend a 315/70/R16 etc? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys New member here and first time posting, I have a 1988 HJ75 Landcruiser that I have bought with a secondary fuel tank... However it is not connected in any way shape or form. So im wanting to know how other have wired/plumed up the secondary tank. Have you got it so as it pumps fuel into the main tank or is there a change over switch and a second fuel line installed to the injectors? If it is set up to feed the main tank how do you control the pump so as when the tank is empty it doesn't continue to run? Any help, tips or trick are greatly appreciated Thanks Jayden
  4. Hi All I have a new Toyota landcruiser ute. It has been parked outside and there was a big storm last night, this morning there was a puddle on the drivers side floor. Nothing else was wet and there is no sign of where it came in. It hasn't been driven for a few days so there is no other explanation other than it is leaking somewehere. It isn't around the windscreen or the windows. Any ideas?? Cheers Ed
  5. Item: Toyota Landcruiser Kids Motorised Ride Location: SA Item Condition: Used Reason For Selling: No Longer Required $1,499 Hi Guys, I have a Toyota Landcruiser Kids Motorised Ride for sale, it's push button start & runs off a standard plug, the rides in good condition & would make a great gift or purchase for any Toyota enthusiast. any more info please feel free to contact me on 0424650966, can assist with interstate freight at buyers expense as its on a pallet & I have a forklift.
  6. Hi all, Recently lucky enough to buy a 2018 VX Cruiser... They have KDSS on em. Question is this; Do I have to upgrade the suspension when I put a bullbar on? Im going with aftermarket (ARB/TJM). I have been told no need as the KDSS sorts the extra front end weight. Any feedback is appreciated.
  7. Wondering if someone may have the same problem, I have a 2008 VDJ79 Landcruiser ute and it is a bit down on power. Boost lines are all good, especially on the back of the intercooler. If I drive the car calmly it behaves normally maybe with a little bit of rev and boost hesitation between gear changes or take off. But If i boot my foot down quickly regardless of being in gear driving or in neutral parked up the car hesitates for a second and then starts to rev up but won't go over 2800rpm or 6-7 psi boost. Driving normally or soft acceleration will allow it to go full rpm and 12-14 psi of boost. If anyone has any ideas please let me know as the mechanics cannot fault the car
  8. Heres an engine upgrade I want to do to my 105 Series Landcruiser, if anyone has any changes or add ons they think i should do or if I could get an opinion on it I would love to here it, Cheers. ENGINE UPGRADE::: DTS Turbo Kit: http://www.dtsturbo.com.au/100-DTS/Turbo-Kit-Suits-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-100-Series-4.2L-1HZ/pd.php DTS Intercooler Kit: http://www.dtsturbo.com.au/IK_dash_1001HZ_dash_T/Intercooler-Kit-Suits-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-100-Series-4.2L-1HZ-(Top-Mount)/pd.php Full Stainless Exhaust Upgraded Injectors Upgraded Fuel Pump Heavy Duty Clutch Full tune
  9. Hi all, i have a '94 75 series with no power, need some guidance on what to do to get it back I have played with the max load thigmo with the tamper sleeve on it got a bit more performance out of it, then i adjusted the max travel of the pedal so the throttle would open all the way With the "max load screw in as far as i can get it with primitive tools at full throttle 5th gear it will billow black smoke out the exhaust (something it has never done) Fuel system should be realitivley clean because i have run half a tank of Jet A-1 pure (want to know what it is, and why just ask) and well it didnt blow any smoke before and no power change Have not checked timing because i dont have a tool for it, but i have a feeling that might be out because it misfires and i have read somewere that a diesel misfire is caused by incorrect timing :shrug: It is NA got 359k kms on the clock 5 speed troopcarrier 4.2 strait 6 bla bla Sure i have forgotten something but any ideas were to start looking?
