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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone, My rear LH brake light wasn't working, so I changed the bulb. Now it is dimmer. Closer inspection shows its a two filament bulb and the wrong filament seems to be lighting up. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
  2. So I’ve recently bought a 2016 Aurion and I love it but I really hate how the dash is a nice blue but all the lights on the console are all green it’s super ugly and I’m just wondering if there’s anyway to change the colour to blue, if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it
  3. Hi all, My 2003 Camry Altise clock, automatic gear shift lights and climate control lights don't turn on. Now all that I have tried is checking the instrument panel fuses to see if any had blew out but they are all fine. There has been a few times where they would all work fine but this only lasts until I turn the car is completely off. The lights and clock haven't turned on for about a month now and was wondering if anyone had a solution to this? Thanks!
  4. Azr87

    Fog lamps

    How are fog lights are only to be used for fogy and low vision conditions. And LED lights that are on at all times.
  5. Hi guys, Had a question about an issue I am suffering with my Corolla (2007) Ascent. Essentially the gauges (speed, odometer, rev), lights for cental column (air con, fan) are not turning on when I switch on.my headlights. They come eventually. Unfortunately, this may mean minutes without lights on my dashboard. Basically, i can't clear see my speed at night. Headlights and rears work fine. Internal lights above head switch on fine. No issues there. Just my internals on dashboard that are suffering here. I analysed the no.18 fuse (in engine compartment) for "internal lights" but it is not blown. Not an electrician. Could it be the relay though? Any thoughts guys? Thank you.
  6. Please help!, My low beam on the left side wont work, my globe isn't blown as it works wen i put it into the right side, and also wen i pull the right sides H/L Beam fuse out the right globe slowly dims and the left one slowly brightens but it stays very dull, much duller than the right? Its as if its struggling for power or something, i dont know tho so any help is appreciated, thanks everyone
  7. Hey guys im greg, new here from mascot, Sydney, I have read through most of your posts and find good conversation going has anyone used the mechanics at Hurstville called mckenzies? any feedback on Quality? I am getting my transmission replaced as my gear wont shift into Park and this guy has said he needs to replace the lot Just curious and conscious on spending money
  8. Hey everyone, I'm a new member and i have a 2014 Toyota Aurion AT-X, as many of you probably know that fog lamp doesnt come on the AT-X, and i was wondering if theres any way i can buy and install fog lamp onto my car. Do you guys know where i can buy it or get it done? Thanks!!
  9. Hey all, I own a Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport ZRE182R (2012 - 2013) and I'm wanting to change the parkers for it. Ive read the manual but diagrams dont match what I see in the engine bay. I also want to get new Headlights for it too but im not sure on size or model bulb to get for it. Any tips or tricks on how to replace these parkers would be awesome. If anyone can help with this it would be muchly appreciated.
  10. Hi guys, newbie question: has anyone done or is considering converting lights to HIDs? Hate the lighting on my cruiser and considering converting main lights to HID added LED spot/flood combo bar light,fog lights.reversing and work light. Could someone please give me advice on their HID/LED experiences? Cheers in advance
  11. Hi all, apart from my introduction post, this is my first real "help me" post! bear with me, if I don't use the right terms for things, I'm learning! I dont usually do cars, but Im determined to save a few bucks a not rely on others for help, but dont worry, im pretty handy :) Ok, so I dont know the history of my lux, I've only had her a few days.... But I have no reverse lights, and only one of my tail lights isn't working, but both brake lights are. I have changed all the globes, checked the fuses, except for the big ones under the bonnet, not sure how you tell if they are blown. I have a new reversing switch coming tomorrow, im hoping that fixes the reverse lights. but what do you think is up with my one tail light? what do I need to check? Oh and my hand break light is stuck on, fluid levels seem ok.
  12. So i've got a shiny new headunit to upgrade what i currently have my my car the new one has an orange/white wire in the harness i believe its supposed to dim the lights on the headunit when you turn your headlights on. I have a 2000 Corolla and i'm not sure if i have somewhere or where i should connect this orange/white wire just wondering if anyone might have any ideas? Here is a picture of the wire i'm talking about in the wiring diagram.
