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  1. Hi, I am having an issue with my prius c 2012 model. Other day my battery got flat and now my audio system is not working at all. It is showing the same message that sd card data is unable to read the program. I tried many times but I think my card have some faulty program which car doesn't able to install. Is any one having a same issue or is anyone know the solution. Please help me out. I think I need program files. Is anyone can send me those files from their sd card. Your help and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks You can contact me on danial_saleem@hotmail.com Or whatsapp me on +61469909913 Thanks Daniel
  2. Hi everyone, I recently had a flat battery on my 2012 Tarago (MY13) but the head unit / radio / entertainment unit needs resetting. It is asking me to insert an SD card to install the program or activate the unit. I never received an SD card from the previous owner. Any clues on how do I get it running again? Thanks BJ
  3. Hi guys, Badly need some help please... I have a 2010 model Rav4 with the stock head unit Fujitsu PZQ60-00052. I bought an aftermarket reversing camera and installed it myself all went well until I am about to connect it to the head unit as there is not video RCA connectivity just like on my aftermarket camera. I've been searching through google to find some information on where I can install it. I've seen one car before with exactly the same head unit and it has a reversing camera so I know mine is capable. Toyota service also acknowledge that it's possible but did not tell me which one. (I'm kinda expecting that)
  4. I hve a 2002 camry altise and want to replace the stock radio with a touch screen one (preferabbly with apple carplay) what *affordable-ish* ones have people installed?
  5. Wondering if anyone can assist... I have owned a 2007 corolla hatch since new. Recently however, the original head unit has stopped responding. This happens more so on warmer days; the radio will still play however the buttons become unresponsive and the screen either becomes blank (only backlight with no text) or the text turns into matrix like characters and flickers. Switching the engine off and on again does not fix the issue. There are no other issues with the car, servicing is maintained and although now 12 years old, have never had any other problems. Buying a new car at this stage is not an option therefore am wanting to remove the original head unit and replace it with a new one. Ive been to the car wreckers and was looking at purchasing a 2014 model head unit (touch screen). Before purchasing, I’m wanting to know if a 2014 unit can be installed and work in a 2007 model corolla? From my understanding, SD card program loading may be required for the 2014 unit to work (the units at the wreckers don’t come with SD cards). At the the end of the day, I am simply wanting the radio to work and to be able to play music from my phone (hence why I am looking at potentially upgrading to the 2014 unit). I don’t need sat nav and don’t care if this feature doesn’t work. Will the 2014 unit work in a 2007 model corolla? Or will there be issues with the car and new unit not being able to “talk” to each other due to differences in wiring? Any assistance is appreciated, thank you!
  6. Hiiii,Is there anybody knows how can I solve this issue , after I changed the battery I get this error, Unable to read program!!!!!Check the SD card!!!! The sd card is in it's place but the radio can't read the program. Thanks
  7. Hi all, Does anyone have experience installing an aftermarket head unit in a 2015+ Toyota Corolla Ascent Auto (ZRE182R)? I've recently had a sub and amp wired up to the factory head unit using the line out converter built into my amplifier but it sounds terrible. Attached is a photo of what the head unit looks like in my car. Do the factory units in these cars cut bass at higher volumes? Is the factory unit poor quality? I'm looking at installing a Kenwood DMX7017BTS (https://www.kenwood.eu/car/navigation_multimedia/multimedia/DMX7017BTS/) and also want to retain my factory steering controls, reverse camera and USB port. Hoping someone out there has managed to get an aftermarket head unit put in so I can get some advice/feedback on whether it's worth the $1,000+ investment. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys,. Just looking for some advice. We have got our eye on a 02,100 series, 4spd auto, 1hdfte. One owner 180000klms. Very stock just been used to tow a van around. If we were to purchase it we would like to replace the standard cd/tape deck. What is the best option? I only need it to play the iPod and radio and maybe a reversing camera. I would like to fit a 3" exhaust and pyro, boost and water temp gauges. Are the any aftermarket pods to house these?Is there anything else that needs to be considered it has full service history and all receipts from new. I don't think the injector lines have been replaced as per recommendations. Everything else looks spot on. Any feedback and advice would be great. cheers Aaron
  9. Has anyone experienced this ? A few days ago, the radio/multifunction display on my 2014 Prius V started behaving weirdly all day. While I was driving and listening to the radio, it suddenly went off and the multifunction display screen went blank. A few seconds later it came back on, the radio came on then both went off again. It kept doing this repeatedly. I tried to turn it off using the radio power button and could not turn it off. None of the other control buttons worked, the steering wheel remote buttons didn't work either. The only way it would turn off was when the engine was powered off. The next morning I turned on the engine and the radio came on as normal. It worked normally for a few minutes and then started misbehaving as the previous day. I engaged reverse to back out of the garage and the rear camera did not display on the MFD screen as it should. The radio just kept turning off and on indefinitely until I powered off the engine. Throughout the day, occasionally it would work normally just for a few minutes. I took a couple of videos showing this. They can be viewed at these youtube links. Behaviour with only the Accessory power on: https://youtu.be/K8WMiaTrfO4 Behaviour with engine power on: https://youtu.be/1806tnHdhQE Later on in the evening when it behaved normally, I quickly turned off the radio using the radio power button. The next day, after powering it on again, everything was normal again, as though nothing had happened! Since then everything has been normal.
