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Found 18 results

  1. A little help please? I have a Corolla Ascent 2007 and the oil light keeps coming on. over the past few weeks I have changed the fuel filter, oil. pressure switch, tested with a mechanical oil pressure tester ( pressure briefly okay and then drops after a minute) ran diesel to flush the engine, cleaned out the oil pan and oil pump pick up screen thoroughly, dismantled and cleaned the valve cover, replaced the oil screen filter under the cam cap, tested and checked al the VVT components, cleaned all the oil valves and other components, removed sludge, unblocked oil passage channels , put new gaskets and O ring in the VVT gear in the valve cover. What else is there guys? The car is older but has never been thrashed or overworked. It did have a fair bit of sludge in the valve cover and I got most of it much cleaner than it was. Do the Oil Pumps go often in this model? Is the engine just worn out and the bearings and other parts just not providing the resistance to bring up the pressure? I am stumped at this point and have gone through the Haynes workshop manual suggestions. I have reviewed some online suggestions but feel that I should check in with you guys for help. suggestions please..
  2. Hi all Can someone please tell me what the recommended oil is to use for our Corolla Sportivo’s? Some advice on what type of oil and best suited brands would be great 🙂 Tryng to compare what the OEM specs are vs aftermarket eg. full synthetic etc Thanks
  3. Hi all Im looking to give my Stivo some tasteful mods but would like to learn more in the process. CAI - back in the day lots of owners went for the TRD CAI setup which at first was a struggle to install on facelift models and now looks like a discontinued product. How does Injen or Simota Racing rate? Are there any other suitable brands out there? COILOVERS - keen to explore what you guys are using. AIR FILTER - Worth replacing the OEM spec with something like K&N? SERVICING PARTS - what oil and oil filters is recommend for a general service? Would prefer fully synthetic and something suitable for the occasional track day BRAKES - rotors and pads advice? Again, something suitable for the occasional track day SWAY BARS/LOWER CONTROL ARMS - Whiteline? Superpro? BLACK HOUSING HEADLIGHTS - really like this look. Are there headlights you can buy or is this a DIY paint thing? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Hi, I own a ae112 2000 Toyota Corolla and recently it started making a rattling noise (see video). I haven't changed the oil in about 6 months and have done over 5000kms since then so it must be a oil issue. Since I last changed the oil (Sep 2017) the oil light kept coming on, it flickers when it comes on. It makes the noise more prominently when I change gears while driving. Any help as to what is causing the noise will be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Hello to all, I spied this community and thought id seek out some advice if you will give it. I may have potentially killed, or seriously injured my 2001 camry. So, i recently performed an oil change but didnt have as much oil as I really wanted on hand (bit of an oversite) to put as much in as i would have liked. About 3/4 full. Anyway, fast forward to today, about two weeks after the oil change and ive decided to top her up. Long story short, got distracted, didnt check the dipstick at regular intervals (bit of a huge oversite), and put way, way, waaaay too much in....then i decided to go for a drive. Honestly just didnt think anything of it. Shut the hood, turned up some deep purple and drove off into the sunset. Five minutes later que the intermittent power loss, vibrations through the chasis and enough white smoke out the exhaust to make cheech and chong jealous. Immediately pulled over and turned the car off. It was too dark to work on the car by the time it had cooled down so i ubered it home and will head back for round two in the morning. Car is in a quiet residential street. Apart from draining the oil and cleaning the spark plugs i was wondering if you guys could give me a heads up on what to look at? And if this kind of thing can be salvaged perhaps. Really love this old camry and dont want to throw in the towel. Yeah im a dumbass, But hey, I wont be half ****** it next time thats for sure.
  6. Hi! Is the oil residual on the engine cap (photo is attached) a warning on the condition of the engine? Also, when starting the engine, light white smoke comes out of the exhust, but it goes away after around 15 minutes. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, i just replaced my engine oil with 6.1L Nulon 5w-30 SN Long Life. But the oil level is higher than the high dot on the dipstick when the engine was stone cold. Just wondering what’s the best time to use the dip to check the oil level? Stone cold or after warming up? Cheers
  8. Item: HKS S-Type Oil Cooler Pro Kit 86/BRZ - Part No: 15004-AT011 Location: Sydney, NSW Item Condition: Brand New in Box - Only opened to inspect contents Reason for Selling: Selling I as I no longer need it. Price and Payment conditions: Price is $1000 - Can post at buyers expense. Pick up at 2000 BH, 2560 AH. Feel free to PM for more details.