  13. I am looking into upgrading my headlights, fog lights, number plate lights and reverse lights into white, since my car colour is white and Im pretty much sick of the orange/yellowish light look. What do you guys recommend?? HID's or Standard Phillips white look bulbs? I want to achieve a clean install and do not want to play around too much with the cables of the car. Cheers
  14. Hi guys Firstly, apologies if this is already on here. I've just bought a 2011 Sportivo ZR6 with the clear/silver tail lights. I actuakly prefer the smoked red ones as my car is black. Posted ad on Gumtree and someone replied stating that he has a 2008 ZR6 with red lights and is willing to swap. Anyone know if these are gonna fit in each other?? Thanks in advance
  15. Hey guys i am looking a possible purchasing these headlights for my car just wanted to get some thoughts from anyones who has these or tired such as are they bright which colours temp look good thanks. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/360440383162?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/130498726156?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  16. Hi everyone, I'm just after some suggestions here. I'm set on my choice of wheel: Rays Gram Lights 57Xtreme SP Spec 16" x 6.5" 4 x 100 40 offset Matt graphite http://www.rays-msc.com/wheels/index.cgi?d=145 http://www.rays-msc.com/wheels/img/57xtreme-sp.jpg My quote from Import Monster for a set of these wheels was $1596 + $50 postage to NSW. Total of $1646 I'm just wondering if anybody knew of a place (online/physical store) that also has the ability to get a set of these wheels? (I highly doubt any store in Australia has a set ready to ship). I am going to visit Garage 88 (Easter Creek) to get an idea of what they can do, but if any other suggestions come along the way, I'll also take them on board and do some asking around.
  17. Hi All, I just purchased my 2008 Aurion SX6 and would love to install a HID conversion kit for my low beams and the spot lights. Can anyone suggest where I can buy them and any tips on installation are welcome.
  18. Hi guys i know this has probably already been covered i just need your help just want to find out if any one is running 4300k,6000k,8000k H.I.D 55w Kit in their Aurion zr6 can you guys tell if they work well in the rain and if they are too bright and attract cop attention?
  19. Hi everyone.. I have a 2003 Toyota Camry Sportivo and my lights in the centre console have stopped working. Im pretty sure its called the centre console, its basically the lights for turning on/off the air, the temperature dial and all that! I've never really experimented with cars, so I'm not sure how to do this.. anyone know any tutorials? so i could check out if i would be able to do this or not? :D Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in Advance
  20. I own new camry atara R. Im going to replace head and fog light. But i have no idea what types should i buy? I checked headlight. But it isnt h11 or 8. Pls give me infor to replace them. Thanks in advance.
  21. G'day all, Up for sale are my stock parts that fit HATCHBACK (and SEDANS in some cases) corollas years 07-09 (pre-facelift & facelift in some cases). All the below parts were on my ascent 2008 zre-152. Please remember all parts are GENUINE OEM from factory. Parts and prices i'm looking for are as follows (ONO APPLIES - any reasonable offer won't be refused!): 1. Ascent spoiler in perfect condition (factory painted in black mica 209): $80 2. Stock airbox with tube & screws & stock panel filter: $80 (2 of the screw holes have been worn out because of the screws twisting into the plastic - still holds in place regardless) 3. Stock Tailights: $140 (will get photos up tomorrow) 4. Stock shocks & springs (done 5,000kms before changing to pedders lowering springs, so they are in near new condition): $150 5. Stock steelie wheels with hubcaps and GOOD YEAR EXELLENCE tyres 15x6 +45 offset, 195/65R15: $500 SOLD The stock steel wheels and tyres have seen about 2,000kms before changing over to aftermarket rims early on after purchase of the car, so tyres are pretty much still new with plenty of tread to go. 6. Genuine Netz Badge (Front) - Fits all 07 - Current Shape: $30 SOLD Please note shipping interstate and possibly international will be at BUYERS EXPENSE. Local (pickup - VICTORIA) gains priority over interstate/international buyers. Pickup location can be organised, just REPLY to this thread with your interest/offers or contact me on TOCAU private message. Thanks for looking Cheers, Tom
  22. Simon82


    Guys, firstly let me introduce myself, My Name is Simon And i love to do the usual hilux thing and that is off road challenge. I love four wheel driving. Now for my question. My luxy has a gremlin in the lighting electrical where the L/H indicator when lights are on just stays on when the lights are off and i use it the brake lights blink as well. now ive checked all of the connections and they appear to be fine but its got me thinking could it be the combo switch?

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