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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I think I just picked up a bargain, a 2008 Presara, GSV40R V6 (200kw) with ~118000kms on the clock. It seems to drive quite nice, but I'm not sure what to do around this type of mileage when it comes to servicing? I would like to get it serviced and thoroughly checked over by a mechanic but not sure what to ask them to check for. I would like to spend some bucks on it to ensure reliability for future driving as I do a lot of kilometres every year (30-35k per year). I feel that the suspension is a bit tied, the front discs seem to be warped as there's a bit of shudder under braking, wondering what an automatic trans service would do because I think that the previous owner towed with the car as when its cold it holds on to gear change a while longer before changing, would full synthetic in the trans be any good? Should I be looking at changing out the plugs as full economy with 98ULP varies around ~11lt to 100km? It's not blowing any smoke that I can see, or leaking anything on the drive, but what type of motor oil should I be using in the engine? Is upgrading any of the filters make a difference in performance and economy? Does it need a timing belt change out not knowing when or if its been done? What are the water pumps like on these cars, usually, in previous cars, I would be replacing them around 120-140km mark, is there any tell tale signs that I may need to doe this? How does the power steering go, sounds a bit noisy when in full lock both directions when in operations....is there anything else anyone could share with me before I book into a mechanic...I've already done an alternator, and that was an experience, expensive too (just short of $1000). Any news would be greatly appreciated team. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, Does anybody have a link/PDF/resource for the Toyota Avalon 2004 MK3 series workshop / service manual? Cheers for any info / hints... !
  3. Hi fellas I have a 2007 Aurion and I've had this since early 2016. Currently has done 130000km. I've serviced the car regularly (102k, 112k, 122k) and did change the front rotors and rear parking break shoes in that last service. I'm planning to do the next service at 135k. The resale value of the car is pretty low so I think I will be keeping it for a while. I'm thinking about doing a transmission fluid change at the next service. I don't know if the transmission fluid was replaced at any time during the last 11 years though. I guess it is safe to assume if hasn't been. One concern I have is that I've heard people say if the transmission fluid hasn't been changed in a long time, doing a full flush can cause issues than any good. I don't know how long is "long time". What would you do in my situation? Do a full flush or just a change (i.e. leave some of the old oil) I don't have the experience, tools or the time to do this. I've looked at some online quotes and they seem to charge around $180-250 for it. Does it sound about right? Need to check if this is for a full flush or change. Is there anything I need to watch out for when doing a transmission fluid change? Cheers
  4. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, vans and also dual fuel which my new (second hand van) currently has! It is a Toyota hiace 1996 with dual fuel. As for engine model and other specifications I am not sure (I pick up the van this Sunday as it is currently getting a roadworthy). However my last few cars I have always serviced myself unless there was a problem that I couldn't fix myself then I would have it checked out. But I have NEVER serviced a dual fuel vehicle or a van. My questions are, Basically what would give me a really good idea with servicing this is what would YOU do/change/check if you were servicing a dual fuel vehicle? (And if you say "change oil", if you could please tell me what kind (may be different because of lpg :/ )) And also is there anything on vans that I would need to lookout for? Anything that wears out more than cars? I have heard something about the radiator needing to be maintained VERY well more so in vans but not sure how true this is... Thanks guys! Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Hi guys, The next service for my 2007 Aurion AT-X is coming up in a month and I am planning to buy parts for it (and for the future) at the autobarn 20% off sale this weekend. The service is going to be a general service, but if you are wondering, the last service I did was the 90,000km major service when I bought the car. I included it as a package when I bought the car from Camberwell Toyota. (The previous owner had not done the 90,000km service). With your advise, I have decided to just do a general service from here after. I will be getting it done from a mobile mechanic. What should I buy? Couple of Nulon Long Life 5w30 6 litre cans? Cheers
  6. Hi guys, I bought a 2007 Aurion ATX for AUD10K in March this year after moving to Australia. Bought it from Camberwell Toyota with 95K on the clock. The previous owner had not done the 90K service so I made a deal with Toyota saying I would only buy it if they included that major service in the price. They agreed. Now it's been 9 months and my next log book service is due. I have driven only about 5K after buying it. (I don't drive to work) I live in Oakleigh VIC. Does anyone have a recommended place for me to go to the service near me, at a reasonable price? Cheers
  7. Hello, I have just bought 2008 Totyota Kluger Grande (GS045R). It has clocked 170,000 Kms and last service major was done on 152,000Kms. I have got the quote from Toyota Dealers and they are after $400 for basic service. I then called to MIDAS Hornsby guys (had good previous experience of service of my Mazda CX7-2007). May i get any recommendations here where i should go for service? Thanks Hamid
  8. Hey everyone, My 2007 Toyota Aurion is currently sitting at around 99,972kms. I've booked the 100,000km service next Saturday. I am slightly late for this service as the sticker informed me that I was due at around 98,125. I just wanted to have head's up on what parts may need replacing, and the estimated cost roughly. Last service, I got the following work done to my car: -Air Filter -Battery -Wheel alignment -Oil change The car get's treated well. I wash it once a week and regularly check fluid levels under the hood. However, we do park it on a fairly steep incline and when we change from park to reverse, there's a very loud and audible clunk. I was wondering if this would harm the transmission of the vehicle. Thanks!