  10. Hi, Does anyone know if I need to upgrade the clock spring when adding steering wheel controls to a 2016 GXl 200 Series that didn't come out with them or is it just a plug and play scenario? Cheers
  11. Hey guys! I own a 2001 Toyota Prado Grande petrol auto. Always serviced on time and well taken care of. Lately its been running a little rich. Long trips I've noticed it using more fuel than normal. Also, it has developed a little flat spot when pulling up to a round about or something and going to take off again, its seems to have a little miss. To top it off, if i was to put my foot down, it feels like its not getting enough fuel or air as it doesn't use all its power but then feels like that frees up somewhere in the rev range. Most wouldn't notice it but after driving it daily its clear it has an issue. No codes have scanned up ad I've had it into 2 workshops now trying to find the fault. Plugs are new and aren't fowled and both workshops have scratched their heads as to what may be causing the problem. Injectors are also fine. Any and all help greatly appreciated.
  12. From its humble beginnings in 1950 as a development project based on the design of the Willys Jeep, the Land Cruiser has taken its rightful place as Toyota's flagship four-wheel drive vehicle. When the Land Cruiser (then named "Model BJ") was first tested in August, 1951, it climbed to the sixth station of Mt. Fuji -- the first motor vehicle to perform this feat. The first orders for the vehicle were from police and forestry departments because of its off-road abilities. In 1954, when the BJ was formally named Land Cruiser, the vehicle officially entered mass-production, rather than being built on a made-to-order basis. The following year, the original 85-horsepower diesel engine was replaced with a 125-horsepower 3.8L gasoline unit. 1958 saw the formal introduction of the Land Cruiser to the U.S., and it was the best selling Toyota vehicle in the U.S. from 1961-1965. During that time the line-up consisted of soft-top, open, and pickup versions. In 1965, Land Cruiser moved toward the mainstream U.S. market with the introduction of the five-door station wagon. The wagon was hailed as a vehicle that was competent enough to drive through the back country, yet was comfortable and powerful enough to drive on any public street. Mid-1967 saw the U.S.-sales introduction of a hardtop version of the two-door, sales of which ceased in 1983 (although production ended in 1979). In 1975, the 3.8L engine was replaced by a larger and more powerful 4.2L version, making the Land Cruiser easier to drive. For the home market (Japan), Land Cruiser has almost always been available with a diesel engine -- originally 3.2L, reintroduced at 3.0L in 1976, and updated to 3.2L again in 1979 -- but it was never officially available in the U.S. Since 1980, the U.S.-spec Land Cruiser has only been available in one body style -- five-door station wagon. It was replaced in 1991 by a larger, more luxurious vehicle that sported full-time four-wheel-drive and a fully independent four-wheel coil-spring suspension. In 1993, Land Cruiser grew up even further. Now sporting a 24-valve, DOHC inline six-cylinder engine displacing 4.5L, Land Cruiser produced 212 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque, and was more than capable of pulling Land Cruiser's 5153 pounds of curb weight. The 1993 Land Cruiser was a far cry from the 1951 Model BJ. Sporting optional leather upholstery, available seating for eight, an available compact-disc player, manually locking front and rear, and automatic locking center, differentials, Land Cruiser was now a shadow of its former self. 1994 updates to the Land Cruiser were minimal (changes have only been made to the Land Cruiser when necessary), limited to the addition of CFC-free air-conditioning. In 1995, Land Cruiser took a large step toward additional passenger safety. With more and more consumers using their "sport-utility" vehicles as passenger cars, and those consumers looking for vehicles that offer enhanced safety features, Toyota was ready. Along with a new grille featuring redesigned headlights, the 