  10. Hi all I'm new here - I have posted this is in the Kluger section and thought I'd post here as well (please let me know if this is ok). I have searched through but can't seem to find a thread for this issue - please point me to one if there is one, thanks. I have a 2008 Kluger Grande and the control knobs have come off the unit - the ones that control the radio volume, on/off, tuning, etc. Mine is not the only one that had this issue - I test drove a couple of others and they had the same thing as well as seeing others since. I have taken the car back to the dealer several times and they ordered in new knobs and found that they could not fit them as they don't have the bit inside the knob to attach them to the unit. They have said that they need to replace the whole head unit because there is no way to repair or to attach the new knobs. They said that they will look for the exact same unit for me (which suits me as I'd like to keep it as original as possible). Anyone have a solution to this other than replacing the unit? Cheers, LA
  11. Hi All I have searched through but can't seem to find a thread for this issue - please point me to one if there is one, thanks. I have a 2008 Kluger Grande and the control knobs have come off the unit - the ones that control the radio volume, on/off, tuning, etc. Mine is not the only one that had this issue - I test drove a couple of others and they had the same thing as well as seeing others since. I have taken the car back to the dealer several times and they ordered in new knobs and found that they could not fit them as they don't have the bit inside the knob to attach them to the unit. They have said that they need to replace the whole head unit because there is no repair or way to attached the new knobs. They said that they will look for the exact same unit for me (which suits me as I'd like to keep it as original as possible). Anyone have a solution to this other than replacing the unit? Cheers, LA
  12. Hi all, These photos are taken over the span of about a year with some small additions during that time. First change being the addition of the 19" Kluger wheels, replacing the standard 17" alloys: Second mod was replacing the standard Touring reverse cam radio with a newer model unit with sat nav. Required modification to the wiring to work with all the existing features of the Touring: Third and fourth modifications being the addition of a Uniden UBC355XLT analog radio scanner and a USB/Aux input socket from the Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86, positioned where the lighter socket and ash tray previously were. At the time the scanner's wire antenna was hidden in the A pillar trim: TOCAU sticker: Hardwire install of the Uniden iGO 320 dash cam. It has since been repositioned to the driver's side: DRLs installed. By this time the smaller Toyota weathershields were also installed: Additional steering wheel controls for phone on hook/off hook and voice command from a US Camry installed: Proper antenna for the scanner installed: USB charging port and phone mount installed:
  13. Hi everyone, just thought I'd share a few pics of my installation of an antenna for my analog Uniden UBC355XLT scanner. A standard Z shape or L shape bracket won't work on the Aurion or Camry due to the angle at which the bonnet and fender meet. As a result I bought a bracket designed for the Mazda BT-50 from Prestige Communications and it fits perfectly. More info about that bracket is available here: http://www.rfiwireless.com.au/mobile-products/mobile-antenna-accessories/fender-mount-bracket-tlm-2-bt50.html Pics below: I plan on eventually adding a Uniden UBCD396XT digital scanner with the UBC-RH96 remote head accessory and using the antenna with that. When that happens I'll revert the analog scanner to using the wire antenna hidden in the A pillar. My setup looks much like the below at the moment, though there have been a few changes since this pic was taken: Has anyone else here got a scanner or CB radio antenna on their Aurion or Camry?
  14. Hi All, Am still looking at options for replacing the Grande factory GPS with a more current model. The Maps are way out of date and the technology is too old. Mostly I need A2DP Bluetooth music. This one seems to be the best http://goo.gl/5gN5qI without having to change the hazard switch. Just edging on whether to take the plunge... Btw. its also Android OS so that's a plus ( similar on ebay are the $600+ mark) Thoughts...? Cheers M
  15. Hi all, So I have read quite a few forums here and there and tried to ascertain what choices others have made in relation to upgrading the terrible stock stereo Toyota supply in their base models (extremely old considering how basic it is, but what's cheap is cheap). I bought my Camry at 24,000km as an ex-executive a year ago and am quite fond of it for its price range, but moving down from a Premium-model XT Forester has got me in a pickle as to the head unit, as I desire something a little more advanced. Most of the forums I have found have listed a few cheaper units here and there (i.e. chinese imports) that people have been happy with but haven't really put in much feedback later on with how they lasted, etc. However I'm probably looking at something more trustworthy. Can anyone suggest any suitable units they have used in their cars or have any information about what will fit into the current fascia if possible (as I haven't found really any info)? TIA!
