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Found 5 results

  1. Following YouTube video has some interesting insights into the link between longer oil change intervals, type of oil, oil viscosity and the problem of oil consumption. Solution is to take a step back in time to the 90's with a shorter oil change interval of 5000kms. Consider using the lowest or lower oil viscosity range recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Quality full synthetic oil with higher levels of detergent additives and a lower evaporation rate are being recommended.
  2. Last oil change was done at approx. 215,200km using Shell Ultra 5W-40. It was very effective in cleaning the engine internals such that after about 800kms, the oil colour had darkened from being clear on the dipstick to a light golden colour. When looking in the oil filler cap opening, the oil colour was much darker. I posted a picture in Tony's thread My 120.000KM Service. Last weekend, I swapped over the oil filter cartridge with a previous clean used one. Due to a number of recent developments over the last few days, I am now going on a 3200KM road trip in the next few days so doing those last minute checks. I had previously thought about changing the oil then finally decided to do it upon return. This morning the girlfriend/cook/she who must be obeyed had a "Must Do" suggestion: Change the oil. I quickly revised my previous decision so started doing the oil change with a few tweaks. Usually, I drop the oil from both the oil filter housing and the engine pan, refill with diesel, idle engine for approx. 10 minutes. Then I start the oil change and fitting the oil filter cartridge. This means that any remaining diesel will mix with the new oil. For this change, I removed the oil filter cartridge when doing the engine flush with the diesel. I also added some used ATF to the diesel to improve the engine flush. Next step was to drop the diesel ATF mixture out of the oil filter housing and engine pan then refilled with some cheap new 20W-50 oil. Engine was then idled a few minutes while I emptied the drain pan again. This new oil was ever so slightly discoloured when it was drained. It has been kept to use again as a final flushing oil. Oil change now done at 216,340KM using Shell Ultra 5W-40. Previous oil has been kept for use as a topping up oil. Plan now is to monitor the oil colour to see how many KMs it takes before it changes from being relatively clear on the dipstick and on a flange in the valve cover. Also expecting to be doing the next oil change at 220,000KM.
  3. Hi all. This is my 3rd Aurion. 2 GSV40 and now a GSV50. I do most mechanical work myself. 2 back operations have slowed that down recently but anyway on with my story. I recently purchased a 2014 prodigy. 61000kms. Started life as a fleet car and then sold privately at 8000kms to the owner before me who was an elderly gentleman. The cars in fairly good condition. His service history is not so much. Looks as if the oil was was changed at 8000, 30000 and 60000. There are 2 other services 11k and 20k but no information. So I'm thinking at worst which I knew before buying, that it's possibly gone 30k without an oil change. Now this is not 100% but is definitely possible. The old fellah had failing health and I bought the car off the dealership thst acquired it for him when he wanted one back in 2015 at 8000kms. He's apparently become ill so his family sold it back to the dealership he bought it from. Good country town ethics. Anyway so they didn't really want to call the old fellah to ask about the missing 45000 service. The dealership rang the other mechanic in the area and he had also not done it. So let's just assume it was done at 8000, 30000 and 60000. I have not pulled the valve cover off bank 2 yet but I took off the PCV valve and it looks as followed. {SEE PICTURES) I put my pinky in the plug hole too and felt around, it definitely has a sticky varbish under the valve cover, just like you can see on the head of the PCV valve. Actual valve is clear and opening and closing freely. I've never used an engine flush before, that's why I'm here asking questions. 1) Should I pull the valve cover off too properly inspect before deciding to use an engine oil flush like Nulon for example? 2) From the pic of the PCV, would you consider this amount of varnish to be worth doing an engine oil flush? 3) Anyone had any bad experiences with oil flushes afterwards, like noisy lifters or oil leaks? The car blows no smoke and runs great but within 500km of the oil change from the dealership I can see the oil starting to become dirty. Light brownish. Not black. But it shouldn't be this dirty already IMO. 4) So is varnish worth clearing or not? What do you think 😃 I love my 2gr-fe's that's why I buy these vehicles. Not for the looks of course 😲😉. So any help on a new found topic for me would be greatly appreciated. I of course will be doing regular oil changes that I now own it and I just want to give it its best life from here on in, a clean slate if that makes sense. I won't deny I do enjoy putting my foot down quite often, so I try to give my engines the best life I can with regular servicing and qaulity fuel.
  4. Hi I’m new to the forum and looking to buy an Aurion as our 2nd car but main car for family outings and weekend trips. Ive recently viewed a very tidy 2007 Presara which only has 63000km on the clock. The first owners travelled until 48000km then traded. 2nd owner now and I would be 3rd if purchased. 2nd owner is selling as he says wife won’t drive it, it’s too big. The biggest concern for me with this car is that from 2012 to 2017 there’s no service records. The distance travelled was 24000km. I wasn’t so much worried about the distance but if it was 5 years between oil changes, how much damage has this done. It has since had 2 services from 48k to 62k. I’ve had it inspected by a mechanic and he says oil on dipstick looks fair as it’s just recently been serviced. There’s no smoke or rough engine sounds and the car drives well. My question is am I buying a time bomb that isn’t showing signs yet but soon will with that service gap or will it be fine as it’s already had a couple of oil changes and there’s no visible sludge signs looking into the top of where you fill the oil. I’ve just been recommended an oil flush and away I go if I choose to purchase. There might be a possibility that services were done and not recorded but as there is no evidence I have to assume a 5 year gap. It did get traded back to a Toyota dealer that apparently did its 100 point check and serviced it before selling it to the 2nd owner. Any thoughts or previous experience in this would be greatly appreciated. My local mechanic thinks it will be fine as there doesn’t seem to be any signs of loss of compression when removing the oil cap and feeling for blow by but my friends mechanic thinks I would be crazy to buy as there’s no telling on what internal damage might be done with that missing history. What do you out there think? thanks in advance, Chris.
  5. Hi I am new to this forum and this is my first topic, so I hope I have not broken the rules or have not done any thing wrong by posting this topic. My car is a Toyota Camry Altise 2009 and has done 77100 so far. It had done 73000 when I bought it and is doing 500km in average per month. last service was done 6 months ago at 74000km which was changing oil and filter as well as front brake pads. I took my car to Toyota north point for a general $99 service special yesterday and during the service was told that brake oil and transmission oil should be replaced costing me $400 in addition to $99 service charge. I did not accept as I knew Toyota dealers are usually expensive. I checked transmission oil today while car was parked and the engine off and the oil colour looks between red and light brown on my finger. Any idea regarding the actual price for changing fluids ? Thanks Roland

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