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Found 19 results

  1. I finally fixed a frustrating issue with my 2003 Corolla Sportivo. After looking at all the suspension components including the replacing of lower control arm, sway-bar, and S/B link bushings and checking nuts and bolts for tightness and rebuilding the struts I was able to trouble shoot a ongoing noise issue I could not resolve. When going over cement or choppy road surfaces there would be a noise from the right front of the car. Something loose, for a while I convinced myself it was the tyres making the sound. The car had no steering vibration or brake vibration. On asphalt no noise! One day going over the same cement road I needed to apply brakes and the noise DISAPPEARED! I did some more testing by left foot braking while using the accelerator, indeed the noise stopped and returned after lifting off the brakes, so I narrowed it down to the braking system. One YouTube video showed how the disc can make a noise when the studs bang against the holes in the rotor hub. But that could not be the cause. Rattles can come from brake pads, so I cleaned and re-greased the backs of the pads in case it was that. I also shook the whole assembly when it was all back together. Nothing a first but then suddenly I heard the EXACT SAME NOISE that had been plaguing me for months. Turns out the 17mm bolts that hold the brake caliper assembly to the bracket had worked themselves loose. (Just enough not dangerous) I lock tighted them back in place and no more noise, hard to diagnose for a non mechanic so it may be useful information for other DIYers, could save you hours of frustration. I think giving stuff on your car a good shake is a great old school way to pick up issues early Hope this helps othersūüĎĆ
  2. Attention GSU40 GSU45 Owners. After becoming frustrated with a noise emanating from my steering every time i turned left, reporting it to Toyota the past 2 times its been for service and being told that they couldn't replicate the issue, this time it was just too loud for them to ignore and feel through the steering wheel. They have finally admitted there is an issue and they have been issued a Technical Newsflash from Toyota Australia (TNF 06/13). In a nutshell, they wont fix it now, there is no fix to date, they are testing a few things and will have a formal fix. I personally have driven or been in 3 various Klugers (2009 to 2012 models) and all exhibit this issue. On a personal satisfaction level, I am very disappointed with Toyota and the fact that the issue has been around since the release of the GSU40/45 series in 2008 and no fix exists. Please make formal complaint with your dealer, reference this Technical NewsFlash and hopefully one day we will get a fix. Please post your experiences here if you find a fix or a dealer that is willing to help. Cheers Toyota.TNF.06.13.pdf
  3. Hi All, Sudden noise the other night when driving home. Checked it out the next day and still persistent. From my googling efforts and reading forum posts, it seems like it is the infamous water pump. I am in Adelaide. Been quoted $1980 at one toyota stealership (typo) and $1468 by another for the replacement. The usual story is that it is engine drop and will take up to twelve hours. What are your experiences with this? Anyone had theirs done at a non Toyota Dealership? Please see video below that shows where the sound is coming from.. https://youtu.be/FNoV4xhn3fA
  4. Hi, I have just joined and would like to ask a question to anyone that may be able to help me. My car has started making a clunky grinding sort of noise when pushing the push start ignition, the noise only happens for a few seconds and then it's fine no other issued just an intermittent noise at start up. Have taken it to the mechanic who said he cant really tell me much as it didn't make the noise for them however had the battery tested and that failed so replaced that yesterday and when first starting it after new battery it started but turned off after about 20 secs but restarted again straight away but its still making the noise. If I can give u any more information please let me know I just have no idea what it could be and its driving me crazy ad I don't want to break down somewhere with my kids in the car! Thanks in advance for any replies really appreciate, I have a video of the noise and will try and attach it. TRIM_20180523_171753.mp4
  5. This is for the 2003/2004 pre-facelift Toyota Corolla Sportivo (6 speed manual). When the clutch is replaced, does the exhaust get moved and/or loosen in order to have the work done. I am aware that gearbox has to be removed and reassembled, refit the drive shaft and wheels, but what about elements of the exhaust? Reason why I am asking, is that I just had a new clutch installed on my stivo (by a highly regarded clutch and brakes shop in Melbourne), and for some reason when i drove off, which started as a small, and then ended up being a large squeaking noise coming from underneath the car. I suspect its the exhaust. Cheers
  6. I am getting noise from the bottom of the car it comes when I doing reverse parking and turning wheel from straight to full lock. I may think that it may be causing high petrol consumption. And when i driving on the road and making left and right turns I don't hear any kind of noise as that. Any hints, what could be the problem. I don't think that it should be that way. https://youtu.be/a_5ejZytkj4
  7. Hi All, I can hear what appears to be a chirping/cricket like noise coming for the rear area of my camry 2010 hybrid. Its faint but it gets annoying after a while. It does not occur when car is stationary, only when it is moving forward. Any ideas what it may be ?
  8. Hi I have a 2002 4x4 v6 petrol hilux pushing 250,000 kms and it has a loud whistling sound I think coming from the fuel pump. Used to just happen when it was lowish on fuel but now always does it. Looking for any advice on what might be wrong or what I can do? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone,When driving over speed bumps at slow speed the front suspension makes a loud squeaking, almost creaking noise. The sound is similar to opening the creaky door of your garden shed! It doesn't affect the handling/function of the car but is very annoying/embarrassing.Hoping it may solve the problem, I have replaced both front struts - they were 100% worn out so time and money not wasted, however this has made no difference to the creaking noise. Both springs and lower/upper rubber insulators were in good condition with no corrosion/deterioration so these can all be ruled out as the cause of the creaking.The video below shows you the noise when driving over speed bumps at slow speed. (**You will need to turn up your volume to hear it the creaking noise - it's actually much louder in reality, the sound hasn't come out very well on the video.**) Any ideas what could be causing this?I have inspected the sway bar bushings, although not disassembled them yet. They seem in good condition and look like they have been replaced in the last couple of years. Would it pay to take these apart and stick some rubber grease on them? Or are they supposed to work dry?Any other suggestions?!The car is a Toyota Corolla 1999, Conquest, 1.8l Petrol, AE112, 189,000kms on the clock (118,000 miles).Thanks for your help!! Joe
  10. For the last year I have noticed that when I engage D or R from neutral, there is a engage noise/soft clunk and one can feel it. Otherwise the box works perfectly. Does anyone know what this could be due to?
