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  1. Hello All; New member here from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I'm driving a 2003 Caldina GT Four N Edition (I've been driving it for around a year now). Had it shipped with some defects including worn out Shocks; still trying to source out some OEM Genuine N Edition shocks (which I cannot find in our part of the world). I'm interested in modifying cars and this being my first car, I'm looking forward to commence modding, one small step at a time.
  2. Gday forum! just got a Hilux 2012 sr5 extra cab and need to desperately change the wheels that are on there! I’ve never owned a Ute before always been a small hatch kinda guy but this is the work car and didn’t really have much of a say. I’ve attached a pic below. Can anyone help me out with some specs or info of what I can replace these with? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi guys, just found this community forum and thought to join. Im interested in the meets and the technical stuff. Thanks
  4. Hey guys I just bought a 11/2007 Corolla and I want to chuck on some nice wheels, an exhaust and a body kit of some kind. Eventually adding all the bells and whistles as I go along. I'm not really in the know with cars and am looking to start working on this myself as much as I can but don't know where to start shopping or what is compatibile with my car. Any suggestions, information, brands, pricing etc for a lower budget newbie to make my car look and sound tough would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi all, So I'm after a new 2016 LC200 GXL petrol and have a few short questions to those "in the know": 1. What's the percentage ratio between Diesels and Petrols sold in .au ? As there seem many more Diesels sold (I weas told, about 95%), would there be any new Petrols stored in the country, or is it more like "order and wait" ? 2. Has anyone found any info on rumours of when the next model will be coming ? (It'll be 10 years next year for the current model). Some links would be great. 3. What would be a good driveaway price, if I ordered within the next couple of months? Thanks for any insight !
  6. Hi all. I just joined this group as I'm thinking to buy a 2016 Toyota Yaris ascent (New Car). I attached its photo. I've read all reviews and it seems that this's sort of a city car. Its engine is only 1.3 Has anyone here bought this model? I'm looking for owner's reviews. Cheers Adel
  7. Hi all I'm new to the forum but I've owned my little echo for over a year, bought it off my neighbour who is a mechanic it's got 320km on it and I goes strong. tonight I did my first mod; installing a new set of headlights, call it basic if you will but you can't complain about recycling parts (from a 92 Mazda 323 *cough* turbo). This is the result drivers side is an Osram night breaker the other is an oem Toyota one
  8. Just saying Hi to all. I have 3 cars at the moment. I love keep the look of my cars standard, but love efficiency hacks, and minor cool mods. EG ODBII. I do like to tinker with my cars all the time. I have the following cars: - Camry Hybrid 2012 (just had it a few weeks) - Camry Sportivo 2005 2.4L (Best car I have ever owned) - Ford Focus LS 2006 (Given me lots of little problems over the years)
  9. Hi All I've just purchased a Kluger Grande - (late) 2008 model and am loving it. A few little issues that I'm still working out with the dealer (yep - I bought from a dealership) and once they are sorted I'll be happy as Larry. I'm based in Melbourne. I chanced upon this forum while I was looking for a Kluger and there is heaps of great information on here. I look forward to reading and hopefully being able to contribute as well. Cheers, LA
  10. Hey Guys from Melbourne, Driving a 91' Hilux surf, new to this so go easy.
  11. Was given a lovely gift from the parents, which was a well maintained 1996 Vienta. It has quite a few K's on the clock, and it's in complete granny spec, but that just leaves me things to work on (pics soon to come). I was curious as to what the modifying 'scene' was like for the camry's, so I decided to sign up to the forums and have a look.
  12. hi guys this my toyota corolla zr182 and am new to the forum. can use please tell me what i should do to my car to do list: 1-wrap my boot 2-rims 3 -lower 4-exhaust 5-intake still much more to come and if anyone has parts i need^^ can use please tell me thanks in advance
  13. I recently received a call from a market research company offering $150 for an automotive group they are running for people that owned 2012+ models of taragos . It's gonna be held next weekend 27th, 28th at Moore Park. I didn't have the right kind of car but if you're interested and available call in with my name and I'll pick up a gift card. Thought it might be worth a try to mention it here. Their number is 07 3119 8003, just mention Thomas Burling. Cheers.
  14. Hey there guys and gals. My name is Dan, I'm 21 years old and on my green P plates. But enough about me... My first car was a 1995 toyota corolla 1.6 sedan 5sp manual. After that I rode a motorbike for a while ( 1989 Honda Spada 250cc) but came to my senses last month when I purchased this beauty. It's a 1998 Toyota Camry, CSI 2.2L st4 station wagon. As you can see from the pictures it needs a little bit of TLC and I'm hoping you guys might have some bumper parts etc. (Or a replacement trim for this boot window) Hopefully we can match colours but I can just spray everything anyway. Hope to see you all soon :)
  15. Hi All, I am looking at buying an Aurion Sportivo SX6 and wonder you guys can help me with few questions. The one i am looking at has a tow bar fitted and I want it removed as I m not gna use it and I dont like it hanging out of the rear bar. Does any of you know whether I can find a cover to cover the hole in the rear bumper if I remove it completely. And also is there anything else that I should look out for when buying an Aurion with about 130K KMS. ( I ve read to watch out for oil leaks). Thanks for the help in advance. Cheers,
  16. Hey.... Just jumped on this forum as I'm a new Toyota owner after picking up a 2007 Aurion Sportivo SX6 on Monday this week. So far I'm pretty happy with it but looking forward to reading a few posts in here to help me get a few upgrades and mods going..... Andrew
  17. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 2013 Aurion. I am finding it really hard to find any aftermarket parts to suit.. (because its new, I know) Trying to find exhausts, lights, grills, body/aero kits, springs/coilovers, Hoping if I put this together there will be a few enthusiasts out there... Please share... So far I have found smoked tail lights http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321066119262?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Lights kit (dome, map, door, number plate lights) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171043997528?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Bumper lip kit http://www.bodykitskingdom.co.uk/magento/toyota/aurion/style-a-lip-kit-aurion-12-up.html
  18. just wanted to say hey :) been on here for an hour or so and alreadt regretting that i didnt join EARLIER! tons of info and parts :D
  19. Hey everyone I am from Newcastle and recently became the proud owner of a 2003 ZZE122 Levin after owning a 2002 Liberty RX for 4 years. I Just bought it 3 days ago from an older lady and am very happy with it so far. It originally had all the crappy headlight covers, bonnet protector, roof racks (yawn) and bad stickers but since removing them I've come to liking it much better! Its bog stock right now but going to get some tint and a new head unit in there asap. Not planning on making alot of mods but looking to make it a bit more like a guy owns it so if anyone can suggest some minor changes I can make to make it more mine then by all means throw them at me! Hope to learn alot from this forum. Cheers!
  20. Hello from Victoria! Recently found out about this forum after buying a Aurion V6. I'm pretty new to the Toyota scene. See you all in other sections!
  21. Hi, New member to the forums. Getting my 86 next month after a long anticipated wait (Sine June). Will be my first brand new car, but currently driving a lexus IS250
  22. Hi Guys, I'm a new memeber, (obviously), well as the title suggest I am now a proud ower 1998 Celica SX-R, she is my baby. I have no idea what elese to say so feel free to chat away lol
  23. Hi all i have just brought a 2003 v8 landcruiser, looking for any thought on that model

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