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Found 10 results

  1. Attention GSU40 GSU45 Owners. After becoming frustrated with a noise emanating from my steering every time i turned left, reporting it to Toyota the past 2 times its been for service and being told that they couldn't replicate the issue, this time it was just too loud for them to ignore and feel through the steering wheel. They have finally admitted there is an issue and they have been issued a Technical Newsflash from Toyota Australia (TNF 06/13). In a nutshell, they wont fix it now, there is no fix to date, they are testing a few things and will have a formal fix. I perso
  2. Hi Everyone, Having problems with stiff steering on my 1986 Celica. Had the rack ends replaced recently mechanic said he could see no leaking with the rack and power steering system. The problem existed before the rack ends were replaced, but mechanic assured me new rack ends would fix the problem. He was wrong. The problem did subside for a while, but has now returned with a vengance. The problem is as follows; Steering is stiff, very heavy. Does not want to return to centre. I did notice driving along in straight line at highway speed, if i rapidly oscillated the steering from left to right
  3. Hi, I have a 2003 Camry Sportivo ACV36R 4cyl Auto, there is a strange "squish" / "squeak" noise as I turn from around the steering wheel/column area, I am sure it is inside and not from under the bonnet area. I have sprayed WD40 between the steering wheel and horn contact area, also on the rubber boot area where the shaft goes thru the firewall Any ideas ???? Thanks Bruce
  4. Hi all, I have a 2004 VZN167R V6 SR5 that has developed a slight steering shudder. It is not constant and only feels like at certain places as the wheel turns. The steering seems to be working fine apart from this. No leaks, oil level is correct and the belt is in good condition. Has anyone come across this before. the vehicle has just over 200k on it. Cheers in advance. Dave.
  5. My steering wheel is showing the following symptoms: *settles off-centre (5-10 degrees to the left) *shakes about 4 times a second at 110km/h *needs to be at 5 degrees to the right for the car to go straight While the car is moving (accelerating or cruising) if I glt go of the steering wheel it re-settles itself to the left. This happens when the road is slightly lower on the left, flat, or slightly lower on the right. When the road is much lower on the right, the steering wheel re-settles itself to the right. At 100km/h there is no steering wheel shake. At 110km/h it shakes. It occurs at a fr
  6. I'm selling a power steering kit for a ln65 hilux... I believe it fits both the 2L and 3L motors. It came as an extra but not fitted when I bought my truck but I am looking at an engine conversion anyway so it won't be needed. Offer a price and I'll let you know
  7. Hi Recently took Kluger in for 40,000km service and mentioned this "click" on turning. Happens most noticeably at low speed when steering turned and accelerating forward or reversing out of driveway, turning opposite direction and moving forward. Feels a lot like a Steering link or Wheel link that is worn but not likely at 40,000km (3 years) I was told by the Service Dept that "Toyota Australia" had instructed all outlets to stop "trying to fix it" because they were being unsuccessful and Toyota was looking into it. Has anyone else had this? Had it successfully fixed? Thanks Mike
  8. Hey all, Has anyone added the steering wheel controls for the air con? I really want them, but have had no luck finding the part online. Do Toyota sell them? These are the ones I was talking about...
  9. Hi Hilux owners, I have not owned a Hilux for many years now, so my recent;y acquired 1998 SR5 extra cab have some gadgets that I am unfamiliar with - I think. I have tried to get hold of a workshop manual so that I can read up on it, but have not found one yet. So, I am wondering who can tell me what I hear on it - described as such: When I reverse out of my driveway (a bit of an incline) and turn sharp to the right, I hear a sound briefly that sounds like an electric servo of some sort. It goes whoooooor and then stops, almost like something that winds down briefly then stops, this is th
  10. 2/2007 Aurion auto, 112000km, under light to medium throttle in 40 to 80km/hr range has a wobble/vibration. Not felt through the steering wheel, felt through the seat. When car is fully loaded more noticeable and when climbing steep gradients very noticable (and felt through the steering wheel). Bleeds out after 80km/r. At 100 km/hr and above smooth as silk. Checked by 2 steering specialist and local Toyota specialist. Engine mounts seem OK, torque converter not locking, all suspension bushes ok, driveshafts and CV not obviuosly damaged or worn. Wheels good, tyres new (occurred before new
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