  9. have camry 2015 2.5 pros/cons ading moly bond oil additive thanks warren
  10. Hi guys I've had my 2010 ATX aurion for about 8-9months now , I've run across a few problems so far list being castor bushes engine check light with no traction control light failure of intermediate steering wheel shaft (clucking and tapping noise) I always maintain this car as much as I can, I service the car (oil , oil filter and the rest myself ) every 7-8000km I use castrol edge k&n air filter genuine oil filter just did a genuine fuel filter and fuel pump filter change on it i have dba t2 slotted rotors (front and back) with bendix pads running on a set of Bridgestone potenza re003's ao my problem is that i drove off off my drive way today and saw a bit of oil on the drive way which scared me Abit , so I quickly jumped under the car and saw oil leaking from this location (I'll put up a pic) can anyone please tell me what's going on here ? Also the car is very loud like tapping noise when I cold start it and in general sounds like a tractor plus I get this loud pig like squeezing for about 10min on a cold start (😑) pls help
  11. Hi all, Bit of a long story... I have owned this car for around 6 years and generally been pretty happy with it. However, around 12-14 months ago I began to get random warning lights coming up - mainly the engine and VSC (orange ones). They might come up a couple of times in a week, and then not again for months. Anyway - I have taken the car to Toyota dealers 6 or 7 times to chase up these errors, not including regular services - and basically got the same response each time: "Yeah we saw some error codes, couldn't find any problems during testing, cleared the codes, you're right to go". Then, about a month ago, I was finding the car would sometimes have a lag in engaging drive. The engine would rev and it would suddenly clunk into gear a couple of seconds later. So Toyota said this was beginning to sound like a transmission problems - and I should start by flushing and replacing the transmission fluid, which I paid around $200 to do. Then yesterday the engine starts making a horrible clattering sound. I was close to home and noticed it was leaking red fluid. I was fairly sure this was transmission fluid. Wasn't sure if I should drive the 5 or 6km to Toyota, but did anyway. Toyota are now saying this latest problem is nothing to do with transmission, it's leaking engine oil from a burst line, will be approximately $600 to repair - and they're not even sure if the engine is ok - because it did lose almost all of the oil. I have seen posts here and other stuff online about the V6 engine oil line and failures. But does this sound right to people?? I take obsessive care of the car. It has done 160,000km - but has cost me well over $1000 this year in servicing and repairs. Was hoping to get at least a couple more years out of it but I'm starting to wonder... Plus I was sold on the fact that Toyota keep comprehensive service records of the car, since before I owned it, which might avoid these sorts of issues coming up.
  12. Hi guys, I've noticed my Sportivo has left a small spot of red/pink fluid on the garage floor. As it was located at the front drivers side I'm presuming it is power steering fluid. Has anyone else experienced this type of leak on their Sportivo? Would it be best to take it to a dealer or can anyone recommend a professional mechanic in Sydney who knows what they are doing and uses genuine parts? Thanks in advance :)
  13. 80Series

    Prado problems?

    Hi, after over 10 years of owning a 1991 GXL Turbo Diesel 80 series Cruiser as our main family car, it started having a few problems so we bought a SV6 VE commodore about 3 years ago and use the cruiser as a second car. After a recent holiday in the commodore from central Queensland down to Narrabri, Tamworth, Glen Innes areas we really missed the 4WD because we couldn't see a lot of attractions in those areas because they were on dirt roads and we didn't want to shake the sv6 apart. So, I've been thinking of getting rid of the sv6 and probably the 80 Series as well and buying another newer 4WD and I'd really like to stick to Toyota. Probably looking at something 2008 or a bit later so that probably rules out a cruiser as they would be too dear for us atm. So, that brings us to a Prado. I've been reading as much as I can in forums and reviews and am a bit concerned about some of the stuff I am reading. Problems with the body cracking when fitting a bullbar or 2nd battery, oil sludge and slow pick up on the highway in the turbo diesel. Are they really a problem with the Prado or just a specific model? Can someone please shed some light on this for me so i can make an informed decision on what to get.
