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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Guys, I got a 1998 bug eye Ae112r and planning to install a viper keyless entry kit model 211hv. What I know so far are the wires for, horn, dome lights, ignition and 12v constant. Wondering if you guys can shed some lights on where the lock and unlock wiring is for the doors? I saw a video on YouTube saying it’s on the passenger side kick panel but I’m in Australia and his car is left hand drive so his passenger side is out driver side and vice versa. Anyway I tried looking for the same wiring colours but had no luck. so wondering if you guys can point me on the right direction please? Also, for the dome light supervision on this kit would anyone know if I should wire it to the courtesy light switch that’s located near the fuse box? I’ve attached the instruction manual but seems confusing when reading it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Team, Just wanting to shed some light on the 1990-2000 model TCR10 tarago keyless entry and chip key, information doesn't seem to be readily available. Looking at purchasing a 99 tcr10 but only has 1 genuine key, which looks like it has an immobilizer chip in the key fob, Are they easy to replace? Only saw one guy selling a generic Toyota "97-02" key with unprogrammed chips on ebay for $40, are these the same for all Toyota keys of the same era? The other thing is the keyless entry remote, there is alarm and security light, but it never turns on according to the current owner. Haven't found any luck with this, did some searching but doesn't seem to have much if any info the the remote. Anyone got a picture of one or part number? easy to program? Thanks
  3. Hi I bought a used corolla 2004, when using the key on the driver’s door , all the doors including the hatch open. But the previous owner didn’t gave me a remote. Now my question , if I buy a standard remote from ebay and program it , should this work for my car ? Do you think the car had a remote previously since all the doors open with the key turned in the driver’s door? Thx
  4. I went to a place specialising in replacing car remotes, and--after a lot of messing around and shutting my doors and putting the key in and out--they couldn't figure out which model of remote-device would work for my 2001 Estima MCR40. Does anyone know where I can get one, or which model of car might use the same device? They said many vehicles use the same kind, and if I can tell them which models in Australia might share mine, they can then programme a working remote for me. (My Estima just came with a standard key...no remote for the doors. I've just gotten tired of always using the key to lock/unlock it.) Many thanks in advance. Edit: Ok, so I searched ebay for "estima remote" and found one matching my model. There were a few emails back and forth between the seller regarding my specific model, and then he seemed pretty sure he had one to match. It arrived today, and works perfectly.
  5. Hi, guys, Could any one provide me some information about by car key? Or is there any where I can check information for it? I am trying cut a fancy folding key (Pic. 1) for my corolla wagon to replace both the only remoter I got and the key. But I can't figure out what is the transmit frequency for the remote and what's the security chip inside the key. Also, is the key blade universal for all corollas, or I had to find the specific blade for my car. Attached in the picture, there was a metal plate with No. 69620 came with the key. Not sure if it helps. Thank you. Regards, Ray.
  6. Hello All. Can anybody tell me the location of the Central Locking Wireless Module (the "RKE Receiver" in Toyota factory speak), in my Wife's 2002 Avalon Sorrento ? I have found a variety of YouTube videos on the subject, but they are all showing the overseas versions of the Avalon which must be quite different to the AU produced model.
  7. I have bought a new key fob. I need to program it. I have followed the instructions supplied. It's not working for me. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Hi to all First off the 1998 camry vienta is not mine it belongs to a female friend. Both remote fobs are quite weak. The remote locking only operates when standing next to the doors Considering the age of the vehicle and remotes I assumed the batteries may not be the best. I cut the spare fob open and measured the CR2032 lithium battery. It reads 3.3 volts - quite normal and not bad for its age. This has shattered my confidence a bit. Assuming that the OK battery is operating the fob at full power , remember the other fob is equally weak, what else would account for the insensitivity of the remote system. Suspicions sort of falls on the car. Any clues. Thanks Regards
  9. So after losing my original key fob for my 2001 XV20 Camry Touring, I had a spare key fob laying around and thought to re-program the car's security system to register this new one, but I cannot get the car to go into program mode for the life of me! I've tried the lock and unlock buttons on the driver door method, the open and close driver door method. So right now, I'd be thankful for any help at all with figuring out how to re-program the remote. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, The plastic casing on my remote key fob has started to crack and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what the best way replacement method is? I'm guessing it's a dealer related issue where they need to re-code the key but wasn't sure of cost or if there is a part number available. I've attached a photo to show its current condition - cracking starts from 'lock' button. Any advice would would be great.
  11. Here's an instruction list I found that covers all modern central locking remotes. (up to 2011) Doesn't include keyless entry remotes. Models: Aurion GSV40 Camry ACV40 Kluger MCU28 Prado RZJ/GRJ/KZJ/KDJ 120 Rav 4 ACA33 Tarago ACR50 Tarago GSR50 Yaris NCP 90/91/93 Aurion GSV40 Camry ACV40 Kluger MCU28 Prado RZJ/GRJ/KZJ/KDJ 120 Rav 4 ACA33 Tarago ACR50 Tarago GSR50 Yaris NCP 90/91/93 Avalon MCX10 Camry ACV36 Toyota Remote Instructions.pdf
  12. Hi peoples, Just got a 2002 ACR30R tarago gli, its a bit worn but ok. I'm trying to fix up a few things with it and have a few questons i'm hoping i can get help with! 1) I only got one key (removable remote moduleinside head), I want to get another key/remote, I can get a second hand one, is there a programming sequence for these cars? There was one to program my Avalon for the chipped key and a different sequence for the remote. 2) The passenger side sliding door outside handle needs a good yank to open, any ideas how to fix this? do i need to rp the whole side trim off to get at it? 3) I bought a reverse camera for my wife to get used to reversing this thing, and i need to run the av cable to the dash, do i run it through the roof? if so how? if not where else can i run it? 4) the brake lights on the boot lid don't work, i changed all the bulbs, but it doesnt look like they are getting the 12v, is this a known issue? wheres the first place i check? Thanks in advance! Ben **edit change transponder to remote**
  13. Hi I have just purchased a 2003 Camry Sportivo, 129,000Km, One of the remote door lock pads has stopped working and I have found out that you cannot replace the battery inside, the only way is to buy a new remote from Toyota fro around $100 and program it. Is there an after-market alternatine available with which you change the battery at a later date? Any ideas ? Please let me know Regards Bruce Jamison bjamison@jppc.com.au
  14. I'm trying to get a remote for my 07 Aurion, anyone know a good place to go, Toyota NZ charges around $500 and this seems a little excessive!

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