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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum. The fascia where the buttons to set time and the passenger seat belt warning in my Tarago 2008 GLI is broken. I have attached a photo I've searched online and Wreckers (in Perth) to find one but i couldn't. Could you please help me to find the part? Thank you so much in advance.
  2. Picked up a sad RT81 virus with a worn out 12r earlier this year, throttle assembly and other bits missing/broken from the car. If you have spare accelerator assembly linkages / side mirror/ carby / original wheels / Fuel & temp gauge or any other factory parts please let me know! Would consider taking the whole engine if in good shape. Any leads or information to whereabouts of these parts welcome, would be happy to pay postage for parts. Located - Victoria Help me save it!
  3. Picked up a sad RT81 virus with a worn out 12r earlier this year, throttle assembly and other bits missing/broken from the car. If you have spare accelerator assembly linkages / side mirror / dash cluster instruments /carby / original wheels or any other factory parts please let me know! Would consider taking the whole engine if in good shape. Any leads or information to whereabouts of these parts welcome, would be happy to pay postage for parts. Located - Victoria Help me save it!
  4. Item: Various Camry Parts 1. Leather Steering Wheel - $280 ono -used 8/10 condition, comes with air bag and cruise control 3. (new/unpainted) JP Vizage Lip Kit fits 2002-2006 Toyota Camry what you get: -1 front lip -2 side skirts -2 rear pods/rear spats made from polyurethane bends instead of cracking comparing to aftermarket fibreglass kits - comes with mounting hardware -smoked foglights fits 2002-2004 preface camry, $100 2005-2006 Front bar with foglig
  5. Hi folks. I'm trying to source original wide or "old style" weathershields, especially drivers window but would like both, for my Hiace camper 1990 (pre 2005 will fit). Can't find through wreckers. All the after market parts I've found so far are modern streamlined ones but I'm looking for old school open window rain protection. A must in the tropics! If you have an old van lying around or know of one with shields, please let me know!
  6. G'day! The cylinder head (straight 6) on my 3F carby has blown and I'm looking for a replacement. If anyone's got one they wanna get rid of or knows anyone who does, please lemme know. I'm in VIC but will travel to NSW/SA to get one that works. Cheers
  7. Hey guys just wondering what parts are cross compatible from the 1.5 1nz to the 1.3 2nz, basically I need coil packs, valve cover gasket, and other bits and pieces, all my searchs turn up 1.5 parts, some sources claim it fits both, in most looking for clarification cheers, dan
  8. Hi guys, The next service for my 2007 Aurion AT-X is coming up in a month and I am planning to buy parts for it (and for the future) at the autobarn 20% off sale this weekend. The service is going to be a general service, but if you are wondering, the last service I did was the 90,000km major service when I bought the car. I included it as a package when I bought the car from Camberwell Toyota. (The previous owner had not done the 90,000km service). With your advise, I have decided to just do a general service from here after. I will be getting it done from a mobile mechanic. Wh
  9. So on trying to get my alignment done, I am told my steering system is all seized up and my alignment is majorly out, thus chewing away my tyres. The existing parts are totally seized and apparently no amount of leverage, heat etc will get them apart: thus I am told I need to replace the "steering rack end" and "tie rod end". Neither of these appear in the mechanic's database, and Toyota says they have none, and have never supplied any into Australia. Can anyone recommend a source for such parts, or know of any equivalent model with the same parts? Any help appreciated. Vehicle = 20
  10. Hi all, I've sourced a 4EFTE engien to put in my classic mini. It's been done many times in Australa before. However, I have some issues. The previous owner of the engine bought a half-cut, but when it arrived, found that the engine loom was missing. I still need that engine loom. I have heard there are some places where custom looms can be made, however if I were to get a new one made up it would b a bit of a waste - I will most likely be modifying it anyway! So in essence I'm, after the loom and ecu, or a source where I can get all the plugs needed for a loom so I can make one up myself. I'm
  11. Hey Guys, Have had my 1981 Toyota Corona XX (RT133) for a few years now but now that I'm nearly done with school I've decided to invest the extra spare time into fixing it up and making it look more appealing. It's got the 21R-C 2.0L motor that works great and mechanically the car is in great condition. Main attention needs to be focused on the bodywork and replacing trim that has suffered from the previous owner. Main things i am looking for is the plastic bumpers (front and rear), new indicator/parking light units and new tail lights (as these have been damaged from car parks). Also loki
  12. Hey everyone, My 2007 Toyota Aurion is currently sitting at around 99,972kms. I've booked the 100,000km service next Saturday. I am slightly late for this service as the sticker informed me that I was due at around 98,125. I just wanted to have head's up on what parts may need replacing, and the estimated cost roughly. Last service, I got the following work done to my car: -Air Filter -Battery -Wheel alignment -Oil change The car get's treated well. I wash it once a week and regularly check fluid levels under the hood. However, we do park it on a fairly steep incline and when we change from p
  13. Hi all Apologies if this has been answered before. I am interested in finding out what parts people use and where do you source them from. Eg what Oil do you use and where do you think is the cheapest place to get it. Same thing for spark plugs (originals or after market), oil filter, air filter etc etc. I am trying to find out what people use and how much these cost to save money on the next service so I can get these parts and give it to the mechanic as opposed potentially using lower quality parts for higher price. Any help is appreciated :) Cheers The Mad Doc
  14. My name is Dennis Murray, I am the proud owner of a 1983 Hilux, we have done many miles traveling Australia as well as Kangaroo Island and Tassie. this car is a very important part of our family as we have spent so much time in it. Now has come the time to do some restoration, the Hilux is still on the road and always has been, but now we are looking for a dash and some other parts, next year we hope to give it a new coat of paint. WE also have pure bred dingoes, 7 of them and they travel in the old girl as well. I just got back from a trip to the vets with 3 of them.