  14. Hi, got a qucik question about oil now i know that the aurion can use different grades of oil. I currently use a 5w-30 oil which is fully snytheic my question is can i only use a semi-syn or fully-syn? As during a disscusion with a famliy member said that i should be / reccommeded a 15w-40 oil or a it might of been a 10w-60 now i can get this in the current brand i am using but i want to try a different brand and in those viscositys they are only mineral. So can i use a mineral oil? and is running a 5w-30 good? all the online lube match guides reccomend it as the best choice. - Cheers
  15. Hi Guys, Had a major oil leak last Friday, basically I just got onto the freeway and the low engine oil pressure light came up on the dash. Pulled up immediately on the breakdown lane, and looked underneath the car. There was a leak evident, and looks like the leak occurred at speed as there was a fair bit spread underneath the car and splatter near the rear diffiuser. Anyways, I got the car towed to my local dealership, and just today they have found the oil leak - a pinhole leak on a oil pipe. I queried whether this was a VVTi Oil Pipe as i'm aware of the issue of VVTi recall and updated pipe available, however they have said it is a different oil pipe. I do recall when purchasing the car second hand the dealer told me the VVTi updated pipe replacement has been carried out. Furthermore, when I checked underneath the bonnet there was no smoke, or burning oil smell (which I would expect if it was VVTi hose close to the engine) - They want to charge me $140 for the oil pipe, and 1.5hrs worth of labour for the install. WORST thing is the pipe is not available in the country, and I have to wait 14 working days for them to bring it in! Does this sound right? - I also asked them about carrying out 120,000km service after the repair (as it has already done 117,000km already) and they wanted to charge me $490 for the service. Most dealers I called were charging $345. They lady said it was because of the brake fluid replacement, though this fluid is only 500ml, and is less than $20 at Supercheap. The reason why I want to do this service as they will need to top up the oil as most has leaked away. I think they're trying to stitch me up big time. Thoughts? - Lastly, will there be any issues with storing the vehicle whilst waiting for parts (14 working days..), with little or no engine oil? With summer well on its way, I have some concerns... Any thoughts/advice/recommendations or insights highly appreciated. TheDrake
  16. I was thinking about changing to oils in my Caldina but have no owners manual to see what type i need..was looking at doing the engine oil and transmission is there anything else i can change the oil in ..rear diff?, and what type of oil will i need for these components..Can anyone suggest a good brand of oil???
  17. Hi Guys, I know theres a few posts about oil but none relating to oil for high mileage (otherwise Im not very good at searching forums).... My 2003 Conquest has 220,000 kms on it (hasnt missed a beat :) ), and so naturally burns a fair bit of oil..... should the oil I use be thicker to counter this? like 20w50? Im more concerned about looking after the engine more than anything, theres no leaks in the engine either....also there seems to be alot of differing opinions about what the best brand is..... any general guidance about decent brands also? Many Thanks Tim
  18. Rightio Gents, I'm back again, with a plethora of little questions. 1. Fuel Capacity. So the handbook says the ZRE's have a 55L tank - However whenever i get to the fuel light on and the RANGE saying 0 kays left, I only manage to stick in 42L or so. Now I understand that there's always gonna be a few litres sloshing around in the tank, but 13L? Really? Is this other people's general experience too? 2. I underestimated how lame it is not to have a boot release button on the central locking remote. Can I get a different key (like a camry key perhaps) and code it so that I can remote unlock the boot? Anyone done this before? 3. 2ZR-FE. Which oil for Queensland? 4. Why is my speedo 6-7% out? I'm wearing 205/55/16s on the stock tyres - and they've got heaps of meat left on them. It's only gonna get worse as they wear. Everyone else have as bad a speedo error? Anyone done anything about it? Is it something I can change via software in some way or is it via a cog inside the gearbox? 5. Why does the dash have to beep at me so much? So what if i want to open my door whilst the key is in? How can I get it to pipe down? Thanks for this folks, I appreciate your input.