  11. Hey guys I have a loud squeak/rattle noise that starts as I hit about 2000rpm and gets louder as the revs go up. The noise will only happen when I am accelerating and it completely goes away when I back off. It sounds like it's coming from the cluster but I'm not exactly sure. Need help asap because it is driving me nuts.
  12. Hi, I bought an used Kluger 2010 a couple of weeks ago. And I noticed a strong vibration and noise when the car starts from coldstart (in the morning or afternoon after a long idle). I know that some other Kluger owners in this forum also experienced the similar issue. Such as below discussion: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/25368-kluger-vibrations/ I would like to know: Is this really a part of normal operation as explained in the above thread? Is there a fix for this? Does the issue have any impact on the engine or the car's lifetime? For those who had this before, do you still experience this issue till now?Thanks guys!
  13. Hi, I have a 2003 Camry Sportivo ACV36R 4cyl Auto, there is a strange "squish" / "squeak" noise as I turn from around the steering wheel/column area, I am sure it is inside and not from under the bonnet area. I have sprayed WD40 between the steering wheel and horn contact area, also on the rubber boot area where the shaft goes thru the firewall Any ideas ???? Thanks Bruce
  14. Hi all, What do you think about this one............... My 2010 Kluger KXS AWD has lately developed this noise which is hard to describe, but it's most likley to be a creak. It comes from the front left hand side area while driving. It can happen on a straight road, in a bend, under acceleration or not under acceleration. I had a look under the car, nothing seems to be lose or out of place. Any ideas, please? Thanks Milo
  15. Hi All, My Rukus seems to have a ticking sound, like a tapet noise. You can hear it a idle after a drive when engine is hot on on highway when you sit on about 2500 rpm. ive taken to my dealing this morning and took one of the mechanics for a drive but they advised this is normal. This doesn't seem normal to me as my other Toyota does not do this. Just wondering if anyone else has the same noise etc
  16. Hi guys, just bought a later model 2006 Camry Sportivo (Auto) and there's a whirring noise whenever I start it up or begin to accelerate from rest, however this goes away when it is starting to drive. I've been told it's a 'flexi-pipe' vibration, and that there's nothing you can do to prevent the noise, as a replacement will still do the same thing. Can anyone offer any more info on this? Thanks!
  17. Noticed the other day after I had parked my car in the garage that there was a strange noise coming from the back of it after it had been turned off. Last night, noticed it again and took a video (ableit there being no picture because it was dark, you can still hear the sound). Its coming from the back of the car, underneath the boot. Seems to be louder on the passenger side. It sounds almost like air escaping or somthing,. maybe from the fuel system? The only way i noticed it is because i happen to live in a quiet part of town Does anyone elses car do this? Dont know if its anything to be alarmed about.
  18. Hi, Im new here. I recently bought a silver 2003 Corolla Sportivo with 144Kkms. It is a fun car, but it has a weird grinding noise when riding the clutch, particularly in reverse. The noise is worst when reversing from cold start. It is a kind of TZZZZZ noise that is quite loud once I start to reverse, riding the clutch, though stops once I let the clutch out completely. It is nowhere near as loud when engaging 1st, and can only just be heard if I ride the clutch during 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd gear changes. The gearbox itself seems otherwise OK during normal driving, with possibly only the slightest of bearing noises and no syncro issues when driving - it is only bad when releasing the clutch in reverse. The shift action has a pretty average feel to it, but it goes into gears just fine, with only a slight snick. As a side, I find the clutch hard to get just right on take off. I either spin the clutch or bog down. The take up point was originally quite low to the floor, which I have raised a little by adjusting the clutch push rod out 2 turns. I was told that the clutch had always been like that since the previous owner bought the car 3 years ago. It had apparently had a new clutch before she bought it. I have also changed the gearbox oil to Redline MT80(?) and added Nulon additive. I can't recall if the current noise was there before I adjusted the clutch and changed the oil. Some of my thoughts are the noise could be: a thrust bearing problem, but would expect it to occurr in all gears; an input shaft bearing, though I would expect that it would be constant noise whilst driving - unless it is just commencing and is worst under load. reverse gear isn't initially fully engaging, which would be a linkage problem; or an engine or gearbox mount is shot, so the drivetrain is moving under load and hitting something? I note that sometimes when starting the car I do hear a similar noise for a fraction of a second. Any ideas? If I can't get any solid leads from here, I might try fiddling with the clutch rod and bleed the clutch cylinder and adjusting the clutch rod to see if it makes any difference. Thanks, James
  19. G'day everyone, i have a 1983 toyota hilux SR5 4x4 that has been changed from a petrol to a diesel motor (out of a hilux surf 4x4). The problem im having is that there is a serious rattling noise that happens when using gears 1,2,3,5 and reverse, but gear 4 is quiet and normal. Ive been told that it can be the transfer case, which might need replacing, the gear box, or one of the hubs could be stuck on which will cause the noise. At first i thought it was 100% the gear box, but the rattling noise happens occasionally in neutral, and the noise comes from the transfer case itself. Any advice or help will be much appreciated as i am only new to this. Cheers

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