  15. Hi everyone, I've got a 1992 Toyota Sera I'm looking at re-homing. The rego has expired and it does have some minor rear body damage but it is definitely fixable. I was hoping to hang onto it and tinker with it over time. But I have just recently become a father and am moving, so I wont be taking the car with me. For the right price it would be a great addition to anybodies workshop/hobby car. Alternatively, I know specific parts are sought after and I am willing to sell specific pats if that is what people are interested in. If you had any question please contact me. If anyone would like pi
  16. Hey there guys and gals. My name is Dan, I'm 21 years old and on my green P plates. But enough about me... My first car was a 1995 toyota corolla 1.6 sedan 5sp manual. After that I rode a motorbike for a while ( 1989 Honda Spada 250cc) but came to my senses last month when I purchased this beauty. It's a 1998 Toyota Camry, CSI 2.2L st4 station wagon. As you can see from the pictures it needs a little bit of TLC and I'm hoping you guys might have some bumper parts etc. (Or a replacement trim for this boot window) Hopefully we can match colours but I can just spray everything anyway. Hope to
  17. Hi Im after a blinker stalk for a 1964 Toyota Tiara 700. Also a Compressor bracket for a ke 55 corolla. Please contact Tony or sms 0416 046 046 Im located in sydney will pay for freight. Top dollar paid. Thank you
  18. EDIT - Please refer to the Buy and Sell rules located HERE
  19. Hi there, I have a 1993 Camry Executive sedan which has a broken left tail light. I've found a potential replacement online, but am unsure of whether it will fit. Here's the replacement: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-CAMRY-SEDAN-SK10-L-H-TAIL-LIGHT-WRECKING-WHOLE-CAR-/281110051813?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item417376fbe5 The light adevertised is from a 1995 car though. My question is if the tail lights were changed in any way in the SK10 Camry's life? Thanks alot -CJ
  20. Im looking for a aurion trd front end, fenders, hood, grill, bumper, headlight, fog lights, and what ever else can be tought of. Basically i have a 2008 camry XLE that i wrecked in the front and im looking to change the front end to the aurion trd front end. Does someone have a aurion in 2007-2012 year range that they are parting out please contact me. Thanks, John
  21. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 2013 Aurion. I am finding it really hard to find any aftermarket parts to suit.. (because its new, I know) Trying to find exhausts, lights, grills, body/aero kits, springs/coilovers, Hoping if I put this together there will be a few enthusiasts out there... Please share... So far I have found smoked tail lights http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321066119262?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Lights kit (dome, map, door, number plate lights) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171043997528?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Bumper lip
  22. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum just need help identifying this part. I have a 07 Aurion zr6 which has the factory dvd/gps unit. I just installed the grom IPD3 aux and ipod kit it all works fine. I put the dash/center console back together after i put everything back together i noticed this part i am not sure if its part of the car if it is i am assuming its from the center console since its the only area i took apart or i was thinking it could some random part that fell out from the packaging here is a picture below. i alos checked to see if the cup holder door and all the center console doo
  23. G'day all, Up for sale are my stock parts that fit HATCHBACK (and SEDANS in some cases) corollas years 07-09 (pre-facelift & facelift in some cases). All the below parts were on my ascent 2008 zre-152. Please remember all parts are GENUINE OEM from factory. Parts and prices i'm looking for are as follows (ONO APPLIES - any reasonable offer won't be refused!): 1. Ascent spoiler in perfect condition (factory painted in black mica 209): $80 2. Stock airbox with tube & screws & stock panel filter: $80 (2 of the screw holes have been worn out because of the screws twisting into t
  24. Updated and combined list of MR2 parts which are all available Just to give you an idea if anything isn't mentioned the MR2's that I am parting are: A Custom colour turbo sw20 A black turbo sw20 A red non turbo sw20 Some white panels also avalable. GEN 2/3 Parts available Just post here or send me a PM i most likely can help you out. Pictured Parts as follows: (non-pictured items are in the list below all the pictures) ROH 2 PIECE chicane wheels - good condition, I've given them a quick wash but could do with a better wash and polish of lips sit good on SW20, rear tyres like new fron
  25. hey guys i want to improve the handling of my zre... thing is im on a budget hard! full time student and only have a casual job so im looking for things like sway bars, strut braces, springs, etc obviously dont have 10-20 grand to spend so please dont suggest stuff like 500 strut braces like ive been seeing.. yes id love parts of that standard but for the beginning its just not gonna happen so any suspension parts you may be selling or know of that theyre going to improve over standard but wont hurt my wallet too bad let me know thanks in advance :)

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