  9. Hi I am new to this forum and this is my first topic, so I hope I have not broken the rules or have not done any thing wrong by posting this topic. My car is a Toyota Camry Altise 2009 and has done 77100 so far. It had done 73000 when I bought it and is doing 500km in average per month. last service was done 6 months ago at 74000km which was changing oil and filter as well as front brake pads. I took my car to Toyota north point for a general $99 service special yesterday and during the service was told that brake oil and transmission oil should be replaced costing me $400 in addition to $99 service charge. I did not accept as I knew Toyota dealers are usually expensive. I checked transmission oil today while car was parked and the engine off and the oil colour looks between red and light brown on my finger. Any idea regarding the actual price for changing fluids ? Thanks Roland
  10. Hi Everyone, So the odometer has just gone over 135k and I need to give the beloved 'Rolla a good service. Below I've got a few things that I wanted to ask the forum, your help would be much appreciated! 1. I plan on changing the brake pads all round as well as the front discs. Is there any chance that I could get the Sportivo's pads and discs? I'm looking to upgrade the brake performance on the car, does anyone have any suggestions regarding brands and what products have worked well for them? 2. What is the size of the front and rear brake pads? Is there a specific type that I need to get? Same goes for the front discs, what is their size/type? 3. I want to change the transmission fluid for the AT, do I need any tools? Is this an easy procedure? The fluid looks quite dark, I 4. I also want to change the front driver's side floor-mat. Any good places where I can find one? Any good aftermarket ones? 5. The "tightening of chassis nuts and bolts". What do I need to do? has anyone ever done this and has anything been loose? 6. The cabin air filter. Does the Corolla actually come with one as after the last service at a Toyota service centre, the filter is missing... I would like to thank you all for your help! It would really mean a lot to me! :) Mike
  11. Hi TOC! Does anyone in the Sydney area know of a good place for servicing. I am up for a minor service but the car will need a thorough check over as i have done about 13 000 kms since last service (oops!). I drive a 2006 Corolla Ascent. Thanks.
  12. Hi I bought a second hand Aurion a few months ago (2007 ATX) from a Holden dealership. It came with books and it is regularly serviced, Its done now 91,500 KM and I need to take it for the 90KM service. I am not sure if I should take it to Toyota for a service or just a mechanic. I rang 3 different Toyota dealerships and the cost that I was given over the phone to do this service varied from $870 to $1k (Ouch). This is way too expensive so here is what I would like to know 1. do you reccomend that I take it to a toyota dealership to get it serviced there and pay the ridiculous service cost? 2. should I just take it to a mechanic and get him to do the work? I would appreciate your advice please and would also appreciate if you can let me know which mechanic to take it to. I live in Melbourne Northern suburbs and would love to hear if you have any recommendations for a mechanic someone who is honest, reliable and would do things by the book.Obviously someone who knows Aurions. Thanks for your replies and really appreciate your help. Cheers The Mad Doc :)
  13. I just sent my 96 Camry Vienta to the Ultratune around the corner from me at Brandon Park. Just came from RWC 2 days ago and the last service was 9 months ago.. at least that was what the seller said. the RWC is legit though. Guy at Ultratune said major service is $280 and mentioned that if the spark plugs needed changing, parts will cost extra. Kmart charges $199 for it's full service and I think it covers the cost of new spark plugs as well. Any thoughts on how services might differ? I sent it to Ultratune this time round cuz i didnt want anything to happen to my car. But if Kmart's service is the same as Ultratune's, albeit being heaps cheaper, I'll just send it to Kmart. Thoughts?

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