  16. This is probably something I won't be doing for a while but just pondering at this stage. How easy is it to replace the 4 spoke steering wheel from the 2011 Aurion Touring SE with one from a ZR6 Sportivo? I'm mainly interested in having the 3 spoke wheel and the addition of the telephone off hook/on hook buttons. Here's my current interior: I've already redone the wiring on the back of the radio unit to allow the steering wheel controls, reverse cam, and aux audio to all work (GSV50R style plugs) with my current wheel. Is there additional wiring to support the increased number of buttons on the wheel in the below post? That particular wheel happens to be the one I'm looking for. Also not so sure about wanting to install this myself given the importance of the wheel and air bag, etc. http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/30880-aurion-zr6-leather-steering-wheel-and-airbag-combo/?p=427441
  17. Hi everyone, I'm her seeking advice on behalf of my step father. He own's one of the earliest VX40 Camry Grande's, it was built in 2006. It has the top spec Navigation infotainment system however it seem the AUX cable to plug an i-Pod/Phone/USB etc feature was not added until 2007 or 08. What he wants me to do is install one. I can't find a legit guaranteed method of doing this. eBay has multiple listing with plug and play adapters that are said to plug into the free slot at the back, however being the nav model it doesn't have a free slot, it's for steering wheel controls, extra nav plugs etc (I took it apart and had a look at it today) but not a single free space. eBay also has a double adapter, I want to know if it would work, i.e. the double adapter plus the AUX plug cable. Links; 1. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Car-Aux-in-Adapter-Cables-for-Camry-Corolla-Highlander-RAV4-Yaris-/111551748407?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19f9009937 2. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Car-Accessory-3-5mm-Jack-AUX-Audio-Input-Cable-For-Toyota-Camry-Corolla-Salable-/191409240341?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c90e13915 I'll add photos on the Nav system I took out earlier today. One more question, are these eBay aftermarket infotainment system any good? I've got a Sony one in my Mazda and it's great but for what my step father wants it for would it be another option to consider (he just wants Nav, AUX, CD and Radio, no sub installs and no new speakers)? - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/161082441119?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Thanks, Dan
  18. From the album: Yaris Radio

    PZQ60-00525PA / 00526PA / 00527PA / 00524PA
  19. Hello, I'm in East Africa, Tanzania, i have a bought 2013 Rav4 from Dubai, UAE it seems the car is from Australia, has Radio Installed similar to below but the model number is not 100184 it is 100191. it says "Program loading is necessary Please insert SD card" I dont have a sd card of the car or file for the sd card, does anyone have a clue? also i have one guy told me it will need password after inserting sd card. Please advice. Thanking you in advance.
  20. I have recently acquired a 1990 Toyota Corolla SECA with a radio that does not work. I would like to replace it with a new one. How do I remove the original radio in order to replace it with the new one?
  21. Hi all. I've got a 2010 Cruiser Ute. I've encountered an issue with the standard Stereo/Radio. When I shut the engine off, the radio stays on for a period before turning off, even after the key is removed and ute locked. I first noticed the issue when I adjusted the clock on the radio. Any suggestions?
  22. Hey everyone. I recently just found this page due to buying my aurion last week and decided to join.. So turns out the guy i bought it off took out their amplifier and now i'm left with no sound inside my car. It already had an off market stereo thing from kenwood and i was just wondering if someone could PLEASSSEE tell me how to connect this back to my original speakers in the car and also possibly the buttons on my steering wheel. I'm a girl (have no idea about cars lol) and this is my first car owned and i have absolutely no idea what i am doing.. And don't want to get it professionally done because of the $$$ If someone could give me some sort of instructions it would be appreciated so much. And yes i will have help off others who know a little emote about cars once i have the right information!! The cables are under my seat, lots of them *so confused*
  23. Hello everyone, This is my first post here so I guess it's a case of welcome aboard :) I've got a 2005 Corolla Ascent with the dodgy factory radio that I want to replace but have a bit of a concern with the wiring. I assume that all the Corollas of this era have the six speaker system installed in them but are the two tweeters sitting near the top of the dash wired in conjunction with the two main front speakers. I intend putting in a Sony single DIN Xplode unit that I picked up on special at Super Cheap yesterday along with the wiring harness adaptor. Will I encounter any techinical problems fitting it. I've already found a few guides for getting the front trim etc off so I should be right there. Just for the record if anyone else is having trouble with the factory radio not playing cd's which is my problem I have learned that it only likes "re-writable" discs.
  24. Hi, I blew the radio, mirrors, cigarette lighter fuse and replaced it, all working again but while they all used to work with the ignition off, now they only work with it on. This is mainly annoying because my after-market radio now loses all its pre-sets whenever I turn the ignition off. What gives?
  25. Hi all I hope you can help 1993 Wide Body Camry Wagon I was having issues with the Cig Lighter and I was checking for power with a Multimeter, while doing so I shorted the lighter. I heard a pop and the radio went off. I have checked all the fuses and they seem okay. I am at a loss to see what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Kim Footnote *** Left the car for a couple of hours....... Rechecked fuses, found a blown one.... All good now...... Me *******

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