1995 Land Cruiser included, as standard equipment, both driver- and passenger-side airbags and adjustable shoulder-belt anchors. These additions did nothing to diminish Land Cruiser's off-the-road abilities, though, and it continues on as the most refined, most capable four-wheel-drive vehicle on the market. For 1998, Toyota introduced the fifth-generation Land Cruiser and the first all-new Cruiser since 1991. The new Cruiser was larger, heavier, structurally more solid and substantially more powerful than its predecessor. Yet it delivered improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions and considerably quicker, more responsive acceleration. It also featured the first V8 engine in a Toyota Division vehicle. Its all-new 4.7-liter 32-valve DOHC produced 230 horsepower, 18 more than its predecessor’s inline six-cylinder, and 320 lbs.-ft. of torque, an improvement of 45 over the ’97 model. For 1999 the recently redesigned Land Cruiser featured an independent rear automatic climate control system for added convenience and passenger comfort. In 2000, Toyota again raised the benchmark in SUV performance and refinement by adding active traction control (Active TRAC), vehicle skid control (VSC) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD) systems as standard equipment. The Cruiser also added a six-disc in-dash CD player as standard. For 2001, the legendary Land Cruiser received a few new additions. It featured an available navigation system with a DVD player, standard auto dimming rear view mirror, and integrated compass in the rear view mirror (on models without the navigation system), JBL Premium three-in-one AM/FM/Cassette/CD six-disc in-dash changer with seven speakers with an available Electro Multi-Vision screen with center console six-disc CD player. The Land Cruiser entered 2002 with additional equipment and improved value. Third row seats, automatic rear climate control system and HomeLink® became standard features. The only available factory option was a DVD-based navigation system. Along with an updated front grille, rear bumper, rear turn signals and interior, output by the 2003 Land Cruiser’s 4.7-liter V8 was increased by five horsepower for improved responsiveness. For the first time, Land Cruiser had rear seat audio and steering wheel audio controls as standard equipment, and a DVD rear seat entertainment system and SRS front and second row side curtain airbags became available. The 2004 Land Cruiser introduced an available backup camera with the navigation system. New side privacy glass color was changed from bronze to dark green. For 2005, 18-inch wheels became standard. In 2006, the Land Cruiser received minor changes to the exterior and engine. The 4.7-liter V8 engine became equipped with VVT-i and ETCS-i to produce 275 horsepower and 332 lb.-ft. torque. Land Cruiser also gained LEVII status. Adjustable Height Control and Adaptive Variable Suspension became options, while a Tire Pressure Monitor System became standard. Exterior updates included a new grille, headlights, LED rear combination lamps, a high-gloss finish on the 18-inch wheels and an available rear spoiler. Two new colors included Classic Silver and Pacific Blue. The 2007 Land Cruiser carries over with no exterior changes. Driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags and front and second row side curtain airbags become standard.
  13. Hey guys, just wondering if someone could help me. My door ajar light in the dash is constantly on, pressing both of the courtesy switches in my doors do nothing. The courtesy light in the roof also stays on whether it is in the on or door position but goes off when in the off position. I have also tested for continuity in both switches and they check out fine, as well as all the fuses. I don't really know where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated
  14. Hi all, I've got '08 Sahara, 120k on clock. Chewing through a lot of oil, LHS turbo looks like it's on the brink. Oil in the hose between the turbo and intercooler. Has anyone or does anyone know how to remove and replace the LHS turbo? Looks like it's in a prick of a spot.
