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Found 22 results

  1. Hey Guys, I’ve been recently given an Aurion by my parents as they have now bought a new car, just wondering if anyone on here can suggest any work I should to do to make this thing look better, the rims are old now as well and the first thing I want to do is to replace them, but can’t find anything good, I would also like to change the front grille. any ideas appreciated!
  2. Gday forum! just got a Hilux 2012 sr5 extra cab and need to desperately change the wheels that are on there! I’ve never owned a Ute before always been a small hatch kinda guy but this is the work car and didn’t really have much of a say. I’ve attached a pic below. Can anyone help me out with some specs or info of what I can replace these with? Thanks in advance!
  3. Item: 19-inch Fabulous Expand wheels Location: Sydney NSW Item Condition: Condition is on the rough side with clear coat peeling and gutter rashes on all wheels (see-photos). 3 buckles on one of the fronts (see-photos). Scratches on the face and lips. Reason for Selling: Bought new wheels and these are no longer needed. Price and Payment conditions: $550.00 - Cash or Paypal Any additional information: Discontinued 2-piece welded Japanese VIP wheel in diamond cut polish finish. http://www.fabulous.co.jp/products/wheel/expand/ Set of 4 PCD: 5x114.3 (pro
  4. ctate1

    95 Vienta

    Thought I'd finally show off the old girl, seeing as I've been a member of these forums for who knows how long. Mostly only minor mods have been done, mostly maintenance and rebuilding. Some of the better and shinier mods are; 18x7.5 RSGT's BC BR Gold Adjustable coilovers Custom made 2.5 exhaust pipe with Magnaflow 2.5 inch dual tip muffler Full granny spec oversized weather shields Apart from that it's had a complete motor rebuild from top to bottom, spent a lot more money on her than I should have and always get asked "but why, it's just a Camry". I just honestly haven't found a c
  5. Hello Folks, I'd like to buy the 17inch spare wheel from 2012+ Aurion Prodigy or Presara or 2015+ Toyota Camry. I can pick up if your around Sydney and will pay $150. The wheel and tire must be unused Cheers Shareef 0474700733
  6. G'day fellas, I've just bought a 2013 SR Hilux. I'm going to be putting a 2" lift under it. What I want to know is, ill a set of 31x10.5x15 fit under it without scrubbing. ill also be putting new rims on it at the same time, so what offset would you recommend to fit comfortably?? cheers
  7. Hello all, Just purchased an '03 Corolla Sportivo in white & looking to make some minor cosmetic changes... Looking for: - Grill: Preferably TRD style, see first photo. - Eyelids - Stock Sportivo rims (Bought it with hideous aftermarket rims) OR - Aftermarket 16" rims; had 6+ spoke in mind preferably in gunmetal grey / black. Please hit me up if you have any lying around or know where i can acquire. Thanks very much! Tim *Note car pictured in photo is not mine, sourced from google.
  8. Hey guys and girls, I am new here. I just bought an 2000 AE112 Conquest about a week ago and I have a few things id like to do to it in the near future. Something I have been looking at is getting some rims and from what I have seen, my best bet is to get some 16x8 +20. IF I do go ahead and get a set of 16x8, will they be right on stock suspension and unrolled guards? or am I going to have problems? This has most likely been asked before, but I just need a clear answer as to what I need to do. Thanks in advance guys, appreciate the help.
  9. So this car has been in the family ever since, one owner and one owner only. Originaly was my brothers first new ride, now it has been passed down to me. Parts list (Updated as of may) - Installed = Klutch SL1 16x8 4x100 (3inch lip) +15 - Installed = Rays Engineering - Lock Lug Nuts (Authentic) - BC V1 Series Coilovers ae101/ae111 Macpherson strut - AE112R Levin Instrument Cluster - AE112R Levin Entire rear Consisting on Hubs, Calipers, Rotors, Brake Line, Controller arms (SOO HEAVY). - AE112 Replacement grille ( Future project vip style grille ) - AE112 TR-Bodykit Set (Gold colour
  10. I'm selling a set of 5 "Kappa" 18 inch wheels made for the Aurion, theyre coming off my 07 Zr6. 4 tyres are in good condition 70-80 percent thread left, and the spare is in roadworthy condition. There is some gutter rash on the rims. All 5 wheels have their Toyota centre caps, the Kappa rims look much better than the stock Aurion rims. I'm just taking offers at the moment, you can contact me by email : tiger_eden@hotmail.com Email me your offers, question or requests for pictures. I'm located in the South eastern suburbs in Vic. Thanks :)
  11. Guys, I need a set of 16" or preferably 17" alloys for a 2003 Altise. Can't find anything decent. There were Vortex 17" wheels for Sportivo before, but I went to dealership today and they told me it is discontinued. Which is not surprising of course, given its age. What my best bet is? If somebody bought wheels for Gen5 recently, please recommend.
  12. Hi guys, At the end of January this year, i Bought my first ever toyota (2010 Aurion ZR6 fully optioned bar the GPS - still has reverse camera and display though). The car is filled with so much cool stuff, that few months later I'm still finding new features in it. Love the 2 keyless remotes with sensors. Only thing now is I'm getting bored with the rims I bought for it. I was in a rush and needed to make a haste decision. My old car was late 2007 Mitsubishi 380 VRX SII and I had PDWs When I saw the wheels, I knew straight away they were made for my car. Here are my Aurion wheels -
  13. So i've been on the hunt for a set of gunmetal grey TRD rims for a while now and have had no luck. Does anyone know of someone who is interested in selling or know where i can get a pair? I will also then be looking at selling my 18" Kappa rims that i currently have on my Aurion. Cheers!
  14. So after a good long 10 years of the car being in the family the car has been passed on from my brother to me and i have been driving it for the past 3 years. I've recently worked myself up to get a bodykit ( painting and fitment is pending due to me being in uni) a set of dished rims, and lock lug nuts. 16X8, 4x100 +15, 3inch lip. Getting 195/45/16 Anyone got comments on fitment? Will I rub against the inside walls and if i get coils will i need to roll the fenders/ negative camber.
  15. Mounja

