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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all Im looking to give my Stivo some tasteful mods but would like to learn more in the process. CAI - back in the day lots of owners went for the TRD CAI setup which at first was a struggle to install on facelift models and now looks like a discontinued product. How does Injen or Simota Racing rate? Are there any other suitable brands out there? COILOVERS - keen to explore what you guys are using. AIR FILTER - Worth replacing the OEM spec with something like K&N? SERVICING PARTS - what oil and oil filters is recommend for a general service? Would prefer fully synthetic and something suitable for the occasional track day BRAKES - rotors and pads advice? Again, something suitable for the occasional track day SWAY BARS/LOWER CONTROL ARMS - Whiteline? Superpro? BLACK HOUSING HEADLIGHTS - really like this look. Are there headlights you can buy or is this a DIY paint thing? Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Hey folks, I found the russian english version of the workshop manual of our cars. get on it before it gets taken down: http://data.oto-hui.com/zr9o7sk6bs4v.html
  3. I have just had my 2005 Kluger in for its 240,000Km service at a Toyota dealer and I noticed that the fuel filter was not replaced. The log book shows that the fuel filter being replaced every 80,000Km. It was replaced at the 80,000 and 160,000 services so I expected it to be replaced at 240,000 but as the log book for the car only goes up to 200,000 km that was just an assumption on my part. When I queried this with the service representative I was told that after the 200,000 service they simply start again at 0. I had thought that the service invoice I got which said they carried out the 40,000 service was a mistake and when I pointed it out they agreed it was an error and simply wrote a 2 in front to make it 240,000. I then asked about the fuel filter again i was told it was not part of the 40,000 service and was not due until the (2)80,000 service. I pointed out that this would be 120,000km since it was last replaced all I got was blank stares. They did not understand my issue and it was obviously not an issue to them. Is this normal that after 200,000 the schedule resets and items that are replaced on an 80,000 cycle are simply ignored until they hit 120,000? It seems to me that is a very poor way to do it. In future (if I use them again) I will be insisting that they send me a list of everything that they will be doing in the service at the time I book it in so I have time to look it over and confirm it before I actually turn up with the car.
  4. Hi all, My 2011 2WD Kluger GSU40R will be reaching 40,000kms soon, and keen to give it a good service. Could I please get some advice on the following: Which fluid is recommended for the following: Automatic Transmission Brake Radiator Transfer case or Diff? (As it is a 2WD, I am assuming that there is no rear diff? Is there any fluid change in this space?) Power steering - Can't seem to find anything on this. Any thoughts? If the Toyota fluid is the best option for the above, then that's what I will go for. I tend to use Castrol for my engine oil service. Is there any other preventative maintenance anyone else would recommend for the 2WD Kluger? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all I have an old, but very fit 2006 camry - ACV36r - sportivo . The engine, suspension and gearbox feels smooth and doesn't feel like it has 270k kms on it.. I would like to know what can i do to keep it running and keeping me on the road. obviously , i'd like to keep the costs to a minimum thanks
  6. Hi all, Bit of a long story... I have owned this car for around 6 years and generally been pretty happy with it. However, around 12-14 months ago I began to get random warning lights coming up - mainly the engine and VSC (orange ones). They might come up a couple of times in a week, and then not again for months. Anyway - I have taken the car to Toyota dealers 6 or 7 times to chase up these errors, not including regular services - and basically got the same response each time: "Yeah we saw some error codes, couldn't find any problems during testing, cleared the codes, you're right to go". Then, about a month ago, I was finding the car would sometimes have a lag in engaging drive. The engine would rev and it would suddenly clunk into gear a couple of seconds later. So Toyota said this was beginning to sound like a transmission problems - and I should start by flushing and replacing the transmission fluid, which I paid around $200 to do. Then yesterday the engine starts making a horrible clattering sound. I was close to home and noticed it was leaking red fluid. I was fairly sure this was transmission fluid. Wasn't sure if I should drive the 5 or 6km to Toyota, but did anyway. Toyota are now saying this latest problem is nothing to do with transmission, it's leaking engine oil from a burst line, will be approximately $600 to repair - and they're not even sure if the engine is ok - because it did lose almost all of the oil. I have seen posts here and other stuff online about the V6 engine oil line and failures. But does this sound right to people?? I take obsessive care of the car. It has done 160,000km - but has cost me well over $1000 this year in servicing and repairs. Was hoping to get at least a couple more years out of it but I'm starting to wonder... Plus I was sold on the fact that Toyota keep comprehensive service records of the car, since before I owned it, which might avoid these sorts of issues coming up.
  7. I have a 2005 Corolla Ascent (base model, no modifications) with 260,000km on the clock. I've had it since km one and it's had an ok life - not much city driving, a lot of country km's. It's had logbook servicing for 200,000km then fairly regular servicing since then. It's had it's gearbox replaced at 215,000km. The front bumper is quite dodge but still works. It's got a few dints and scratches, as well as a cosmetic rust patch underneath the door handle on the drivers door (bloody roo!). It was just registered in Canberra in February. Aside from the gearbox, it's been quite cheap and very reliable and good on the petrol. I just got quoted $2000 to fix up the following issues: (I'm not a car person, so forgive me if I don't quite get the terminology right) crap windscreen wipers (they are currently pretty bad at wiping) $45cracked serpentine bolt in the drive train $195front shock absorber is dodge $844 (+wheel alignment $77)left inner cv clamp has a slow leak $118coolant flush $118both rear shocks $580its going to need two new rear tyres next 10,000km (cos of uneven ware from the shocks) ~ $200I've been to this mechanic a couple of times and he hasn't tried to bull$#!t me thus far, so I trust that all this actually needs doing. It's the mechanics opinion that the shock issues are because it's so old and that once I do that and get the other stuff fixed, the car will be good to go. He reckons that because it's a Corolla, it will last pretty much forever and if I spend this money now, nothing else is likely to go wrong for a while. This seems a lot to spend on my car. It's had a good life so far but I don't want to start throwing good money after bad. Should I get it fixed? How much (ballpark figure) is it worth to sell right now? How much (ballpark figure) is it worth to fix and sell? Should I attempt to fix some of it by myself by getting parts from Repco? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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