  15. Hi, My sister is getting married in 10 days and I am making her cake! I am desperately looking for a model car to use as part of the car to impress her husband to be - an avid 60's series fan. If you know anyone, in SA preferably, that has a model car that I could borrow, and treat with the utmost care and respect, I would be very grateful. Thanks, Kylie
  16. Hi, I just purchased a 99 LandCruiser HZJ105 with just over 260,000 on the clock. Very very tidy car, RACV Approved from a dealer. Log books aren't too complete. Its the 4.2Hz Diesel engine which is just stock with no turbo. I want to know if there would still be plenty of life left in this car? I mean i looked under the car for any dents and bangs but nothing at all which was good. Any owners can tell me a little bit about theirs or share some knowledge on the model and possible problems that would be great. Paid 21,000 including on road costs. Here are some photos of it as well. Any help would be much appreciated, James
  17. Hi, i just recently bought a 1999 Landcruiser HZR105 with just over 260K on the clock. Beautiful car and performance. Only one thing, I'm struggling to fit in the bloody thing! Its absolutely massive in terms of storage space, but its drivers? Im sure that toyota didn't really cater for taller people, its a joke! Was wondering if anyone on this forum has modified or has had their vehicle modified to suit there needs or height. The rails will need to pass an engineers certificate i believe as well. It really is my favourite car yet and I'm looking at long distance driving but just don't see it happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated. James
  18. Hi our 2008 gxl landcruiser has just had its engine and injectors replaced due to low compression. After having it off the road for 2 weeks to get repaired we have got it back and the problems are still happening. The engine light comes on the 4lo flashes and also the vsc off also flashes. We also have the smoke still coming out of the exhaust.and everynow and again y ou can smell the diesel. Anyone one have any ideas on what this could be?
  19. Hi guys, I just recently bought a Toyota land cruiser 1990 80 series petrol 4.5ltr for $4,000 as a spare time hobby thing.The engines running a little ruff, Its spitting oil out of the exhaust also. Its got a 4 inch lift already, 33x16x8 50/50 Micky's, $1200 stereo system, and LPG. My question is should i rebuild my engine and if so what is the best resource to use such as Manuals, DVD Guides, Tips and tools. Also i have a budget for this part of the build like most, so i would like some kind of idea on cost as well? thanks.
  20. Hi all, Thanks for having as part of the group. ^_^ Was interested to know if any other cruiser member has vemtured down the HID conversion to their lights? If so how did you fair and any advice to someone thinking of doing the same with a 6000k kit? cheers in advance
  21. Hi all, This Thursday I finaly get to pick up my brand new GXL Landcruiser 200. Now I maybe over cautious but is there any recomendations about running these in? I will of course ask the dealer on pick up what their recomendations are but I was hoping for some prior knowledge before pick up as most dealers these day say that running in is not needed. I beg to differ though. Thoughts?
  22. Hey Guys, I own a LandCruiser and it currently has a leaking rocker cover gasket and the guys at my local Repco are not sure between the sizes which they have. They have a 3mm and a 6mm Gasket but i'm not sure which one will fit. Car is a: 2000 Toyota LandCruiser 100 series 4.2l Petrol, Straight 6, 1FZ-FE engine Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance, Liam_Poor
  23. I have a HJ60 Landcruiser, turbo intercooled 2H, 5 speed gear box. Now I have just acquired an FJ60, 2F 4 speed but it has a transfer case on it that has an Integrated Fairey overdrive in it. The only Fairey overdrives I had seen prior to this were the type that was used in landrovers, the type that the separate Fairey overdrive unit bolted onto the back of the Landcruiser transfer case and after changing some drive components drove from there off the gearbox output shaft. What I would like to do is this: Take the existing transfer case from the 5 speed box on my HJ60 and swap it for the transfer case I just got with the FJ60 4 speed gearbox that's got the Fairey overdrive built into the transfer case. WILL that transfer case with integrated Fairey Overdrive from the 4 speed gear box go onto my 5 speed gearbox? if so, is there anything special that will need to be done? What needs to be changed/modified if anything? Anything else I need to know? Thanks Kymbo
  24. Hi there, im new to these forums, i went and looked at a 4x4 yesterday, a 1994 toyota landcruiser trayback, 1hz diesel with 300,000 on it, no rust, tidy cab, straight body, $8000 unreg, any help witht the buying process will be appreciated, what i should look for, if its really worth 8k? anything would be handy, Cheers Ben
  25. HELP NEEDED I was wondering if anyone knew what year modelof fj40 SWB had the wippers at the top of the windscreen and if not sure dose anyone know how I can find out what year model it Is. Thanks

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