    17" Spare wheel

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this has been answered before but i have had a quick look and was unable to find it in here. I was just wondering if anyone knows where and how much a spare 17" rim is ? I am able to get a hold of a 16" but obviously it looks different and My wife has scratched one of her rims and would like to keep that one as a spare and replace it with a new one. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks for your help, - Ben
  16. After recently installing aftermarket wheels on my 08 Aurion Sportivo, I have noticed at highway speeds (100km/h) it feels floaty, light and not planted to the road. Hard to explain but more or less if you ***** the steering wheel slightly it takes half a second for the car to move, and then feels like a slight wobble back. This is directly compared to the standard Sportivo rims which are 17x7 and had 215's or something skinny on them, they felt very "direct" in comparison Specs on the wheels and tires are as follows F - 19x8.5" +40 with 235/35 R19 Nexen N6000's R- 19x9.5" +45 with 245/35 R19
  17. Hey guys, SOLD. More items to come soon. I have no idea why the photos are upside down....
  18. greetings & salutations everyone ! ive noticed several aurion owners are after TRD wheels. ive found a nice descent set on ebay located in Victoria http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-TRD-Aurion-OEM-19-Alloy-Wheels-Gunmetal-Grey-/280970038923?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item416b1e8e8b
  19. I am wondering if there is problem putting 235/40/R17 rims on a Corolla 2002. The standard rims are 195/60/r15. Eg. would they be illegal?
  20. I am looking for 4x17" Rims size 17x7 Stud 4x100 in good condition. If with tyres 215/45/R17. Send me a pm.
  21. Hi guys and girls, I'm in the process of replacing all four tires on my 08 KXS and thought I may as well pimp it up and get some new rims. The 19's I will sell to get some cash back, but was hoping some others out there have done the same, by either fitting 20's or 22's and can comment on the pros and cons of 22's in regards to comfort and handling. I understand about trying to match the manufacturers tyre diameter and load rating etc, just after how the 22's handle....

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